This Guy Has Been Keeping His Jizz For Quite Some time!


Looks like our wank star has a lot of cleaning to do.

If there’s something clogging, you need to unload it. This guy may have worn that black shirt in purpose before making this video. A consistent strong stroke brings him to madness and bliss. And the amount of jizz he unloads cannot deny that. He is really excited to ejaculate all those manjuice he may have been holding for a couple of days and we are also excited to see how it squirted in action!

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21 Oct 18 By Miguel 1 Comment

Next Door Studios: Trevor Laster, Ian Greene and Gunner

Next Door Studios:  Trevor Laster, Ian Greene and Gunner

With two hard working studs fixing the electrical wiring on his place, Ian Greene is working on a charge of his own, as he spies them from his window. With his partner, Gunner, back at the truck getting lunch, Trevor Laster takes Ian up on an invite for a little work break. Stripping out of his work clothes, Trevor takes a breather as Ian gets a mouthful, downing Trevor’s cock as he strokes himself off.

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21 Oct 18 By Dave 3 Comments

Active Duty: Luke Johnson and Donte Thick

Active Duty: Luke Johnson and Donte Thick

It is an awesome day at Active Duty. Luke Johnson lies down on the bed and Donte Thick walks over to him and begins to suck on his cock. This is Luke’s first time doing anything with another man. Donte pulls out his big hard cock right in front of Luke’s face and he takes every inch down his throat. It doesn’t look like his first time sucking cock but is most defiantly is. Donte gets up on the bed and pushes look down onto his chest so he can spread his legs and begin to play with his tight hairy hole. Donte loves what he sees and starts licking and fingering his ass making it nice and wet with his spit. Luke loves it as he moans with pleasure getting finger banged in his tight eager hole.

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21 Oct 18 By Ken 4 Comments

Kristen Bjorn: Salvador Mendoza and Adrian Monroy

Kristen Bjorn: Salvador Mendoza and Adrian Monroy

Over at Kristen Bjorn, Salvador Mendoza and Adrian Monroy decided to do something different tonight, they went out on a date for drinks and dinner. The drinks were good and strong, but their passion for one another had them skip dinner and jump right to dessert. The guys return to Salvador’s, where he immediately strips Adrian of his clothes and swallows his cock whole. Salvador loves the taste of that rich mocha coloured cock as his lips encircle the base and his nose catches the wafting aroma of musk and pheromones. Adrian has reached the brink and then backs off before it is too late. He then takes Salvador into his arms and kisses him seductively as he strips him of his underwear. Adrian lays back on the bench as Salvador mounts him and begins to feed him his cock. Salvador takes Adrian’s head into his hands and guides him deeper onto his cock.

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21 Oct 18 By Ken 1 Comment

GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week


We are welcoming you back to your dose of happy pill you only have to take once every week. This is Guys with iPhones!

These guys will bless your screens with their worship-worthy nude bodies and pleasant aura from their faces to bring a smile to yours. Burn your eyes with this weeks 10 alluring naked selfies and feel free to examine each and every detail so you’d know which one will make it atop your faves list. Seducing you with all their bare skins should be the last thing to do for you to perfectly wrap this weekend up. So we are giving you our picks for this edition of Guys with iPhones.

Make a jump and tell us what you think about this week’s picks. Who are your favorites? Tell us everything in the comments below!

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20 Oct 18 By Miguel 12 Comments

Amateur Straight Guys: Kota

Amateur Straight Guys: Kota

Kota is a small town Southern boy that likes to travel, or in his poetic words “An Ole’ Country Boy with a Gypsy Soul.” Kota is an outgoing guy that is passionate about his hobbies of Motocross and Supercross. He’s excited to offer his first porn tryout video to us ASG fans, and we look forward to seeing how he’ll progress!

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20 Oct 18 By Dave 5 Comments

William Higgins: Kurt Slansky

William Higgins:  Kurt Slansky

Kurt Slansky is aged 18 and lives in Prague. He is a motor mechanic who enjoys sports, jogging and soccer. This handsome straight guy looks very good as the stands next to the mirror and takes off his shirt to show a very nice chest. Then he lays on the bed and opens his belt and his shorts to release his big and fat, soft, cock. He takes off the shorts and lays be to befing wanking. That cock very quickly gets very hard indeed, and what a big, fat, dick it is too. Kurt wanks it pulling the balls up and down as the foreskin moves on the fat shaft.

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20 Oct 18 By Dave 6 Comments

Missionary Boys, formerly MormonBoyz: Elder Clarke & President Lewis

Missionary Boys, formerly MormonBoyz: Elder Clarke & President Lewis

Elder Jones and Elder Clarke have been learning about The Order under the watchful eye of President Lewis. While he is gentle and encouraging with his young charges, he is also testing these boys to see if either of them will crack under his intense sexual pressure.

Elder Clarke is a little nervous about what President Lewis will ask of him. In their last encounter, the older man had asked him very personal questions, then ordered the boy to masturbate for him, and even got his own erection out and stroked with the boy. What is going to happen to him now?

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20 Oct 18 By Dave 7 Comments Theo Ross and Nikko Russo Theo Ross and Nikko Russo

Tattooed cutie Theo Ross just wants to get his dick wet, but his roommate slender Nikko Russo really isn’t having it. Muscular Theo devises a plan and purchases a 3D dildo sex doll so he can at least get off watching him ride it, but has an even better idea and swaps places with the doll when Theo gets off it to answer the door. He places himself in the same position with his erect dick, and waits for Nikko to come back, and slide onto his cock. How long will it take Nikko to notice?

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20 Oct 18 By Dave 3 Comments