Chinpoko Poll: Should HIV+ Performers Like Mason Wyler Perform Bareback?

When I asked you guys if you would ever have anonymous bareback sex, 65% of you said no and 35% of you said yes. I'm glad that you boys are keeping safe and using your heads... both of them! So imagine my surprise when I saw a familiar face suddenly back in the biz—Mason Wyler!

Now, if you remember, Wyler's roommate outed him as HIV+ last August, a revelation that ignited a blogger war and got him excluded from Next Door's GAYVN party. According to Fleshbot, Wyler's blog is now defunct and he's set to do live-cam shows on February 12th. But he also just popped up again as the bareback bottom in a new scene from Dark Alley Media's Raw Fuck Club (which is kinda like Fight Club, except with bare dicks instead of fists).

So Wyler's getting plugged bareback by the very sexy Owen Hawk and Brandon Hawk. But should he be? Or is it time that Wyler just hang up his porn hat and go seek another profession? Personally, we were sad to see Wyler go, but how do you feel about him barebacking? Let us know in the poll and the QComments after the jump!