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Even With Clothes On These Porn Stars Are Still Knockouts!!!

Even With Clothes On These Porn Stars Are Still Knockouts!!!
Boxing isn’t as gay as ice skating, men’s synchronized diving, or Roman-Greco butt-fucking, but cold-cocking a guy is still pretty damned sexy—but photographer Greg Thompson threw a couple of mega-hot porn stars into the ring to the sexy sport even sexier.
Among the ring warriors are Blake Riley (whose boyfriend we thought forced him into retirement), Tiger Tyson, Ross Hurston, Steve Cruz, TJ Hawke, Mitch Branson, and ultra-arty Francois Sagat. And even though most of them keep their trunks on never hitting below the belt, there’s still enough ass and raw sensuality to keep the hits coming/
We mentioned this photo series when it first came out last year, but the photo set is enjoying a second round on the internet, so we thought we’d share the main event and the mere sight of these porn gladiators is enough to make us take our gloves off and start giving ourselves the ol’ 1-2.

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Take That Prop 8! Slutty Porn Stars Continue To Wed

Take That Prop 8! Slutty Porn Stars Wed
Heard about Prop 8? It wasn’t overturned. Yeah, it sucks. But don’t sweat it. There are still five states in the US where you and your boo can make blissfully wedded buttlove and the move is already on to get the marriage-slaying ballot repealed in 2010.
Meanwhile, gay porn stars are making the nightmares of conservative bigots come true by getting wedded anyway. We’ve already mentioned Her Majesty, Michael Lucas’ unholy union with Richard Winger and the hot but somewhat boring monogamous porn coupling of The Jarics. But recently, two more couples have joined the big gay wedding nakey-pile.
First off, Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse got hitched near Madrid, Spain where they live and fellow pornstars Ross Hurston, Pedro Andreas, Orlando Torro, and Paul Wagner attended. They recently kissed in defiance of Prop 8 but should have gone further by filming their wedding night action and releasing it on their website, That would have shut gay marriage opponents up with a big dick in their mouths.
Then, this weekend, the porn gossip blog, One Hot Minute, announced the the engagement of newish porn star couple Jason Pitt and MJ Taylor (who recently protested Prop 8 as well). We want to say congratulations to the happy couples and help them celebrate (and protest) by offering more pics of both couples after the jump!

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Jean Franko’s Punch-Out!

Jean Franko's Punch-Out!
Venezuelan hottie Jean Franko posted some shots of himself boxing at the Alpha Male Media studios in London. What a knock-out! Franko’s worked with Falcon, Kristen Bjorn, Collin O’Neal, Men At Play, and Lucas Kazan before, mostly topping but occasionally bottoming with loads of hot men. While in the gym, Franko even ran into Ross Hurston! Wow… Franko’s 1-2 punch has left us seeing porn stars!
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