Amateur College Sex: Tyler, Colt and Jamie's Bi 3 Way

Amateur College Sex: Tyler, Colt and Jamie's Bi 3 Way

In a threeway like this, it's just naked flesh all over the place, and every hole is primed to get plugged! Colt, in particular, gets his holes used plenty - not only does Tyler fuck him hard and fast, but even while Colt returning the favor he finds a big, thick dildo sliding in to his ass. The deeper that dildo works its way in to Colt's hole, the deeper he fucks his own cock in to Tyler's hole.

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Corbin Fisher: Rhett Piledrives Truman

Corbin Fisher: Rhett Piledrives Truman

Rhett has taken to things quite well at Corbin Fisher, and shown us that his southern surfer charm extends to his time spent with some of his fellow Corbin Fisher studs. All around, Rhett's an easygoing, friendly, and laid-back type of guy and that's as true as ever while he has Truman eagerly working on his cock with both his mouth and his hole.

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Randy Blue: Jake Orion

randy blue jake orion

Jake Orion is everything you want in a man. Dark hair, blue eyes, alabaster skin, a tight ripped body, and a hot bubble butt. The only thing out there that could make him hotter is a gigantic cock. Well you are in luck because he has one of those too. He lays out in the sun by the pool and lets the rays hit his chiseled abs and pecs. Soon all the heat has gotten him horny. He pulls out his cock and this baby is a monster.

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QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

You know the feeling when you have something you can't wait to share with your friends because you can't wait to see their reactions? Well, that's exactly how we felt the moment we came across our newest QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week! We could go on and on for hours searching for the perfect and most accurate adjective in the dictionary to describe him but this time we're sure that the photos will speak for themselves. And if that doesn't work, we have one more special treat for you that will surely seal the deal. This time you will be able to see our NBFOTW in motion! That's right gents, there's a video where you can see him showcasing his gorgeous humanity in all his naked glory. Are you still reading these words? Don't waste more time, make the jump and prepare to fall in love like we did! Don't forget to tell us your impressions in the comments!

More after the jump!

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Island Studs: Yuri

Island Studs: Yuri

Yuri is a smooth, 18 year old, Ukrainian exchange student attending High School in Oahu, Hawaii! Watch Yuri pump iron fully naked and piss outdoors in the hot Hawaiian sun in this exclusive video from Island Studs!

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Hard Brit Lads: Jake Dylan

hard brit lads jake

Meet the adorable Jake Dylan. Jake is the star of Hard Brit Lads new, sizzling solo scene. The sexy 18-year-old from Manchester is sure of himself and quite agreeable. In the short interview that precedes the wanking session, Jake comes across as a masculine, polite gay lad who is horny for some action. That action begins quickly as Jake starts to grope himself through his sporty short.

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Keumgay: Yacine and Rodten

keumgay yacine rodten

Keumgay brings us a new hot scene, featuring two handsome French men, Yacine and Rodten. Yacine is a French Arabic stud with a le-big cock. Rodten is a real man -- masculine and sexy. They make a great fuck couple.

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Guess Who's Nicki Minaj's Bodyguard...?


If you saw the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards recently, you may have spotted rapper Nicki "Super Bass" Minaj and her hunky bodyguard. But you may not have recognized him, especially since he had all his clothes on. Who was that beautiful bruiser?

Turns out that he's a QueerClick favorite... but we want you to guess who he is before we reveal his identity. Here's a few clues: His initials are KF. He used to be a versatile bottom with Randy Blue. He made crazy bottom-faces when Colby Keller fucked him. He was also the meat in more than one three-way man-sandwiches.

Can you guess his name? Find out after the jump!

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Bentley Race: Tom Lucas

bentley race tom lucas

Tom Lucas, Bentley's 20 year old mate Tom had no problem stripping out of his soccer gear out in the public stairwell while Bentley snapped some photos. Even at the age of 20 Tom Lucas is a giant of a man. He towers above Bentley whilst showing off some of his nifty ball tricks.

Eventually Tom gets completely naked and starts showing off his gorgeous fat uncut dick. And this was just his warm up for his video scene.

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Sean Cody: Ollie

Sean Cody: Ollie

Ollie is such a boy-next-door chap that you will love to hang out and chill with him. We love his eyes that are so smiley and sincere. We love that his body looks sooo nice to caress, kiss and smell. We definitely love that awesome cum shot which Ollie fires off from his beautiful cock. This boy do really have some heavy cum firepower that you certainly cannot miss!

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NextDoorMale: Return Of Chuck

NextDoorMale: Return Of Chuck

Chuck is back with his winning smile, and more cut physique, and that nice hard cock of his. Clearly dedicated to his workout regime since the last time we saw him, Chuck checks back in with a little more experience and a little more broad shouldered than his first shoot. What he hasn't changed is his easygoing demeanor, affable sense of humor and a willingness to put on a show.

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Bel Ami: Claude Sorel

Bel Ami: Claude Sorel

Claude Sorel is just so fucking beautiful. That handsome and near perfection face with a gorgeous smile is simply too mesmerising!

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