The Casting Room: Butch Top Sam at The Casting Room!

The Casting Room: Butch Top Sam at The Casting Room!

Big butch Sam is a natural top into every kind of filth and kink you can imagine. With his shaved head, tattooed body, big angry cock and mean stare he could spend all day and night fucking a slutty sub. His idea of heaven is a dark steamy room filled with men gangbanging and the rich masculine aromas of sweat and arse. He has a lot of experience, confidence and the insatiable sex drive to perform at a moment’s notice.

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Bel Ami: Hoyt Kogan and Rafael Moretti


It is left to Hoyt today to answer all of Marty’s questions as his partner, newbie Rafael Moretti speaks neither Czech nor English. At least we can rest assured that spoken words are not required in ensuring that this scene is going to be great.

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Intense Eye-Rolling Orgasm!

Intense Eye-Rolling Orgasm!

He went to heaven and back!

When your eyes roll back into your head you know you had a good wank. This cutie experienced just that. For a second there we thought we lost him but actually he snapped back quite well. Imagine to be the lucky one to make that pretty face go like that when he’s cumming like this for you!

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Watch the video in its entirety after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments!

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ChaosMen: Santino and Teo Flip Fuck – Bareback

ChaosMen: Santino and Teo Flip Fuck - Bareback

After Teo broke his leg earlier in the year, Bryan figured he would be down and out for the rest of the year. He worked out hard after getting his cast removed, and was living in Austin for several months before getting back to work at his full-time job.

He is always a hoot to work with. He cracks jokes a lot, and often makes the other models feel relaxed. You can usually spot a goofy photo or two of him hamming it up.

Santino is calm but anxious before doing each shoot. He always worries about bottoming, but once on set, he finally will relax. Though you can tell he is all about a slow gentle fuck, vs. getting hammered. You can often hear him whisper, “Take is slow. Easy!”.

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Cocksure Men: Miky Bolton Barebacks Oscar Kovak

Cocksure Men: Miky Bolton Barebacks Oscar Kovak

Hung and young Miky Bolton and Oscar Kovak are horny studs on a couch. They touch themselves and get their cocks hard. Miky pulls out his huge uncut dick and Oscar follows with his. Oscar can’t wait to service Miky’s long pole. These two young bucks from Prague suck each other and 69. Miky licks Oscar’s ass getting it wet and ready for his raw cock. Oscar gets on all fours and Miky barebacks his hole.

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Queer Clicks: December 2, 2016 | Star Trek: Discovery Casts Anthony Rapp As A Gay Lead, 15 Movies That Honor the Ongoing Fight on World AIDS Day, & Other News


Star Trek: Discovery Casts Anthony Rapp As A Gay Lead

“As promised, CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery has added a gay character to its central cast.

On Tuesday, it was announced that Anthony Rapp, who originated the role of Mark in Rent, will play Lieutenant Samuels. The character is described as “a fungus expert and Starfleet science officer” on the Discovery who just so happens to be gay.” Out

15 Movies That Honor the Ongoing Fight on World AIDS Day

“It’s been 35 years since the CDC first published a study on AIDS, and in that time we’ve made incredible advances in treating and preventing HIV. World AIDS Day gives us an opportunity to reflect on those who were lost to AIDS, the activists who fought for their lives, and the fight we still have ahead to end stigma, prevent HIV, and make medication affordable and accessible for everyone. If you want to look back on the history of HIV and AIDS in the LGBT community, these 15 movies are a great way to reflect.” Pride

German Spy Outed As Gay-For-Pay Adult Film Star And Secret Islamist

“A German spy was just busted for allegedly trying to help Islamic militants plan a terrorist attack on the country’s intelligence agency. But not just that, the guy used to be a gay adult film actor who secretly converted to Islam about two years ago. And not just that, but he’s also married to a woman and has four kids.” Queerty

‘Walking Dead’ Star Tom Payne Basically Confirms Jesus, His Character, Is Gay

“If there was ever a time to shout “hallelujah,” it might be now.

One of the chief causes of conniptions among “Walking Dead” fans is when the show changes something from creator Robert Kirkman’s comic books. Sometimes it happens, and people often don’t like it.

Thankfully, Jesus is here to save us.” Huffington Post

The Fans Made Iceman Gay

“Nerdist has had the Marvel PR over the upcoming Iceman series, by Sina Grace and Alessandro Vitti with Kevin Wada covers.

With Marvel editor Daniel Ketchum telling them that fan theories over Iceman being gay were a major factor in Marvel outing him. “Brian Michael Bendis was very wise to identify that all those threads that existed. We’re not in the business of pulling something out of nowhere and slapping it on to a character so he fits some quota, or for the sake of telling some story. This had to come from somewhere, and it did.”” Nerdist

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Santiago Martinez Etcheverry, Uruguayan Rugby Player, Exposed Cock And Wank Video Hits!

Santiago Martinez Etcheverry, Uruguayan Rugby Player, Exposed Cock And Wank Video Hits!

The bonanza of naked Latin athletes continues!

It seems that Santiago Martinez Etcheverry the handsome fly-half currently signed to Carrasco Polo RC fancies himself as a bit of a porn star. The 23yo Uruguayan was recently caught sending a series of nudes via Whatsapp to an unidentified third party. But he didn’t stop there.

Martinez Etcheverry, best known as “Santi” among his friends, has a super fit body. He’s 1.87 mt tall and weights 92 kg. (202 lbs) of pure muscle. Not only snapped a few shots of his naked anatomy in bed he also filmed himself not once, not twice but five times jerking off the tight foresking of his uncut cock!

Make the jump to meet your new Uruguayan crush: Rugby player Santiago Martinez Etcheverry. What do you think of his exposed cock and his leaked wank video? Let us know in the comments!

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Broke Straight Boys: Oliver Saxon and Shawn Andrews


Oliver Saxon and Shawn Andrews don’t waste much time on small talk, Shawn is ready to get close to Oliver and he goes right in, kissing him hard as he works his way down to Oliver’s already hard cock. Shawn teases that dick through Oliver’s boxers until finally taking it out and giving him head, sucking that thick shaft as Oliver enjoys the feeling of Shawn’s mouth on him.

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William Higgins: Ludek Kolenek


Ludek Kolenek, a good looking 18 year old straight guy is unemployed and he enjoys sports, soccer and jogging. He looks very sexy as he poses, fully dressed. Then Ludek begins exposing some flesh, lifting his tee shirt. That shows off his very good abs. He takes off the tee shirt to show his slim, almost smooth, chest. He does more posing to let us enjoy the hot chest before taking off his jeans and standing in just his underwear.

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Next Door World: Markie More and Blake Barnes


Markie More is conflicted. Unsure about his feelings towards his attraction to men, he’s sought out some professional help for his situation. Therapist Blake Barnes has seen other patients with Markie’s problem, but none so pronounced and full of obvious denial. Blake recommends Markie should act on more of his impulses and urges, and as he jots down a few notes, he realizes how effective his advice is received, as Markie reaches out and runs his hand up Blake’s thigh.

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