QueerClick started off very humbly as a one-man pushcart in 2004 with a few teeny weeny updates a day. Now, we do hefty updates round the clock bringing you the latest, gayest porn & more – and there’s actually a super-human team powering these very pages you are trawling! The QC guys are witty, shiny, happy (we do have some pretty good-lookers in the house too, if you’re interested!) and very good-natured people (a house-rule!). Staring at too many weenies and alimentary canal endings thankfully hasn’t turned any one of us straight! The ones who’re attached do have complete support from their fabulous other halves (thanks for the understanding and regular shoulder massages boyfriends).

Meet the SuperHeroes of Team QC!

Editor D

D is the 8 pairs of hands and da man behind QueerClick. A full-fledged coffee addict, he enjoys shopping sprees (watches, bags, and shoes are his top vices), fast cars, and technology when he’s not playing quality controller on this site. Question: When is he NOT working on QC?


Ken is the prized virgin in the team and is currently on the hunt for an ideal boyfriend. He assists with image editing/collaging/posts and enjoys sieving through the gamut of hot guys everyday, wondering which he’d end up with.


Dervish, aka Dave, is the curator of a 100 Terrabyte ‘image and video’ collection. When asked to comment he smiles and says “It’s growing larger, by the minute.” If one were to ask him if he has an obsession with porn he would look you dead in the eye and say “I can stop anytime I wan’t to….any time at all.” When he isn’t adding to his archive, he can be found in the kitchen, or in front of his monitor polishing his lasso tool and history brush. His goal in life is to have his own Wikipedia entry someday.

Johna (Jo)

Jo joined the Team in 2007. Being a trained graphic designer and web developer, he is in charge of keeping the blog running and the overall look.


MsMary is QC’s resident Queer Dear. She joined Team Orange in 2008 to manage Advertising, bringing her yonks of experience in the varied and fabulous world of gay porn with her. When not working with our advertising partners, she keeps herself busy renovating century homes and travelling the world.

If you want to learn more about advertising on QC, email her: [email protected]


Lou is QC’s resident features editor. If you have a hot tip or a great idea for a feature article then drop him a quick line HERE!


Miguel is our assistant features editor and resident “new boy”. Please be gentle with him while he learns the ropes!


Toby is QC’s lil furry mascot and everyone’s favourite pooch in the office. Also quite possibly the cutest woofie in town! Sorry to break your hearts – he’s straight BUT very gay-friendly!

Awards & Accolades

Want to Join The Orange?

We’re always on the lookout for young, fresh blood to join the QC Family!

Interested parties should be highly motivated, happy self-starters, who have comprehensive knowledge of the particular subject areas (Celebrity Gossip, Hot Guys on the Net, Fashion, Showbiz, and the all-essential GAY PORN!), excellent writing skills (if you can write beautifully in Chinese and Japanese we want you!), the ability to work without a nose over your shoulder, a keen eye for aesthetics, form and function (wooo!), excellent image/graphic editing skills and are at least 18 years of age.

Remuneration will include perks (foot rubs, optional eyebrow trimming, working with other nice, life-loving down-to-earth like-minded hot dudes and loads of gay porn!) and will be based on performance and the success of QC!

Send resumes along with a one-page statement on area of interest and background/expertise and a 300+ word writing sample (on anything!) to [dave at queerclick dot com]. Please also include samples of your graphic work. Contact us if you already run a small blog (please let us know where it resides) and are looking for something new, funky and rewarding!