Jaime Slams His Cock into Sub’s Gob at Brutal Tops

Jaime Slams His Cock into Sub’s Gob at Brutal Tops

Horny straight Master Jaime returns at Brutal Tops, he finds squirming his sub completely naked on the floor of a toilet already chained to a urinal waiting for his punishment. Master Jaime thrashes him with a cane and orders him to lick his filthy shoes, he gets so excited that his next move is to present the sub with a huge dildo that he orders to lick it clean before ramming it up his loose asshole!

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QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

Such a gorgeous face, and the rest of him ain’t so bad either! You know those guys that when you saw them from the myriad of adjectives at your disposal to describe them you inevitably end up blurting “so cute!”? Well, our new QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week is the very definition of a cutie.

From his laid-back attitude to his cheeky smile there was something magnetic about this handsome blond lad that had BF material written all over him. We just can’t stop loving those puppy eyes that go to bedroom eyes in 0.1 seconds flat. And when you are done with that part you can start paying attention to other parts of his naked anatomy. He’s perfectly endowed and he has, as you might expect, a wonderful bubble butt.

We think this is it guys, we are in love. Do you think a crush/BF like him can last? Tell us in the comments!

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Kristen Bjorn: Chemistry – James Castle and Craig Daniel

Kristen Bjorn: Chemistry - James Castle and Craig Daniel

James and Craig return to their hotel after some sightseeing around the city on Kristen Bjorn. Both men have worked up an appetite for some wild sex and are planning to feed on the other. James seems to be the hungrier cock sucker and immediately goes for Craig’s huge, uncut cock. After seeing James stroking his fat cock Craig’s appetite has been peeked and he goes in and down on James’ fat shaft. After some hot 69 cock sucking, James plants his hot, pink hole directly over Craig’s hot fuck tongue. Craig savours the intense sensation of his strong tongue penetrating James’ perfect ass. James gets on all fours and turns his amply, spit slicked ass up for Craig. Craig takes full advantage of this position and slams his raw cock deep inside of James.

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Active Duty: Lance and Bo

Active Duty: Lance and Bo

Bo and Lance get thrown in the deep end today on Active Duty – it’s the first time doing a duo scene for both of them, and it’s sink or swim – well, sink or suck in this case. Lance is looking the more nervous of the two, and he’s still sportin’ a softie when they pull the covers down, but Bo’s got a big ol’ boner himself. Early to rise, that’s the motto! Well, the early bird gets the worm, so Bo gets rewarded with a nice sloppy bj from Lance, who maybe is a bit shy for the camera but he’s definitely not shy around a hard-on. He moans as he slurps down Bo’s juicy pre-cum, and he’s sticking his butt straight up so Mike can’t resist getting a close-up of the full moon.

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Broke Straight Boys: Trevor Lastor and Vadim Black


Vadim Black and Trevor Laster are out to please the fans today on this “Fetish 101” scene of BSB! We’ve had lots of requests for our boys to get a little kinky, and Vadim and Trevor are ready to take on that challenge. Of course, they get things heated up like normal, kissing and making out, cock sucking, ball licking…but then Vadim breaks out the tie-ups, securing Trevor’s hands to the headboard as he becomes his very willing victim!

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Naked Sword: Austin Keyes and Bray Love


Catching some sun while reading a book in your window seems like a great way to spend an afternoon but when Austin Keyes notices Bray Love hanging outside his building he gets a better idea. A nod of the head is all it takes and Bray is up in Austin’s flat, sucking his giant cock and licking his baseball-size nuts. The two horn-dogs don’t even bother to close the blinds, treating the neighbors to a wild cock-sucking session that ends up with Bray sitting down on Austin’s giant dick.

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Be Ami: Marc Ruffalo and Jeff Miren


This week Bel Ami has a 2 part scene that starts with their boys discussing one night stands with Marty. Although the days of one night stands have long gone for Marty, for both Jeff and Marc they are still the flavor of the day. Marc jokes with Jeff that all his relationships are one night stands but we suspect that this isn’t the first time that the 2 of them have hooked up together.

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Men.com: Brenner Bolton and Rafael Alencar


Rafael Alencar receives some upsetting news from his nephew, but luckily Brenner Bolton is loyal and willing to do anything to relax The Godfather. Rafael takes his frustration out on Brenner’s tight hole, exposing his big muscle-ass with every thrust. The only thing that The Godfather despises is to be disrespected but he simply uses his huge cock and firm ass to restore order.

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GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week

So many guys, so little time! GuysWithiPhones has a way of breaking our hearts will all those impossibly hot guys they have and yet we just can’t quit them. That’s why our GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week is so handy because it gives us a clear route to the best of the best, those guys you definitely can’t miss. And we’re sure that being a GWiP’er on this list must get them so many dates, not that they need any help from us in that front but we’re curious to know how they take advantage of the status we gave them. With that in mind, go find your favourite, champion him in the comments and tell us what would you do if you could score a night with him!

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