Next Door World: Miles Taylor and Zak Bishop

It seems a little bird has told Miles Taylor a pretty saucy secret about Zak Bishop. Rumor has it, Zak is not only the neighborhood slut, he also gives the best blowjobs on the block, and Miles is pretty sure both of those rumors are true, especially considering how easy it was to talk Zak into going down on him. Miles is ready to have his way with Zak’s skinny body and little bubble butt, and Zak, to his credit, is rock hard at the idea of taking a pounding.

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TitanMen: Tex Davidson Fucks Lorenzo Flexx – Demolition

TitanMen: Tex Davidson Fucks Lorenzo Flexx - Demolition

After breaking ground on their latest site, two hard hat studs decide to celebrate — and beefy Lorenzo Flexx knows exactly what he wants, dropping to his knees to worship Tex Davidson’s monster. “Fuck yeah!” moans Tex as his knob gets slobbered. Lorenzo works up steady streams of spit that cling from his mouth to the shaft, dripping down to the floor from his scruffy face and Tex’s sac. “Get down on that mother fucker!” moans Tex as he whips his dick on the sucker’s chest.

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19 Jan 17 By Jo Write a comment! Tom Faulk and Trevor Long

Trevor Long receives an unexpected visitor in Los Angeles—a fellow ranch hand from back home: Tom Faulk. It turns out Tom is looking for the freedom that Trevor gained in LA—he can’t be himself at the ranch back in the country, so he made his way to the city to woo Trevor off his feet and to get some dick. Trevor welcomes Tom’s ass and fucks his tight hole full of that model-grade cock.

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Ginger Cutie Makes A Hot Strip Tease!

Ginger Cutie Makes A Hot Strip Tease!

He took his time to undress but it was so worthy!

Slow, painfully slow. Maybe that’s because we want to tear his clothes apart and make him ours right then and there. But our ginger hero knows what he’s doing. The reveal of his cock will leave you wanting more!

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Sean Cody: Darryl & Porter – Bareback

Porter was really impressed with what Darryl was packing in those shorts and wanted to take a peek at that big dick of his while they were out for a walk.

Darryl was adorably nervous about the whole thing, “I don’t know how I feel about doing it out here…”

Porter teased a bit, “I know how I feel about it!”

In the end, they went back to the house to introduce Darryl’s “snake” to Porter… let’s just say they both got along very well!

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Corbin Fisher: Matt Fucks Hugh – Bareback

Corbin Fisher: Matt Fucks Hugh - Bareback

Two handsome, well-dressed men slowly undressing each other to reveal gorgeous bodies … what’s not to like?

The guys take the party inside and Hugh is all over Matt, sucking and fucking him. He feels good too and Matt tells him to ride his dick. The sex is intense! First Hugh rides Matt’s cock like it’s the last dick on earth and then Matt rails into Hugh just as hard!

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Cocky Boys: Jack Hunter and Colby Keller

Jack Hunter is ready and willing to let Colby Keller explore his tight hole. With Colby’s flirtatious glances and his rock hard body, Jack is certain there’s a connection and he wants to see how far their chemistry can go. After a hot makeout session, Colby is ready to fill Jack’s mouth with his hard cock. Jack eagerly takes all of Colby in his mouth and Colby returns the favor, getting hot and heavy with Jack’s tight hole.

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Queer Clicks: January 19, 2017 | There’s Been A Big Increase In People Saying They’re LGBT, After Hours: Capturing The Journey Home From New York City’s Gay Nightclubs, & Other News

Photograph: Richard Renaldi/Aperture

There’s Been A Big Increase In People Saying They’re LGBT

“There’s been a big jump in the number of people identifying as LGBT, according to a new poll, which shows millions more Americans say they’re lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. The proportion of adults identifying as LGBT in the United States increased to 4.1% in 2016 from 3.5% in 2012 – a jump of almost two million from 8.3 to 10.1.” Metro

After Hours: Capturing The Journey Home From New York City’s Gay Nightclubs

“In the summer of 1992, in the early hours of a Sunday morning, Richard Renaldi and his boyfriend Eric left The Sound Factory, the celebrated nightclub on Manhattan’s 27th Street, to walk home through Chelsea, on the west side of Manhattan. As they walked through the city, the pair was approached by an older man named Larry.” The Guardian

Bangkok Will Hold Its First Gay Pride Parade In 11 Years

“Bangkok will hold its first gay pride parade later this year, a long 11 years after its last.

While Thailand has held a pride event each year in the island of Phuket, the pride parade coming back to the capital is a show of unity for the local LGBTQ community, one of the organisers said.” Mashable

Bright Light Bright Light Teams Up Once Again With Sir Elton John For “Running Back To You”

“Rod Thomas leaps another grand jete towards total world domination.

The Welsh mastermind behind electro-pop outfit Bright Light Bright Light once again teams up with Sir Elton John for “Running Back To You,” the bouncy new single from his 2015 album Choreography. (The artists have collaborated before, most recently on last year’s excellent “All In The Name” single.)” Queerty

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Exclusive: QC Interviews Noel Alejandro, The Director Of “Doing Elliot”

Exclusive: QC Interviews Noel Alejandro, The Director Of “Doing Elliot”

In our perpetual quest to find interesting new things for our readers we found an indie director who’s probably going to be your new favorite author!

Noel Alejandro an independent director who has done adult productions in Brussels and Barcelona has graciously agreed to seat with us to have a conversation on his unique approach on film making. Noel is driven by his passion to make gay erotica in a natural and impressionistic way. Or as he eloquently puts it “porn that’d go beyond porn itself”. That love for this form of art is perfectly captured in his super successful short “Hairy” (which it has been watched more than 1 million times!) and more recently in “Doing Elliot” an indie darling starring a real-life couple.

“Dramatic cinema inspires me, artistic expressions inspire me. I go to museums, concerts and exhibitions weekly to keep myself constantly inspired (…) I confess I also try to add some surrealism on my shorts, like Luis Buñuel used to do.” Noel Alejandro, Adult Film director

From his creative process to how he chooses his actors and from his sources of inspiration to his upcoming projects the man behind the lens really opened up for us. So far Alejandro has completed six films and he’s busy at work on his next installment (Call Me A Ghost) from which, despite being currently in production, he has shared with us an EXCLUSIVE sneak peak!

Make the jump to read the complete interview and join us to discover more of his super hot movies. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Randy Blue: Ryan Cage and Alessandro Katz

What would you want to come to after a tough day at work? A home cooked meal? A great TV show? Or how about a sexy massage from boy friend Ryan Cage? If you didn’t pick the last one, then what the fuck are you doing on this site? Alessandro starts to get rubbed down by Ryan, and he slowly undresses Alessandro from his work clothes. Ryan begins to disrobe too.

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MormonBoyz: Elder Farnsworth

Elder Farnsworth wasn’t looking forward to this meeting. Every time he met with the Brethren, the subject of porn came up. When asked if he was looking at porn, he’d lie and say he wasn’t.

The mission president’s nephew had been entrusted with the secrets of the Order, giving him an outlet for a lot of sex. Nevertheless, it was so hard-wired into Farnsworth’s desires for him to look at porn. Eventually the weight of his lies started to bring him down.

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Colby’s Crew: Colby Jansen and Tobias James

Women. Ugh! Colby’s is really frustrated with his girlfriend. He’s on the phone with her haggling over unpaid bills and her non-stop long hours at the job. And, obviously too much work means too little sex. Colby hangs up, knowing nothing has been settled. She’ll be home late, exhausted and ready for bed. Breaking this mood of desperation is studly Tobias James, as he walks in with two beers in hand. He gives one to Colby, keeps the other, sits next to him and asks what’s up.

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