Bel Ami: Luke Hamill and Keanu Faria

bel ami luke hamill keanu faria

Luke Hamill and Keanu Faria are taking a fun stroll in the woods when they chance upon a private spot. Luke picks his young stud up and takes to the haystack inside. They slowly strip each other to reveal lean, ripped bodies. Keanu is hungry to please Luke and goes to work on Lukes big uncut cock immediately. Soon enough our cute fresh faced bottom boy Keanu is sitting on Lukes big cock. Luke pounds him furiously until they shoot huge loads together.

Randy Blue: Chip Tanner LIVE NOW!

Randy Blue: Chip Tanner LIVE NOW!

Chip Tanner is warming up and stretching to his sexy gymnastics routine at Randy Blue. Don't miss today's live show featuring Chip Tanner at 7 PM PST.

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Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

EricDeman has posted a horny new homevideo of a guy demonstrating his extreme exhibitionist habit. Stood at the roadside, he whips out his dick and shakes it at passing cars. Tentative at first, he grows increasingly excited till he's got a big stonking hard-on which he waves at passing truckers. Now that's a sight to brighten their long-haul drive! Download hot home videos of men exposed at!

Authentic Footballers: Nicolas

Authentic Footballers: Nicolas

Would you believe him? Nicolas (23) says -seriously, no joke- that he's had sex with about 500 women. Nicolas has been able to rack up such a high tally by sleeping with more than 1 woman at a time. He's had lots of group sex with a variety of arrangements, such as a threesome with 2 women, a group of 3 blokes and 4 girls, another time with 4 blokes with 5 girls, a threesome with a male friend fucking one lucky woman, and many other combinations. We'd dare to say that Nicolas is almost a sex maniac.

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Latin Jocks: Douglas

Douglas at Latin Jocks

Absolutely defined and sexy from every angle—we're loving Douglas at Latin Jocks. He's got an amazing, strong upper body and happily is balanced down-below by a giant cock that just makes my mouth water looking at it. What do you think of this Latin Jock?

Real Guys Exposed: Harvey Walker

real guys exposed harvey walker

Sweet, southern Harvey Walker is back and this time he's showing us some of his favorite tricks. He works his uncut dick to rock-hardness while playing with his irresistible foreskin! He sticks his boner in his clear Fleshjack Ice and fucks away! Finally, he can't hold back any longer as he arches his back, lifts his legs into the air and cums all over his mouth and face. Prepare to blow as Harvey drinks his massive load!

Badpuppy: Steve Hanson

badpuppy steve hanson

For some the life of a porn star never ends, even when the camera is not rolling the sex continues unabated. Steve kicks back and shows off his didlo skills in this hot set. Don't miss it!

Falcon Studios: Benjamin Bradley

falcon studio benjamin bradley

Benjamin has a smoldering look that just screams sex
. We love seeing him in action or all by his himself. It's all good!

Francois Sagat Puts On The Pink For Tetu Mag's 15th Birthday

If you like big frothy mugs of pink goo, big-boned dominatrixes, and French horror movies, you'll love these two whacked-out videos from the 15th birthday celebration of Tetu magazine. Our favorite arty porn star Francois Sagat made an appearance in a pink mask and harness and watching him finger his amazing ass in the woods whiles wearing a mask and black leather gloves is only giving us a haunted chubby. He's simply the best at turning creepy things—like clown masks, zombies, and corsets—into hot fetish objects. Now if he'd only turn our asses into his fetish object.

Sean Cody: Max and Mitch

Sean Cody: Max and Mitch

Max has gotten more and more comfortable with himself as he "explores." Sean knew that he wanted to see him with Mitch. Max and Mitch have a lot of similar qualities, in both their personalities and looks. Their bodies and big and beefy! Sex with them would be like a meeting of the Titans!

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Randy Blue: Ashton Dale

Randy Blue: Ashton Dale

With a nice smooth chest and adorable features, Ashton Dale will turn heads no matter where he goes. If you were lucky enough to catch his recent live show you'll know what an explosive personality he's got. This guy could charm a snake out of a hole just with his smile, and he will certainly charm your anacondas with this jerking off video.

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Dick Show: Jason

dickshow jason

Jason is still in High School, and really knows how to put on a show! Sexy and suggestive, it's hard to tell if he is seducing Donnie Rodd or if Donnie is seducing him. Either way, there's a bombshell: He's a virgin! Donnie Rodd is clearly hot for this boy, and when he learns he is a virgin there's no keeping his hands off him!

SpunkWorthy: Chad

spunkworthy chad

Chad is getting out of the Navy and heading home. When he called to let SW know he thought as a final send off, he should come by to bust one more load. And it seems he saved the best one for last.

Looking back, you'll remember his first video where he thought he might not have a big enough dick for porn, and swearing he'd never do anything with a guy. Flash forward and he's now done four SW shoots, including a Helping Hand video!

Chad must have been really horny 'cos his big 8-inch cock is already at half mast when he takes his pants off, and he he had to stop himself from busting a couple times during the shoot. This is his biggest cusmhot yet, leaving the coffee table covered in a pool of jizz.

Cody Cummings: Cody and Adam Wirthmore

Cody Cummings: Cody and Adam Wirthmore

Adam Wirthmore just got of the shower when he noticed Cody Cummings was outside, cleaning the pool.

There was something about the sight of the tanned hunk using the long pole of the pool net, slowly moving it side to side, to clean the already nearly perfect waters, that really turned him on. What's a boy to do?

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Rear Stable: Steve Cruz and Luke Haas

rear stable luke hass steve cruz

You can tell Steve Cruz has been gagging for a bit of Luke Hass's monstercock in this video. He devours that tool in both ends so well that you wonder if Luke will ever get it back. It's a furry-on-smooth sex-romp pitting a prominent top with an ever-eager bottom and what a match it is.

Cruiser Boys: Devlin

Cruiser Boys: Devlin

Devlin is a strawberry blonde, blue eyed, 6'2'' 215 pound athlete who's about to show you that jocks aren't always tough, sometimes they just like a little caressing, a smooth set of lips wrapped around their throbbing cock and the opportunity to spray their load all over the place.

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