Falcon Studios: Maikel Cash, Hugo Martin and Brad Hern

Hugo Martin is willing to do whatever it takes to get this account, and at what lengths will he go. Hugo and Brad return to the house to find Maikel Cash having a leisurely afternoon. They have other ideas in store for him as they strip off their suit coats and shirts down to their leather harnesses. All three men take pleasure in watching the other stroke his hard cock. Hugo and Brad straddle Maikel so that he can orally pleasure them.

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Helix Studios: Ezra Michaels Fucks Logan Cross

Sun streams through the blinds highlighting the tight, tanned bodies of Ezra Michaels and Logan Cross intertwined in an ass grabbing make out session. The massively hot Michaels directs Cross to his cock. He likes his balls worked and isn’t shy about telling the twink what to do. Instructing Logan to take his underwear off, Michaels feeds on his dick and has his ass for dessert.

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Military Classified: Nathan

Nathan is a very young looking 21 year old and so much so that Rob had to ID the guy the minute he met him in person. Once they got past all the particulars Rob maneuvered Nathan into the bedroom and started rolling the cameras on this straight boy who has never even been naked in front of another male. Rob’s camera captures the tight muscles, lean body, and nice uncut 6 inches of twinkie heaven!

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Bentley Race: David Sweet

Bentley Race: David Sweet

David Sweet is one of Ben’s best mates in Europe. The guys have met up and made some very hot scenes whenever he visits. David is heavily in to fitness and working out. It was winter when B. visited Budapest so they were taking these solo shots back at the hotel. He looks great posed in just a pair of the Australian undies. It’s really great having David back in front of the camera and seeing him looking so fit.

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His Furry Fuzzy Balls Are Simply Hypnotic During His Wank!

His Furry Fuzzy Balls Are Simply Hypnotic During His Wank!

His super fuzzy balls are the highlight of this session! 😍

The big cock is completely yummy, specially after it’s covered in hot cum, but his low hangers are simply hypnotic. This manly man ans his nuts know how to entertain his audience. The more they bounce they more we’re are tempted to reach out and grab those furry puppies!

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Bromo: Dee | Body Gold

Dee and Body Gold have some things they’d like to express, all of which may end up breaking some bylaws. But if anyone did witness this public fuck, nobody was willing to break up the party. Uninterrupted rimming, sucking and breeding ensues. With traffic whizzing over head, these two go at each other with a ferocity you’ll never get tired of watching.

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Queer Clicks: July 25, 2017 | Star Trek: Discovery To Boldly Feature Gay Characters, 18 Gay Trainers To Follow On Instagram For New And Improved Fitness Goals, & Other News

Star Trek: Discovery To Boldly Feature Gay Characters

“Star Trek has decided to boldly go where no man has gone before—well, actually where Star Trek has never gone before: Homosexuality. The legendary space show that began 51 years ago is returning to the small screen with Star Trek: Discovery, a streaming show set for release on CBS All Access, and, this time, it’s bringing LGBTQ inclusivity to deep space.” Out

18 Gay Trainers To Follow On Instagram For New And Improved Fitness Goals

“If you need some inspiration to get to the gym, there is nothing like going on social media to gawk at some of the fittest gay trainers around.

Their ‘grams are full of helpful tips, inspirational mantras and shirtless selfies that demand our attention.” Unicorn Booty

Matthew Camp Does Naughty Striptease, Goes Full Frontal

“We’re massive fans of devastatingly handsome NYC go-go boy/designer/hunk Matthew Camp.

And though the gorgeous man’s bared his bodacious backside in the past, we’ve yet to see him go full frontal.” Instinct

Naked Attraction Is BACK! And Here’s An Array of Dick Pics So Far

“The UK’s trashiest “dating show” is back, and good news — there’s more peen! Claro! ‘Cause it’s Naked Attraction. And even BETTER news, there’s more gay couples – which means twice as much cock. Weheyyy! We really wish they’d do some kind of ‘progress report’, so we can understand if the “theories” behind this even remotely work, or if we’re all just tuning in because of the innate human curiosity of seeing other people naked.” Cocktails and Cock Talk

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Jamie Jewitt, From Love Island, Goes Full Frontal On National Television!

Jamie Jewitt, From Love Island, Goes Full Frontal On National Television!

Seems like someone got jealous about a castmate’s 🍆!

To say that Jamie Jewitt feels comfortable with his (gorgeous) anatomy would be the understatement of the century. The huky islandander from Essex has an extensive resume in front of the lenses thanks to his work as a fashion model. Jewitt was the face of Tom Ford’s fragrance “Neroli” and the body of countless underwear campaigns like Calvin Klein but it seems that he has his sight on a new stage for his career and reality television is his new venue. A few days ago we talked about another member of British series Love Island. Chris Hughes impressed everyone with his huge cock and his cute bromance. But now Jamie wants to steal Chris’ thunder/spotlight with the reveal of his own manhood!

The guys of the show did a strip tease to impress their female counterparts. Oily bodies and bow ties were the uniform they decided to use for their routine. The entire group got naked and flashed their butts to the cameras but Jewitt decided to take things one step further. The 27yo model turned around threw his hands to the air, which they were previously covering his modesty, and completely exposed his cock on television. It’s worth to note that this isn’t the first time we have seen his peen. Jamie posed in his birthday suit for famed photographer Mariano Vivanco. But any excuse is good to see his perfect body and hot uncut cock!

Make the jump to see more of Jamie Jewitt. What do you think of this British fashion model turned reality television celebrity? Let us know in the comments!

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