New Site Attack: Gentlemen's Closet

New Site Attack: Gentlemen's Closet

Gentlemen's Closet is a playground for men, their fetishes, and the fantasies we all have. It's about executive men's wear, sheer socks, men's panty hose, and all things related to male foot erotica. Whether gay or straight or somewhere in between, the community of men expressed their thoughts and interests in sheer socks and panty hose with each other.

Gentlemen's Closet is a community, a family and committed to bring you a unique approach to the fetish world as well as a distinct style & design that will continue to grow with your support.

Check out the new update after the jump!

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Falcon Exclusive Johnny V Raising $100,000!

Falcon Exclusive Johnny V Raising $100,000

Alright gather round everyone. Public Service Announcement. Falcon Exclusive Johnny V (also widely known as fitness model Nick DiCristina) has set up a fund raising page on GoFundMe. His target is $100,000. The cause? "Family Debt and Future Schooling."

More details after the jump.

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Super Hot 10

What’s scorchin’ on QueerClick! Jarec Wentworth & Landon Conrad Jarec Wentworth & Landon Conrad

Jarec Wentworth's big juicy cock gives Landon Conrad the best ass fucking he's had in a very long time! The final episode of the Predator Series is also the hottest, Landon & Jarec have undeniable chemistry.

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William Higgins: Chavi Lopes

william higgins chavi lopes

Chavi Lopes lives in Prague and is aged 24. He is a student who enjoys sport, football and ice-hockey. What a very handsome guy Chavi is, and he looks so smartly dressed. But the clothes are soon divested, a bit at a time. Firstly his awesome chest is exposed as the shirt is opened and then taken off. His chest looks great as he gives us some poses, turning to give a back view too. He strips to his boxers and as he lowers them we see his great tan lines too. His sexy ass is beautiful, with a nice covering of hair.

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Dallas Reeves: Sebastian Young and Andrew Collins

dallas reeves sebastian andrew

Sebastian Young
finds Andrew Collins sleeping in his bed, and he becomes quite irate. When he finds out that Andrew just wants some dick, his attitude becomes aggressive in a more sexual way, however. After ripping off young Andrew's shirt, he whips out his cock and shoves it into Andrew's mouth. Andrew takes to Sebastian's cock like a calf to a teat, and he sucks dick with such verve that he can barely catch his breathe! As Sebastian reclines, he mouth-fucks Andrew until he is gagging and gasping for air.

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Bentley Race: Catching up with Aussie Jay Townsend

bentley race jay townsend

Bentley has a great group of mates that he loves shooting with in Melbourne. And since he has been shooting for so many years he often has guys come and go. Bentley was very excited to hear that Jay Townsend was back in town again.

Bentley first met Jay when he was 20 in 2009. He would have been categorized as a twink back then, and Bentley couldn't wait to see him and shoot with him again last week. He's all grown up now and looks amazing! At the age of 25 Jay is incredibly fit and we love that he is letting his body hair grow.

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Mr Man: I'm A Porn Star


Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a porn star? Of course you have. You often act like one in the bedroom with your significant other. Director Charlie David has given us an in-depth and revealing look into the business of gay porn with his documentary I'm a Porn Star (2013).

In addition to the daily updates of all the nude hollywood hunks you have ever wanted, and some you probably didn't even know about are waiting for you at MrMan. It's the IMD(ick)B of cinema!

Voyeurboys: Ken Ott

voyeurboys ken ott

Gayhoopla says of Ken Ott:

Ken Ott is a beautiful Filipino and German mixed man. Soft spoken but, confident and sure of himself. He's worked very hard to look the way he does and more importantly loves when people stare. Not an attention whore, but absolutely loves to be re-assured he's a looker. This eye candy is shredded but big and bulky in all the right places... and we can't stop staring.

Staring indeed! Ken loves to show off and you see all of him at Gayhoopla, Chaturbate and Voyeurboys.

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Bill Reilich (aka Nick The Gardener) Nude Selfie Photos Leaked!

Bill Reilich Nick The Gardener Nude Selfie Photos Leaked!

The gay heavens are smiling on us these couple of days. After the big Michael Hoffman jack off video leaks yesterday, we have another leak from a hot morsel we've all been lusting after - Billy Reilich.

Details and photos after the jump.

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ChaosMen: Griffin and Rutger - Serviced

ChaosMen: Griffin and Rutger - Serviced

Rutger got real nervous about doing this shoot. He was pretty calm about the solo, a little suspicious, but still seemed at ease. On the way to the studio he really was thinking it was gonna be too hard.

But he met Griffin and figured he may as well give it a try. Griffin has an easy amiable way about him, and they talked easily. If you like your straight guys looking like they don't believe what is happening, then this video is for you.

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Privoy: Patrick G.

privoy cocky patrick g

The cardinal rule of the cocky flexing handbook states, in bold, have the goods to back up the attitude. Patrick HAS the goods. Everything is perfect, the body, the eyes, that smirk, the ripped muscles, and a dick...oh that dick. As much fun as it is to see this stud jizz all over the place, it's really all about the flexing, and the worship, and the fantasy....and oh the fantasies!! He's at Privoy in 3(!!) mind bending, multiple wad blowing videos.

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The Buddy Shows are Back at Fratpad!!

fratpad buddy shows

It' s been 6 months, 6 long months and Fratpad has heard your cries for the buddy show to return. Tonight is the night!

Watch it tonight at the Fratpad...

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