Cocksure Men: Tom Charles Barebacks Mickey Rush

Cocksure Men: Tom Charles Barebacks Mickey Rush

Tom Charles is bored sitting on a couch so he pulls out his uncut cock and strokes it hard. Mickey Rush finds him and cures his boredom. Mickey sucks Tom after kissing him. Tom helps Mickey off with his shorts and sucks him. The young studs 69 on the couch. Tom turns Mickey around and rims his sweet hole before fingering it. They suck some more and Tom barebacks Mickey doggy-style.

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Queer Clicks: June 26, 2016 | Greg Louganis Goes Fully Nude For ESPN Magazine — At Age 56, Skittles Is Officially Giving Its Rainbow to Us for Pride, & Other News


Greg Louganis Goes Fully Nude For ESPN Magazine — At Age 56

“The Olympic diving dynamo just doffed his speedo for ESPN‘s annual “Body” issue, and we’re way down.

“When I look around at my contemporaries,” he says, “I’d say I’m probably in better shape than most of them. It’s all about making healthy choices.” “Queerty

Skittles Is Officially Giving Its Rainbow to Us for Pride

“Looks like we have a new favorite candy! Skittles made an announcement on Friday regarding a brief redesign, and it couldn’t be more adorable. In honor of London Pride, the classically rainbowtastic candy has decided that “only one rainbow deserves to be the center of attention” and that belongs to us!” Advocate

RuPaul Schools Stephen Colbert on Drag, Douching, and Pride

“Drag legend RuPaul sat down with Stephen Colbert last night. Colbert asked Ru if it was okay “as a white straight male who lives in the suburbs” to call him a drag queen, and Ru said “drag queens don’t take life too seriously….it’s just a name.” ” Towleroad

Why Are Gay Men No Longer Proud of Each Other?

“.. in forgetting about the enemy outside, many gay men have become enemies to themselves, and the battleground on which they’re fighting is masculinity. In writing a play about the gay scene, Superficial, I noticed how the use of the phrases “masc4masc” and “no fems” have risen on hook-up apps. Some men describe themselves as ‘straight-acting’ ” Vice

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GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week


Something must have happened this week. These naked hunks came out to play all at once and we can’t decide which one we like more! Would you help us out?

It is not unusual to see men of this caliber on GuysWithiPhones but with so many good entries the selection process for this particular GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week was excruciating. Just as we thought our eyes have settled with one mountain of muscles there comes another ripped hunk with a fat cock and we go back to square one. Lucky to us there are ten spots here but in our hearts we know there’s only place for one.

Make the jump to pick your favorite and don’t forget to tell us why you think he ticks all your check-boxes in the comments!

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Tim Tales: Hugh Hunter, Koldo and Fostter Riviera


Hugh Hunter got the ride of his life with these two young loaded stallions. Koldo and Timtales’ exclusive Fostter Riviera couldn’t be more excited to team up and test this bottomless hunk with their thick raw meat. After the shoot, I asked Hugh who was the best fucker between the two. He told me that while Koldo fucks harder and like a jackhammer, Fostter is a hit-the-spot, gut-ramming top. Quite the perfect teammates! From hard pounding to passionate fucking, Hugh got stretched up wide and left with a cum-oozing hole.

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Raging Stallion: Boomer Banks and Bruno Bernal


Bruno Bernal enters the shop to find Boomer Banks hard at work underneath a pickup. Bruno helpfully passes a tool to Boomer, but Bruno’s hand drifts down to explore the massive tool in Boomer’s pants. Boomer’s monster meat is an irresistible temptation for Bruno, who eagerly bends down to conduct his oral inspection. The jockstrap framing Bruno’s ass catches Boomer’s eye, and his fingers move to penetrate Bruno’s tight hole.

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William Higgins: Jura Marecek


Jura Marecek, this handsome straight guy is aged 28 and works as a fitness trainer. In his spare time he enjoys sports, fitness and athletics. What a very handsome face he has, and with such a lovely smile too. As he lifts his top he reveals a great body too. Then with his shirt removed that body looks even better as he poses, nonchalantly, with his hands in the pockets of his jeans. Enjoying his time in front of the camera Jura keeps the smile on his face as he removes his jeans to stand in only his bulging underwear.

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English Lads: Tom Wills


Tom is a young straight man who has worked hard on developing his body, he is not just muscular but has amazing definition in his core, is real lean, but has great muscle size. He enjoys getting his clothes off and it’s no surprise to find out this is another young man who is very relaxed when naked and maybe that’s because he is really hung!

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SpunkWorthy: Logan

SpunkWorthy: Logan

Logan was visiting San Diego on a work related trip and suddenly got the bug to do porn. He’s 24 y/o, married, and figured while his wife was on the other side of the country that he’d make a little extra money showing his uncut cock to the world.

Logan did some homework and sought out SpunkWorthy on his own. He’d even started saving up a load for his porn debut – a whole week by the time he came in!

When Jason told him it would turn some people on if he wore his wedding band, he pulled the ring out of his jeans and slipped it on. He was eager to make an impression.

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This Twinks Load Ends Up On His Chest!


Twinkylicious! With just one look you know what you are going to get. Blond, gorgeous and horny it seems like this cutie has been edging for a long time. He’s getting ready to release his load and that precious cum will land on his perfect chest! You better hurry and check out this new video from the Premium section of Sticky in case it disappears. As usual, we’re making it available to our readers here completely for FREE.

Make the jump to watch it in its entirety and let us know what you think in the comments!

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CockyBoys: Just Love – A Pornstars Guide to Sexual Freedom – Boomer Banks & Ricky Roman

CockyBoys: Just Love - A Pornstars Guide to Sexual Freedom - Boomer Banks & Ricky Roman
CockyBoys: Just Love - A Pornstars Guide to Sexual Freedom - Boomer Banks & Ricky Roman

CockyBoys is excited to present a new erotic documentary mini series called Just Love – a Pornstars Guide to Sexual Freedom. This is a series about love, acceptance and embracing who we all are which is definitely the CockyBoys motto. We all have had different journeys in self love but embracing our differences and loving each other leads to acceptance and sexual freedom.

This first episode is starring two CockyBoys fan favourites, Boomer Banks and Ricky Roman. Ricky Roman expresses what he says Just Love is about – “It is by loving yourself enough to put yourself out there in the world for all to see. When you can accept that part of yourself then you can really emote and express every facet of yourself.” Just Love is being who you are and communicating what you need so that you and your partner explore and enjoy every pleasurable aspect of each other. There is no pain or fear but just love!

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