Warehouse Worker Loses A Load!

Warehouse Worker Loses A Load!

Since his boss was not around he pulled his cock out!

This horny warehouse worker filmed himself standing on a ladder while he jerked-off his fat cock. The risk of being caught is completely palpable throughout the entire video. But it seems his co-workers weren’t around either so his thick load ended up on the floor!

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Watch the entire video after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Island Studs: Niko

Island Studs: Niko

Niko, is a tall thin tattooed Emo Bay Area Rocker with a full bush of black dick hair on a thick uncut cock, big saggy hairy balls and a smooth virgin white ass, who poses in his tight red underwear with a boner hanging out, stretches and pulls on this fantastic foreskin, trims his toenails balls out, walks with a bucket and tools down the driveway fully hard, works in the garden fully naked pulling weeds with his big balls dangling between his yummy ass, spreads his boy butt cheeks wide open showing his pink hole, takes a power piss two times, before busting a huge creamy load which drips down his perfect thick uncut cock and balls in this exclusive video new video from Island Studs.

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CockyBoys: Flip Fuck Fireworks – Calvin & Jack

CockyBoys: Flip Fuck Fireworks - Calvin & Jack

Blue-eyed beauties Calvin Banks and Jack Hunter just couldn’t hold off fooling around in their hotel room before their scene! Fortunately as Calvin says it was a “doozy”, and they’re excited to do it again for the cameras… right back in the hotel room. Sitting on top of the bed they kiss and fondle each other until Calvin takes out Jack’s hard cock and in one eye-opening gulp takes him into his throat.

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Queer Clicks: September 21 | Three Muscly Guys Lip Sync To Britney Spears — And The Crowd Goes Bananas, 7 Style Lessons We Learnt From The Gents At The Kingsman Premiere, & Other News

An Interview With Chunk And Massive

“Chunk is a party that started nearly 10 years ago by hunky beast-man Danny Buchanan. Massive is a brand, a manga legacy, and lifestyle created by Anne Ishii after she got tired of smuggling porn from Japan to her friends in the U.S.

Chunk and Massive are joining forces to throw a party at the Black Eagle Toronto this month, and we wanted to find out a bit more about them. Here’s our threeway (interview.)” Yohomo

Three Muscly Guys Lip Sync To Britney Spears — And The Crowd Goes Bananas

“You certainly can’t say they didn’t go for broke or fully commit. You can say they positively slayed, are FIRE, gave you life, are absolutely everything, etc., etc.

Actor/director Adrian Anchondo and his comely cohorts recently slinked around popular LA bar Akbar during “Learn the Words (Britney) Bitch,” a lip-synch competition hosted by Tony Soto. ” Queerty

7 Style Lessons We Learnt From The Gents At The Kingsman Premiere

“On Monday the men (and dogs) of the new Kingsman: The Golden Circle movie made their way up the orange carpet for the London showing of the new blockbuster.

Here’s what we learnt from their time sashaying down the carpet.” Gay Times

Gregg Sulkin Flaunts His Abs For The Cover Of RAW

“Gregg Sulkin is one of the people we love to oogle at. He isn’t one to shy away from showing off his chiseled body.

And he’s at it again. Sulkin graces the cover of Raw magazine and shows off his magnificent abs.” Instinct Magazine

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Taron Egerton Triggers Our Dad/Son Fantasies With His On-Screen Pairings!

Taron Egerton Triggers Our Dad/Son Fantasies With His On-Screen Pairings!

We couldn’t help but notice the amazing chemistry he has with his co-leads on the red carpet, is there something more in there?!?

Taron Egerton is currently promoting his latest movie, Kingsman The Golder Circle, so his name keeps popping up on the news services that we monitor. And we’ve never hidden the fact that we have a bit of a crush on him.

Especially after those, still sadly unconfirmed rumors about the existence of an alleged porn incursion in his pre-stardom days. Which, by the way, one of our sources that didn’t want to be named or go on the record firmly stated that it was very true! Anyway, as we were saying we were lusting over the new stills of his movie and the red carpet appearances and discovered one pattern. Taron has an incredible chemistry with his male co-stars, especially actors older than him that is. Once you notice it then it’s impossible to miss it again! Whether it’s with Collin Firth, Channing Tatum, Pedro Pascal or even the male fans that approach him for a selfie, there’s something about the daddy/son vibes there chilling. Just take a look at how Egerton gets lost in Hugh Jackman’s handsome face and forgets about the world around him. No matter how good of an actor you are you definitely can’t fake that!

Make the jump to see more of Taron Egerton. What do you think of his real-life reactions to his male co-stars? Let us know in the comments!

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William Higgins: Erik Hanak

Erik Hanak is aged 24 and lives in Prague. This hot straight guy is an ice-hockey player would enjoys sports, fitness and, obviously, ice-hockey. He looks great as he sits on the sofa and does his interview. Then Erik stands and begins to run his hands over his body. He opens his belt and then sits and leans back, lifting his sweater to show off his sexy body. The sweater is removed to show off a very nice chest. Then he lays along the sofa, opening his jeans and pulling out his cock. He wanks his cock to get it nice and hard, with his balls resting on his thighs.

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MormonBoyz: Elder Lund – Interview

Elder Lund made his way to the temple, subconsciously dragging his feet with each step. Worthiness interviews weren’t uncommon for him, but this time he knew things would be harder.

During his last interview, he confessed that somehow he got caught up in inappropriate behavior with his companion, Elder Gardner. He stressed that it was a one time thing and a big mistake. Elder Lund had never even considered being with men, not even once!

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Next Door Studios: Chris Blades and Clark Campbell

When Chris Blades comes home and finds his roomie Clark Campbell getting some tail in the living room, he’s not surprised… that is, until he realizes that Clark’s piece of ass has a dick. Flustered, he tells Clark to get rid of him and runs upstairs, but now that he’s had some time to settle down, he’s more intrigued than disgusted, and the more he finds out about Clark’s closeted lifestyle, the more he comes to grips with his own desires. So when Clark confesses to wishing he just had a steady FWB situation, Chris perks up and asks Clark how that would even happen.

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Sticky Giveaway 40 – Bubbly, Smooth & Tasty

We’re so thrilled to share with you Sticky Giveaway No.40 that our collective bubble butts are quivering. In this Sticky Giveaway, we have a hot platinum blondie Instagram bombshell who loves traveling, living the high life, flying business class and decking himself out with hot gear and fashionable threads. You know he loves the attention, but for some, getting validation on IG doesn’t quite hit the spot anymore. With a bubbleyummy ass like that, one has to take it up a few dildos… wait, we mean notches so he can keep those likes cumming!

We have just a few more slots left before the giveaway closes. Hurry, if you haven’t sent in your entry.

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Active Duty: Johnny Miles

Active Duty: Johnny Miles

Johnny has baby smooth skin and a great toned body and he should being so young and agile. He is jumping into the fray without a care in the world except to please his viewers. Johnny wants to be all he can be and he’s showing it off. His thick cock is beautiful as he strokes the meat with his hands building up his balls for a creamy release. Johnny is smooth as they come and his hard dick doesn’t disappoint.

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