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QCA Film: Brent Corrigan To Star In Gay Indie Film Judas Kiss

Newly crowned Fleshjack poster boy Brent Corrigan is not only an occasionally controversial and adorkable porn star, he’s also a rising star in gay indie film. That may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s true—he’s starred in Another Gay Sequel and a gay-horror short film called In The Closet.
His In The Closet co-star was J.T. Tepnapa is also the director of the Judas Kiss a science fiction drama about a failed filmmaker who meets with a gay filmmaking student stuck between parallel timelines. In it Corrigan plays Chris Wachowsky, a former film student who has to compete against the “big man on campus” to woo the heart of his crush.

Corrigan also gained some notoriety by doing a handful of safe sex PSAs that feature his hardened cock. And while he’s been cute and plucky in those vids, does he have the chops to bust into mainstream productions? It depends partially on the directorial talents of Mr. Tepnapa. We’ll certainly be watching.

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Chad Noel, 25-Year Old Brent Corrigan Co-Star, Dies

Chad Noel, 25-Year Old Brent Corrigan Co-Star, Dies Of HIV
Gay Porn Gossip is reporting that Chad Noel (aka Donny Price & Craven Cox) “passed away in New York City, on March 17, 2010 following a brief illness associated with complications of HIV.” He was 25 years old.
Friends, fans, and family members have been leaving their condolences and memories of Mr. Noel at an incomplete obituary page at the Laramie Boomerang. The family says the obituary will be posted as soon as the autopsy report is done.
Noel’s most notable work was perhaps on Cobra Video’s Every Poolboy’s Dream (now pulled from the shelves) in which starred he and an underage Brent Corrigan. Michael Lucas railed against Every Poolboy’s Dream when he spoke out at last year’s GayVN Awards about how Corrigan’s “child porn” acting endangered the entire porn community. Cobra Video, you’ll recall, used to be owned by Bryan Kocis until his murder at the hands of Joseph Kerekes.
It’s a sad tale that one so young should contract and die of HIV. And Gay Porn Gossip ends their post on Noel’s death with this disturbing note that suggests that Noel might have gotten HIV working with a bareback twink studio, Helix Studios:

Additionally, close friends and associates of Chad have related to Gay Porn Gossip that Chad had became HIV positive following his performances with Helix Studios. We have been unable to confirm this information. Helix Studios is a producer of hardcore condom-less twink porn. The company was formerly based in Ft Lauderdale, Florida and now is located in San Diego, California, whose principal is Keith Miller. Often it has been reported to Gay Porn Gossip by other young men that following their performances and association with Helix Studios, they became infected with HIV.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to Noel’s fans, friends, and family during this time.
Please get tested and practice safer sex at QC:
Adventures In Sex City Will Cover You In Sperm
Matthew Rush Teaches You How To Put On A Condom
FUK!T – Stop HIV. Please F*ck Responsibly.

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Photographer Joe Oppedisano Dishes Hate on Michael Lucas

Joe Oppedisano
Looks like Kurt Wild isn’t the only one sick of porn impresario Michael Lucas. Add Lucas Entertainment photographer, Joe Oppendisano to the haters’ bandwagon as he recently wrote a blog entry against the “vampire lesbian of sodom, Michelle Lucas.”
In his dish of dirt on Michael Lucas (which Oppedisano swears is 100% true), Oppendisano says the following:
1) Ms. Lucas wears artificial ass pads beneath his jeans to give his behind a more comely shape,
2) Lucas has 3 hours of makeup done before any photoshoot, including having his abs painted on (that explains his Derek Zoolander face),
3) for his latest porn shoot, Lucas had to be shot with his clothes on because he still had all of the staples, scars, and bruises from his latest liposuction and ass lift.
Ooo, gurl! Best get out the press-on nails and pull off that weave cause it sounds like a slap-down drag-out cat fight between the prince and his photog! Tsk, tsk! Such cattiness. We wondered why Oppedisano decided to get all up and nasty about Lucas. And then we read his fourth complaint and it all became clear. Apparently, Michael Lucas allowed some stranger from off the street pay to watch Joe’s boyfriend fuck around with Rafael Alencar on a closed porn set. Here’s the dirt:

when i walked in, w/my babyboy chris, to set up (i hired chris to assist me), mr pam loved him and asked him to be in a scene.

chris asked my permission, as a good boy does, and i said of course, the scene was w/my old girlfriend rafael alencar, who, is basically a lesbian, so i said go for it.
i told mr pam flat out that he could do it, just not in a scene w/michael, as the thought of michael having sex w/my bf would damage me mentally for life..(it would like seeing ur grandmother molest a baby).

so, chris does the scene, i shoot all of my still footage, and all day, there’s a creepy guy sitting in the corner watching as i photograph chris, raphael, and the sex scene. when i was not working, to let chris feel comfortable, i stayed in michaels office, on the computer.

at the end of the day, chris comes running in to get me, and i hear rafael saying something about doing one more shot w/him pissing on chris, and chris was like, lets get the fuck outta here..

the guy in the corner gets escorted out in front of chris, and i ask mr. pam who he is, and pam says he won a contest to watch the film being shot.


porn is shot on closed sets.

i left the room when the sex was being shot.

it is unethical, and not cool, and also, a violation of the actors rights.

and BTW, it’s not a circus act, its filming a porn!

so the next day, i walked in, and told them, this is not how its done.

Michael, being the idiot he is, blurts out that, in fact, the guy WON the contest, yet, PAID to watch the scene.

do u smell shit here too?

so, in fact, Michael Lucas took money to have a pervert from off the street watch my bf get fucked.

not cool, so i demanded they pay him as a hooker, if they are having him perform live sex shows for clients.

of course, he called Richard, his “bf” (sugardaddy) in the room, who is fatter and even more gross than michael in person (so they make a perfect couple)…now, richard a hundred years ago in Israel was a lawyer..

now she’s a scam artist side by side w/the vampire lesbian of sodom, michelle lucas.

so, of course, they fought me, but in the end….richard came back, with cash in hand, and paid Chris, by the hour, for the 10 hours of filming…


And just in case you didn’t get how much Oppedisano dislikes Lucas, he added this friendly bon mot at the end of his post:

so, for all of u aspiring porn stars, BEWARE OF MICHAEL LUCAS!
he is a scumbag piece of shit.

Hee-hee! We love a good porn fight. Remember when Lucas and Corrigan got into a blogging melee? That was awesome. Now if only these guys would fight it out naked on camera instead of behind the safety of their blogs… that’d be a hit.

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Kurt Wild Goes After Michael Lucas… Mostly Because Kurt’s Drunk

In high dudgeon and Jackie O glasses, pass-around party bottom Kurt Wild decided to get wasted on camera and call out Michael Lucas for his outburst against Brent Corrigan at the last GayVN awards. And while we’re always pleased to see the big-dicked fuckpup, we’re wondering why he decided to get all pissed about this just now; after all, it happened almost a year ago (Maybe he missed our awesome coverage of the whole ordeal).
Nonetheless, if you like sass, then you’ll love Kurt’s tirade. It includes him non-stop swearing and using the word “bitchfit”, smoking and drinking all classy-like, a shot of his daughter, and his wife threatening to sodomize him with a beer can—fun! We know you’re busy (masturbating) men and may not have time to watch Kurt’s entire 9-minute 51-second video, so we’ve pulled out the best parts for your post-coital pleasure:
0:55 - He kisses his daughter and wipes his mouth clean moments after (probably because he wasn’t paid to kiss her on camera. That usually costs at least twenty dollars, you little freeloader).
1:40 - He paraphrases Lucas’ comment from the GayVN that Brent Corrigan’s underage acting in porn jeopardized the entire porn industry and then refutes that claim, by eloquently stating, “You know what really puts our in jeopardy, Michael? What really puts us in jeopardy is your out of country, out of mind, RETARDED BULLSHIT!”
Kurt continues by saying, “We’re at war with a country that you go over and find models to FUCK! For what? The same thing that George Bush finds over there? Oil? YOU FIND PORN STARS, you’re even worse than George W. Bush, Michael Lucas! You know you are!”
We’re assuming that Kurt means that we’re at war with Israel, which we’re not really. Also, we wouldn’t compare Michael Lucas to ex-President Bush, although Lucas will probably savour the comparison (seeing as their foreign policy views are so similar). But errors aside, Kurt’s a drunken porn star, not a geo-political science major, so we’ll let ‘em slide.
4:45 - He turns to his offscreen wife and says, “Hand me a beer… now. My beer lady… hand me my beer, my cheap two dollar six-pack of beer after giving you five-hundred dollars. Yaahaa!” She then says, “Your beer lady? I’m gonna jam it up your ass.” Kurt’s positively delighted at the prospect. No wonder they get along so well.
5:50 - Kurt gets all huffy at Michael Lucas for not talking to him. According to Wild, Lucas asked Wild to be in his Fire Island film, but Kurt couldn’t do it because he had a shoot “for at least as much if not more” money with College Dudes 24/7. Kurt then says he accepted an $800 paycut for doing the scene with CD247, “because I like ‘em.” Might be time to get a business manager, sweetums.
6:50 – He almost lights the wrong end of his cigarette… classy!
7:30 - He asks Lucas, “You think your champagne’s better than my Natty Light? I don’t give a fuck. I have just as much ab, if not more. Just as much cock, if not more. Just as much director talent. I’m actually writing a movie right now, and I keep it in a little bitty box. Right here. Wanna read it? Read some parts of it? Get some fucking action? Wanna read how the camera starts? Wanna read how—who talks to who? You wanna read how all that stuff goes? Cause fuck you.”
OK, that settles it… we want a fuck-off between these two. They get to go at each other and direct their camera men while comparing their dicks and abs. The finished video that makes us cum the hardest wins.
It’s been a rough couple of years for Kurt. First Subway fired him, then he took part in the failed resurrection of Angel Slut Garden, and then he was fucked by a subway train. He hasn’t even updated his blog since July 2009. Hmmm… But luckily, he just did a an Extra Big Dicks scene (ch-ching!), so maybe we’ll be seeing more of his sexy ass soon.
At 9:30 in the video, he removes his shades and smiles. Is it wrong how badly we want Kurt to fuck us? So what if he’s a married father of four? That just makes him a DILF and we’d gladly let him shove his Natty Light can up our ass any day. Call us, Kurt…
Thanks to Gay Sex Blog for the transcription.

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QC’s Friday Five – Michael Lucas

37-year-old Michael Lucas
37-year-old Michael Lucas is the undeniable King of the Gay Porn world—his premiere in mainstream porn began in 1997 as a Falcon exclusive. In 1998, he set up Lucas Entertainment using the money he saved up from escorting. He became a full-fledged American citizen in 2004 and married his boyfriend of 8 years, Richard Winger, in 2008. His films have won an impressive number of GAYVN Awards including what’s been called the most expensive porn film ever made, the $250,000 2006 film, La Dolce Vita, which won 14 GAYVN Awards, one in every category for which is was nominated. But despite his undeniable success and influence in the gay porn world,
Lucas is not without controversy. He’s known for his sensational press releases, his outspokenness against drug-use, barebacking, and underage actors, and his vigorous pro-Israel political stance. We’ve left the political questions alone for a longer interview, but for now Lucas spoke with us about his beef with Brent Corrigan, his opinions on free porn sites, and dealing with gay Israelis in his most recent venture, Men of Israel.
QC: You’ve expressed hope that your upcoming film, Men of Israel will break new ground, both politically and pornographically. Mormon gay porn seems to have gotten some play and a lot of guys find Jewish men attractive… so why do you think there’s been such low-visibility of Jewish gay porn actors and Jewish-themed gay porn in the past?
Because as far as I am concerned Jews usually go for a higher education and graduate as lawyers, doctors, engineers, and business entrepreneurs etc. Let me be honest I rarely see academics in porn ;-)
QC's Friday Five - Michael Lucas
QC: What was the most difficult part of getting Men of Israel made? Can you tell us a major difficulty you experienced making this film (or if there was none, a major difficulty from one of your other productions) and how you resolved it?
Israel is full of gay people Tel Aviv is proportionate to the population of gays in NYC. The difficulty is finding guys who actually want to have porn as their career.
QC's Friday Five - Michael Lucas
QC: With all due respect, your over-the-top press releases have gotten you labeled a bit of a press whore. You’ve even fabricated a joke letter to President Obama and made a bit of a scandal at the GayVN Awards this year. If you could mastermind the ultimate publicity stunt, what would it look like?
I speak my mind amateur I don’t pull stunts. If it is misinterpreted and the press runs with it then it is out of my hands. As far as the Obama letter—this was clearly just a light joke and I can hardly see how so many people misunderstood that. The GayVN’s Awards scandalized themselves by awarding child pornographers. I simply stood up for my industry and said what I thought necessary. By the way am I a publicity whore by giving you this interview? Or am I just doing my job promoting my product?
QC's Friday Five - Michael Lucas
QC: As a businessman, how do you feel about the rise of “free porn” sites like XTube and web-only “amateur” studios? Have they positively or negatively effected the professional porn star world?
It makes us look that much better—like we are filming Titanic compared to filming a student project. It really shows what a good product looks like and how much work goes into creating a real quality product. I think consumers are getting tired of poorly crafted amateur sex videos.
QC's Friday Five - Michael Lucas
QC: Obviously you take great care in working out, looking good, etc… but what’s the one guilty pleasure that you can’t break?
I have always had great discipline—it comes easy for me. I don’t have guilty pleasures—besides sex I am very boring to my body: no drinking, smoking, drugs, never go out in the sun, and what I like to eat is healthy.
Thanks Michael for chatting with us! If you want more of the NYC Kingpin of Porn, check out Michael Lucas’ QC Fan Club page.

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Michael Lucas Wins Cameo On ABC’s Ugly Betty, Will Force American Families To Watch Primetime Porn

Michael Lucas Wins Cameo On ABC's Ugly Betty
This fall, porn mogul Michael Lucas will work with his ugliest model yet… Ugly Betty. While attending a Stonewall Foundation Dinner at the UN, Lucas saw Oscar-winning barebacker Dustin Lance Black deliver a speech about gay folk’s complacency in the fight for civil rights. Afterwards, the bidding war began for a walk on role in the ABC family show, Ugly Betty. Lucas ended up winning when his boyfriend helped him nudge the final bid up to $18,000.
Lucas says he wanted to donate the money anyway, but that he also had an ulterior motive:

“I also saw a chance to shake up television a bit: the first porn star cameo ever on a family program. Let’s not confuse gay-friendly networks with porn-friendly networks. The main channels are extremely pornophobic. The question posed to my industry is always the same: Will the porn industry and its members ever be accepted by the mainstream? And the usual answer is: not in the next fifty years. Porn stars are very much in demand but the media still like to see us kept in our box. So I saw an opportunity here to speed up the progression.”

For anyone who doesn’t know, Ugly Betty is a show about a plain looking girl trying to make it at an NYC fashion mag. But as you know, Lucas probably has little interest in helping ugly straight women, and is more likely shrewd enough to either get invited back as a recurring character (maybe a fashion villain like Mugatu) or somehow hijack the family show into a subplot involving forced blowjobs. Sounds good to us, but what’s it to Lucas?

“How will ABC deal with a porn star on one of its prime time programs? I am curious to see how this will play out. Now, I am not suggesting that my little walk-on will change the world. But I hope it will be one step taking us out of the privacy of people’s bedrooms and onto a larger stage. And I hope the American public will enjoy seeing a porn star as a real person, not just as a hot body.”

We’re betting that most of the Midwestern viewers aged 35 and above won’t know he’s a “porn star.” A good percentage of them will probably think his accent and bad English are part of a comedic Russian caricature, like Boris and Natasha. We’re actually hoping the cameo happens in his usual dramatic style, but Lucas told XBIZ that he expects to learn within a few days whether his erotic career will prevent him from appearing on the show at all.

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Michael Lucas Stands Up For Dustin Lance Black’s Barebacking Ass

Michael Lucas Stands Up For Dustin Lance Black's Barebacking Ass
Never one to let a twink steal the spotlight (re: Brent Corrigan’s underage ass at the GAYVN awards), the Ice Queen of Porn, Michael Lucas, put out a statement regarding the barebacking pics of his BFF, Dustin Lance Black:

I keep hearing from various gay leaders in different organizations about those “bareback” pictures. I haven’t seen those pictures, and I don’t care to see those pictures. This guy is a screenwriter who has brought before a new generation a great historical time in the gay community with MILK. He is not a safe sex advocate; but even if he was, it doesn’t matter what he is doing in the privacy of his bedroom. My understanding obviously is that he had sex with his boyfriend. So what the fuck is all this noise about? Why does he have to answer for the intimacy of his relationship. He also did not post those pictures, it was some vengeful queen who did. He can’t be held accountable for the leeches that want to pray on his status now that he is accomplished.

I believe that he’s also given a statement. If I was him, my statement would be simple: None of your fucking business. My boyfriend was the President of the Gay Center for ten years. He has shown me emails from some of the biggest gay leaders and most influential players in the community who were casting harsh shame on Black’s character. This is a perfect example of bored rich fags throwing their stones in glass houses, like they’ve never fucked without protection. I can’t imagine that they’ve never had sex without a condom with a person they were in a relationship with. I’m glad he has given them a quick hobby to talk about but this is ridiculous, hysterical, and nasty. What a disgusting abrasive story which was started by yellow press gossip columnists.

Yeah, great advice, Mike. Let’s have the eloquent gay golden boy of the Oscars stand in front of a press conference and say “None of your fucking business! I’ll fuck how I wanna fuck! It’s my hot body!” Maybe after that, Black could snort a rail off the podium and do a body shot off of a priest.
If you’re wondering what all the hubbub’s about, check out the Dustin Lance Black news page!

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Michael Lucas Interviews Ryan Raz

Michael Lucas Interviews Ryan Raz

Last time we featured Michael Lucas, he was busy butting heads with Best Bottom Brent Corrigan. Now he’s here interviewing Ryan Raz for the upcoming Lucas Entertainment feature Entrapment. Entrapment’s based on the real-life, unlawful arrests of gay men by officers posing as hustlers in NYC sex shops. So it’ll be interesting to see how Lucas makes institutionalized homophobia sexy (probably with lots of ass eating and buttsex).
Entrapment previously on QC:
Newcomer Dmitri Romanov Signs As Lucas Exclusive
Entrapment from Lucas Entertainment

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UPDATE: Lucas Vs. Corrigan – The Last Words?

UPDATE: Lucas Vs. Corrigan - The Last Words?
Yes, they’re fighting, but which looks better in undies? Brent packs quite the pouch, ass, and muscular twink body, but Michael has got the East European top-daddy look down with his hairy chest and deliciously long dick.
A lot has happened on the Lucas vs. Corrigan front (if you missed any of the action, you can catch up at the Lucas vs. Corrigan QC News Page) and so here’s a quick update. If you remember, this entire fight started when Lucas busted onstage during the GayVN awards after a message from Joan Irvine of the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP). A short while ago, Joan Irvine issued the a statement through ASACP. XBIZ reports:

“I appreciate Michael Lucas’ concern for ASACP and the industry that he expressed during the GAYVN Awards show,” Irvine told XBIZ. “Michael demonstrated the industry’s outrage when an underage actor slips into legitimate adult movies as this threatens the industry and shows a disregard for ASACP and the industry’s child protection efforts.”

“In September 2005 when ASACP was alerted that Brent Corrigan was supposedly 17 while performing in four movies, it researched this and quickly informed the industry about the offending movies,” she said. “All titles and promotional materials were immediately removed from circulation and distribution, both online and offline.”

“This was a wakeup call back then and should be a warning to the industry about the importance of being vigilant to obtain the proper documentation for 2257 requirements and to check on questionable documents. Brent is now over 18 and has the right to engage in whatever legal business he chooses.”

The entire XBIZ story is worth a read as it provides candid reactions from both Lucas and Corrigan.
Brent Corrigan wants to end it
Brent Corrigan wants a happy ending to this tumultuous ride. Makes sense seeing as he was recently awarded Best Bottom, much to Michael Lucas’ ire.
Shortly thereafter, Unzipped Magazine did an interview with Brent Corrigan about the whole fight:

After congratulating him on his three GayVN wins, I got right down to it and asked Brent about a big rumor circulating the Internets.

I wanted to know if it was true that Michael Lucas had once wanted to cast Brent Corrigan in one of his movies. If so, it would completely undermine everything that Lucas had said and done over the weekend.

I wasn’t sure how he would answer, or if he would answer at all, but he did. And as usual, he didn’t disappoint…

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The 2009 QueerClick GayVN Awards Recap!

2009 GayVN Awards Recap!
Didn’t get to attend the 2009 GayVN Awards? No worries! QueerClick’s ace reporter was on location and gave a full first-person report (with links to your favorite stars):
You could feel the buzz in the Westin, just off of Market Street, on Friday. People were frantically checking in, while others were doing their best to pose and be seen in the front lobby. But by far, the best part of checking into the official hotel of the 2009 GAYVNs was seeing all the unsuspecting guests who had no idea what was going on—they were just visiting SF.
Cody Cummings and Tommy Dixx
Cody Cummings and Tommy D
The weather was fantastically warm and sunny. And San Francisco was chock-full of porn stars. So why not party? The big event of the night was The Tailgate Party. This wasn’t just one party, but a collection of venues with hot men to check out. I started at Lime to see the stunning threesome, The Visconti Triplets. They’re simply adorable, but not a peep out of them. Not because they weren’t friendly, but because they’re still attempting to learn English. Oh well, I wasn’t there for the conversation, and their translator was stunningly handsome too. We also had fun partying with Cody Cummings, Tommy D, and Mason Wyler too. Although we were sad we had to leave town and couldn’t make Mason’s gay porn blog bowling throw down, we enjoyed finally meeting him in person. He’s a funny guy and sexy to boot. Lime was a blast, but it was time to move on.

The infamous but delightful Sister Roma interviews Mason Wyler. Nothing’s off limits to Sister Roma but Mason comes off as friendly and well-grounded guy!
We headed down Castro and walked past Twin Peaks Tavern (aka. The Glass Coffin, due to the age of the clientele) and saw The Dirty Boy Video guys… on tramp-olines out front. It was ridiculous and the bar was packed with boys (maybe this bar just has a bad rep sometimes, because it didn’t seem like a glass coffin after all!). The place was hopping with “Show your butt” contests and plenty of give-aways. I then stumbled may way down the Castro, walking past the beautiful Castro Theater where the GAYVNs would be tomorrow night. The Castro was a-buzz, and the reputation that the GAYVNs are like the gay porn Oscars definitely rang true on Friday. You could feel the anticipation in the air.
We stopped in at the Falcon Party at QBar. Got a hug and some smile with legends like stunningly beautiful Roman Heart, smoldering TJ Hawke and then there was the fantastically do-what-I-want Erik Rhodes. Once again, I was star struck by the guys. This party was hopping. And loved spotting and saying hello to other hotties (Kyle Gillum) who were there to partake in the fun too.
Lots o gay porn stars
Needless to say, we stopped in at the Cockstar Party at Moby Dick and saw a moby dick and the man behind it, Barrett Long. He was signing autographs and the crowd was loving it. The Titan Men party was fun at Harveys, as was the Raging Stallion Party at The Edge bar. The buzz was that Raging Stallion’s To The Last Man was gonna win big. (Have you seen it? Sure a few love to say that Raging Stallion has influence over the GAYVNs vote, but the fact is: this movie is actually amazingly well done. Little details are spot on. And the sex is raw and delicious.) Don’t forget the Jet Set Men party, where we spotted Marcus Steele and David Dakota among many others. The Jet Set Men party was hopping when we rolled in and we were loving it. From there on out, we stumbled over to the Hot House party at the Lookout. The place was packed (maybe it was the free porn they were giving away). It was crazy fun. We saw Kyle King, Ethan Wolfe, Johnny Gunn, Vince Ferrelli, Luke Cassidy and Evan Matthews. At this point, we were a complete mess… so many porn stars, so much fun to be had. So, we made a point to stop in at just one more – the Bel Ami Party at 440 Castro. These boys, Dolph Lambert and Luke Hamill were jaw-droppingly beautiful and fun to hang out with. We ended up going back to a few of our favorites and loved that everyone started mingling and hopping from bar to bar. Although we didn’t see it, we heard the Bel Ami boys actually snuck out and were out most of the night. You can’t blame ‘em, we all were. This Tailgate Party was fantastic. With speciality drinks to be found such as The Golden Shower (made with Jack Daniels, 7-Up and lime), The GAYVN (a strawberry lemonade martini), and The Casting Couch (sort of a Tequilla martini). Oof. My head hurts just thinking about it.
This was all great, until we realized I needed to be functional and get up at a reasonable hour on Saturday.

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BREAKING: Michael Lucas Speaks Out About Alleged Run-In With Corrigan’s Boyf*

BREAKING: Michael Lucas Speaks Out About Alleged Run-In With Corrigan's Boyf*
Michael Lucas is hardly one to turn the other cheek. His latest press retaliation unapologetically keeps up his fiery attack on Brent Corrigan, even going so far as to name Brent’s boyfriend who allegedly threatened to throw acid on Lucas’ face. *”Boyf” is horrible abbreviation for “boyfriend” and should be used by no one, not even as a headline in a gay pornography blog.
Michael Lucas has issued the following letter regarding matters that took place this past weekend during and after the GayVN Awards. QueerClick has been following the drama every step of the way; you can check out the play-by-play at the Lucas Vs. Corrigan QC News Page.

“It is shocking how lightly the industry is taking this matter. By falsifying his government-required identification, Brent Corrigan put himself, producers, and the general public at the mercy of federal prosecution. Because Brent performed while he was underage, all the material that he appeared in during that time is now considered child pornography, and rightfully so. However, anyone in possession of those titles, who purchased them or viewed them assuming that the producer had taken the necessary precautions to eliminate the risk, now has illegal pornography on their hands. Can you imagine the trauma of having to deal with something like that? And with the internet being what it is, who knows what images of Brent are legal and illegal? This is a disgusting and horrifying question.

To those who are saying that Brent Corrigan didn’t know what he was doing, let me tell you that even a 17-year-old knows that forging documents is against the law. A 17-year-old also knows that he cannot take part in adult videos. Erik Menedez was only 17-years old when he and his brother killed their parents– he is serving life behind bars. No I am not equating this to murder but a crime is a crime and at 17 you know that. We cannot prosecute in one instance and then turn our heads the next… and then honor the criminal with awards for his work.

To those who are saying that I went on stage because I was jealous of Corrigan’s nominations, let me remind you that I’ve been speaking out against celebrating Corrigan for at least three years now. This was before he had received any awards.

To those who are saying I am going after Corrigan because he declined to be in my movie, how can that make any sense? In 11 years of business, there were many models which my company turned away and there were many models who turned down working for my company. Today we looked through all of our casting records, and found an email dating back to September 15, 2006, between our previous casting director and Brent Corrigan. At this point we, regrettably, did not know about his past and we are forever thankful that things did not work out and we declined working with him. My conscience would have never been cleared and a heavy deal of personal guilt would have shadowed me and my career.

For those who said it was not a good time to make a statement, please tell me what’s a better time than after the city of San Francisco honored the industry for its work to stop child pornography. Well, I’m not the type to sit silently and listen to this hypocrisy because unfortunately many in the adult industry do not seem to care much about using underage models. You see, there are thousands of young, beautiful guys out there that have made it in this business legally without putting the revolting burden of being involved in child pornos on anyone. So why do many of you decide to support and nominate this particular one? What a strange coincidence. I’m talking about reviewers and judges here. Some of you don’t care, because it’s not you, it’s the producers who are in danger. It’s the company heads, like myself, who are risking their freedom because of criminals like Corrigan. This cannot be our industry’s protocol.

I’m incredibly dismayed by those who are questioning me on the details of the situation that occurred at the GayVN Awards. I read posts by bloggers stating that they know Brent Corrigan’s boyfriend and that he is not the violent type. To those who are uninformed, I would recommend doing some research. Read the testimonies below that I have easily found today. You will clearly see Corrigan’s pattern of choosing very violent partners. His previous boyfriend wanted to kill Bryan Kocis. His new boyfriend, whose name we now know is Eric Paul Martinez, seems to be a violent psychopath as well. And now, just a few highlights from Tory Mason and Jason Sechrest’s observations of Brent’s boyfriend Eric Paul:

On Jason Sechrest’s blog, Tory Mason said:

“That guy that brent’s dating is nuts.. when I was seeing John (who is stationed in the navy and lives in San Diego) we all went out, although Brent wasn’t there, and at the end of the night he [Eric Paul] got into a really loud argument with some kid and John and I tried to seperate them, he [Eric Paul] ended up throwing me down to the ground and then went after the kid, who’s a bartender, and knocked him out cold.. he then hid out at John’s place till it was safe for him to go home. Absolute fucking lunatic! He [Eric Paul] has some very dangerous obsession with this Corrigan kid (which he made clear the night we went out and the crazy things he was saying about him) and those death threats probably weren’t just words but actual threats.. i think he’s delusional too, have you ever seen the way he watches over Brent at a club. It’s as if he thinks that if he takes his eyes off him somebody’s going to swoop in and kidnap that chubby little washed up runt.”

Also, Jason emailed me this story about Eric Paul:

“Caleb Carter, who has unfortunately since passed away, came up to me at an event one night with a black eye and when I asked him how he got it, he told me it was “the work of Brent Corrigan’s new boyfriend.” … That was when he [Corrigan] had just started dating this guy.”

Lastly, I would like to end this letter by again telling those who thought that my short appearance on stage was a publicity-driven decision, and who are saying that it was the wrong moment. For me there are moments in life when keeping silent becomes a fault and when speaking becomes an obligation. I hold the conviction that we need to protect our industry and our youths; it is a civil duty, a moral challenge, a categorical imperative task from which we cannot escape.

I’m off to Russia, as tomorrow it will be the one year anniversary of my mother passing away and I will be with my father. So this is my last statement, but I will be than happy to answer further questions when I am back next week.

Ah, the old “I’m-going-to-mourn-my-dead-mother-in-Russia” trick; his final paragraph shows that Lucas considers the matter closed (he has the last word). If Brent says anything further in his own defense, Lucas can play the “How-disrespectful-to-keep-up-this-quarrel-while-I’m-in-mourning” card. Very trafty**, that Lucas.
** trafty = tricky + crafty

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BREAKING: Brent Corrigan Speaks Out About Lucas’ Accusations

BREAKING: Brent Corrigan Speaks Out About Lucas' Accusations

Actually, Brent’s response to Michael Lucas is more respectful than a middle finger, but who can resist a picture of the plucky young porn star flippin’ the bird?
On his blog, Brent Corrigan has given his side of the story about Michael Lucas’ outburst at the GayVN awards and the alleged threat and arrest supposedly involving Corrigan’s boyfriend. You can follow the unfolding story at the Lucas Vs. Corrigan QC News Page. We’ll follow up with some analysis of Brent’s story.

Wow! This year’s GayVN Awards has proven to be far more eventful and encapsulating than of any of the few years I have attended in years past!

I have much to share about my experiences of Saturday night. Currently, I am pulling resources, photos and calling on new friends and allies to help definitively set the record straight on some misconceptions that have surfaced over the last 36 hours


First! The good news! I took home 3 awards my first year nominated as a producer and a performer. I would like to graciously and humbly thank GayVN for presenting me with the awards Best Professional Amateur Video for Summit, Best Twink Video for Just the Sex 1 and Best Bottom Performer of the year.

It has been a stressful and harrowing long few years. Possibly for the first time ever since starting work within this industry I have been able to shed feelings of inadequacy. Decisions I made in my past have inspired studios, models, producers – and well, lets face it, at times; the whole industry to completely turn it’s back on me.

There is nothing worse in life than feeling like an outcast. To be shunned and stripped of all dignity and worth; deemed reprehensible because you were misguided into an unsafe and detrimental situation that you were unprepared to make wise and informed decisions.

In what was an otherwise wonderful evening there was some negativity directed at me from Michael Lucas. While unprovoked, his attempts to thwart a special evening for me were unsuccessful. Without warrant or invite, ML forced himself onto the stage and to the mic during a transitional moment during the show’s proceedings. Bitterly and maliciously, he made this statement:

“Shame on the judges who nominated and awarded Corrigan. On a night we honor ASACP there should be no forgiveness for the company’s and individuals who put the industry in danger by supporting this . . .”

I can’t recall exactly which derogatory terms he used, but it was harsh and aimed to hurt. The boos and applause drown it out on the live feed. More boos were heard than clapping though.

I’ve been called many things over the years. I learned to accept early on that this comes with the territory of living in the public eye. Living my life openly and honestly as a public figure also means people have and always will target me. Saturday evening at the GayVN Awards, Michael Lucas used me as a personal pawn in his game of publicity foul play. He has a running track record to these theatrics and stunts.

Mr. Lucas’ account of the evening in his blog is one long string of fallacies. He reported that the next my boyfriend was taken into custody after threatening ML at the after party.

No one was arrested, and no one was threatened with any sort of bodily harm. Michael Lucas did say to my boyfriend, however, that he would “never, ever stop harassing your boyfriend!”

Later in the evening after the show, at the after party, Michael Lucas put himself between my boyfriend and me and the exit of the club. We were on our way home. He forced his body into Paul (my boyfriend of almost one year) and stepped on his toes and shoes. Michael immediately was hostile and a shouting match began. Paul requested the aid of two security officials of the venue. A warning was issued to Michael Lucas. The club was loud, there were many people around but words could not easily be heard over the noise unless you were within inches of the incident like I was. Despite this and what lies have been told, no threats of bodily harm or death were made ever to Michael Lucas. Names were called and threats of social ruin and disdain were made.

Paul and I woke the following morning at 8 AM with several police officers at our bedside. Paul was cuffed and taken out into the hallway so he could be questioned separately from me. Paul is 6 foot, 200 + pounds. There was no resist or hostility from either parties; the cuffs were used as a precaution based on the misleading statements ML had previously made to the authorities.

This occurred because Michael Lucas’ pride and ego was brutally wounded when he was booed and the bulk of the GayVN patrons expressed distaste for his uninvited ranting on stage at the event. Michael filed false statements of a serious nature to use the San Francisco Police force as a pawn in his charade. Are you seeing the trend here?

This was done to humiliate and dehumanize me and those who care and look after me. I have people in my life who care about me and who stand by me; when necessary they defend me. I am as proud of them as they are of me.

Once Michael’s history, motives and his outcry on stage were all brought to light to the authorities; Paul was released from his cuffs and we gave our written statements. The police were very fair and even sided. They were polite and quickly drew the correct conclusions. They departed after a little over an hour of discussion. Together Paul and I returned to bed to sleep the morning away.

Michael Lucas could not stand to walk away from the awards with just one accolade. He had to pull tricks and play the bitter card to make it all about him. But at what cost? Anything Michael Lucas has to recite says more about him than me. If he wants to go on with his fabrications of hate and theatrics, I will have no part in it. He, or anyone else, can only take from me what I allow them to have.

In the last few years I have been called things that would make most people give up on themselves. I have apologized and made arrangements in the past to do what I could to set right what was so very wrong about my underage work. Later this week, I intend to republish and reiterate the circumstances surrounding my premature entrance into the adult industry.

With so much attention once again called to this issue, it is my belief that once and for all I might be able to close the book on that part of my life. I do have thoughts and strong convictions about the legal age of models working within the adult industry and I look forward to sharing.

Thank you to all of you who have supported my work and found it within your hearts to forgive the mistakes I made as a boy. I look forward to sharing pictures from the weekend! I’m still awaiting replies from some of the photographers.

Your Friend and Lover,
Brent Corrigan

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BREAKING: Attendee Of GayVN Awards And After-Party Recounts Lucas Vs. Corrigan

BREAKING: GayVN Awards And Party Attendee Recounts Lucas Vs. Corrigan
We continue of breaking coverage of the Michael Lucas / Brent Corrigan altercation at the GayVN Awards this weekend with a firsthand account of the action told to us by someone who attended the awards show and stayed at the hotel where the alleged “arrest” went down. You can track all the drama at the Lucas Vs. Corrigan QC news page. The attendee’s story starts here:
PRE-SHOW MOOD: Michael Lucas entered the hotel on Saturday morning before the award show to an amazing number of loud hisses and whispers from others in the industry, like he Glenn Close in Dangerous Liaisons or something! Wow. Alone in the elevator, he made a brief comment about how he hoped he would win, but was skeptical of the show itself. Ding! His floor and he left… in his signature, diamonds-are-shoved-up-my-ass gait.
AT THE SHOW: Once again, people hissed as he walked by (but you have to understand and appreciate that the GayVN Award shows are a bit like “Showtime at the Apollo”—if people don’t like you, they aren’t shy about letting you know. They cat-call, get up, charge the stage (as Michael did), sometimes everyone forgets what they’re doing. The show’s a lovely mess.
Anyway, it was clear Lucas Studios was getting overlooked and Raging Stallion was winning by a landslide… which was also stirring the crowd up. Michael was obviously annoyed as well. While accepting an award in very broken English, he made a subtle jab at Raging Stallion, which many didn’t catch. It was clear at this point that Lucas was searching for a way to stir up, in his classic, any-publicity-is-good-publicity approach of doing business. While Brent Corrigan looked genuinely grateful and stunned for his honors (and the crowd wasn’t entirely supportive of him either), Lucas clearly set his sight on him. And the opportunity came after an excellent announcement from the ASACP (Assoc. of Sites Advocating Child Protection) folks, that Lucas suddenly bolted on stage, took the mic and congratulated the ASACP folks (in perfect English) and the shamed Brent Corrigan and the studios involved with him as being an example of how the industry can exploit underage kids. He was immediately boo’ed and told to get off stage. As Corrigan and others nearly rushed the stage to confront him. But the attempt was immediately and abundantly obvious: He wanted to get his name in the press. Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admire the quick public relations genius he is… his name will be the name you read. In porn, you can’t really get notice from paparazzi shots of your pussy hanging out as you get out of a cab. Instead, Lucas finds any controversy he can. Brent and company were very obviously irritated: he got up and went to get drinks and re-group.
Lucas later apologized for the statement on-stage and wanted it to be clear he wasn’t attacking Brent, but rather the industry as a whole. The apology (in very broken English) fell flat. People were yelling, music was playing. You barely could understand his message. It seemed his final attempt to sealing that he’d make headlines.
AFTER THE SHOW: The after-party ended at 4:00am and back to the hotel, two police cars sat outside with cops inside. In the elevator two officers said “no” when asked if anyone was being loud or out of control, but offered not further information. A very drunk (messy) drag queen said, “Sounds like Michael Lucas got in fight”. Now mind you, she was fidgeting with her panty hose (sort of pulling them down) and no one took her very seriously, but it sounds like that might have been “the arrest,” wish we’d have asked more about what was going on.

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BREAKING: Michael Lucas Twitters GayVN Run-In With Brent Corrigan’s Boyfriend

BREAKING: Michael Lucas Twitters GayVN Run-In With Brent Corrigan's Boyfriend

Apparently Michael Lucas Twittered his crusade against Brent Corrigan before during and after the GayVN awards. Very soon we’ll have first-hand coverage from someone who attended the GayVN and partied in the hotel where the alleged arrest went down… STAY TUNED! In the meanwhile, you can keep up with the Michael Lucas vs. Brent Corrigan coverage at the Lucas Vs. Brent QC news page.

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