Lucas Entertainment: Tomas Brand's Second Bareback Party


After the first gay bareback sex party clears out of their apartment, Tomas Brand and Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Model Fernando Torres are still hot and bothered. They continue to mess around: Tomas gets another hard-on and fucks Fernando some more. But the Tomas Brand's apartment door is constantly revolving, if not then why else would Joey Pele just show up and slip into Tomas seemingly out of nowhere. For that matter, why else would Alejandro Alvarez, Marc Sanz, Nick North, Misha Dante, and Fabio Lopez also stop by (or make a return appearance)? But one thing is for sure: Watching Fabio Lopez fuck the ass raw of a muscle baddy (Tomas Brand, of course) surrounded by their admiring onlookers makes this scene worth every second!

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Men At Play: Autofonication - Denis Vega and Dani Robles

Men At Play: Autofonication - Denis Vega and Dani Robles

Two of MenAtPlay's newest most popular models, Denis Vega and Dani Robles, the Latin passion really exploded on set when these bronzed beauties came together in "Autofornication". With Denis as the rougher greased up mechanic, and Mr Robles looking as impeccable as ever in an electric blue suit, a simple car service accelerates in to a hot, sweaty, dirty, passionate ass pumping ride that Dani will never forget.

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Naked Sword: Connor Maguire and Paul Wagner

naked sword paul connor

Scene two opens with another beautiful summer day in The Castro which means more time spent outside with nature. Connor Maguire and Paul Wagner wander off into the backyard of a classic San Francisco Victorian house for a romp in the semi-secluded urban foliage. Connor and Paul trade oral before Connor pounds Paul in multiple positions all over the lush yard as the sun shines on their muscular bodies. The chemistry-laden outdoor action between these two sexy stars makes this the perfect summer release.

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Sean Cody: Jayden and Dean Bareback

Sean Cody: Jayden and Dean Bareback

Jayden and Dean are just perfect with each other. From body, looks to sexual chemistry, we do think they are quite a good match. With Jayden giving a good rimming to Dean and then a good and sensual fuck, the satisfying look on Dean with an explosive streams of cum from both of them, you know this is something you cannot miss!

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Dirty Tony: Niko Basi

Dirty Tony: Niko Basi

Meet Niko Basi, a hot nineteen year old Latin stud with an appetite to experiment sexually and the body to go with it. He loves to cruise social media and find hotties to hook up with, but he is definitely ready to step up his explorations to the next level. He's a butt man, and loves them nice and rounded. When his hormones get the better of him, he has even been known to get some outdoor action. Once his shirt comes off, anyone can see why this hottie would be in high demand. From a perfect v-shaped body to rock hard pecs and wash board abs right down to creamy bronzed skin, this stud is grade "A" beef.

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Wake and Fuck at FraternityX

fraternityx wake fuck

Fraternityx was sex central as they were taking turns on this bitche's hole all night. Cock in mouth, cock in ass 24/7. Eventually their buddy passed out on the couch. But that didn't stop the sex. This horny slut kept yelling 'more dick, more dick!' Dude woke up the entire house. Bitch was cum hungry!

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Picture This: AJ

picture this aj

Regulars of hot British gay porn site picturethis-studios won't be surprised to learn that we fell in love with sexy young AJ the moment we saw him debut in his first ever solo jerk off movie for them! No doubt members of their site will have been bustin' their own nuts watching AJ surrender his stunning naked body to the up-close and personal style in which these guys shoot all their stunning British lads! This 20 year old was such a big hit first time around that he has been periodically appearing on this awesome site ever since!

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Dominic Ford: Riley Tanner

dominic ford riley tanner

Riley Tanner is a new Exclusive Model. Dominic discovered him on Fire Island, and is excited to launch his career. He's only 22 and his tight abs and muscles glisten under his flawless skin, which made us think you'd love him as much as we do!

Riley is a natural, which his thick and long c*ck, gorgeous eyes and kissable lips. This solo is the first thing Riley has ever done on camera, and he is not shy at all! As he moans from excitement you can see his abs rippling while he's playing with himself until he shoots a big load all over his tight stomach.

You'll be seeing more from this big-dicked top as he explores his fantasies. Until then, enjoy the solo video of this soon-to-be star!

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Fuckermate: Jordan Fox and Tíago

fuckermate tiago jordan

must admit that when we started to film this video they were concerned that their bottom Tiago's tight little ass could cope with the dominant Jordan Fox and his enormous cock. When the mates got going we soon realised that there was no reason to be concerned. Right from the word go Jordan was dominant and aggressive, exactly how Tiago likes his mates.

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William Higgins: Martin Konrad

william higgins martin konrad

Martin Konrad is aged 22 and is a student. In his spare time he enjoys sports, floorball and soccer. What a very handsome guy Martin is. He also has, as we see when he removes his tee-shirt, a very well developed chest. He poses to show it off before turning and pushing his shorts and underwear down and showing off a sexy ass and some lovely butt fuzz. Turning back, and removing the clothes Martin gives us some great views of his cock and balls, sitting on the sofa, so his balls rest on the seat.

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Mormonboyz: Elder Stewart and Elder Berry

mormonboyz stewart berry

Elder Stewart and Elder Berry have been having so much sex with one another that their work has really begun to suffer. Every morning they get each other off, and so leave the apartment late, and they come home for a long, sexy lunch break, and their up late boning every night. They're less worried about the discussions they're not teaching and their failure to hit the mission goal of 3 baptisms per month, and more worried that if the mission president sees that they've been slacking off he'll transfer one of them.

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Randy Blue: Jordan Levine and Roman Todd

randy blue jordan roman

Welcome to West Hollywood. It is pride weekend and Jordan Levine and Roman Todd just realized that they have been double crossed by Zane Porter and Angel Santiago. They have to kill them. But Angel got hot bartender Jay Landford to spike their drinks so they can have a head start of going on the run. The magic elixir takes effect and Jordan goes to the bathroom to throw it up. However, it is then that he first realizes how big and hot Roman is. He starts to feel up his hard muscles and makes him take his shirt off.

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