William Higgins: Kamil Apolon


Kamil Apolon is aged 20. This sexy straight guy comes from Brno and is a student. In his leisure time he enjoys sports, bodybuilding and ice-hockey. We have another lovely stills shoot from the very sexy and wonderfully built Kamil. He looks so good as he poses, sweater raised, to show off his awesome chest and abs. As he poses he flexes his huge biceps too. In face he works through a series of great poses that really show his body off perfectly.

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SpunkWorthy: Karl’s Massage

SpunkWorthy: Karl's Massage

Karl had so much fun showing off during his solo shoot that he actually got in touch with Jason to see about setting up the next shoot. He’d told him about the happy-ending massage scene and he seemed to need a few minutes to think it over. Or maybe just wanted to give the impression that he was thinking it over.

It took a couple weeks, but once the shoot was scheduled he sent a text saying that he was going to show up a bit earlier than what they had planned on. Karl admitted he was nervous, but excited at the same time. His only other massage was with a girl, and that was just a “regular” one, so they were popping two cherries: his first massage from a guy and his first happy-ending.

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Are Twinks Always This Hung?


The unbreakable rule that always proves to be true: “skinny guy, big cock!”

This twink-looking guy made our jaws drop to the floor when he freed that HARD member from the confinement of his red shorts… and we couldn’t help but look at it in awe! But when our momentarily state of shock passed by, we then started to think, have we ever come across a twink dude that isn’t hung? Because it appears that this rule never fails, not that we’re complaining, quite the opposite in fact!

This video is one of the latest additions that you can find at the Premium section of Sticky. A FREE share we’re granting to our readers as a glimpse of the benefits of becoming a premium member.

Watch the complete video after the jump. Don’t be shy, join the conversation in the comments!

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Sean Cody: Landon and Porter Bareback

Sean Cody: Landon and Porter Bareback

“Do you know what this guy is packing, Porter?” Sean Cody asked him as he looked at Landon and smiled.

“Yeah! A lot… a lot of fun!”

It was a really hot day, so they decided to cool off a bit in the pool after a quick workout in the scorching sun. They were very touchy-feely and unreserved with each other – you could tell they just wanted to get to the fucking.

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CockyBoys: Introducing Tegan Zayne with Boomer Banks

CockyBoys: Introducing Tegan Zayne with Boomer Banks
CockyBoys: Introducing Tegan Zayne with Boomer Banks

CockyBoys is excited to announce a new CockyBoys exclusive, Tegan Zayne who is paired with CockyBoys exclusive Boomer Banks. Tegan and Boomer have had a elusive chemistry between them since they became friends on social media. They are both sensual and sexual men who are completely comfortable in their skin. So when this duo finally gets to hang, the heat between them just explodes.

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Island Studs: Miller (2)

Island Studs: Miller (2)

Hung muscle daddy Miller is back, the popular 38 year old competitive bodybuilder and surfer returns, showing off his thick 8″ rock hard cock! He floats on a raft in the sun fully nude jerking his monster meat, walks around the pool and garden fully erect, exercises, flexes and poses his awesome ripped smooth body, takes a second horse piss in the garden, enters the clear pool to jerk his Daddy Dick underwater, before spreading his muscle ass cheeks wide open exposing his pink man hole for the second time on camera in this exclusive new video from Island Studs!

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Queer Clicks: July 30, 2016 | US Navy to Name Ship After Gay Rights Activist Harvey Milk , Bachelor Party Ends With “Straight” Groom In Bed With Male Friend. Now What? , & Other News

US Navy portrait of then Ens. Harvey Milk

Navy to Name Ship After Gay Rights Activist Harvey Milk

“The Navy is set to name a ship after the gay rights icon and San Francisco politician Harvey Milk, according to a Congressional notification obtained by USNI News. The July 14, 2016 notification, signed by Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, indicated he intended to name a planned Military Sealift Command fleet oiler USNS Harvey Milk (T-AO-206). The ship would be the second of the John Lewis-class oilers being built by General Dynamics NASSCO in San Diego, Calif.” USNI News

Bachelor Party Ends With “Straight” Groom In Bed With Male Friend. Now What?

“It’s an age-old question — do some straight-identifying men fool around with other guys because they’re heavily inebriated, or does the alcohol simply allow them to act uninhibited, true desires escaping through pores alongside the distinctly unpleasant smell of boozy sweat. We know which scenario we believe rings true, but we’ll just go ahead and leave it open ended and get to our latest case study in repression” Queerty

Joe Jonas Reveals Which Jo Bro Is the Most Well Endowed

“Jonas’ revealing answer was in response to a question from Cohen during a round of ‘Plead the Fifth’, a game he regularly has guests play on Watch What Happens Live! Nick Jonas had previously been on the show and pleaded the fifth when asked to spill the goods on the family jewels.” Towleroad

AIDS Memorial Breaks Ground in New York

“The New York City AIDS Memorial has broken ground in the West Village. It will be part of the recently named New York City AIDS Memorial Park, which lies at St. Vincent’s Triangle at the corner of 12th Street and Greenwich Ave. The location was formerly St. Vincent’s Hospital, where the local epidemic was primarily treated, just a block from the LGBT Community Center where ACT UP began.” Out.com

Supercub is All Kinds Of Amazing In New Music Video

“The cheeky video, which debuts exclusively with GT, is animated in collaboration with artist Emmie Bednall, who’s worked for MTV and Nickelodeon, and even features Bette Midler and Cher as mermaids – what more could you want? All Kinds of Amazing is a self-penned breakup anthem produced by Frankmusik, who’s previously collaborated with the likes of Ellie Goulding and RuPaul, and has been remixed by dance floor legends 7th Heaven.” Gay Times

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Bryan Hawn Cosplayed As A Zika Virus Mosquito In His Latest Video, His Butt Remains Sexy While Doing So!

Bryan Hawn Cosplayed As A Zika Virus Mosquito In His Latest Video, His Butt Remains Sexy While Doing So!

With the proximity of Rio 2016 Bryan Hawn channeled all the fears and concerns about Olympic athletes and the Brazilian Zika-carrying mosquitoes in one puzzling parody video.

Leave it to Bryan to make a potentially deadly virus look sexy, creepy mask notwithstanding, to the tune of Katy Perry’s Olympic anthem “Rise”, but with his own vocals. BH did what he does best, he paraded that perfect butt in proud stars & stripes themed speedos up and down a beach shore.

Certainly that mask takes the whole thing into nightmare fuel territory, but that gorgeous behind is the stuff wet dreams are made of. Do you find yourself oddly turned on or is this going to be a boner killer for you?

Make the jump to check out the video. And share your opinions in the comments!

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TitanMen: Bennett Anthony Fucks David Benjamin – Silverlake

TitanMen: Bennett Anthony Fucks David Benjamin - Silverlake

Mark Rollins (David Benjamin) has arrived back in his hometown of Los Angeles and his old neighborhood of Silverlake. Famous for its hills, valleys and 52 sets of staircases that connect them. Mark jogs up the famous Micheltorena Stairs, passing a hot, tattooed, red headed Bennett Anthony.

The two share a quick moment that turns into a game of cat and mouse as Bennett leads Mark though the winding streets and narrow passageways until they arrive at Bennett’s apartment. “I love gingers” exclaims Mark as he buries his face in Bennett’s hairy ass. The tiny apartment is full of sweat, muscle and sexual energy that a quick fuck with a stranger you only just met.

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