Porn on YouTube: Malaysian Guy Jerks Off

UPDATE (8/8/10): We know the video's been deactivated, but we snagged a copy before YouTube removed it. You can find here at QueerClique! Not a member? Join up! It's quick, fun, with lots of great sex videos... all for FREE!

We're out to prove a point here at QueerClick. Namely, that you can find porn just about everywhere you look; even on supposedly non-porn sites like YouTube. A lot of their videos work as softcore, but how about a video with some actual cock? Well here you go... a video of what appears to be a Malaysian cop (or guy in uniform wearing a helmet) jerking off in front of a store.

As the video description says, "one malay guy do something wrong on the road,crazy man." Yes, crazy man indeed. Because at some point he becomes aware that someone's watching, even videotaping, but it only turns him on more. What's a citizen to do when a cop's masturbating in front of your convenience store? Shoo him away? Help him finish? Laugh nervously until he nuts? Someone call the vice squad!