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IconMale: Adam Russo and Wolf Hudson

IconMale: Adam Russo and Wolf Hudson

Adam Russo impatiently awaits his potential buyer. Frustrated, he’s late for a dinner with boyfriend who’s waiting for him. Wolf Hudson eventually shows up. Late and looking like a convict, Adam looks down his nose at him and insinuates he could never possibly afford the property. Regardless, he agrees to show the place. It’s not long before they find themselves in the master bedroom, where Wolf confronts Adam about his dismissive attitude. Discounting him for not being flashy will cost him big, and Adam realizes his mistake and feebly tries to apologize to Wolf, bringing focus back to the house for sale. But feeble attempts at apology will get him nowhere, and he shows the older Daddy who’s really in charge. Shoving the older man onto the bed he climbs on top of him, taking control. Pulling off the older man’s expensive clothes he pushes him to his knees, cramming his huge dick down the real estate broker’s throat.

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Wash Your Dirty Balls!

On his blog, big dicked fucker Wolf Hudson shared this darling video on how to wash your balls. It’s really just an advertisement for AXE body wash, but in the meanwhile you get to see some athletic men get their balls washed by two able young ladies. Big black balls, small bumpy balls, even wrinkly dusty old man balls… if you have manky, stanky balls, let these two gals show you just how to handle ’em!

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QC’s Porn Gossip Round-Up

QC's Porn Gossip Round-Up
Every so often, we round up a bunch of porn gossip bits and serve them piping hot right here for you hungry readers. This go around, we’ll tell you which “retired” porn star has come back from the dead, which two celebs have dipped a toe in the gay porn pool, why Brent Corrigan is mad at his fans, and share a handful of videos from some of our favorite porn stars of color. So sit tight and get your fill of the latest porn gossip!
Yawn... It's Jason Adonis
You may remember when we announced the mental breakdown and then sudden retirement of porn star Jason Adonis. If you recall Mr. Adonis (who has a reputation for being ultra flakey) said, “This is not a retirement and I won’t be back… It just got to the point where the anxiety from having sex with guys on camera was too much.”
Well the gay-for-pay nutter stud is back in a Jet Set scene with Dakota Rivers (who’s appeared on Randy Blue, Collin O’Neal and Hot House Backroom—stop by Jet Set for more hot pics of the two). Adonis also just shot a new solo scene for “Jason Adonis: Unseen” an end-of-year DVD release that’ll feature highlights from his career. On one hand it’ll be kinda weird watching a guy who suffered a mental breakdown put himself through the very experience that caused it. On the other hand, it’ll be hot for the exact same reason!
Mitchell Rock
Channel 1 Releasing just signed Mitchell Rock to an exclusive contract. You may recall that Rock appeared in TAKEN: To The Lowest Level with bad-music twink Shane Risk. Adam Killian discovered Mitchell and now he’s set to star in a trio of features including Gridiron Gangbang, Playing with Fire: Four Alarm and Mitchell Rock’s Workin’ It Out. We look forward to seeing what he can do with his butthole.
The debauchery continues after the jump!

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Wolf Hudson, Diesel Washington, Other Non-Porn Gays Mourn Michael Jackson

Between his awesome interview about racism and porn in MOC blog and the above video mourning the death of Michael Jackson, self-acclaimed “King of Kink,” Wolf Hudson has revealed himself to be a quite an articulate and sensitive guy. Hell, Jackson’s death even shut Diesel Washington up, and that guy never shuts up.
For those also mourning the King of Pop, Queerty posted a small collection of quotes from other gay pop icons about his death and the well-hung gay folk-singer and Margaret Cho groupie, Jay Brannan made a small video saluting Jackson’s Man In The Mirror. You can see Brannan’s video as well as video of Hudson dancing naked to a Jackson song, after the jump!

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QC Porn Gossip Round-Up

QC Porn Gossip Round-Up
It’s been a little while since our last Porn Gossip Round-Up, but we’re back with a big, hot, creamy wad to unload in your face. So sit back, get ready, and open wide—because our spunk so full and rich with sweet porn bits, that we might accidentally shoot some into your eyes and nostrils (which might sting a bit).
Colt porn money
There may be trouble over at COLT Studios because of a lawsuit filed by COLT founder Jim French against COLT’s current owners for “failure to pay the bulk of a $2.2 million promissory note related to the 2003 sale of the company.”

Jim French Studios Inc. filed the lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court on April 13 against Prowest Media Corp. for breach of contract, naming as defendants current Prowest Media President John Rutherford, Chief Financial Officer Thomas R. Settle, among others… The suit alleges a failure to repay $1.24 million outstanding on a $2.2 million promissory note issued on May 1, 2003, upon the sale of the company by Jim French Studios to Prowest.

Prowest Media president, John Rutherford responded to the lawsuit with this: “As the old saying goes, ‘There are two sides to every story.’ We regret that Mr. French has chosen to pursue his differences legally where only lawyers will prosper. Please know that after nearly 20 years in this business learning from the best, we have every intention of working our differences out.”

When RuPaul made a montage video of fierce drag queens throughout history for her Drag Race, she overlooked one notable porn queen—Chi Chi LaRue! Apparently RuPaul called LaRue to apologize for the oversight and even promised to include LaRue in her music video, Don’t Be Jealous of My Boogie which you can see for yourself above. What a nice make-up gift and one especially kind since Chi Chi recently recovered from gall bladder complications in the hospital.
Nick Capra love dungeon
Nick Capra made a splash in the porn blogosphere with the
recent admission on his blog that he fucked one of People Magazines’ Sexiest Men Alive, an A-list actor, who also knows hymnals it seems. You’ll want to read the entire thing at the link above, but here are some of the better bits from his hilariously weird story:

All of a sudden, I hear this loud clicking. High heels resounding on the wood floors. All of a sudden this beautiful Hungarian blond is standing before me. She smiles down on me like some Exterminating Angel from the Goddess Kiva about to seduce and destroy me right there…

one of my clients wants to show me how far he has come. He is going to suck your cock and then you are going to fuck him while I watch…He is by nature-straight…” Yeah..I’ve heard that one before.

He had a muscular build and looked quite young… when I picture the clients that go to these kind of places, I envision someone that looks more like Woody Allen, or something. So, that was kind of nice.
Mistress Barbarella introduces me to him as ‘Master Nick’. I like that! The dude peers up at me from the mat. Fuck me! It’s him… Fucking him!! I more than recognize the dude. I had seen him in countless big screen movies over the last few years. (He was also in People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive Issue 2003. Not the cover model, though)…

The second my dick enters him, he arches his back and he starts singing at the top of his lungs, “Onward Christian Soldier”.

As we said, the entire account’s worth reading because it’s off-the-wall hilarious! But The Sword took the trouble of slimming down the possible candidates to Hugh Jackman, Colin Farrell, Jude Law, Ashton Kutcher, and their number one suspect, Seann William Scott. Where that’d make sense because Seann spells his name with two N’s (gay!) and has shown his ass on film and agreed to a gay threesome in American Pie 2, some others are saying Jude Law’s the guy, because his religious upbringing would give him firsthand knowledge of which Christian hymnal to sing while being sodomized.

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Cocky Boys: Wolf Hudson Toys With Andrew

cockyboys wolf hudson andrew
Wolf gets right down to business, eagerly lapping up Andrews cock. Now We’ve seen a lot of guys who know how to work a cock —but this guy takes the cake. Then it gets interesting. Wolf decides that Andrew has been “having too good of a time” and pushes Andrews face down onto his own cock until Andrew starts to gag. Andrew tries to act coy for a moment like he isn’t eager for that dick but he gladly goes along with it once he gets a taste of Wolf’s dick. Wolf just keeps shoving Andrews head down all the way over and over making him gag every time on his big fuckin’ cock. Then he starts calling Andrew his bitch and as a reward for being such a good cock sucker Wolf treats his bitch to a deep wet rim job. He tells Andrew he’s being a “good little slut” and what do good sluts get? A paddle on the ass! Wolf pulls out a paddle and slaps that hot ass until it’s nice and red making Andrew call him “sir” the whole time!
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