Titan Men: Anthony London and Mike Tanner

Titan Men: Anthony London and Mike Tanner

In TitanMen's Cut to the Chase: Scene 2, redneck lottery winner Mike Tanner is being shown an eight-bedroom home by Anthony London, a high-class realtor with a suit, a fancy accent and a hardon. The tan, bearded horndog sucks him deep, teasing the underside of Mike's cock be he wants dick, too--soon sucking the realtor back in a heated sequence that has him breathing deep. "Y'all ready to get fucked?" asks Mike while he slides his cock inside Anthony. Soon his balls are banging against the bottom's hairy legs. They switch positions and now with Anthony on his back the plowing gets faster and faster until the bottom furry stomach is covered with cum.

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Flirt4Free: Billy Amore

flirt4free billy amore

Meet Billy Amore! He is one of the highest ranked models at Flirt4Free. He loves to show off and to told what to do... This uncut, European is ready and witing for you to tell him what you want.

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Active Duty: Kyle

Active Duty: Kyle

Kyle is a strapping young buck that stands 6'1" tall and weighs in at a solid 180 lbs. He enjoys plays sports, especially football, and has the body to show for it. Mike complimented his body ending with a "hope that don't offend you." to which Kyle replied "Naw,", chuckling, as his bulging shorts distract our eyes. He rubbed one out, loads of cum! And then at the tail end of the video, we get a little bit of an ass show!

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Black Friday Roundup


So by now the tryptophan is kicking in, or wearing off depending when you are reading this. We have lots and lots of sales to tell you about, after all it is Black Friday weekend. So without any fanfare we'll get right into it. Here they are. There might be more later in the weekend. Click and Enjoy guys!







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Men.com: Jaxton Wheeler & Urijah

men com jaxton urijah

Who wouldn't want to get fucked by their brother in law if he looked like Jaxton Wheeler. Urijah definitely wants it and boy does he get it in part 4 of Men.com series "My Brother In Law".

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Dallas Reeves: Donny, Cage, & Broc

dallas reeves cage donny broc

The guys are rough-housing in the pool on a nice tropical afternoon, but Donny suggests they take the action inside. Still in their swimsuits, the three jocks whip out their cocks and stroke until they are hard. Cage makes the first move, taking Broc's dick in his hand and making out. As the swimsuits finally come all the way off, Broc goes down on Donny. Broc takes a real shine to Donny's cock, licking and slurping it like a hungry sex-starved stud.

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Wank Wank Revolution: Brains & Brawn

Wank Wank Revolution: Brains & Brawn

Gorgeous black fitness buff jacks off at home. Check out all the crazy formulae on the whiteboard in the background! Can anyone make out what formulae they are for?

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Men.com: Jimmy Fanz and Derek Atlas

mencom jimmy derek

Derek Atlas bottoms for the first time in a long time in Part 2 of a hot new series from Men.com called Upload. Jimmy Fanz is perfectly matched to Derek, first getting his ass eaten and fucked before he plunges his boner deep inside Derek's ass!

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Dirty Tony: Tony Barcia

dirty tony tony barica

Tony Barcia is a hot young Italian guy, with a great smile, thick mane of hair and beautiful olive skin. To stay in shape, he loves motor cross, hanging out at the gym and fucking for a good workout. When this young stud is not out getting admiring glances from suitors, he likes to strip down and show off the rest of his assets. Once his shirt comes off, you can see right away why he is in demand. Tony has a lean and perfectly toned body with ripped abs. Underneath his pants, it is easy to see his bulge growing as he runs his hands across it.

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All Australian Boys: Hunter

all australian boys hunter

Skateboarder Hunter originally from New Zealand is into playing football and competition swimming. His smooth hairless body and his great skin tone make him look younger than his 19 years. He was very shy at first, boyishly blushing a lot during the shoot. You will see this many times. Once All Australian Boys got this shy country boy to take off his pants, then he was fine. Pulling himself till he blew.

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ChaosMen: Dusty and Dorian Ferro - RAW

ChaosMen: Dusty and Dorian Ferro - RAW
ChaosMen - Giblets and Butt Stuffing Marathon

Dorian was down to get fucked, and Bryan knew Dusty would be just the guy for him!

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All American Heroes: Seth and Tyler

All American Heroes: Seth and Tyler

Private Seth and Private Tyler compared their hot bodies. Seth has built some major thighs that Tyler definitely likes the look of. After some field workout to pump those muscles these two studs are ready for some different kind of action. Seth pulled his buddy's pants down and goes to work on Tyler's thick cock jawing down until he gets it all in. Tyler wants to show his oral skills too as he holds Seth's cock deep in his throat before going down to lick his balls before flipping him over to taste his ass. Once Tyler's hole is nice and opened up, Seth slides his thick rod deep in and starts pumping away, he can't hold back his moans as Seth nails his prostate over and over. A huge load will be the reward for the intense work out.

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