Ask QC: Advice on keeping a clean asshole


Dear Ask QC,

I’m new to bottoming and recently had a bit of embarrassment.

So I hooked up with a guy (top) and it was my first time and even though I had a shit earlier that day and showered when he started fucking me I had this urge to go again. I guess I should have stopped but well it was kinda not that easy as he was pounding me from behind.

Next thing is he pulled out and said I better go to the bathroom, his condom was covered in crap and I just had to jump and go to the toilet ASAP.

Obviously this killed the moment and after cleaning up I left his apartment, he was OK about it but well it was embarrassing to say the least.

I obviously don’t want to repeat this, so my questions are, how is the best way to prevent this happening again? Should I douche? Is there a special “bottom friendly” diet? Are there things I should or shouldn’t eat before fucking? Should I starve/fast before fucking? Are enemas the only way to make sure I’m clean down there? Does this always happen if you haven’t “prepared”? What do you do when things are more “spur of the moment”, that is if you hadn’t planned on fucking but it happens anyway?

Sorry if my questions are a bit basic, but I’ve never see any porn stars having this kinda problem and thought this would be the best place to get advice about it – thanks!


Hi Terrace and thanks for writing in with your questions and concerns. Bottoming and keeping clean both require some practice and routine to ensure you’re confident in anal sex. And don’t ever think that a question of this nature is too basic or embarrassing, sex can be a little messy at times and it’s a skill that requires some preparation and practice too. Almost every gay man will encounter these same type of situation at one point or other in their life and so sharing this experience to gain knowledge and advice is the right thing to do. So dear QC readers, if you’re able to help Terrace in any way with your advice and experiences please use the QComments section!

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

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English Lads: Ricky Hampton and Jason Connor

Englishlads: Ricky Hampton and Jason Connor

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Active Duty: Adam and Dan

Active Duty: Adam and Dan

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Corbin Fisher: Brant Gives It To Brayden

Corbin Fisher: Brant Gives It To Brayden

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Both guys are completely ripped! It’s obvious that they take care of themselves and have put time in at the gym. The light through the window highlights their abs that seem to go for days, their chiseled silhouettes, and their juicy cocks!

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