Active Duty: Will, Chase & Johnny


Will is returning here after having his first experience with a dude when he hooked up with Ivan James. We’re certainly not surprised to see him back. Ivan did such a great job of making Will feel comfortable, I knew Will would be back, salivating for fresh cock. They also have Chase this time, a recruit that has earned his nickname and reputation as the troop ‘Wildman.’

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Staxus: Ray Mannix and Tony X


We all know Ray Mannix well enough by now to appreciate that if he’s presented with a monster black cock to play with then there’s only ever going to be one outcome. Whether new boy, Tony X, realises this fact, however, is anyone’s guess. Tony’s come all the way to Prague from Manchester and seems keen to show off what he regards as a special pair of pants that he’s wearing; but what he perhaps doesn’t realise at this point is that Mannix is a dab hand at getting hot beauties like him out of their underwear!

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Raw Castings: James Scott


James Scott is a nonchalant gay for pay guy with some experience in his small Kentucky town. Telling the Casting Director about himself during the pre-interview, he goes back and forth a lot about his experience with guys, girls, and getting paid for some kink shit; almost like he wants to impress the Casting Director or trying to make himself believe he is cool with what he is about to do. On the couch he learns that his audition includes getting fucked and for a guy who has had girlfriends use dildos on him, he looks pretty
terrified. But we all know that a toy and a man are two different things.

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CollegeDudes: Sasha Alexander Fucks Kyle Stone

CollegeDudes: Sasha Alexander Fucks Kyle Stone

CollegeDudes Sasha Alexander and Kyle Stone are in the studio today and these two horny studs are ready for a good fuck, and they get things heated up with a quick makeout session before Kyle is on his knees. Kyle takes Sasha’s cock in his mouth and deepthroats that huge shaft, almost choking as Sasha’s impressive length disappears down Kyle’s throat.

Sasha lies back on the bed and enjoys Kyle’s lips around his dick before sitting up to give him oral next, licking Kyle’s cock, balls, and ass, rimming and fingering his tight hole before both these guys are hard as fuck and Sasha’s ready to pound some ass! Kyle climbs on top and straddles Sasha, lowering himself onto Sasha’s huge prick and riding it hard while he strokes his own member and Sasha watches Kyle play with himself.

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29 Aug 16 By Jo 4 Comments Johnny Rapid and Dimitri Kane


Dimitri Kane is on the hunt for a time share, unaware that the place he’s looking at is a gay resort. Johnny Rapid gives him more than he bargained for to convince him to stay. Dimitri’s cock down Johnny’s throat is just the beginning, and soon he’s filling Johnny with his throbbing member.

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ChaosMen: Kodi

ChaosMen: Kodi

Kodi was in town on a construction gig, when he reached out saying he was heading home soon, but would like to start doing some porn work.

He likes the dudes, and says he is great cock sucker and an eager bottom. Bryan got the vibe he likes to be dominated, so filmed the solo aggressively, and you can tell he was super excited to stroking his cock for us.

He puts a butt plug in which puts him over the edge. Kodi busts a nice load, the toy slowly slides out as his cum shoots out of his cock!

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This Otter Will Surprise You With His “Fatty”!

This Otter Will Surprise You With His “Fatty”!

If you want to engulf that fat cock you are going to have to open wide!

This sexy otter had one surprise in store that we weren’t ready for at all. At first it looked like a regular cock. Nice and with a good shape. But once he started to stroke it it became evident that he was the owner of a fatty. One of those cocks that can make you salivate with just one look.

This video is one of the many reasons you need to go Premium on Sticky. Watch this FREE sample and you’ll understand why.

Make the jump to watch the FULL video and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Sean Cody: Howard

Sean Cody: Howard

When he came to Sean Cody, Howard had recently had an experienced with a guy that made him question his sexuality.

What better way to experience new things than having some fun with the guys at the Sean Cody house?

Howard was so excited he almost jerked to completion at the Hotel before the shoot! We had to stop him and convince him to keep his juices for the real thing.

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Maverick Men Directs: Porn Again Christians


You’re gonna to LOVE this super deluxe fuck flick! Maverick Men wanted to name it “Big Bag of Cocks” or “Six Dicks Two Bottoms”, because of how many people pop-up in this video fucking, sucking, eating ass and cumming all over the place. But, they finally settled on “Porn Again Christians” because it’s just so wrong that it’s right. In this video, you’ll see tall beefy Italian boy Josh get nailed by his very first big black cock, little muscle jock Scotty get rimmed and throat fucked, then fuck Dirk in the ass, Mikey and Scotty rim and suck each other, Cole and Hunter fuck Josh, Dirk get railed by everyone. When you beat-off while watching this video, take a pic of your cum shot and send it to Maverick Men Directs.

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Queer Clicks: August 29, 2016 | Logo’s ‘Finding Prince Charming’ Bachelor Allegedly Has a Sex Worker Past, and That’s Good , Bears Behaving Badly (Photos) , & Other News

Neil Z.

Logo’s ‘Finding Prince Charming’ Bachelor Allegedly Has a Sex Worker Past, and That’s Good

“The formula behind Logo’s Finding Prince Charming certainly seemed stale, until Thursday night when several LGBTQ news outlets reported that the bachelor at the center of the show’s romantic competition may allegedly have been a sex worker in the past on the now infamously defunct service”

Bears Behaving Badly (Photos)

“Gruff and gritty, Neil Z. Page’s buff hunks and hairy bears look like they smell good. Page has a penchant for fetish gear and shoots it beautifully.” Advocate

He Got Into Shape At 70. And Walked His First Runway Show At 80

“The following short film stars Deshun Wang, decreed “The Hottest Grandpa” after footage of him walking the runway went deservedly viral. “I’ve been getting ready for this for sixty years,” he muses.” Queerty

Your Gay Guide To Burning Man!

“Everyone’s favorite man is back in our lives! That’s right, Burning Man kicks off this Sunday, and in honor of the occasion, Mike Ciriaco is gifting this week’s Monday Mouth-Off as a Gay Guide to thriving at the Burn. Hit it up to learn the terms you need to know, the parties you need to turn out, plus how to make a playa practical loincloth!” Huffington Post

Beefy Dude at Dudeoir Beach | Photography by Tami

“Just when you thought was summer was over … The Dudeoir Beach Collection!” Accidental Bear

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QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

We’re heartbroken. The relationship with our previous BF didn’t work out. But we have found solace in the (big) arms of a new boyfriend!

When our previous fling returned to Denmark we were devastated. But something magical happened. We met this gym enthusiast that could pass for a member of the Jonas family and we started to believe in love again. He’s the perfect remedy for our post-breakup slump. A hunky 26yo who is so horny that he can’t stop sending us naked selfies from his workplace bathroom. Handsome, built and owner of a set of dark eyes that made us weak on the knees he can’t keep his cock inside his pants. And his dick is not the only great thing about him, his muscle butt looks amazing too!

Check out the naked photo set of our new QCNBFOTW after the jump. Is he more than a rebound romance, what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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