Chaos Men: Bruce

Chaos Men: Bruce

We hope you like big muscley guys with Mohawks!

Bruce IS a nice guy, all set to do a solo and a Serviced video and eager to show of for us.

During the photos, he was struggling to stay hard, so Chaos Men quickly set him up to do his solo at the computer, complete with audio. Thankfully that worked out, though he does focus a bit on the video.

More Chaos Men: Bruce

AustinZane: Caught In The Act

austinzane caught act

The moment Juan Jacobs told Zane he preferred filming outdoors over indoors, he knew they would be heading back to Cowboy Canyon for some outdoor action. However, when they got there, the sun's position wasn't right so Austin lead the group to a more open spot near the water, and boy did they pay the price.

With a paranoid Bret Myles behind the camera, the scene gets more and more frantic as they can here people's voices nearby getting closer and Bret even saw a women run by within 25 feet of where they were filming. Austin and Zane were just about to cum as a boat flew up on the scene- it appears these guys like getting caught!

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Super Hot 10

What’s scorchin’ on QueerClick!

New York Straight Men: Joseph

new york straight men joseph

Joseph had been playing softball all day. He played a double header. Now it was time for him to get some head. He arrived looking like a typical urban jock. He got right down to business, he whipped out his cock and told Trey to suck it. Trey did his job and sucked like he was told to. He was rewarded with a thick load right in his mouth, which he promptly swallowed.

More New York Straight Men: Joseph

Hairy Boyz: Morgan Black and Roman Heart

hairyboyz roman morgan

Making out by the electrical meters, Morgan Black and Roman Heart are generating serious wattage. Roman gets right on Morgan's slightly sloping cock, periodically choking when it hits the back of his throat. The super handsome Roman loves getting his face fucked and furry Morgan likes a hot mouth on his huge cock. Lifting a leg up on huge wire spool, Roman gives Morgan a clear look at his hungry hole and Morgan probes it with his mouth. It's not long before Morgan's rod is pounding Roman's hole, and Roman holds on for the wild ride.

More Hairy Boyz: Morgan Black and Roman Heart

First Auditions: Michael

First Auditions: Michael

Michael is 24 year old straight sportsman who is reluctantly auditioning for a porn video. He's uncertain if he really wants to go through with it. The FirstAuditions casting director does his best to convince him. Michael still has a boyish curiosity about it. But some annoying part of his mind is telling him it's wrong and making him worry someone he knows might see his work.

More First Auditions: Michael

Jake Cruise: Doug Acre on QCX

jake cruise doug acre

Jake gets to play with Doug Acre who packs some serious meat. He's got a monster dong and a smooth, athletic body to go along with it. Doug is wearing a sexy black thong which can barely fit his cock, even when it's soft! As soon as Jake gets him hard it can't be contained. On the bed Jake attacks his huge prick. Tears of joy stream down his face after deep-throating Doug. It was a real challenge, but well worth choking on!

More of Doug Acre on QCX.

Lucas Kazan: Roberto Giorgio and Matthias Vannelli

lucas kazan roberto matthias

Roberto Giorgio and Matthias Vannelli need no introduction: Roberto is perhaps the most popular hunk to come out of Hungary, Matthias the best known (and most endowed) Italian stallion. Together they make for the perfect muscle duo: ripped, hard, horny, ready.

For a limited time Lucas Kazan is offering 25% of your membership! This is exclusively for QueerClick readers only. Click here for more details.

More Lucas Kazan: Roberto Giorgio and Matthias Vannelli

Bel Ami: Scott Reeves

Bel Ami: Scott Reeves

Today from BelAmi Online we have a really hot athletic guy for you as the model of the week. This dark haired, handsome and sexy guy from the Czech Republic, and as you will see, also has a beautiful cock. We trust that you will like this introduction to Scott Reeves.

More Bel Ami: Scott Reeves

Cocksure Men: Marc Dylan & Aaron Blake

Marc Dylan & Aaron Blake are Cocksure Men

Marc Dylan, wearing a bath robe, finds hottie Aaron Blake reading in bed. Aaron can't wait to see what's underneath the robe, so he starts pulling at it. Marc and Dylan, still in their underwear, kiss passionately on the bed. Aaron soon swallows as much of Marc as he can handle. Marc fingers Aaron's ass while Aaron waxes Marc's thick pole. Marc and Aaron suck each other's cocks with abandon.

More Cocksure Men: Marc Dylan & Aaron Blake

Ask QC: Which Porn Movies have the best Anal Orgasms?

Ask QC

Dear QC


OK, so I have heard of the prostate (or anal) orgasm. Apparently it's when you have the most intense orgasm ever all over your body and in some cases you have an orgasm even without cumming.

My question is out of all the porn movies that have ever been filmed, I still haven't seen nor heard about them happening to pro porn stars.

So do you know of any? Or is it true that none exist?



Prostrate or Anal Orgasm what's your take? And do we have any pornoisseurs out there who know movies show this happening? If you can help answer Jacob's curiosity and more, or perhaps enjoy prostrate/anal orgasms yourself and want to share, then please leave your opinions, experiences, and advice in the QComments section.

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

Dominic Ford: Ty Tucker and Jimmy Johnson

dominic ford ty tucker jimmy johnson

Jimmy Johnson and Ty Tucker both make their premieres on this week, and prove how awesome and how flexible they actually are! The scene is hot, steamy and athletic! You won't believe the positions these two find themselves in. Yum!

More Dominic Ford: Ty Tucker and Jimmy Johnson - Roast - Roast

Three sexy footballers enter a bar looking to get laid in the new video Roast at They encounter a group of dirty air stewardesses who give them more than they bargained for. In a hotel room the girls trick the stupid athletes into getting naked.

More - Roast

Southern Strokes: Levi and Sully

southern strokes levi sully

Sully was hanging out at the Ranch for the weekend along with Levi and a few other Southern Strokes models. Sully did a solo for the camera a little earlier in the weekend and SoStro really didn't expect him to do anything more. Sully hasn't been out of jail for to long so he is still a bit cautious.

SoStro can honestly say that when Sully approached them and said that he wanted to do a video, they just about fell over when he said he wanted to hit it with Levi. Levi might have been the last person they paired up with Sully. Sully is so quiet that they figured that he just wanted to give Levi a pounding so that he could get off and still be ok that he had just fucked a guy.

More Southern Strokes: Levi and Sully

Sean Cody: William(2)

Sean Cody: William(2)

"This place is like an adult playground!" William said as he was sliding all over the counter he had covered in lube.

"Wow!" Sean Cody said, a little surprised. "When I first met you I thought you were the shy, reserved, polite type."

"Well that's cause we just met," he replied. "Wait 'til you get to know me!"

We think that for William, being reserved around new people came from his military background. But deep down, you could tell there was a little rambunctious kid waiting to get out.

More Sean Cody: William(2)

All American Heroes: Staff Sergeant David & Cadet Mike

all americcan heroes david mike

Cadet Mike is horny. He starts right out asking if David has ever let another man suck his dick. As it turns out he has. They quickly get undressed. The shirts come off and next the pants. Mike goes right down on the Staff Sergeant and as he does, he jacks his own hairy pole. David wants in on the action. He claims he straight, but the way he sucks a dick seems to imply otherwise. He gets down on all fours and worships Mike's big solid dick. Mike gets over him and starts pumping his face. David is a trooper and loves every second of it. David soon veers towards the ass and he gets into position right behind Mike.

More All American Heroes: Staff Sergeant David & Cadet Mike

Amateur College Sex: Cain Fucks Duncan and Danielle on QCX

Amateur College Sex: Cain Fucks Duncan and Danielle

Corbin Fisher thought it was about time to put muscle god Cain and CF angel Danielle to work on relative newcomer Duncan. Duncan has been paired up with other favorites before but never these two, and never sexual powerhouses like Cain and Danielle.

The three of them kiss on the couch. Buff Cain moves to kiss Danielle's belly while Duncan and Danielle make out, then the two switch positions. Both guys unbutton her jean shorts and Cain puts a hand into her crotch. The guys remove their shirts while Danielle removes her shorts, revealing pink panties. Both guys rub on her crotch. Cain tells Duncan to lick her pussy. Cain watches briefly before joining in, both men flicking their tongues on her crotch, before tonguing and kissing each other. Cain removes his pants while Danielle helps Duncan remove his. Cain is rock hard beneath his trunks - his cock stretches the fabric tightly. Danielle notices and takes a quick grab as Duncan joins them from behind her.

More Amateur College Sex: Cain Fucks Duncan and Danielle on QCX.

UK Naked Men: Paddy O'Brian

Paddy at UKNM

Paddy O' Brian, the sexy, stud who's 99.7% straight, a born exhibitionist, matinee idol good looks, a great body and a stunningly thick, heavy cock.

More UK Naked Men: Paddy O'Brian

Circle Jerk Boys: Evan & Tony

Evan and Tony are Circle Jerk Boys

Evan's getting ready to vacuum when he finds a titty mag under the couch. Boner break! He sits on the couch and starts to feel his crotch as he flips through the mag. Soon that cock needs more room as he hauls it out and starts to jack off. Sitting next to the vacuum gives Evan a good idea as he pulls out the hose and flips it on. He teases the head of his cock with the suction of the hose then rubs the hose along his shaft and near his balls. He aims that hard cock back towards the hose and is about to go for it when Tony walks in and takes over.

More Circle Jerk Boys: Evan & Tony

You Love Jack: Jacob Pike

Jacob Pike at You Love Jack

This cute little tough guy doesn't care how he gets off as long as he's on top. "Ya, I'll nut anywhere—I don't care. But I'm going to be the one fucking your ass!"

More You Love Jack: Jacob Pike

Sean Cody: Marshall and Curtis Bareback on QCX

Sean Cody: Marshall and Curtis Bareback

It's common knowledge around here that if Curtis is going to get fucked, then the dick has to be BIG!

We mean, he can get by with a smaller dick... but if you want to make Curtis happy then you need to give him a king-sized cock that he can put up his ass.

When he met Marshall, there was a glimmer in his eye. Marshall is very muscular, which Curtis likes... but it was the bulge in Marshall's pants that caught Curtis' attention.

More Sean Cody: Marshall and Curtis Bareback on QCX.

Badpuppy: Ted Simpson

badpuppy ted

21 year old Ted Simpson comes to us from Northtown, Nevada, where he is a dancer at a local Gay club. Ted is here to jack off exclusively for Badpuppy members. He strips down and does a little work out on the bed, before his real workout begins. With his blood now flowing, Ted sits back on the bed and begins rubbing and stroking his cock. He lays back on the bed getting comfortable, closing his eyes while he grips his cock harder, sliding his hand from the tip of his cut dick, down to the base. Ted is nearing his peak and finishes with a hand full of cum, which he proceeds to lick and eat off of his hand.

More Badpuppy: Ted Simpson

Island Studs: Kekoa

Kekoa at Island Studs

Kekoa is back, working out naked with his big uncut 10" cock. It you have ever wanted to watch a hot ripped muscular brown boy lifts weights outdoors in the sun fully nude—this film is not to be missed!

More Island Studs: Kekoa

Man Avenue: Jose Manuel

man avenue jose manuel

Jose Manuel is a young horny guy referred by a friend. At 20, this 6'0" 190 lb. stud was beefy and hairy...just like we like 'em.

Watch him slowly tease us by exposing his uncut cock from his briefs, then slowly stroke it so the blood would make it swell. Sitting there all naked with cock throbbing will surely cause you to blow...just hold back...there's more.

He stands up on the table, showing off his massive frame, then does a bit of flexing with his dick hard. We move underneath him to be sure you can see all of his hard cock.

More Man Avenue: Jose Manuel

Straight Fraternity: Bo, CT and Shane

straight fratrnity bo ct shane

The guys come in and have a seat and SF has the porn going and lube by the sides of the couch. SF leaves the room to get something, and when he came back, the guys were all jacking off! So he rolled with it!

More Straight Fraternity: Bo, CT and Shane

SpunkWorthy: Rich

spunkworthy rich

Rich is back by popular demand. And apparently he's told just about everyone about showing his cock to the world: his brother, all of his band-mates, even his new girlfriend.

"She actually wanted to come along to watch." He grimaced and added, "I thought that'd be a little weird."

Rich has gotten a lot of fan emails which, when SW told him about it, made him blush a bit, being a modest guy. A few people asked about him being uncut or not. When he stripped off his clothes, SW had him pull his foreskin up.

More SpunkWorthy: Rich

Alpha Male Fuckers: Bruno Knight and Tiko

alpha male fuckers bruno knight tiko

It's the end of a long working day and Trojan is back in his bed. All the sexual energy from the office is still running through his body and after finally falling asleep, another wish-fuck sneaks into his mind and plays behind his closed eyes...Trojan is sitting in his bedroom and watching Bruno knight and Tiko putting on a private show for him.

More Alpha Male Fuckers: Bruno Knight and Tiko

Bait Bus: Money On My Mind

baitbus money

The guys at Bait Bus sent over this hot update:

"Welcome back for another great episode on the legendary Bait Bus.Tag along with us as we go on our adventure. Look what we got her. This guy seems to be down for the cause, we chat with him for a little bit and in no time he is on the bus seeing where the adventure takes him. We convince him that Alexis wants to fuck him and without hesitation this guy is naked and blind folded in the back of the bus. When the blind-fold comes off, he sure wasn't happy. Good thing for us, money always seems to heal all wounds. Enjoy"

More Bait Bus: Money On My Mind

KeumGay: Fred

KeumGay: Fred

Fred is French, has a hairy chest and is super hot. He has a massive uncut cock, and despite the fact that he is straight, he really enjoyed getting a handjob from another guy.

More KeumGay: Fred

Presenting's New App

squirt april's new web mobile app is cumpletely hot! The other apps out there love to censor your cock and butt and act as a total buzz kill. Squirt's new mobile app is uncensored and allows you to bare all and find local hookups. The GPS based location services are totally hot and allow you to see who's cruising for a hookup nearby. Plus all the features from Squirt that doesn't exist on any other websites like extensive public cruising location. Check out on your smart phone today and find your local hookup!

Ruggerbugger: Italian Footballers

Italian Footballers at Ruggerbugger

Ruggerbugger focuses on Italian footballers big heavy bulges as they celebrate a victory. This team strips off their shorts as they strut off the field. As they parade around the pitch the keen-eyed cameraman gets a perfect view of their hot bulges.

More Ruggerbugger: Italian Footballers

World of Men: Damian Ferreyra and Andres Serpico

world of men damian andres

Super smooth-skinned Andres and scruff-faced Damian are naked and going at it in the hot pink entrance hall of the house. As they kiss and grope, Damian undoes Andres's pants and pulls his big dick out of his shorts. Andres seems more interested in Damian's ass and exposes that. Damian sucks Andres's nipples and dick, deep throating his sizable appendage and stroking his own cock at the same time.

More World of Men: Damian Ferreyra and Andres Serpico

ManHandled: Steve Vex and Parker London

manhandled steve parker

Parker London has this itch that he just can't scratch. Tired of being seen for just his muscles and drool-worthy cock, for awhile now this stud has really just longed for someone to see the pussy bottom boy lurking inside him and make him their bitch. Turns out Steve Vex is just the man for the job, and he has no trouble handling this eager sub. Some guys just know how to take charge.....woof!

More ManHandled: Steve Vex and Parker London

Naked Sword: Robert Axel and Phillip Aubrey

naked sword phillip robert

The hang-up phone calls and mysterious letters have left Brady Jensen on edge. So his agent, played by Adonis-bodied, dark-skinned hottie Robert Axel and photographer from his agency, played by blond hottie Phillip Aubrey, try to take his mind off it by taking him for a ride along the picturesque Northern California coast in a convertible.

Brady goes off by himself for a hike to clear his head as as soon as the coast is clear, Phillip and Robert -- so taken by the stunning natural beauty of their surroundings -- decide to go for it!

More Naked Sword: Robert Axel and Phillip Aubrey

Titan Men: Hot Wired, Scene 2

Brad and Trenton in Hot Wired at Titan Men

On his knees, hairy Brad Kalvo opens wide for the bulging boner of chiseled Trenton Ducati—whose smooth and tattooed frame towers over him. Trenton's super-thick shaft slaps Brad's face, then arches up into his mouth—the sideburned sucker grabbing hold of Trenton's huge quad as he gets face fucked ("Spit on it!").

More Titan Men: Hot Wired, Scene 2

PictureThis Studios: Paddy O'Brian

picturethis paddy obrian

This well hung, thick dicked, cheeky cockney geezer has been a very busy fella since doing his start in the industry, and from what we hear, he has enjoyed every single minute of the recognition that showing off his hot, hung body has brought him! Still pushing his own boundaries with each shoot he does, the one thing he has always been comfortable with is getting his clothes off for an appreciative audience, and as you will see from this gallery, he is always so turned on when someone points their camera at him that he just cant stop the pre-cum flowing!

More PictureThis Studios: Paddy O'Brian

Next Door Buddies: Kevin Crows and Dominic Pacifico

Next Door Buddies: Kevin Crows and Dominic Pacifico

Kevin Crows has been holding it in all day and now he's way past due to bust a nut. All prepped and ready to go, he's got his Iporn and his hand down his pants. There's only one problem: he has no inspiration. His imagination just isn't doing it for him, so he looks around for something a little more tempting. Cue Dominic Pacifico, hard at work out in the garden, working up a sweat out in the afternoon heat. Kevin stares at Domingo secretly through the window, until Dominic catches him spying.

More Next Door Buddies: Kevin Crows and Dominic Pacifico

TGIF - Breaking Boundaries

College Dudes: Chase Austin
QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week
Chaos Men: Carmine
Fratmen: Kelan
Sean Cody: Caleb
Sean Cody: Jordan and Troy Bareback
Men At Play: Sean Lawrence Needs You!
Corbin Fisher: Double Penetrating Zeb
Is This Photo Really Liam Payne from OneDirection?
Corbin Fisher: Aiden's Quadruple Load

"What the mind can conceive, it can achieve."

This thought must have crossed the minds of the men featured in QC this week cos what they've achieved are rather record breaking feats. Imagine cumming four times in a row, or being penetrated for the first time. Are you inspired to break some sexual limits of your own this weekend?

Drop us a message if you had! :P

Gorgeous Muscle Hunk
ByGone Boys: Andy Honda
Edwin Kon
Jiho Lee Blue Briefs

Arnaldo Anaya Lucca: Kerry Degman
Luke Austin: Lenny
Kristen Bjorn: Casting Couch #271 - Paulus Guell & Jalil Jafar
KeumGay: Nicolas
Arnaldo Anaya Lucca: Oraine Barrett

BoyCrush: Dustin Fitch
Bel Ami: Benjamin
Enigmatic Boys: Darsan
Teens Boys World: Farrell
BFCollection: Angel

Bel Ami: Jean-Daniel Chagall & Florian Nemec
Amateur College Sex: Reed Fucks Tiffany
Corbin Fisher: Aiden's Quadruple Load
Chaos Men: Curtis and Jamison - RAW
Bound Jocks: Brian Davilla and Shay Michaels

William Higgins: Tomas Melus

William Higgins: Tomas Melus

Tomas Melus lives in Kladno and is aged 20. He works as a fireman and in his spare time he enjoys firefighting, martial arts and K1. Tomas is a very handsome guy and as he strips off his top, we see that he has a beautifully defined body too.

More William Higgins: Tomas Melus

Naked Human Punch Bag at Brutal Tops

Naked Human Punch Bag at Brutal Tops

Master Nick & Master Derek are practicing some Muay Thai moves using a lockeroom bitch as their human punch bag. Coarse ropes suspend the sub by his neck to keep him in place as the Tops take turns using his body as a target for their powerful kicks.

More Naked Human Punch Bag at Brutal Tops

College Dudes: Alex Andrews Fucks Teagan Scott

College Dudes: Alex Andrews Fucks Teagan Scott

Alex Andrews and Teagan Scott get to know one another a lot better in this scene. Both of these studs have nice bodies, cute faces, and very large, rock hard cocks. They make out and stroke each other to start. Alex looks so sensual as he is kissing Teagan and grabbing on his monster cock, and Teagan gives Alex several tight squeezes in order to get his engines going.

More College Dudes: Alex Andrews Fucks Teagan Scott

First Auditions: Sam

First Auditions: Sam

Sam is a fit kick boxer desperate to make some money and fuck as much as possible. This young and dumb guy boasts that he's slept with a dozen girls. He considers that a high number when a lot of guys the casting director has auditioned have slept with hundreds. It's hot seeing this adamantly heterosexual guy put on the spot as he's asked whether he'll consent to receiving ass play and fucking around with a man. His face twists in disgust at the idea of either. This hard-bodied athlete really shines when it's time to do what he knows how to do best which is have a long horny wank.

More First Auditions: Sam

Chaos Men: Isaiah and Jet - RAW on QCX

Chaos Men: Isaiah and Jet - RAW

Jet was very eager to work, and after his Serviced and Edge videos, he was looking forward to trying some major ass play. It seems to make him nut super quick! Bryan thinks in both those videos there are some Out Takes where he is about to cum too soon.

This video is no exception. Bryan knows many of you get discouraged if the bottom doesn't stay hard while getting fucked, but most you will over look. For the most part he is pretty lucky and have guys like Silas, Eli, Darius, Vander, Micah...etc..who usually are all boned up while bottoming.

See more on QCX. - Exam Day - Exam Day

In the new video Exam Day at, hunky stud James has been cheating on his girlfriend Michelle with another girl. The girls conspire to get him alone naked in a room and then hide all his clothes so he's stuck stark naked.

More - Exam Day

Rod Daily: Rod and Brad Star

Rod Daily: Rod and Brad Star

Rod Daily & Brad Star are pretty bored on a Tuesday afternoon. Not much going on. Just kicking it playing video games. So to make things a little more interesting, they decide to place a friendly wager on the outcome of their video contest. Well, as these things usually go, someone has to win & someone has to lose, and in this case, the loser has to suck the other one's dick. Actually, on second thought, this turns out to be one of those bets where everyone is a winner.

More Rod Daily: Rod and Brad Star

Man Avenue: Jason Cochran

manavenue jason cochran

Aroused by the warm air and a long night of horny dreaming, Jason awakens on vacation with a morning boner. After playing through the sheet for some time, he pulls it back and begins stroking his hard dick for us to see. We can almost reach out and touch every inch of his muscular body from the tip of his toes, passing the hair on his legs, brushing over his throbbing cock, sniffing his hairy pits and finally glimpsing his handsome face.

More Man Avenue: Jason Cochran

Fratmen: Kelan

Kelan at Fratmen

Fratmen Kelan is back and looking better than ever. He's a lean, mean fighting machine.

More Fratmen: Kelan

Randy Blue: Andrew Jakk

Randy Blue: Andrew Jakk

Andrew Jakk is absolutely adorable. His handsome face and sweet smile might be the first thing you notice but when he's standing naked before you it won't take long at all for your eyes to travel down his beautiful body, golden tan and lightly dusted with hair that's the same color as his short spiky dirty blond buzzcut.

More Randy Blue: Andrew Jakk - Oliver Wanked - Oliver Wanked

The uniformed officers at decide it's high time the antisocial punks they arrested get the tables turned on them and use all that rabid young testosterone for entertainment.

More - Oliver Wanked

CockyBoys: Tony Capucci Trains Alex Vaara

cockyboys alex tony

What goes around comes back around. And so do cockyboys. Tony has been enjoying his time back at the Cockyboys' Mansion but he needed to take a break. So he went out for a hike only to run into hungry little cock-sucker, Alex Vaara.

Tony showed Alex a few exercises but all he wanted to do was put his dick inside his mouth and shoot like a loaded gun. So he decided to give the little one a chance (as if he ever had one...) and suggested that the make a bet- the usual "You lose, you suck" type of bet but hey - any way they can get cock in their boys' holes is fair game to them!

More CockyBoys: Tony Capucci Trains Alex Vaara

Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

EricDeman has a hot new video of army dudes bathing out in the open. These guys are hot and sweaty after training and completely lose their inhibitions stripping and bathing together.

More Eric Deman Update

Bel Ami: Jean-Daniel Chagall & Florian Nemec on QCX

Bel Ami: Jean-Daniel Chagall & Florian Nemec

Today's condom free scene was shot by Bel Ami's Canadian duo of Alan Mayer and Geoff Wicks. Florian and Jean-Daniel were simply keen to get out of the water and into each other.

More Bel Ami: Jean-Daniel Chagall & Florian Nemec on QCX.

Southern Strokes: Levi Madison

southern strokes levi

Meet newbie Levi Madison as SoStro brings you his first trip up to the Ranch. They were looking forward to meeting Levi in person especially since it seemed like they have been chatting forever. Don't get them wrong, one pic and he had them but what might be even sexier is this guy's attitude.

More Southern Strokes: Levi Madison

Amateur College Sex: Reed Fucks Tiffany on QCX

Amateur College Sex: Reed Fucks Tiffany

Now that Reed has joined Corbin Fisher a second time this year, CF thought he should be paired with the new Corbin Fisher sweetheart Tiffany. Reed is looking more ripped than ever. Tiffany seems to match, and enjoy, his athleticism. From their first moments together, CF knew he was about to see some fantastic sex.

Reed kisses Tiffany, goes in for a butt grab and then clenches a handful of tit beneath her t-shirt. Tiffany grabs his crotch. Reed removes Tiffany's shirt, revealing her pink bra, then removes his own t-shirt. Tiffany's lips go directly to Reed's well-developed chest, and kisses her way down his chiseled abs. She unzips his shorts, and then she lowers his boxer briefs to get a handful of cock. Reed kisses her breasts, before unhooking it in the back and letting her breasts spring free. He kisses her nipples, and he thrusts a hand deep into her shorts. She rubs his cock through his shorts.

More Amateur College Sex: Reed Fucks Tiffany on QCX.

Dirty Tony: Caleb Colton

dirty tony caleb colton

Blue eyed beauty Caleb is on Tony's couch today and he is all smiles and giggles. He is excited for his chance to perform and we get to know him a little bit before they start. Caleb tells us about his sexual adventures in amusement parks, his favorite sexual positions, and we learn about how much he loves to suck dick. He has come to the right place; because talented cocksukers are Tony's specialty.

More Dirty Tony: Caleb Colton

English Lads: Hairy Blond Straight Rugby Hunk Sebastian Plays with his First Dildo!

Sebastian at English Lads

Sebastian comes onto set today, jumps on the bed, squeezes his cock through his jeans and is soon manhandling it while still mostly dressed. This handsome young man know how to tease us, he loves showing off his hairy body and today shows off his hairy hole not just looks good with his legs wide apart but looks even better when his hairy hole is plugged!

More English Lads: Hairy Blond Straight Rugby Hunk Sebastian Plays with his First Dildo!

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

With a set of eyes you can get lost in and a cock you can't take your eyes off, we think everyone is going to agree that we have found quite possible the definitive Nude BF of the week. And we have to ask you a favour, try to not eye-rape his gorgeous butt... at least not too much.

Head on past the break to feast your eyes!

More QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

Cocksure Men: Jake Deckard & Kieron Ryan

Jake Deckard & Kieron Ryan at Cocksure Men

Jake Deckard lays back on the couch with Kieron Ryan draped all over him, kissing and rubbing his furry chest. Kieron's mouth slowly works it's way south, finding Jake already at full mast. Jake makes Kieron gag on his dick while he fingers his tight hole.

More Cocksure Men: Jake Deckard & Kieron Ryan

Pole Position: Fantasies & Wet Dreams Makers

Pole Position: We Have Two Winners!

What a close fight the last race was! Frat Men's Nathan and Legend Men's Steffen Berlin took turns to lead the race throughout the week. They finally finish the event extracting the same amount of votes and same volume of cum from us all. These men are simply what fantasies and wet dreams are made up of.

The competition is even more intense this week. We've already eliminated Caleb, Chase Austin, Doug and Drake in the preliminary heats. Who exactly are the hottie this week?

More Pole Position: Fantasies & Wet Dreams Makers

Randy Blue: Cameron & Jarrett

Randy Blue: Cameron & Jarrett

Blond jock stud Cameron Marshall was so excited to do his first Randy Blue duo with Jarrett Rex. Jarrett has been burning up the cams ever since the started and has become a fan favorite making everyone feel like they're a part of the action. And Cameron is giving Jarrett quite a ride.

More Randy Blue: Cameron & Jarrett

Rear Stable: Mark Dylan and Steve Vex

rear stable mark steve

Steve and Marc get things moving fast. Steve begins by devouring his partner's big throbbing asset. He soon demands a return on his investment and the men trade places with Marc deepthroating Steve's cock down to the base. Now ready for intensive anal takeover, Steve stretches Marc's cheeks apart and screws him with his power pole. He continues to fuck non-stop as Marc lays his muscled body down, rocking back and forth with every jab. Marc grabs ahold of his erect dick and jerks himself off until he shoots his wad. Steve then pulls out and cums, mixing his spooge with Marc's hefty deposit and both feel satisfied and completely liquidated.

More Rear Stable: Mark Dylan and Steve Vex

Austin Wilde: Austin, Angelo Romani and Campbell Stevens

Austin Wilde: Austin, Angelo Romani and Campbell Stevens

Austin Wilde is in between two guys that are ripped and ready for action. Angelo Romani and Campbell Stevens make their acquaintance with Austin and after some preliminary pleasantries the three of them get down to business. Austin takes the lead and grabs Campbell's cock while kissing Angelo.

More Austin Wilde: Austin, Angelo Romani and Campbell Stevens

Is This Photo Really Liam Payne from OneDirection? - You be the judge!

Is This Photo Really Liam Payne from OneDirection? - You be the judge!

Current boy band phenomenon OneDirection is causing waves everywhere and word on the street, and by street we mean the internet, is that one of his members accidentally exposed himself. Has Liam Payne been caught with his pants down? Is this proof enough to say he's cut? Why his fellow band member, Harry Styles, likes to grab his bulge on stage? So many questions!

See for yourself after the jump!

More Is This Photo Really Liam Payne from OneDirection? - You be the judge!

Corbin Fisher: Aiden's Quadruple Load on QCX

Corbin Fisher: Aiden's Quadruple Load

[Editor's Note: This update is so hot we're releasing a trailer. Be sure to catch it at the full post over at QCX!]

Aiden cums.

And cums again.

And again.

And again.

'nuff said, right? Oh, there's more. Rising star Tom gets the honor of being the first to make Aiden fire off an insane four loads. We aren't quite sure what made it happen, and Aiden himself, while always open to trying new things and going for multiple loads, wasn't sure.

More Corbin Fisher: Aiden's Quadruple Load on QCX.

Sneaky Peek Update

Sneaky Peek Update

Hunkered down in a toilet stall the pervy cameraman at SneakyPeek spies on this horny young guy who doesn't realize he's being filmed. This builder comes in, pulls out his cock and pisses.

More Sneaky Peek Update

Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off: Beau

straight austalian guys jacking beau

Beau Steele is a super-hot young model. He loves the outdoors especially skateboarding and wave boarding. He had an erection almost before he took his pants off. Soon sticking it through the Gloryhole where young James was waiting to go to work on it. He spurted all over James chest like a fire hose, with a huge load.

More Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off: Beau

The Guy Site: Ty Roderick

the guy site ty

This gallery was produced a while back.
Ty is a bit thinner than most of the guys at TGS and it just got put on the back burner. As TGS was processing the pictures and video he wished he had published this sooner. He definitely has a sensual masculine way about him as well as a huge cock. So, how big is his dick? He says his dick is nine to nine and half inches depending on how excited he is.

More The Guy Site: Ty Roderick

Hard Brit Lads: Neil Stevens and Tristan Dean

hard brit lads neil tristan

Prepare yourselves guys. This is one incredible scene, ticking pretty much every box. Handsome muscled daddy stud Neil Stevens gets a full servicing from cute defined young twink Tristan Dean, pushing him to his limits with extended face fucking, deep fingering his hairless tight arse, before severely stretching his hole with his thick nine inch fuck pole, as he fucks him deep and hard in three intensely hot positions, then shoots his load into Tristans mouth. Seriously horny.

More Hard Brit Lads: Neil Stevens and Tristan Dean

Wank: Double Cum Afternoon

Wank: Double Cum Afternoon

xTuber acebiker describes himself as a "hairy biker hunting for cock" and with an "isatiable mouth"; in this wank session he really went for the extra mile, or should we say for the extra cum? As he spilled his semen twice on his shiny leather pants!

More after the jump!

More Wank: Double Cum Afternoon

Chaos Men: Curtis and Jamison - RAW on QCX


Chaos Men have been kind of being careful with Jamison after he tried really hard to take Vander's cock. They don't want to over challenge him, and have been giving him a chance to Top to restore his confidence. Therefore they put him with Curtis for a Flip-Flop video.

Jamison seemed fascinated with Curtis cock this shoot. He spends a lot of time sucking-him-off, and clearly Curtis was enjoying it. It was a win-win!

See more on QCX.

Bentley Race: Fabio Stallone

bentley race fabio stallone

29 year old Italian Fabio now lives in San Diego but travels around the states a lot for modelling gigs, and we can tell by his looks that he must be very popular. It took all Bentley's strength not to drop the video camera and jump in on Fabio's scene. Bentley was getting totally turned on by him teasing his arse hole with his fingers as he jacked off. As this very handsome and hung Italian was ready to blow Bentley quickly positioned himself down between his legs so he could catch his load all over his own naked body.

More Bentley Race: Fabio Stallone

Sean Cody: Caleb(2)

Sean Cody: Caleb(2)

"Where are you from? You have an interesting accent."

"I'm from Australia," Caleb answered.

"Sweet! You were telling me you had moved around a lot though."

"Yeah, I'm kind of a traveller. I don't like to stay in one place too long."

More Sean Cody: Caleb(2)

Kristen Bjorn: Casting Couch #271 - Paulus Guell & Jalil Jafar

Kristen Bjorn: Casting Couch #271 - Paulus Guell & Jalil Jafar

Jalil Jafar was one of the stars of Jagged Mountain, now he is back to the studio and is the guy in charge of testing if the newbies have what it takes to become porn stars.

More Kristen Bjorn: Casting Couch #271 - Paulus Guell & Jalil Jafar

Xtra Inches: Shay Michaels and Damien Stone

xtrainches shay damien

Shay and Damien are off the clock and make the most of their break time. Every second counts as they get busy sucking face. The guys rip off their shirts and press their hot bare chests against each other. Shay pulls Damien's huge swollen meat out and sucks on it hard, then Shay hops on top of a stretched-out Damien, wrapping his hole around Damien's large tool and bounces on it like a crazed piston.

More Xtra Inches: Shay Michaels and Damien Stone

College Dudes: Chase Austin

College Dudes: Chase Austin

Chase Austin is a tall smooth college sophomore with a nice swimmers body and an incredibly big cock. The bulge coming out of his swimsuit after hopping out of the pool must be a sight to see!

More College Dudes: Chase Austin

Butch Dixon: Andy Lee

butch dixon andy lee

When guys tell Butch they cum a lot, he pulls back a little so he doesn't miss anything by being too close, but he wasn't prepared for the massive assault from Andy's cum-cannon and though he was a good four feet away he got drenched when stream after stream came at him. Andy's the prize bull at the fair; massively built all over and sporting a permanent hard-on, he'd fuck all day if he could - and he'd still be shooting big loads. It's only April and my cum-shot of the year contest has an indisputable winner, unless you know of a challenger?

More Butch Dixon: Andy Lee

Caption This!

Caption This!

Post your funniest comments and see who got the most votes last week!

Have a 'Caption This' pic you want published? Submit your pic or link to it HERE. The Hot Mover's The Hot Mover

Kyle Quinn needs a big strong man to help him move and asks his friend Robert Van Damme if he would help out. Robert, always the nice guy agrees to help but when moving day arrives Kyle is all but useless which is pissing him off.

More The Hot Mover

Active Duty: Gamble

active duty gamble

Gamble is 19-years old, from Louisiana, stands 5' 9" and weighs 165 lbs. He says he's hung more like a pony than a horse. He's sporting the most beautiful hazel bedroom eyes Dink has seen in awhile and when he takes off his shirt we're delightfully caught by surprise with a nice furry chest and happy trail. This fur goes further and once he pulls down his pants we see his nice furry butt and legs that compliment his upper body. Gamble hops back on the bed with his boxers down and gets right to the business at hand, stroking that nice, thick cock and working it up

More Active Duty: Gamble

Hetero Dude Shown Hard Romance at StraightHell on QCX

Hetero Dude Shown Hard Romance at StraightHell on QCX

The pervy men at StraightHell overpower stark naked Fraser and hold him in place while they grab handfuls of his hunky naked body and exposed schlong.

More "Hetero Dude Shown Hard Romance at StraightHell" on QCX.

Corbin Fisher: Double Penetrating Zeb

Corbin Fisher: Double Penetrating Zeb

Zeb and Cameron kiss, as Jordan watches and rubs Zeb's shoulder. Zeb has gotten more and more adventurous since he came back to CF last year - and this is his wildest exploit yet!

Cameron, of course, is always up for anything, And Jordan is back to help Zeb go where he's never gone before. The clothes come off, and Jordan leans in to taste Zeb's lips. Cameron kisses Zeb's nipples, then Jordan kisses his way down Zeb's side.

All three of these guys are so hot, it's hard to stay behind the camera! Cameron pinches Zeb's nipple and pulls his cock out and strokes. Zeb lies on his back. Jordan sucks Zeb, and Cameron bounces back onto the bed, ready to start fucking Zeb.

More Corbin Fisher: Double Penetrating Zeb

All American Heroes: Cameron and Eric

all american heroes cameron eric

Cameron has never been with another guy before. He has a girlfriend who has encouraged him to mess around with men on camera. It gets her off and lets him play with guys in the process. He admits that he's really nervous and you can see that he doesn't really know what to when Eric starts going into his pants. It's not long though before he lets things flow naturally because before he even takes his pants off, his cock is hard as a rock! Eric gives Cameron's dick the royal treatment. He fondles it gently and with each tug he gives his fellow lifeguard, Cameron give a short quiet moan. Eric tugs both of their cocks and you can see the interest in Cameron's face as he can't take his eyes off of Eric's growing dick.

More All American Heroes: Cameron and Eric

Next Door Male: Trent Diesel

Next Door Male: Trent Diesel

Trent Diesel has stopped by to chill out for a while and stroke his cock. You'll join him as he gets comfortable and divulges a bit about himself and what turns him on. Trent is a rare breed: extremely hot and very sexually enlightened. Find out what kind of porn he prefers, what inspired his various tattoos, and what makes Trent horny. Get a candid look at this hottie while he enjoys his thick, hard dick and caresses every inch of his chiseled, delicious body.

More Next Door Male: Trent Diesel

VideoBoys: Silvio, Justin Lebeau, Bobby Long and Lukas Wild

videoboys silvio justin bobby lukas

Even at the young age of 18, Silvio has a very well developed sense of his strongest desires. The simplest way to describe it is "Sex Slave". He doesn't want to make any decisions about what to do in sex and he doesn't want to be treated with too much respect. Toss him around, make him suck you, fuck him and especially slap him. Slap his ass enough to make it red, slap his face with your cock. But to top it all off, to make it really special, all the guys involved have to cum on him. And the more guys cumming on him, the more he loves it.

More VideoBoys: Silvio, Justin Lebeau, Bobby Long and Lukas Wild

Men At Play: Sean Lawrence Needs You!

Men At Play: Sean Lawrence Needs You!

Ever since Sean Lawrence first appeared on MenAtPlay, everybody has been asking 'when is he coming back'? Well - HE'S BACK! And now you can wake up with our Hungarian blonde hunk and follow his bulky masculine body through every inch of his morning routine.

More Men At Play: Sean Lawrence Needs You!

UK Naked Men: Gay Bar or Bust: Episode 1

Gay Bar or Bust: Episode 1 at UK Naked Men

Dean Monroe has just three weeks to turn a run-down pub in the East End of London into the coolest gay bar in town. If this place isn't turning a profit in just three weeks, the money runs out and Dean could find himself homeless and in debt to local money lenders. The publicity is already rolling and there's no delaying the opening day, so with the clock ticking, manager Dean sets out to find tradesmen to transform this old pub into a cool place to be seen and some talented staff to run it... We follow Dean's story over six episodes.

Scene 1: Dean Monroe & Harley Everett
Dean has been interviewing for bar staff all day. The standard of applicants has been high, and fourth candidate Harley will have to work hard to impress to stand a chance of getting the job.

More UK Naked Men: Gay Bar or Bust: Episode 1

Bel Ami: Phillipe Gaudin & Jaco Van Sant on QCX

Bel Ami: Phillipe Gaudin & Jaco Van Sant

Phillipe and Jaco provide us with some soap opera drama today, or at least their version of it, feigning broken relationships and infidelities. Today's scene is playful and sexy, filmed by Marty Stevens in the Bratislava studio and we hope this condom free episode pleases you.

More Bel Ami: Phillipe Gaudin & Jaco Van Sant on QCX.

Naked Sword: Brady Jensen and Brian Bonds

naked sword brady jensen brian bonds

BelAmi Online exclusive Brady Jensen is following his dreams and moving to San Francisco, having been presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be the face of a new fragrance. For an aspiring model like Brady, its a dream come true, not only has he just signed a one-year modeling contract, but his new company is paying for his move, his apartment, and all his moving expenses. As the movers bring in his stuff, it quickly becomes clear that one of the movers -- Brian Bonds -- has his eye on the up-and-coming model: After sending the other movers home, Brian can't wait to offer up a housewarming present he isn't going to soon forget!

More Naked Sword: Brady Jensen and Brian Bonds

English Lads: Doug

Doug at English Lads

Doug did a shoot for our sister website and everyone loves his hairy muscular body! He is naturally athletic, muscular from all the sports he plays including thai boxing and rugby. He is a tall lad and you all seemed to have taking a liking to his sprinkling of hair in all the right places. He's also very well proportioned with a whopping uncut cock which with a few tugs is standing hard and proud, draining all the blood from his body! He is really relaxed on camera and is even happy to lie on the bed with his legs wide apart, we get to have a good view of his hairy hole while he continues to wank his cock.

More English Lads: Doug

Queerism - Sexpert

Queerism - Sexpert

noun: A person who has a competent and authoritative knowledge of or skill that specializes in the art of sex, an expert on everything sexual.

example: David: "Hey, I'm thinking of felching with my boyfriend. What do you think?"
Joe: "Don't ask me, ask Bob, he's the sexpert!"

Thanks to Jordan for this Queerism! Do you have an interesting or unusual Queerism of your own you wish to share? Submit your Queerism HERE.

KeumGay: Nicolas

KeumGay: Nicolas

Nicolas is a French swimmer, the first time he ever did porn was next to another guy, that latter became his boyfriend. Now he is back for a wank video.

More KeumGay: Nicolas

Southern Strokes: Josh Long

southern strokes josh long

Take a good look at this gorgeous masculine man and it's hard to believe that his is only 19. That is until he gives you that little giggle and he brings you back to what might be the hottest thing about Josh. His laid back southern charm with just the right amount of confidence and swagger. There is so much packed into Josh that it's hard to take it all in.

More Southern Strokes: Josh Long

Corbin Fisher: Diego

Corbin Fisher: Diego

Muscular, dark and handsome, Diego is a new freshman that likes to fill his free time with drawing and skateboarding, as well as hitting the gym. He's studying architecture. We are certain that lots of us would like to study his architecture more closely!

Diego likes shorter girls, and preferably brunette - and they need nice ass and tits. He likes to be the one in control, though he did say he'd let a girl dominate him before. Hey, Ashley!

More Corbin Fisher: Diego

PictureThis Studios: Mark Given

picturethis studio mark given

It looks like this sexy 21 year old uncut UK porn star had plenty of scope for some fun during this, his debut shoot for picturethis-studios. The picturethis guys have tempted Mark Given into this hot bathroom scene with the promise of some strawberries and champagne to enjoy, whilst he soaks his firm muscular body in a steaming hot bathtub!

More PictureThis Studios: Mark Given

Sean Cody: Jordan and Troy Bareback on QCX

Sean Cody: Jordan and Troy Bareback

"He tastes good!" Jordan said as he took control and started licking Troy all over.

Both of them looked really good. Jordan had been hitting the gym hard. Troy was the first to go for a dick in his mouth and for a first timer, he was actually pretty darn good at it! He even stuck a finger in Jordan's ass while blowing him.

More Sean Cody: Jordan and Troy Bareback on QCX.

Chaos Men: Carmine

Chaos Men: Carmine

Carmine is an adorable Puerto Rican twink. He has the PR Dick action going. He likes guys of all ages, but leans for the more Mature crowd. He likes the Daddies! He likes to bottom, but he doesn't consider himself a bottom, but a "Pleaser." Whatever Daddy wants... Daddy gets!

More Chaos Men: Carmine

First Auditions: Gerrit

First Auditions: Gerrit

At only 19, Gerrit thought it would be funny to apply to First Auditions to become a porn star despite having zero experience. He's like a lot of inexperienced straight guys, a little bit arrogant and way out of his depth. The casting director had fun humoring him and persuading him to expose his ripe young flesh for his camera - seeing how far he'd go. Gerrit goes all the way pulling back his foreskin and opening up his ass cheeks for inspection.

More First Auditions: Gerrit

AustinZane: Drake

austinzane drake

Meet Drake. At 5'5″, he's one of AZ's shortest models, but he packs one of the biggest personalities. They didn't have any contact information on Drake until he was at the airport in Las Vegas, so they were a little apprehensive to film with him. He met them with open arms and instantly bonded with all the AustinZane guys. As far as solos go, it's pretty standard, but when he filmed his first partner scene, he brought the heat and showed that he is a true performer!

More AustinZane: Drake

ParagonMen: Rodrigo de Leon

paragonmen rodrigo de leon

Don't be fooled by the slick schoolboy look. Sex-on-a-papi-stick Rodrigo de Leon is king of the feral fuck-me jungle. This San Juan sensation may be conservative to the naked eye, but behind doors the eyes on him naked get downright dirrrty! That's three r's for RAWR!

More ParagonMen: Rodrigo de Leon

Bel Ami: Benjamin on QC Twinks

Bel Ami: Benjamin

Eliot Klien took these photos for Bel Ami in 2011 in at their studio in Bratislava. Benjamin is a cute young guy with especially sexy lips. Benjamin was originally planned to be part of the Kinky Angels team, and as you see him here has a similar body type to when they all started.

More Bel Ami: Benjamin on QC Twinks.

Jake Cruise: Anthony London and Jessippi

jake cruise anthony jessippi

Anthony London is tutoring the young Jessippi Cappozzoli for an anatomy class. They've made it to chapter 11 about the male erection and Jessippi feels he needs a more 'hands on' approach to absorb the material. Anthony hesitates a moment, but once he lays eyes on Jessippi's huge, uncut cock he can't say no. Chapter 11 comes to life as both dad and lad get down on their knees sucking each other until they're rock hard. Anthony suggests that he should fuck Jessippi in the ass if he really wants the material to 'sink in.' Jessippi spreads his soft cheeks and Anthony gives it a good lick to get it ready for his thick dick. The guys playfully banter back and forth as Anthony slides his schlong deep inside Jessippi.

More Jake Cruise: Anthony London and Jessippi

English Lads: Miles Gregory

Miles at English Lads

New boy Miles did a photo shoot for our sister site, many of you requested more of him so here is the first step, next watch out for his video!

More English Lads: Miles Gregory - Mixed Swimming 2 - Mixed Swimming 2

Jack and his gang of classmates take a special school trip to France led by their hunky teacher Mr Roberts for a swimming competition.

More - Mixed Swimming 2

Fratmen SUCKS! Neil & Trent

Fratmen SUCKS! Neil & Trent

Neil and Trent are two Fratmen that have accumulated some amazing duo experiences. Neil has cummed on Benji and even in Wally's mouth while Trent got down and dirty with the twin brothers.

More Fratmen SUCKS! Neil & Trent

Ask QC: Is Lusting After A Straight Man Worth It?

Ask QC

Dear QC,

There's this guy, he's straight, which is painfully obvious. Problem is, I think I might have fallen a bit too much for him. It's been bugging me for so long. When we first met, he hated me a bit because of my guts and I kinda also disliked him because he tried too much to be somebody.

But that all changed when he and I went with other guys to this retreat. I got to know him better and, after that, we grew to be close friends. This was where the problem started. I kinda began to always look for him in the crowd. Every time I go to school, whenever I see him, from afar, I feel like I'm on cloud nine. I know I love him but this much? It's scary, that I can say.

What is more fucked up though is that he is the only one I feel this way for. I mean, yes, I check out other guys. There are a lot of hotties in my campus but, of everyone else, he's the only one I feel comfortable being gay. I don't even know if I should call it gay because he's the only one I dream of being a part of. I don't even get interested whenever I see hot guys, but with him, I want to build my whole life with.

What's sad is he is scared of homosexuality. It's not that he hates gays, but I know that he wants to get married to a girl and start a family. What fucking hurts is that we're growing apart. Even if we were just friends, that would be more than enough for me. I don't know what to do anymore. He's my best friend but things don't go the way we plan them.

Help me, please?


Hi RR and thanks for writing in with your concerns and worries. I guess at some time or other we have all 'fallen' for a straight guy? Have any of you been in a similar situation to RR's? How did you deal with it? If you can help him answer any of these questions and more, or have any other ideas to offer him, then please leave your opinions, experiences, and advice in the QComments section.

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

New York Straight Men: Marco

new york straight men marco

Marco arrived with one thing in mind..he was total service, front and back...blow job plus a rim job.

Trey was more than willing to comply. he got right down on his knees as Marco took out his cock, he started to suck but Marco had another idea. He wanted to start off with a deep rim job, so he directed Trey off his cock and into his ass.

Trey spread Marco's asscheeks and licked and slurped on his asshole. When Marco was satisfied, Trey went from ass eater back to cocksucker. He sucked Marco with everything he had and was rewarded by a sticky, gooey facial!

More New York Straight Men: Marco

Dirty Tony: Dean, Max Morgan, Bradley Rose, Caleb Colton, Clayton Archer, and Dominic Reed

dirty tony bukkake fantasy

A few weeks ago Tony had a few minutes to chat with Dean and learn that one of his fantasies is to be involved in a bukkake type scenario. Lucky for him, Tony loves to make fantasies come true; especially when he gets to watch it all happening. Tony briefly introduces him to some of his friends who will be helping out in making this dream come true. Max Morgan, Bradley Rose, Caleb Colton, Clayton Archer, and Dominic Reed are pumped up and ready to go. The guys get Dean into position on his knees, and get started right away. Dean starts undoing everyone's pants and begins sucking each dick in the circle while the boys are cheering each other on.

More Dirty Tony: Dean, Max Morgan, Bradley Rose, Caleb Colton, Clayton Archer, and Dominic Reed

Southern Strokes: Logan and Trevor

southern strokes logan trevor

These two were supposed to hook up last time they were at the Ranch but things just didn't work out. We had so much sex that weekend and literally not enough time so SoStro invited them both back to make a much requested pairing a reality. SoStro was looking forward to this romp as much as Trevor and Logan were.

More Southern Strokes: Logan and Trevor

Badpuppy: Austyn Roman

badpuppy austyn roman

[Split Identity Update: We've update this Pole Position winner's latest update with his past appearances on QC as Austin of Corbin Fisher. Lots of hot bottoming scenes that you shouldn't miss. Don't you love it when a hunk like him bottoms?]

24 year old Austyn Roman comes to us from Tampa, Florida, where he is a Marketing Assistant for a well known computer company. Austyn loves playing football and working out at the gym, which is apparent when you take a look at his cut body! He's quite outgoing and loves to show off. He's excited to jack off for you today! Austyn lays back on the bed, closes his eyes and begins stroking his cut cock.

More Badpuppy: Austyn Roman

Titan Men: Jessie Colter & Race Cooper

Jessie Colter & Race Cooper at Titan Men

Perched atop a ladder, contractor Race Cooper is interrupted by scruffy Jessie Colter: "Think you might need a break?" asks the boss, smiling up at Race as he unbuckles the smooth stud's jeans. Jessie plants his stubbly chin to the base of Race's big shaft, deep-throating the muscle stud and whipping his dick around. The breathless Jessie strokes his own throbber as he sucks, spit gobs falling to the floor. Jessie rubs Race's defined stomach, then offers his ass for eating.

More Titan Men: Jessie Colter & Race Cooper

Falcon Studios: Landon Conrad, Spencer Fox, lan Hauser, Jimmy Durano, Chris Tyler and Connor Maguire

falcon studios landon spencer dylan jimmy chris conner

Landon Conrad, Spencer Fox, Dylan Hauser, Jimmy Durano and Connor Maguire are all anxious to get down and party hearty before their service buddy, Chris Tyler, heads out on another deployment. With all the macho bravado and testosterone bouncing off the walls, no one, not even the pizza delivery man, is safe. Dylan is the first to sample the choice slabs of meat from the buffed-up buffet as he begins sucking on Jimmy's horsedick and Chris follows suit guzzling down Spencer's cock.

More Falcon Studios: Landon Conrad, Spencer Fox, lan Hauser, Jimmy Durano, Chris Tyler and Connor Maguire

Circle Jerk Boys: Tommy & Krist

Tommy & Krist at Circle Jerk Boys

Krist takes his place on his knees and immediately wraps his lips around Tommy's massive meat sending out boy Tommy into a moaning frenzy. Tommy then lays Krist back down on the couch and straddles his chest, dropping his horse hung cock back into Krist's hungry mouth.

More Circle Jerk Boys: Tommy & Krist

Dominic Ford: Trent Atkins and Phillip Aubrey

dominic ford phillip trent

This week, Trent Atkins makes his first appearance on Recently featured in ADULT Magazine, Trent is a hot bottom who is a perfect partner for hunky Phillip Aubrey. In this scene, Trent and Phillip decide to take a shower together. One thing leads to another and soon the pair are going at it under the cascading water. The action moves to a lounge chair, and Phillip gives it to Trent every way imaginable. Make sure to watch this scene in 3D, as there is an awesome effect when Trent's hands are pressed up against the glass, and are almost touching your face!

More Dominic Ford: Trent Atkins and Phillip Aubrey

Squirtz: Jason

squirtz jason

The first thing you notice about Jason are those stunning eyes. Then it's that mischievous smile that he flashes in combination with those eyes and it's just devastating. Jason works for a moving company hauling furniture up and down steps and that's how he keeps in such great shape. He told Squirtz that he was bisexual and told them what kind of guys he thought were attractive but that's about all they could get from him.

More Squirtz: Jason

Porn Break: Nick Jonas' Bootie

Porn Break: Nick Jonas' Bootie

This ode to the most song-inspiring part of Nick Jonas' anatomy deserves to rise to bootylicious anthem status and a mention in next year's Grammy Awards. So, in today's porn break we give you... "The boy we love from behind."

Video after the jump!

More Porn Break: Nick Jonas' Bootie

Cocksure Men: Robert Axel, Jessie Colter, and Trey Turner

Robert Axel, Jessie Colter, and Trey Turner at Cocksure Men

Jessie Colter and Trey Turner's cable is out and so they put in a call to their friendly cable guy, Robert Axel. Robert quickly fixes the cable, but the job is far from being finished. When Robert asks the guys to pay up, they let him know they had an alternate payment method in mind as they remove their shirts. Within moments the guys are taking turns sucking each others cocks. Jessie finds himself in the middle of a 'manwich' with Robert fucking his face and Trey slamming his sweet hole.

More Cocksure Men: Robert Axel, Jessie Colter, and Trey Turner

Straight Fraternity: Chain and Abel

straight fraternity chain abel

Two hot straight guys going gay for pay for the first time.

More Straight Fraternity: Chain and Abel

Sean Cody: Everett(2)

Sean Cody: Everett(2)

Everett LOVES swimming.

"I was a water baby from the very beginning," he said. "I was in the pool every day. Those are my earliest memories."

He's definitely a west coast boy. Smooth, tanned swimmer's build, blond, and very distinctive tan lines!

More Sean Cody: Everett(2)

Alternadudes: Johnny Draino

alternadudes johnny draino

Johnny Draino is a tatted up shaggy hipster who enjoys going to shows and watching live bands. He's a fashion photographer and bartends on the side. He's into the ladies, enjoys the beach (although he can't swim), and loves getting new tats. He's had offers to be with men before and in fact even works in a gay bar in Hollywood. Alas, he has yet to let himself go there. He simply loves facefucking the women too much to take the time to stick his dick in a hole with whiskers (besides the pussies he destroys)!

More Alternadudes: Johnny Draino

Bentley Race: Rich Santana

bentley race rich santana

Bentley was really stoked to find out that his straight mate Rich Santana was in New York with his family to celebrate NYE at the same time he was there. And Bentley was lucky that he was able to get away for an afternoon to come and meet him at the hotel for a shoot.

Bentley first shot with this lanky muscular hung stud back in San Francisco around this time last year. He was brave enough then to strip on the roof of the hotel. But this time the weather was far too cold to be getting naked outside. So Rich settled for getting naked in Bentley's window instead. He told Bentley later that the group of female office workers in the building opposite the hotel was getting a good look and were pointing.

More Bentley Race: Rich Santana

Randy Blue: Colby & Jaxton

Randy Blue: Colby & Jaxton

It's been a while since Colby Keller was seen on Randy Blue, and he's looking amazing. Tall and lean, he's got that hairy muscular jock look that everyone goes crazy for. And so handsome. He was asked asked what he would like upon his return to Randy Blue and he said he wanted something in a sexy beefy hunk with lots of muscle. Its pretty obivious that he would love Jaxton Wheeler, one of the hottest hung bodybuilders around.

More Randy Blue: Colby & Jaxton

Ruggerbugger: Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University at Ruggerbugger

Ruggerbugger has an amazingly revealing video of the Sheffield Hallam University rugby team filming themselves naked behind the scenes! The young buff jocks pose naked every year for a calendar but in this hot video filmed by the lads themselves they accidentally reveal more cock than they planned.

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SpunkWorthy: Evan's Handjob

spubkworthy evan

One day Spunkworthy got a text from Evan asking if I had any more work for him.

"How about a handjob?" they asked.

Within an hour he was at the door and ready for action, his cock already tenting in his jeans. It didn't take long before he was naked and rock hard in my hands.

Evan's hairy ass is a little slice of heaven and SW made a point to spread it wide open to play with his fuzzy virgin hole.

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New This Week on BigDaddy

big daddy 04 07

Bigdaddy has some super hot updates this week and we've been checking the site out on our mobile devices and we are loving it! 10 sites for the price on one membership how can you beat that!!

More New This Week on BigDaddy

ManHandled: Alexsandero Freitas & Jackson Lawless

manhandled jackson alexsander

Jackson Lawless is living up to his name as he breaks into Alexsandro Freitas' house for a little crime and misdemeanor. Problem is, he's bitten off more than he can chew with this dominant Brazilian top, and in no time at all he finds himself the victim at Alexsandro's extremely capable hands. This is a sexual cat and mouse game of sizzling intensity, and if after this, you end up on GoogleEarth, trying to find your way to Alexsandro's house to see where breaking and entering gets you yourself, we wouldn't blame you in the slightest!

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World Of Men: Dominic Pacifico, Steven Waye and David West

world of men david steven dominic

Three hot Latin studs, stripped to the waist, are already going at it, kissing and groping one another. Steven and the younger David are both focused on Dominic, the bearded hottie at the center of this happening. They're hemmed in by the trash container, a garage door, a metal drum and some used tires, but it certainly doesn't slow them down. Dominic sucks on Steven's nipple then kisses David. Steven drops to his knees and pulls Dominic's pants down so that he can suck his big, already erect dick. David gets his long thinner uncut cock out, and Steven takes a turn sucking it as Dominic and David kiss.

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Marcus Mojo: Marcus and Brody Wilder

Marcus Mojo: Marcus and Brody Wilder

Well the big game has finally come and gone, another bowl season behind us, and next comes the ugly part: paying up all those bets. Brody Wilder knows exactly what sort of apprehension comes along with the post Super Bowl letdown, as he has backed the wrong horse, as it were, and now is in debt to Marcus Mojo. Only one problem: money is tight and Marcus is demanding payout. What to do? What to do? Luckily, Marcus is an amicable kind of guy, so when Brody levels with him, Marcus decides against breaking his kneecaps and comes up with a more creative solution/compromise. Yep, you guessed it. So Brody drops to his knees and pulls Marcus' dick out, sucking on the tip and moaning in deep guttural waves of pleasure. Marcus grows rock hard and horny to boot, so he flips the script and pulls Brody's dick out and the two of them 69 on Marcus' bed.

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Island Studs: Ben

Ben at Island Studs

Big Beautiful Ben, the friendly, hunky married man is back showing off his big white beefy butt and a fat uncut cock! Check out his new Hawaiian Island tan and the sexy tan lines on Ben's thick hairy man body! Ben is a blue collar man's dream and foreskin lovers will love Ben's wide cock with thick intact foreskin that can slip over his fat dick head while his cock is both soft and hard!

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Chaos Men: Clyde and Vander - RAW on QCX

Chaos Men: Clyde and Vander - RAW

It was time for Clyde to suck some dick. Chaos Men thought it would make it easy on him by blindfolding him, and having Vander use the rope cuffs on him. Make him feel "passive" about it... but it also helps to hide how big Vander's cock is.

Clyde does look like he was 'made to' suck Vander's cock, and though he is gagging and fighting back the urge to toss his lunch, he tries. Chaos Men then had Vander take off the blindfold and told him every time he felt he was going to gag, to just lick around his cock. He did much better, and though there are some grimaces and dry heaves, he did a fine job with a very "advanced" cock.

Clyde got a boner while Vander was eating out his hot muscle ass. So maybe the tying thing worked. It sure was easy to flip him on over to suck his hard dick. Clyde doesn't wear deodorant, so Vander was in armpit piggy heaven licking his pit and sucking his cock.

See more on QCX.

TGIF - Have Fun With QC Games

Chaos Men: Carter and Kristopher - RAW
Men At Play: Conference Day - Issac Jones and Michael Troy
Corbin Fisher: Riley Fucks Trey
Legend Men: Steffen Berlin
Frat Men: Nathan
Sean Cody: Harrison
Keum Gay: Mickael
Sean Cody: Marshall and Phillip
Kellan Lutz's Balls Exposed!
QueerClick's Touch & Tease Vol. 1

Have you laid your eyes on QueerClick's inaugural game TOUCH & TEASE VOL. 1? If you haven't, please stop whatever you're working on now and get your hands on our Electrical Technician Akuhara Shoya. If you've already had some fun with him, did you think you've fully explored this Japanese slab of a hunk? There are many ways to have your way at him! Go give it a try again. :P

Keep QueerClicking and may the odds be ever be in your favor!

H0230: Tatsuyuki Okihara
Sexy Cory - Noriyuki Nishimura
Brian Wang of Fitocracy
Hot Asian Model

KeumGay: Ilman
Blow Up Paper: Matthieu Charneau
Authentic Footballers: Carlos
Luis Venegas: Matthieu Charneau
Kristen Bjorn: Jagged Mountain 2 - Augusto Figueroa, Donato Reyes, Justin Harris & Nacho Valente

19Nitten: Alexi
BFCollection: Karel
5StarBoys: Arturo
EnigmaticBoys: Val

Chaos Men: Clyde and Vander - RAW
Fetish Force: Element Eclipse and Sebastian Keys
Sean Cody: Landon and Austin Bareback
Bel Ami: Mick Lovell & Manuel Rios (Part 2)
Jake Cruise: Mario Romo

Oral Humiliation at Brutal Tops

Oral Humiliation at Brutal Tops

The Sarge and officer Fellows have taken their prisoner into the custody suite for processing. Master Toby strips off his body armour and utility belt. The stench of hot male sweat escapes as he removes his heavy protective layer. Toby knows just how to use a sloppy tongued cock whore like mr wilkins. The sub is put work lapping up the streams of sweat dripping down his Master's body, sucking wet salty beads of toil from Toby's armpit hairs and tongue bathing the Top's body all over. What a dirty little fucker this bottom is.

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RadVideo: Free DVD Weekend!


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Wank: Uniform, Cigar, Cum Eruption

Wank: Uniform, Cigar, Cum Eruption

Built like a brick house, this leather muscle daddy got geared up in his uniform and ended up shooting a pretty huge and explosive load from his 7" cock. We command you to wank with him right now! And we expect a "Sir, yes sir!" in the comments below.

More after the jump!

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Bel Ami: Kinky Angels & Joel Birkin

Bel Ami: Kinky Angels & Joel Birkin

Since Bel Ami members were all reminding G. Duroy about his promise to show a bit more of their mystery boy with the HUGE cock, they have prepared a special scene for you. G. Duroy had promised Joel that we would not use any of his content until Christmas time, so we worked out a compromise where you would get a taste of him, and he could also keep his anonymity until Christmas.

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First Auditions: Fraser

First Auditions: Fraser

Since hot masculine Fraser starred in StraightHell we've been wanting to see more of him. In the new video on FirstAuditions we see this hot hairy dude's first video. As a bisexual man he's open to anything and he's always eager to push his limits and try new things. His high sex drive dictates he gets off a couple times a day. He has a hairy well built footballer's body which must get a lot of attention in the locker room.

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College Dudes: Sean Summers Fucks Devin Adams

College Dudes: Sean Summers Fucks Devin Adams

Sean Summers heats it up with Devin Adams in a fuck scene not to be missed! Sean and Devin start off hot and heavy, and these two horny college boys do not let up until they are spent and satisfied. Not one to beat around the bush, Sean starts the action with Devin by jerking each other off and smooth sensual kissing.

More College Dudes: Sean Summers Fucks Devin Adams - Fraser Stripped - Fraser Stripped

Criminal Fraser is full of fight and spunk at Even after the officers wrestle him to the ground and yank his clothes off revealing his fit hairy body, the young offender still talks back.

More - Fraser Stripped

Amateur College Sex: Brock Fucks Olivia on QCX

Amateur College Sex: Brock Fucks Olivia

Corbin Fisher paired the newcomer muscle guy Brock with feisty CF honey Olivia, who shared that both are real life neighbors (with some unrequited fantasies they want to live out). Both have incredible bodies and are eager to get started, so CF let these two go at it.

They start kissing and quickly Brock and Olivia have their shirts off. Olivia, in a pink and black bra, wastes no time getting the muscle guy's fly unzipped and sliding her hand into the crotch of his jeans. Brock lays her back against the mattress, kissing her neck, bra and abs. He peels off her jeans revealing pink panties, kisses her mouth and neck and grinds his crotch into hers.

More Amateur College Sex: Brock Fucks Olivia on QCX.

Authentic Footballers: Carlos

Authentic Footballers: Carlos

Carlos (21) has got much more than a thick cock. He's got a pump! You need to see him cumming twice. His jizz comes out so strongly that it hits the wall behind him.

More Authentic Footballers: Carlos

Sean Cody: Landon and Austin Bareback on QCX

Sean Cody: Landon and Austin Bareback

"Wait... his dick is huge!" Austin said, his eyes wide.


"And that's going in my butt?"


That was how the day started. There was a nervous excitement in Austin's eyes.

Landon came strutting into the room, his usual confidence in full force.

More Sean Cody: Landon and Austin Bareback on QCX.

Falcon Studios: Kyle Quinn and D.O.

falcon studios kyle quinn do

D.O. and Kyle Quinn relax on the terrace kissing and groping, feeling each other's lips and hands explore each other's bodies. Kyle slides D.O.'s pants to down and begins sucking the big man's big cock. The young jock knows he's got a wild man to tame and does his best working his tongue and lips all around D.O.'s stiff staff. With his massive cock rock hard, D.O. is compelled to take charge. He attacks Kyle's ass, rimming his hole. The guys move inside and continue their tryst on top of the bed.

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KeumGay: Ilman

KeumGay: Ilman

Ilman did his first solo for not to long ago, right after he shoot this video he said he wanted to blow his first cock on camera. You can see his oral video at KeumGay.

More KeumGay: Ilman - New Boy - New Boy

In the new video at, arrogant lad Jason gets trapped in the girls' bathroom and the girls trick him into stripping naked. They steal his clothes and toss them out the window leaving the nervous boy totally exposed.

More - New Boy

Corbin Fisher: Scott Pounds Josh

Corbin Fisher: Scott Pounds Josh

Scott likes to win. And he's confident he's going to beat Josh is some frisbee golf - and the loser bottoms. Trouble is, Josh likes to win, too. And Josh manages to score after only his second throw ever!

Scott is determined to get into Josh's pants, though. He suggests a quick game of rock, paper scissors - and he beats Josh. Knowing how Josh loves to get fucked, though - we don't think he's going to have too much of a problem losing just this once...

More Corbin Fisher: Scott Pounds Josh

Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

EricDeman has a new horny video of real sportsmen fooling around in the locker room and showing off their bodies.

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QueerClick's Touch & Tease Vol. 1

QueerClick's Touch & Tease Vol. 1 Introduction


Hey guys!! Please drop whatever you are doing and gather around the water cooler. We're like REALLY excited about this announcement, and, sort of a milestone for QC. Yep, today marks the official launch of QC Games - something we've planned for a long time, but never really found the time nor the right people to bring this to fruition.

We love playing games and we feel there is a serious lack of games out in the market that are:

1) Gay
2) Fun
3) A little dirty

And so we bravely decided to venture into uncharted waters and create gay erotic games we'd like to play! There were a couple of false starts in 2011, and we were constantly distracted by the myriad of tasks on our never-ending to-do list. But, we finally zipped our pants, decided to stop wanking around, and the project picked up traction late last year. After 4 months, we are ready to publish our first game.

QC isn't a game developing company, but we found a great team of young talents to work with, stirred in our hearts and soul to make this happen. We hope you enjoy our efforts and that the games will bring some cheer to your day. Let us know what you think, and also, let us know what you'd like to see for our future game releases (targeting a release cycle of one new game each month). We'll try to incorporate your suggestions/ideas as best as we can.

Have fun QueerClicking!
Editor D

What are you waiting for? The game is waiting for you right after the jump! :)

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Hard Brit Lads: Jordan and James

hard brit lads jordan james

James was excited but nervous about the thickness of Jordans cock, having never had anything as thick as that up his arse before. The thought of it made both of them rock hard from the outset, and James wastes no time in sizing up Jordans girth meat, feeling it and gripping it, massaging it over the fabric of his shorts, and some horny mutual groping ensues.

More Hard Brit Lads: Jordan and James

Tylers Room: Trevor

tylersroom trevor

Tyler's Room is thrilled to have Trevor back for his second appearance and first ever solo! Trevor works out at the gym 5 days a week and it shows. Defiantly one of the best bodies of any model we've had on my site in a long while, not a bad cock either lol! Hope to see more of it in the future!

More Tylers Room: Trevor

PictureThis Studios: Jack Canon

picturethis studios jack

Sexy site exclusive Jack Canon is a photographers dream. He loves to get naked, he's always horny and he's impressively well hung with an awesome foreskin! Who could ask for more? Well, luckily for us he also always likes to bring something new to each of his shoots, and this time was no exception. There must be some Celtic blood in this hot studs veins as he looks every inch the sexy Scotsman, with more than the average amount of inches to show off!

More PictureThis Studios: Jack Canon

Next Door Buddies: James Jamesson and Jimmy Clay

Next Door Buddies: James Jamesson and Jimmy Clay

Sometimes it's tough doin' contract work in an automotive garage, workin' in rented space on borrowed time. Jimmy Clay's just happy to be around fellow grease monkey, James Jamesson. They're a couple of fellas who've learned the hard way the value of a dollar, but still know the importance of levity and camaraderie around the garage. Today Jimmy's sweatin' one out under the chasse of a four-wheel, all-terrain vehicle. James is up top, working the handbrake and passing down tools when Jimmy asks. Jimmy's close to being finished when he requests a screwdriver from James. When he reaches up for it, he gets a surprise he never could've imagined.

More Next Door Buddies: James Jamesson and Jimmy Clay

Rear Stable: Sean Lawrence Fucks Valentin Petrov

rear stable valentin sean

Valentin and Sean both sport horsedicks and Valentin can't wait to get Sean's hefty black stick down his gullet. Soon it's Sean deepthroating his buddy's uncut meat pole, exciting both of them so much that they begin to fuck. Positioned behind, Sean plugs Valentin's asshole with his thunder stick and thrusts in and out with fervor. Their bodies glisten with sweat as they continue fucking with Valentin now down on his back. The white Russian jacks himself off and cums while his studly black soldier screws him until he finally pulls out and creams him.

More Rear Stable: Sean Lawrence Fucks Valentin Petrov

Pole Position: Yes, Yes and Yes

Sean Cody's Marshall wins Pole Position

Oh Marshall, you're perfection. Your smile, those sexy blue eyes, furry ass crack, fat dick, pair of plum nuts... Who among us would say no to you? Please return to Sean Cody soon. We'd lurve to more of you interacting with other hotties.

Alright, enough swooning over Marshall. Time for new yummy eye candies! :D

More Pole Position: Yes, Yes and Yes

BadPuppy: Jordan Miles

badpuppy jordan

Jordan is a one helluva hot stud and is a model for a local agency. Jordan is alone in his apartment and horny as hell, so what better time than now to relieve that feeling. He sets on the couch, rubbing his body all over. He drops his blue jeans and begins stroking and massaging his cock through his underwear. He has an amazing body, from his 6 pack abs to his biceps. He whips out his hard, thick uncut cock, wraps his briefs around it and begins stroking. Jordan leans back on the couch and rubs the tip of his cock with the palm of his hand, pulling his foreskin up and down, while giving his balls some need attention.

More BadPuppy: Jordan Miles

Bel Ami: Vadim Farrell & Harris Hilton

Bel Ami: Vadim Farrell & Harris Hilton

Today we have for you two Hungarian guys in South Africa. Vadim and Harris start off the day on the beach but quickly end up back at the house getting their clothes off and getting it on. The scene was filmed by Lukas and Eliot in 2010.

More Bel Ami: Vadim Farrell & Harris Hilton

Wank: Horny Jerk Off

Wank: Horny Jerk Off

"Horny" is an understatement... This is wank session is scorching! xTuber gino-santi has a cocky attitude and the man-meat between the legs to back it up!

More after the jump!

More Wank: Horny Jerk Off

William Higgins: Janda Micka

William Higgins: Janda Micka

Janda Micka is aged 28 and comes from Frydek-Mistek. He is self-employed and in his spare time enjoys cycling. Janda looks very good as he starts his shoot. He poses a bit, so that we see his splendid body, with its six-pack. Then he drops his jeans a bit and reveals a nicely rounded ass for us.

More William Higgins: Janda Micka

Paragon Men: Jessie Colter

paragonmen jessie colter

Mischievous Jessie turns it on big time for the camera, and those crystalline blue eyes don't hurt either! This Kentucky-raised stud directs dance videos in his spare time and can get aggressive in bed. After Paragon Men spotted a few bruises on his bod (pay extra attention to his sexxxy pictoral) he said the day before he'd been on a fetish shoot. Yes, porn is punishing work!

More Paragon Men: Jessie Colter

Randy Blue: Adi Hadad

Randy Blue: Adi Hadad

Adi Hadad's energy is infectious. You can't be around him and not get all wound up and excited. He's so handsome and has this anything goes attitude that you know whatever situation we throw him into he's just going to be amazing. At 25 years old, this dark haired stud has been working the live chat like nobody's business.

More Randy Blue: Adi Hadad

Sneaky Peek Update

Sneaky Peek Update

The pervy cameraman at SneakyPeek catches a horny team of athletes drying off after a shower and suiting up.

More Sneaky Peek Update

Chaos Men: Glenn - Serviced

Chaos Men: Glenn - Serviced

Glenn gets the auspicious number of being the 1000th video. Bryan knows you'd think he would try to get ten guys in, but most of the guys won't do a gang bang scene without expecting the same pay, and heck, flying int that many dudes is way beyond his budget. Actually he's not a fan of more than 3-4 guys in a scene. Too much going on, it's visually distracting. Now, a bukkake, that has a certain appeal, but Bryan still couldn't find a way to do something spectacular. Guys don't want to fly across the country for a 100 or $200 bucks and miss 2 days of their lives.

More Chaos Men: Glenn - Serviced

Dirty Tony: Conner Chesney Drills Aiden Spar

dirty tony conner aiden

Aiden and Conner start off by sharing with each other what they like to do for fun. They both enjoy staying active, working out, and doing out-doorsy activities. Next they both decide to explore where they are ticklish. Conner begins by trying to tickle Aiden's arm; but it only affects him a little. Conner hasn't really been tickled before, so he wants to give it a shot. He kicks off his shoes and pulls off his shirt so that Aiden can explore his body - searching for the sweet spots. Aiden finds one spot on Conner's back that does the trick. They continue to strip down, trying new spots on each others' bodies.

More Dirty Tony: Conner Chesney Drills Aiden Spar

Corbin Fisher: Riley Fucks Trey

Corbin Fisher: Riley Fucks Trey

Newcomer Riley told us he liked to top. And who at CF loves bottoming more than Trey? Trey was eager to help the handsome Riley get used to being on camera.

Trey kisses Riley's nipples and massages his chest. He works his way down to Riley's jeans, pulling them down to fill his mouth with Riley's cock. Trey sucks Riley's dick as he gets his own pants unbuttoned.

More Corbin Fisher: Riley Fucks Trey

Kristen Bjorn: Jagged Mountain 2 - Augusto Figueroa, Donato Reyes, Justin Harris & Nacho Valente

Kristen Bjorn: Jagged Mountain 2 - Augusto Figueroa, Donato Reyes, Justin Harris & Nacho Valente

Jagged Mountain is just one of the most magical and hot places on earth, that even a top decide to bottom, and for two cocks at the same time.

More Kristen Bjorn: Jagged Mountain 2 - Augusto Figueroa, Donato Reyes, Justin Harris & Nacho Valente Juicy Versus Juicy

Juicy versus Juicy at

Jessie Colter conveniently walks into the living room to find his straight roommate John Magnum watching porn, jacking off and playing with his ass. Jessie knows he has a hotter ass than whatever straight porn John is watching and decides to sneak up on him pants down ass first. John is startled and a little angry at his roommate, but he'd be lying if he said he didn't like Jessie's juicy ass.

More Juicy Versus Juicy

Alpha Male Fuckers: Lucio Saints and Dolan Wolf

alpha male fuckers lucio dolan

On his first day working for Trojan's Toolmen, Lucio encounters super bottom Dolan in the locker room. Unbeknown to them Trojan is lurking nearby and enjoying the view of the two men stripping. Dolan's pale, defined and hairy body looks great against Lucio's smooth latino skin; and most of all Lucio's bulge would make any man quiver and fall on their knees. Dolan explores every inch of the latin god he has in front of him, tasting and teasing his body until Lucio reveals an amazingly big and thick 9.5" cock.

More Alpha Male Fuckers: Lucio Saints and Dolan Wolf

Frat Men: Nathan

Nathan at Frat Men

Some guys get all the luck. Good skin, nice teeth, pretty eyes, thick hair... Mostly, those kind of guys end up being runway models... or Fratmen. It certainly doesn't hurt that he has a big, hard dick.

More Frat Men: Nathan

Caption This!

Caption This!

Post your funniest comments and see who got the most votes last week!

Have a 'Caption This' pic you want published? Submit your pic or link to it HERE.

Sean Cody: Harrison

Sean Cody: Harrison

"So, you're really blushing... do you always get bright red?"

"Yeah, a lot," Harrison responsed. "For the most part I'm really shy, but when I'm horny or embarrassed I get all flustered!"

"And what are you now?"

"A little bit of both!"

You could definitely tell he was a bit flustered as he fumbled around taking his shorts off. But once they came off... well it was worth the wait!

More Sean Cody: Harrison

Legend Men: Steffen Berlin

legend men steffen berlin

Ok so what could we possible say here that isn't already illustrated by just one picture of Steffen? Seriously are there any adjectives that don't come to mind! Absolute perfection.

More Legend Men: Steffen Berlin

BullDog Pit: Marco Parelli and Bruno Flex

bulldog pit bruno marco

What a horny way to start a scene, skinhead Bruno and his massive knob get to grips with one another as he bends over and take the whole head into his own mouth!! Getting it ready for dark haired Marco, it's rock hard and ready for more throat probing. Swallowing Marco's entire delicious dick, all the way down, he swallows every inch, trying to repay the favour, Marco can't take it all in his mouth, but the bets are on that his ass can!

More BullDog Pit: Marco Parelli and Bruno Flex

Corbin Fisher: Morgan Gets Fucked

Corbin Fisher: Morgan Gets Fucked

Cute, dark-haired freshman Morgan jumps right into guy/guy action with CF Dean's Lister Kenny. The guys kiss. Kenny gets Morgan's shirt off to reveal his tight, lean body.

Morgan goes down on Kenny's cock. He eagerly swallows Kenny's shaft, sliding his mouth up and down on it, stroking his hard dick.

More Corbin Fisher: Morgan Gets Fucked

Sporty Jock Ass Beating at StraightHell on QCX

Sporty Jock Ass Beating at StraightHell on QCX

At StraightHell jock Bryan fills his days with b-ball and hanging out at diners downing milkshakes and burgers. He's teased us long enough sticking his ass up in the air showing off the pristine white of his underwear above his shorts. He's dragged him into our lair and tied up so the pervy tops can do exactly what they want with him and teach this sporty bastard some respect.

More "Sporty Jock Ass Beating at StraightHell" on QCX.

Hot House: Ty Roderick and Trenton Ducati

hot house ty trenton

Ty Roderick's sunbathing fantasy of a wet muscleman becomes a reality when Trenton Ducati swims across the pool and asks Ty to rub him down with oil. The sensuous massage gets heated when Trenton pulls down his trunks to reveal his big bubble-butt and long fat cock. Ty gets on his knees and opens wide so Trenton can pump his handsome face. The rhythmic blow job continues until Trenton bends over on the diving board and shows Ty his sweet tight hole.

More Hot House: Ty Roderick and Trenton Ducati

UK Naked Men: Harry Louis & Shane Frost

Harry & Shane at UK Naked Men

Shane Frost shows Harry Louis some hoop tricks and gets eight inches of uncut cock in him as a reward.

More UK Naked Men: Harry Louis & Shane Frost

Men At Play: Conference Day - Issac Jones and Michael Troy

Men At Play: Conference Day - Issac Jones and Michael Troy

Issac jones is back on MenAtPlay with the beefed up Michael Troy who he meets at a business conference. When Michael and Issac take a break away from the boring conference, Michael spills some of the buffet down his very smart tie and it's up to Issac to come to the rescue.

More Men At Play: Conference Day - Issac Jones and Michael Troy

Cocksure Men: John Magnum & Adam Russo

John Magnum & Adam Russo at Cocksure Men

John Magnum and Adam Russo playfully toss each other about on the bed. Both studs wear jockstraps and Adam's thick dick is clearly poking out the top as they tumble. John winds up on top of Adam and pulls the jock aside revealing an already rock hard erection.

More Cocksure Men: John Magnum & Adam Russo

Southern Strokes: Trevor and Cole

southern strokes cole trevor

Once Cole discovered that Trevor had a big cock: he immediately as to give a run at bottoming for him. SoStro wasn't real sure how these two would work because although their boy Trevor is ripped, Cole is just one big man. We guess they didn't expect for it to be such a turn on for Trevor to lay his pipe deep in a big muscled country boy.

Trevor looked flawless as always with his ripped chest and abs and his big cock showed up before him as it sprung out of his jeans to satisfy Cole's eager mouth. They could see the surprise on Cole's face as he grabbed Trevor's meat in his hand. Cole licked the precum for the tip of Trevor's cock with one quick swipe of his tongue.

More Southern Strokes: Trevor and Cole

Bel Ami: Mick Lovell & Manuel Rios (Part 2) on QCX

Bel Ami: Mick Lovell & Manuel Rios (Part 2)

After seeing that most of you liked part 1 of Bel Ami's movie with Mick Lovell and Manuel Rios, we are very happy to be able to bring you the conclusion of their sexual adventuare today. It's Mick's turn as bottom, and as we have seen from previous movies, he just loves to get fucked and even Manuel's generous proportions almost seem to not enough for him.

More Bel Ami: Mick Lovell & Manuel Rios (Part 2) on QCX.

Kellan Lutz's Balls Exposed!

Kellan Lutz tease with low rise jeans

[Update: Well it didn't take you guys long to discover that the balls belonged to those of Diogo Rodrigues (QCE coverage #1, #2 & #3) instead of our Hollywood hunk. The photo originated from Attitude Magazine taken by Matthias Vriens-McGrath. Damn, the photographer must have had a blast adjusting the briefs until the right percentage of Rodrigues' balls is exposed. What sinful fun!

Props goes to @Angel for identifying Kellan Lutz's original photo that made into this excellent Photoshop work. Great eye! And finally, the embargoed comments are published. Happy re-hashing the comments! :P]

We sure were disappointed when Kellan Lutz didn't take any sleazy photos for either his Calvin Klein X underwear campaign or his stint at The Twilight Saga. Fortunately, we've already gathered much facts about his manmeat (cut, has nice cock head, huge bulge) on the days he freeballs while on the streets of LA.

Today, we head one step closer to viewing his tool in the flesh. From the sides of a pair of very stretchable briefs, we will have a nice look at his balls! Yummy! What a great way to kick start the work day. Yay!

More Kellan Lutz's Balls Exposed!

HairyBoys: Samuel Colt and Damien Drake

hairyboyz samuel damien

Samuel and Damien find themselves in the woodshop, more interested in working each other. They rub and lick all over each other's ripped bodies until slim Latino Damien locks his lips around beefy Samuel's wood. Samuel wants a taste too, so he slurps at Damien's cock and then takes it all the way down his throat. The intensity grows and these studs are fucking fast, Damien bending over the work table and Samuel answers with hard thrusts repeatedly nailing Damien, who milks a stream of cum out of his stiff woody. Samuel answers by squeezing a load onto Damien's cock and balls.

More HairyBoys: Samuel Colt and Damien Drake

College Dudes: Hayden Richards

College Dudes: Hayden Richards

Hayden Richards is a 22 year old stud from Colorado. Almost immediately, we were taken with the sweet smile and sultry personality. Hayden strips down to reveal an amazing body that he works hard to take care of. His dick is hard in a second, and what a cock! Throbbing and hard as a brick, Hayden's cock gets due attention.

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Queerism - Scrotum Sock

Queerism - Scrotum Sock

noun: To envelop the penis by stretching the scrotal skin over the penis to form a sock.

example: "Jim was always playing with his cock and balls in the locker room, his favorite trick was to make a scrotum sock!"

Thanks to Princess Harry for this Queerism! Do you have an interesting or unusual Queerism of your own you wish to share? Submit your Queerism HERE.

Keum Gay: Mickael

Keum Gay: Mickael

Mickael has 28 years, and comes from Hungary. He is single and that was the first time a men has ever touched his cock. Right after this shoot he said he wanted to return for another massage and handjob.

More Keum Gay: Mickael

Dirty Boy Video: Public Sex!!!

dirty boy video public sex

The boys climb into a giant concrete tube and Nick pulls Owen's pants open, tugging on his stiffening cock. He falls to his knees, licking and sucking Owen's now hard dick. These horny amateur exhibitionists have their shirts off and pants around their ankles when tall, smooth blond boy Branden turns it in to a public threeway!

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Randy Blue: Diego & Jayden

Randy Blue: Diego & Jayden

Diego Sans is a wild spitfire of hot Latino passion. So it was only natural that we put him with one of our newest horny college jocks, Jayden Tyler. They wasted no time getting to the kissing. It seems like they were hot for each other long before they started the shooting.

More Randy Blue: Diego & Jayden - Lord Barkwith - Lord Barkwith

In Lord Barkwith at, a handsome naked stud exits the shower to say farewell to his girlfriend! His partner can't resist taking him in hand and drying him off herself, taking plenty of time to towel his long uncut cock, full balls and tender asshole.

More - Lord Barkwith

SpunkWorthy: Cal

spunkworthy cal

Cal is a somewhat-recent transplant to San Diego. He and his girlfriend moved here after college and decided to explore their wilder sides, including dabbling in porn. They even did a shoot for one of those dorm room hazing sites which Cal admitted, "Wasn't really our thing."

So, Cal thought he'd try his hand in the gay side of the business and got in touch about doing his first jack-off video. After seeing the 8+ inch cock swinging between his legs, SW had the cameras fired up and ready to roll in record time.

More SpunkWorthy: Cal

Dominic Ford: Sebastian and Cody

dominic ford sebastian cody

Sebastian Young makes his first appearance on DominicFord this week, and what a way to start off with a new company! He is amazing, and his scene is incredible. In it, Cody Robbinson is the luck muscle worshipper who gets to explore Sebastian's body and take his massive cock. Sebastian gives it to Cody good, and they both cum at exactly the same time! This scene is intense and is not be missed!

More Dominic Ford: Sebastian and Cody

PictureThis Studios: AJ

picturethis studios aj

Picture This Studios is frequently trying to find new excuses to do a shoot with one of their favourite sexy young studs, AJ! Not that they really need one, as he is always more than happy to quite literally drop everything when asked. Thankfully the photographer is always there to capture the results! They think he looks hotter than ever in this latest gallery, so sexy in fact that they had to include a bonus gallery of some special extra underwear shots that got taken en-route to getting some of his hottest, hardest content yet.

More PictureThis Studios: AJ

Bel Ami: Brian Bennet

Bel Ami: Fabio

Today's photoset comes under Bel Ami's category of 'Unreleased Archives'. This sensual and romantic set was taken in South Africa back in 2005 by Marty Stevens and we think shows Brian off at his very best.

More Bel Ami: Brian Bennet

Jake Cruise: Mario Romo on QCX

jake cruise mario romo

Jake is here with his new friend Mario Romo and not only is he hot, he is PACKING. Jake makes sure to get a good look at those bedroom eyes, adorable dimples and kissable lips before heading downstairs to whip out his ginormous prick. His cock is THICK. Hotter yet, Mario doesn't trim his pubes and he has a full crop.

More Jake and Mario on QCX.

Next Door Male: ATK Polish

Next Door Male: ATK Polish

ATK Polish has been stood up by his massage client yet again. Not the first time she's done this to him, ATK now has some unexpected time on his hands and needs something to fill it. Luckily, he's got the right tool to fill any hole, and he knows it. No loss, then, he decides to take out his dick and perform a little hand massage on himself. Slowly caressing and taking his time, he strokes his massive cock for a little while then lubes up and decides to fuck a fleshjack.

More Next Door Male: ATK Polish

First Auditions: Todd

First Auditions: Todd

At FirstAuditions, Todd is one of those sexy guys with an insatiable sex drive who was born to do it. Since this initial interview he's appeared in some very hot videos where he gets fucked. His naturally smooth body is well toned from frequent gym sessions.

More First Auditions: Todd

Chaos Men: Carter and Kristopher - RAW on QCX

Chaos Men: Carter and Kristopher - RAW

Bryan suspects most of the audience is a bit cynical when it comes to "first time" things, but this Carter's first time taking a cock. He was reallllly nervous before the shoot, but after meeting Kristopher, he felt a bit more at ease.

Neither guy is hung like a donkey, and Kristopher actually enjoys cocks that hit his sweet spot.

See more on QCX.

Active Duty: Dixon

active duty dixon

In Dink's interview with Dixon we learn that he hails from Tennessee, likes to drink, fight and used to do some rodeoing. He likes to work on trucks and is an all around country boy and proud of it. Dixon is 20-years old and stands 5' 11" and weighs around 160 lbs. Dink gets him out his shirt and on the bed where he is quick to unbuckle his belt and pulls out his cock. This cute country boy ain't afraid of shit and it shows. His cock stands at attention quicker than you can say "shit-kickers" and he has no problem letting us get up close and personal.

More Active Duty: Dixon

Ask QC: Low Libido, Depressed and In The Closet... Help!

Ask QC

Hi there,

So I have been seeing a guy since November, going on several months now. We see each other at least four times a week, cuddle on the couch, watch TV shows together, have inside jokes, and for all intents and purposes are dating, even though he "doesn't like labels."

Sexually, we are kind of complicated. He's diagnosed with depression, and on anti-depressants he can't keep it up. He assures me that it's not me, but one still wonders. He has since come off the pills with the guidance of his doctor, but often, he has no libido at all. So I guess all of that is problem one.

To complicate those problems, I am the first guy he has ever been with. He is not out at all, but will hold my hand in public. He recently told me that he feels wrong after every time we do anything sexually. It's not a religious hang-up, but living in the Bible Belt, that guilt comes when you are a kind of new gay. He claims that he is unsure that he is gay, but with claims about how my touch means more to him than a girl's ever has, I find it hard to believe that as a possibility, because I know how he is feeling from my first boyfriend.

On the good side he is a great guy, he is smart, into me, well-read, on a job track to a nice life, very attractive, and shares my sense of humor. I really, really care about him, and worry about these issues and his depression compounding. So QC readers, take a break from your porn and help me please. What should I do....stand by him, talk to him? If so, how do I bring up issues like these without overstepping personal bounds? How do I talk to him, and tell him about my coming out and coming to terms experiences (that I think can help him]) without seeming like I am trying to offer him propaganda?

Thanks for all of your advice,


Hi CT and thanks for writing in with your concerns and worries. Have any of you been in a similar situation? What did you do? And what's the best way to handle this? If you can help CT answer any of these questions and more, or have any other advice to offer him, then please leave your opinions, experiences, and advice in the QComments section.

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

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Sean Cody: Marshall and Phillip

Sean Cody: Marshall and Phillip

"You have such low hanging balls!" Phillip said as he saw Marshall's nuts for the first time. "They better be filled up and ready to shoot!"

We knew this was going to be fun. They had barely met and already Phillip was an agressive little cock sucker!

"Yeah... all over your face!" Marshall responded. Both of them laughed.

We were discussing some ideas for what we wanted to do. Sean Cody decided to just throw it out there...

More Sean Cody: Marshall and Phillip

Titan Men: Incubus

Titan Men's Incubus

His sanity at stake, Francois teeters between two paths. Snapping out of his nightmare, he finds himself donned in a skin-tight suit as he comes face to face with... himself. Starring into his own eyes, Francois and his twin slip on masks and clash, dropping to the ground in a grunt-filled grappling session.

More Titan Men: Incubus

Alpha Male Fuckers: Doloan Wolf

alpha male fuckers doloan wolf

We find Dolan playing with his nipples in a corner of the studio and waiting for Trojan to visit him. Trojan does not show up so Dolan decides to start without him and put on a show for us. He takes the cups off his nipples and starts playing with them. His nipples are really hardwired to his cock and soon he has to free it from his overalls and not happy with just stroking his cock he takes one of his boots off and starts hitting his cock and his balls with it. He alternates kicking his balls with sniffing his boot. Until he comes on the sole and licks it clean.

More Alpha Male Fuckers: Doloan Wolf

Maskurbate: Manuel DeBoxer Infinity Photoshoot

The Infinity Shoot at Maskurbate

Here's a behind-the-scene look at Manuel Deboxer's Infinity Photoshoot. Maskurbate shot this video directly from his camera so you could see what he saw and feel what he felt, as if you were there in the room with them.

More Maskurbate: Manuel DeBoxer Infinity Photoshoot

Southern Strokes: Workshop Bonus

southern strokes workshop bonus

SoStro's camera's captured some great moments during the filming of their Workshop Fuck with Haigan, Cole, Logan and Joey. They are bringing you some raw footage which will give you a real look at the boys as well as their filming style. Like all of their shoots, they put the naked bodies in front of the camera and then let them take it where they want to go.

More Southern Strokes: Workshop Bonus

Rear Stable: Damien Stone and Adam Herst

raging stallion damien adam

Damien Stone and Adam Herst try to warm themselves up over a burning fire. They're quickly locked in each other's arms, kissing and groping. Damien nurses on Adam's big long dick, feeling it swell up even larger with every slurp. Then to generate more heat, he tends to Adam's asshole. Both men are soon overwhelmed with fiery intensity, moving Damien to slam his engorged cock up Adam's manhole. They fuck recklessly in numerous positions totally locked and loaded with Damien churning in and out of his buddy's ass.

More Rear Stable: Damien Stone and Adam Herst

Wank: Thick Cock

Wank: Thick Cock

With such a thick cock we wonder how the hell xTuber singleandfree can get such a massive boner without passing out? His penis is a magnificent thing to behold!

More after the jump!

More Wank: Thick Cock

New Site Attack: Manhandled


Definition of MANHANDLE
transitive verb
1: to handle roughly
2: to move or manage by human force

This new site is a little edgy, and we are keeping our eye on it! These guys know what they want and aren't afraid to push the envelope. With lots of verbal tops and submissive bottoms offering up themselves up for dark pleasures Manhandled is on hell of a destination.

More New Site Attack: Manhandled

Man Royale: A Simple Touch

Man Royale: A Simple Touch

Alex Vaara has a date tonight. Luke Hass is coming over to give Alex some special attention. Alex leaves his door unlocked with a note attached that says, "The bath is ready. I'm waiting." Luke goes into the bathroom to find Alex naked in the bathtub.

More Man Royale: A Simple Touch

Amateur College Sex: Cameron and Roman's Bi Tag Team on QCX

Amateur College Sex: Cameron and Roman's Bi Tag Team

Class clown Cameron and new coed Tiffany give burly new freshman Roman his first bi tag team orientation. And Roman catches on quickly!

Cameron and Roman get the party started by sharing Tiffany between them kissing her and caressing her breasts beneath her purple bra. Eager Cameron sneaks a peek at a nipple and kisses it with a quick suck. The three of them strip - Roman reveals his well-built chest and arms, Cameron his amazing abs, and Tiffany her perky tits. Her purple bra falls to the floor and the two guys briefly kiss her breasts, before they kiss each other. Cameron fills Tiffany's mouth with his stiff cock. She sucks his cock while Roman watches. Roman goes to work on Cameron's cock, sucking it hard as Cameron strokes the back of his head.

More Amateur College Sex: Cameron and Roman's Bi Tag Team on QCX.

Straight Fraternity: Axel and Brian

straight fraternity axel brian

It's may be Brian's first time, but by the end of the day he's got his dick in Axel's hole and much more.

More Straight Fraternity: Axel and Brian 2 AM Booty Call

2 am Booty Call at shares some fun—Tommy Defendi (CockyBoys Exclusive) just wants to get some sleep before his early class tomorrow but Marc Dylan has other ideas and knocks on Tommy's dorm room for 2am booty call.

More 2 AM Booty Call

Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off: Mark

straight australian guys jacking mark

Clean cut, preppy looking Mark is a Rugby players from South Africa, now living in Australia. He is full of exuberance. He was very nervous once he got his pants off, so nervous in fact he couldn't even get a hard on but when they got him to the glory hole it was no problem. Pulling out he could stop himself blowing any longer..

More Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off: Mark

Man Avenue: Ari

man avenue ari

After he shows off for the cameras a bit, Ari sits back in his chair, throws his leg up on the desk and blows his sticky, gooey cum on himself and lets it drip down his throbbing dick. He stands up, gives us another flex or two...then be sure to catch that last bit of cum drip from his cock as he's walking away. Holy shit...

More Man Avenue: Ari

BadPuppy: Blake Savage

badpuppy blake savage

20 year old Blake Savage comes to us from Cleveland, Ohio. Blake identifies himself as heterosexual, but is self admittedly Gay4Pay. His girlfriend is also in the adult industry, currently filming girl on girl action. Blake is here to jack off just for you! He slowly strips down to his jock strap, rubbing his ass and stroking his cut cock, as he leans back onto the bed. He stands, removing the jock strap and kneels at the foot of the bed, with his ass facing the camera. Bent over he strokes and tugs down on his cock and balls, pulling it through the back side of his legs.

More BadPuppy: Blake Savage

Xtra Inches: Tom Wolfe, Parker Perry and Aybars

xtra inches parker tom aybars

Tom Wolfe finds cowboys Parker Perry and Aybars making out and blowing each other, and he can't help but watch from a distance, wanting in on the action. He approaches and the duo welcome him to their tailgating session, and Parker soon has two cocks in his mouth. It's not long before Parker is getting his hot hairy ass rimmed by Tom, who fucks Parker good and hard while Parker has his lips wrapped around Aybars' meat. Aybars and Tom lay parker on his back and Tom sits his amazing ass on Parkers face and spreads Parker's legs wide so Aybars can pummel his ass. This cowboy three-way ends in a trio of cum shots you soon won't forget.

More Xtra Inches: Tom Wolfe, Parker Perry and Aybars

Next Door Buddies: Adam Pain, Rylan Shaw and Angelo Romani

Next Door Buddies: Adam Pain, Rylan Shaw and Angelo Romani

The first rule of Fuck Club is tell all your friends! Adam Pain has been working hard to get his new sex club off the ground. He's enlisted the help of his buddies Rylan Shaw and Angelo Romani. They like the concept Adam's going for with this new hangout so they've agreed to help him move in the new furniture, but all this work has made them HORNY! Adam's been cracking the whip all day, making both of them work as quickly as possible. When Rylan and Angelo feel they've reached a good stopping point, they decide to entice Adam into taking a break.

More Next Door Buddies: Adam Pain, Rylan Shaw and Angelo Romani

New This Week on

big daddy 04 14

You have to love mega sites! It's like a Vegas style buffet with so much to chose from and BigDaddy has all of your needs covered. Just make sure to leave room for desert.

More New This Week on

Ruggerbugger: James Haskell

James Haskell at Ruggerbugger

Ruggerbugger has a video of hot English rugby union player James Haskell buck naked. The 26 year old dirty-blonde heart throb has a perfect muscular physique which appears intimidating. But off the field this hulking powerhouse shows a softer side when he cracks a winning smile.

More Ruggerbugger: James Haskell

TimTales: Lucio Saints and Italo

TimTales: Lucio Saints and Italo

TimTales found this new hot bottom man called Italo. This was his first porn shoot ever, but he was absolutely stunning. And look at his ass! Perfection!

More TimTales: Lucio Saints and Italo

COLT Studio Group: Jay Roberts and Adrian Long

colt studio group adrian long jay roberts

Sitting side by side on the couch, handsome studs Jay Roberts and Adrian Long can't resist each other. Passionately kissing and groping their hard bulges the clothes begin to come off as they lose themselves in each other. Jay licks and nibbles every inch of Adrian's fit muscular torso as he slowly unwraps that present between Adrian's legs. More kissing, more stripping, more licking and stroking... all leading up to a whole lot of sucking. Taking turns the devour each other's thick and meaty, uncut cocks.

More COLT Studio Group: Jay Roberts and Adrian Long

Sean Cody: Abe(2)

Sean Cody: Abe(2)

"So, you're fucking huge. How tall are you?"

"Six foot three," Abe replied confidently.

He is huge. For a 22 year old, he's got a lot of muscle on him!

More Sean Cody: Abe(2)

JockButt: Mike Morelli

jockbutt mike morelli

Beefy, heavily muscled latin stud Mike has a musclebutt you'll want to dive in to!

More JockButt: Mike Morelli

New Site Attack: PictureThis Studios

picturethis studios

So this gem of a site popped up on our radar and we were really intrigued. Hot British guys, excellent photosets and hours of HD video for your enjoyment. And enjoy you will! Stop by and check it out, and look for coverage commencing this weekend.

More New Site Attack: PictureThis Studios

Dirty Tony: Matty Demerit and Clayton Archer

dirty tony clayton matty

Matty Demerit is one sexy stud with an urban flavor. This newbie to the screen is tall, muscular, and very handsome. When they first met, he said he was a man of many talents. Tony knew just the guy who can bring out the best in his fellow man: Clayton Archer. It turns out that Matty is a hip hop dance instructor, Clayton is always on the lookout for something new to his veteran palate and wants Matty to show him a move or two.

More Dirty Tony: Matty Demerit and Clayton Archer

Randy Blue: Johnny & Spencer

Randy Blue:  Johnny & Spencer

Just a few moments before publishing this post, we had a chat with Spencer Jones about his first scene with another guy. When the interview first started, he said that although the experience wasn't too bad, he didn't exactly enjoy it because he identifies himself as a straight guy. However after probing on, he admitted Johnny Hazzard is a hungry bottom, and it was actually really hot to fuck his ass. Spencer also told us that he will be shooting another gay for pay scene in a couple of weeks. But guys, don't get your hopes up. He concluded he is not going to bottom anytime soon. Aww...

More Randy Blue: Johnny & Spencer

TGIF - Zac Efron Is Such a Cock Tease

Men At Play: Introducing Spencer Reed
Next Door Male: Mario Romo
Aron Matthew From SpunkWorthy Naked on IAU
English Lads: Jay A Slip at the Car Wash
Fratmen SUCKS! Cole & Fynn
Frat Men: The Mystery of Archer
Sean Cody: Troy and Austin
Sean Cody: Gregory(2)
Zac Efron Sydney Cock Pix Leaked and Debunked

First came the belated Easter present, with shots of Zac Efron's nude frontals revisiting Planet Unicorn. Then Mr. Cockthrob took it away from us when it was revealed by global operatives that the photo manipulated ingeniously. Aww Zac... Quit teasing us already. Be as kind as your ex and lose your handphone already. :P We need photos of those family jewels!

Fortunately we have so many other hotties offering themselves this week. From SpunkWorthy's Aron Matthew, to the abso-cute-ly adorable Gregory. They're so yummy, aren't they?

肌肉王牌会所江帆 Chengdu Escort Jiang Fan
肌肉王牌会所刘建中 Shanghai Escort Liu Jian Zhong
Basketballer 10
Hot Asian Daddy
Hot Scene

Authentic Footballers: Martin
Sam Scott Schiavo: Norbi
Kristen Bjorn: Nicolas Taxman & Stany Falcone
Bang Bang Boys: Marcello Mastro, George & Lucas Fox
Terry Richardson: Los Gemelos Patriota

Gay Teen Studio: Vitas
Teens Boys World: Lavey
19Nitten: Niko
EnigmaticBoys: Marcel
Bel Ami: Fabio

Chaos Men: Chip and Valentino - RAW
KeumGay: Tommy & Kevin Bareback
Bel Ami: Mick Lovell & Manuel Rios (Part 1)
Amateur College Sex: Damon Drills Ashley
Sean Cody: Jarek and Brice Bareback

Unnecessarily Cruel Police Brutality at Brutal Tops

Unnecessarily Cruel Police Brutality at Brutal Tops

Posh boy solicitor rupert is in the custody suite of the local nick to see one of the prisoners, but nasty coppers Master Derek and Master Toby want to make sure he's not smuggling drugs or contraband in to the cells.

More Unnecessarily Cruel Police Brutality at Brutal Tops

Chaos Men: Chip and Valentino - RAW on QCX


Valentino is back and he is big and bulky in this video! Very manly! And with Chip's build next to Valentino, the Daddy/Boy thing is really in evidence and well-played.

Valentino IS naturally bossy, and Chip can be fairly passive. These two fit very well together. Valentino is telling him what to do and Chip eagerly sucks on his muscle daddy's fat stiff cock. His cock IS stiff too. He penetrates Chip with no mercy, plunging in and out with no hands. He even buries his cock deep and rolls it around, making Chip feel all of his girth.

See more on QCX.

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

With a swimmer build, a Jersey Shore-esque look, and a magnificent set of low hangers, trust us, you have to see those, this frequent GWiP'er has found his way into our hearts and lower regions.

More after the jump!

More QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

First Auditions: Jonny

First Auditions: Jonny

At FirstAuditions, newly single man Jonny is eager to embark on a new career in porn now that he has his independence back. An unusually romantic straight lad he is most turned on by some gentle caressing and kissing. As a keen footballer he has a trim hard muscular body.

More First Auditions: Jonny

College Dudes: Scott Isaac Fucks Patrick Hand

College Dudes: Scott Isaac Fucks Patrick Hand

Scott Isaac and his big cock meet Patrick Hand and his amazing bubble butt in this hot fuck! Patrick has a nice body and a great ass - it is even better that he always seems hungrier for dick than he he was the last time we saw him. Scott understands this and gives it to Patrick hardcore. Scott - with his raging boner, gives Patrick head and then shoves his own dick into Patrick's willing mouth.

More College Dudes: Scott Isaac Fucks Patrick Hand - Exam Day - Exam Day

At, the students sit down to take their exam and are left unsupervised by their teacher. The girls are fed up with pig-headed boy David so teach him a lesson stripping him down naked and writing insults on his dick and ass despite his feeble protesting.

More - Exam Day

KeumGay: Tommy & Kevin Bareback on QCX

KeumGay: Tommy & Kevin Bareback on QCX

It was a great first time for the straight boy Tommy. It was his first time with another guy and also the first time he ever had sex without a condom. Kevin certainly had an amazing time popping Tommy's cherry.

More KeumGay: Tommy & Kevin Bareback on QCX.

Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off: Derick

straight austrlian guys jacking derick

Young soon to be apprentice tradie Derick is a real sports jock. His favorites are Rugby union, Soccer and Surfing. He has a real All Australian Boy look; with his blokey Aussie voice. Friendly Masculine attitude and large, hard cock with a big foreskin. All this combines to make Derick - one hot young man !!

More Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off: Derick

Men At Play: Introducing Spencer Reed

Men At Play: Introducing Spencer Reed

When this beefy mountain of muscles entered the MenAtPlay studios, the whole crew couldn't wait to see him get the MAP makeover.

More Men At Play: Introducing Spencer Reed

Falcon Studios: Erik Rhodes and Marc Dylan

falcon studios erik rhodes marc dylan

The massive, muscled Erik Rhodes is getting his huge meat sucked and stroked by hot commodity, Marc Dylan. Erik stands over the kneeling Marc and fucks his throat well, jabbing his huge pole into Marc's eager mouth. It's not long before the action gets super intense with Erik holding Marc's mouth open so he can really fuck it hard, and Marc takes it like a champ and welcome Erik spitting into his mouth in between jam sessions. Erik tosses Marc over onto a table and continues on his dick in mouth assault on Marc, who's head is hanging over the side of the table. Marc stands on the table and Erik goes for his cock and balls, deepthroating Marc while he holds his balls tight.

More Falcon Studios: Erik Rhodes and Marc Dylan

Corbin Fisher: Marc Pounds Duncan

Corbin Fisher: Marc Pounds Duncan

Duncan was surprised how much he enjoyed getting fucked by Cain. In fact, he couldn't wait to do it again! And what better partner than the sensuous and sexy Marc!

Marc kisses Duncan and helps him off with his shirt. He nibbles and kisses Duncan's lean chest while Duncan rubs Marc's cock through his jeans. Marc lays Duncan on down and continues to kiss Duncan's luscious nipples.

More Corbin Fisher: Marc Pounds Duncan - Oliver Violated - Oliver Violated

The uniformed officers at know there's no better way to get a wild untamed lad to submit than bend him over and shove a finger up his ass. Oliver's big pink cheeks show handprints nicely as the officers aggressively manhandle him.

More - Oliver Violated

Bel Ami: Mick Lovell & Manuel Rios (Part 1) on QCX

Bel Ami: Mick Lovell & Manuel Rios (Part 1)

Today we have a special treat for you. Boys go-carting!.... Well that's not the actual treat. The special part is that the guys go-carting are none other than Manuel Rios and Mick Lovell, and that Mick follows up showing off his driving skills with his skills in topping the ever eager Manuel.

This is the first part of a 2 part scene filmed by Bel Ami's Canadian crew in Budapest last year, and the first time that they feature Mick in a condom free scene.

More Bel Ami: Mick Lovell & Manuel Rios (Part 1) on QCX.

Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

EricDeman has a horny new video invading the changing rooms of an eastern European army camp. It's all out in the open as the muscular lads strut around naked or in tight underwear chatting casually.

More Eric Deman Update

Amateur College Sex: Damon Drills Ashley on QCX

Amateur College Sex: Damon Drills Ashley

Ashley & new freshman Damon kiss. Ashley takes the lead by removing his shirt. Damon strips off her shirt and bra, sucking on her nipples. Ashley feels his throbbing cock beneath his fly. They lay down across the comforter and continue to kiss.

She pulls off his jeans and rubs his hot cock beneath his black boxers. He breathes heavily as she strokes it, then jumps up to remove her jeans and panties at the same time. He is rock hard beneath his boxers as he enjoys her nipples again and moves down to eat her out. He tongues her pussy hungrily. "That feels good," she tells him.

More Amateur College Sex: Damon Drills Ashley on QCX.

You Love Jack: Jack & Chance

Jack & Chance at You Love Jack

Chance took one look at Jack's solo and knew he had to have that cute little twinks rock hard cock down his talented throat. We made a couple of calls and the rest is history!

More You Love Jack: Jack & Chance

Cocky Boys: Gabriel Clark and Bobby Long

cockyboys gabriel bobby

"You know what we do here at Cockyboys when we get a smaller guy with a bigger guy like me?" asked Gabriel Clark as he looked at his next victim- Bobby Long. "TOTAL DOMINATION!". Bobby's little heart curled up inside him as his hole kept getting violated with no mercy. Minutes later, Bobby is flying across the room, thrown by Gabriel like he's a nothing, landing on the bed - face down, ass up. This is the ultimate domination scene and Gabriel is at his worst behavior! If you're a fan of Gabriel's (which is basically all of you), then this one is NOT to be missed!

More Cocky Boys: Gabriel Clark and Bobby Long

FreshSX: Andy Lee

freshsx andy lee

Andy Lee is a hot, muscled straight stud from Ireland, with a monster nine inch cock. He is hard right from the start of his shoot, jacking off to the camera. As he plays with a Fleshjack we get to see his amazing body and huge cock getting even harder. He cums over the bed in a stream of never ending jizz in one of the biggest cum shots ever seen.

More FreshSX: Andy Lee

Active Duty: Colton and Nick Gunner

active duty nick colton

Colton returns for round two and I'm chatting him up a little before Dink leaves him in Nick Gunner's care. It takes about one minute for Nick to start pulling Colton's pants off. He's right down to business as he watches Colton strip his clothes off you can tell he's excited with the package he's about to tear into. He wastes no time getting right to the heart of matters as he kisses Colton's neck and chest as he works his way down to that nice cock. Nick is taking pride in how he works that dick with his mouth as he talks to Colton's dick, telling it to get on up for him. And it listens. Nick Gunner takes off his watch and from there the blow job he's giving Colton does the trick.

More Active Duty: Colton and Nick Gunner

Austin Wilde: Austin and Connor Chesney

Austin Wilde: Austin and Connor Chesney

Austin Wilde is back with the fairest of them all: Connor Chesney and his lily white ass. This is an ass that has never seen the light of day, and Austin cannot wait to get his hands all over it. Sensing his hesitance, Austin starts to ham it up a bit, cracking jokes, and he even suggests a naked push up contest to break the ice. Connor seems to be enjoying himself, and like the saying goes, "It's all fun and games 'til Austin pulls his dick out."

More Austin Wilde: Austin and Connor Chesney

Breaking: Zac Efron Sydney Cock Pix Leaked + Full Image Set Download

Breaking: Zac Efron Sydney Cock Pix

[Update 2: QC's forensics department has deconstructed the images and gave us a video walkthrough of how the original was manipulated. Watch our very own virgin MythBuster episode at the bottom of the post! :P]

[Update: Well, it didn't take long for our sharp-eye QClickers to turn down Zac Efron's serving of faux eggs and sausages. We're releasing the embargo on your comments. ♥]

Well, it's all over the Internet by now that Zac Efron was seen on the balcony of his Sydney Park Hyatt suite over the weekend. Everyone has shot of his Calvin Klein briefs, some has photos of Zac having his personal Easter egg hunt *scratch scratch sniff sniff*, others have his exposed left bum.

Looks like WE ARE The Lucky One [sic]. QC will be sharing with you clear shots of his eggs AND sausage. Ready for breakfast guys?

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Sean Cody: Jarek and Brice Bareback on QCX

Sean Cody: Jarek and Brice Bareback

"I may be the bottom here but I'm in charge."

Brice was feeling very confident and very happy. Both he and Jarek seemed to be in a very good mood.

Jarek was teasing Brice about being ticklish. Brice swore up and down that he is not ticklish at all!

More Sean Cody: Jarek and Brice Bareback on QCX.

Pole Position: Man-Style Beef Stew

Next Door Male's Paul Wagner Wins Pole Position

Mr Perfection Paul Wagner kills the competition with his beefy furry ass. He's the perfect naked gardener tending to our flowers, the warm body lying next to us on the bed, the perfect father of our child.

Are you ready for our secret recipe to Man-Style Beef Stew? Get ready your Kleenex and let's get messy.

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Authentic Footballers: Martin

Authentic Footballers: Martin

Martin is a teammate of many other authentic footballers. However, it took a long time for AF to persuade him. The reason was that he did not want, under any reason, to display his asshole.

More Authentic Footballers: Martin

Chaos Men: Allen and Booker - Serviced?

Chaos Men: Allen and Booker - Serviced?

Yet another Serviced video that gets out of hand.

Booker has done video work before, but Chaos Men wanted to see how he was on set working with another guy. Booker was eager to show off his Topping skills, and Allen, well, he was pretty horny before the shoot.

So they intended this to be a Serviced video. Starting the video off like they normally do. Allen can really suck a dick, and he had Booker all charged-up and super hard with his sloppy blow job. Both guys liked eating ass, and after Allen eats out Booker's hole, Booker was ready to return the favor.

More Chaos Men: Allen and Booker - Serviced?

The Guy Site: Rico

the guy site rico

Rico is a hot Latin guy with a big uncut cock. He's also got a great personality and is quite lovable. Unfortunately, he's straight. On the other hand, we're lucky he's a stripper in a gay bar. He didn't didn't mind at all getting naked and jacking that big cock of his till dropping his load hands free.

More The Guy Site: Rico

Austin Zane: Zack Adams

austinzane zack adams

Appearing naked online for the first time ever, here is Zack Adams in all his glory! He's just 19 years old, was home-schooled in South Dakota, and wanted to try something crazy! We can't wait for you to see his first few partner scenes that he's filmed with Austin Zane so you can see just how crazy he got!

More Austin Zane: Zack Adams

Randy Blue: Cole Markum

Randy Blue: Cole Markum

When you have a personal trainer as hot as Cole Markum it's a wonder you'll ever get any working out done. On the other hand, the way your pulse quickens, your body sweats and your cock throbs when he starts flexing those college jock muscles of his, and all the jerking off you'll be doing thinking of him once you get home, well it's gotta be good for a cardio workout.

More Randy Blue: Cole Markum

Sneaky Peek Update

Sneaky Peek Update

The SneakyPeek voyeur has a shower-mounted camera secretly filming a muscular Latino cleaning himself off after a sweaty game. Thinking he's completely alone he spends some time pulling on his dick as well as washing himself as if he's toying with the idea of having a wank.

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Bang Bang Boys: Marcello Mastro, George & Lucas Fox

Bang Bang Boys: Marcello Mastro, George & Lucas Fox

Bang Bang Boys got an ultimate tag-team for us in this threeway video featuring Marcello Mastro, George Carioca and Lucas Fox. It's lucky Lucas who gets to play bottom for his muscled Latino buddies, and there's barely a moment where he doesn't have cock stuffed into both his holes.

More Bang Bang Boys: Marcello Mastro, George & Lucas Fox

Corbin Fisher: Kent and Harley's Flip Fuck

Corbin Fisher: Kent and Harley's Flip Fuck

What have Kent and Harley not done yet? A flip fuck! Okay, so you read the title and guessed that. Bet you can also guess how hot it's going to be!

Kent has proven time and again why he made it to the Dean's List so quickly. Aside from his sexy body, adorable face and eager attitude, his aggressive yet tender sensuality is always hot to watch.

Harley is one of the most-easy-going and affable young men we've met in a while. He's jumped whole-heartedly into his CF education. With Kent as a mentor, this flip-fuck promises to be one of the hottest yet!

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Aron Matthew From SpunkWorthy Naked on IAU

Aron Matthew From SpunkWorthy Naked on IAU

The recent string of celebs and d-listers that got their pics leaked to IAU is impressive. But now, we can add a new sub-category, porn dudes with leaked pics, yes people you read that right. And the first one we discovered, and probably not the last one, with a personal set of leaked pics is recent SpunkWorthy stud Aron Matthews!

Reveal after the jump!

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Frat Men: The Mystery of Archer

Archer at Frat Men

Usually Frat Men tells us a little about their latest guy. But things are a little different with Archer. There's just a name—Archer. We can deduct the obvious, this guy loves to skate and he's abundantly sexy and furry. But the rest is up to our imagination. Where did this stud come from?

More Frat Men: The Mystery of Archer

Kristen Bjorn: Nicolas Taxman & Stany Falcone

Kristen Bjorn: Nicolas Taxman & Stany Falcone

When we have two hunks like Nicolas Taxman and Stany Falcone on the screen words are just pointless. Just sit back and enjoy.

More Kristen Bjorn: Nicolas Taxman & Stany Falcone

Corbin Fisher: Brock

Corbin Fisher: Brock

Brock's a bit of an exhibitionist - and he's been waiting for a chance to show off. Corbin Fisher is glad to give this ruggedly handsome guy the chance to show off his assets!

Brock likes girls primarily but he admits he can find a defined muscular guy attractive. Probably because he's so buff himself! The first time Brock jacked off he was 14 or 15 - but he didn't end up having sex until he was 18.

More Corbin Fisher: Brock

Butch Dixon: Bruno Knight and Issac Jones

butch dixon bruno issac

Fire breathing Bruno Knight, takes the temperature soaring as a lycra clad Issac Jones hangs from the circus hoop. The muscular, studs grapple until Issac finds he's loosing the lycra. Bruno feats on his tender hole and hard dick before sliding his own thick, uncut tool right up to the bollocks in Issac's fuck hole.

More Butch Dixon: Bruno Knight and Issac Jones

Bel Ami: Alex Orioli & Erik Bouna on QCX

Bel Ami: Alex Orioli & Erik Bouna

Bel Ami's clip today with Alex and Erik was filmed in Cape Town by their fearless Canadian duo during our summer trip there in 2010. They always used to wonder what happened to all the fruit whenever Erik would visit, and we suppose they now know. :P

More Bel Ami: Alex Orioli & Erik Bouna on QCX.

Men Over 30: Ricky Sinz & Marxel Rios

Ricky Sinz & Marxel Rios at Men Over 30

Marxel's phone goes off and as he goes to answer it, Ricky beats him to it. Marxel begs him to give him back his phone while Ricky teases him about who could be calling him. Ricky wrestles him to the ground and sits on his chest and starts to go through Marxel's pics and teases him more about the cock pics he has on it. Ricky decides he'll give Marxel something but it won't be his phone. He takes out his cock and slides it into Marxel's mouth as Marxel starts to suck his dick. Ricky slaps his cock on Marxel's tongue for a bit before feeding him some more. Ricky then stands and loses his jeans and gets right back in that hot mouth as he assumes a push up position over Marxel's face and starts to fuck his throat. He can't get enough as he buries that meat and soon flips around and puts that ass of his in Marxel's face.

More Men Over 30: Ricky Sinz & Marxel Rios

Cocksure Men: Ty & Troy

Ty & Troy at Cocksure Men

Ty Roderick has a deep, booming voice and a big, thick cock. He's already hard before his dick is out of his underwear but that doesn't stop Troy Collins from getting on his knees and getting him even harder. Troy also has a raging hard-on even before Ty's lips meet his shaft. After Ty has his fill of Troy's cock he has him get on his knees so he can eat Troy's sweet asshole. Troy can't wait for Ty's meat-stick to ram his hole.

More Cocksure Men: Ty & Troy

Caption This!

Caption This!

Post your funniest comments and see who got the most votes last week!

Have a 'Caption This' pic you want published? Submit your pic or link to it HERE.

College Dudes: Devin Adams Fucks Kenny Coors

College Dudes: Devin Adams Fucks Kenny Coors

Kenny Coors was eager to meet Devin Adams and make a great show together. Kenny has been getting better than ever at taking dick, and this fuck shows how far he has come! Devin begins to get Kenny riled up, and soon Devin is on Kenny's cock. Kenny loves Devin's tongue licking around his head and Devin's lips pursed around his shaft. Kenny wants a taste, too, and he is on his knees with a mouthful of Devin's pole in no time at all.

More College Dudes: Devin Adams Fucks Kenny Coors - Mr Roberts - Mr Roberts

In Mixed Swimming II at, horny Mr Roberts visits a married woman he is having an affair with. He strips completely naked for the woman whose husband unexpectedly returns home.

More - Mr Roberts

Making a Hetero Cum at StraightHell on QCX

Making a Hetero Cum at StraightHell on QCX

Hetero stud Fraser is strung up in nothing but his pristine tighty-whities so he's helpless to resist Adrian's pervy advances to his hairy masculine body.

More "Making a Hetero Cum at StraightHell" on QCX.

Paragon Men: Jake Wills

paragon men jake wills

Jake's got brains, personality and we're his first time! He's a nude-modeling (now non) virgin from the brotherly-love land of Philly. After filming a supercharged erotic light touching video, we're sure his success on the site will bring him back for the explosives! On the romantic side, Jake is so saccharine sweet he once led a girlfriend via a trail of candies that ended in her bedroom full of teddy bears. For the record, she was of age!

More Paragon Men: Jake Wills

English Lads: Jay

Jay at English Lads

What is it about these straight lads, they wont ever let a real cock slide into their hole but they are happy to push their boundaries and stretch their asses with some massive great dildos?! Jay is great today at starting with some small ones, beads, vibrators go up and down and then he plunges the massive blue thing into his hole, pulls it out, plugs it in an inch and pulls it away. He repeats this horny plunging in and out of his hole before managing to get a whole heap of it up his expanding hole.

More English Lads: Jay

HairyBoyz: Wilfried Knoght and Kennedy Carter

hairyboyz wilfried kennedy

Wilfried Knight and Kennedy Carter take their minds off military matters with a massage that eventually leads to some affectionate kissing. The big GI then sucks his buddy's prick, deepthroating the shaft all the way down to its base. Kennedy gets so excited that he quickly assumes cocksucking duty, down on his knees and bent forward so Wilfried can reach over and play with his ass. Wilfried targets Kennedy's rear even more, spreading the smooth cheeks apart so his tongue can dig deep to lick the wet hole, juicing it up for a fat cock invasion. They fuck fast and hard before flipping so Kennedy can pound Wilfried's asshole in return.

More HairyBoyz: Wilfried Knoght and Kennedy Carter

Next Door Male: Mario Romo

Next Door Male: Mario Romo

[Split Identity Update: Ah... So Mario was also Francisco in Sean Cody. We have @AJ to thank for the identification. All his past actions after the jump.]

Here's a solo session you won't soon forget. He's in the gym, pumping up and blowing off some much built up steam. Join him as he gets a nice swell going in every muscle in his body, including his fat cock! Mario keeps it very spicy, speaking in Spanish while he pleasures himself. His passion and intensity jumps right out of the scene. But be warned, this amazing hunk is muy caliente!

More Next Door Male: Mario Romo

Scary Fuckers: Mr. Blade and Rick Boy on QCX

scary fuckers mr blade rick boy

Mr. Blade creeps around the prison basement looking for Rick Boy, the prison slave, who has been locked up and kept for the sole purpose of his amusement. Mr. Blade approaches Ricks cell aggressively and noisily wakes him by banging on the metal bars with his nightstick. Rick Boy pretends to remain sleeping as he knows what's coming. Mr. Blade begins to humiliate Rick by tossing a bucket of water on him, leaving him soaked and cold.

More Scary Fuckers on QCX.

KeumGay: Christopher

KeumGay: Christopher

Christopher was showering at the gym when the producer of KeumGay met him. His body was so amazingly hot that he couldn't waste one minute, and while they were both naked at the locker room, the producer in invited Christopher to do an erotic video.

More KeumGay: Christopher

Naked Sword: Dylan Hyde and Cole Streets

naked sword dylan cole

Dylan and Cole have been together for a couple years and, although they love each other, Cole thinks that Dylan is addicted to porn. Dylan just likes watching porn and doesn't see the problem; Cole still feels like he's just not enough though. In the spirit of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em", Cole surprises Dylan with a video camera and suggests that they shoot their own porn. Watch the steaming hot results!

More Naked Sword: Dylan Hyde and Cole Streets

Randy Blue: Nick & Trevor

Randy Blue: Nick & Trevor

There is something really exciting when you get to watch two guys getting it on and one just totally takes charge of the situation. Nick Sterling knew he was going to have fun with Trevor Tripp the minute he laid eyes on him and decided to just use him as his own personal sex toy. He gently glides his huge throbbing cock right down Trevor's throat, carefully guiding his head with his hand.

More Randy Blue: Nick & Trevor

Queerism - Clomo

Queerism - Clomo

noun: A state of concealment about ones homosexuality. Term often used together with Narnians.

example: "God, there are so many clomo's here. So far in the closet, they could be Narnians".

Thanks to 'The Abester' for this Queerism! Do you have an interesting or unusual Queerism of your own you wish to share? Submit your Queerism HERE.

Sean Cody: Gregory(2)

Sean Cody: Gregory(2)

Gregory really went out of his way to be as creative as possible.

"What if I straddle this chair?" he asked, pointing at a random piece of furniture. "I bet that would turn people on!"

We knew that he was going to be fun! In fact, we spent a lot of time trying to get him to stop cracking jokes. Really cheesy jokes at that!

More Sean Cody: Gregory(2)

Wank: Tie Time

Wank: Tie Time

Someone who's eager to show off his cock and likes to keep his sense of fashion while wanking always gets extra points in our book. The bow tie is super adorable but the juicy manhood is quite impressive.

More after the jump!

More Wank: Tie Time

Chaos Men: Glenn

Chaos Men: Glenn

Glenn's eye glow super blue! Glenn is somewhat local, so he drove over to Chaos Men one late evening after a full day of work. He does construction of sorts, so he is pretty much scraped up good from all that hard labor.

More Chaos Men: Glenn

Island Studs: Paul

Paul at Island Studs

Paul is a sexy straight blue-collar daddy with a creamy-white ass, nice furry chest and hairy arm pits. His rough voice and hands come from years working in a dirty garage underneath cars as the Island's favorite auto mechanic!

More Island Studs: Paul

Jake Cruise: Aslan Brutti and Carlos Cantor

jake cruise aslan carlos

Time to shake it up with Aslan Brutti and Carlos Cantor. It was a gorgeous day so we decided to take the action outdoors and film at a secluded backwoods. Our smooth and lean studs get right to it, kissing and undressing each other passionately. Both Aslan and Carlos immediately have raging hard-ons which promptly find each others mouths. The guys throw down a towel and get comfortable 69'ing one another before Aslan shoves his thick dick in Carlos' tight ass.

More Jake Cruise: Aslan Brutti and Carlos Cantor

Circle Jerk Boys: Jessie & Jake

Jessie & Jake at Circle Jerk Boys

Jessie is every size queen's wet dream and this hung top boy's been known to make several grown men cry (...for all the right reasons). Today, to do a lot more than swoon at the sight of that big dick is Jake Lyons. Jake is reading in the couch when Jessie walks in and decides he has a better idea. He takes the book out of his hand and undoes his jeans and shows Jake just what he has planned. You don't have to ask Jake twice as he starts tonguing Jessie's tight red briefs. Sure enough one minute he's licking cotton the next he's licking uncut Florida meat. Jake is soon getting that pretty face of his fucked by Jessie and that monster meat. Jake isn't one to complain.

More Circle Jerk Boys: Jessie & Jake

Dominic Ford: Tristan Jaxx and Phillip Aubrey

dominic ford tristan phillip

Tristan Jaxx (and his monster cock) makes his first appearance this week on DominicFord. Taking his enormous cock is not easy, but Phillip Aubrey (who is looking better than he has ever looked) is up for the challenge. The two can't get enough of each other, and the two fuck like mad! And then there are monster cumshots like you won't believe!

More Dominic Ford: Tristan Jaxx and Phillip Aubrey

VideoBoys: Ben Rose and Johan Lapointe

videoboys ben rose johan lapointe

Ben Rose has all the makings of a great gay porn start: dreamy blue eyes, ripped body, boyish good looks and of course the obligatory big fat cock. The only thing he's missing at this point in his career is experience fucking boys. He had played around with boys before but he'd never fucked one.

More VideoBoys: Ben Rose and Johan Lapointe

First Auditions: Justyn

First Auditions: Justyn

At, Justyn is a handsome young newcomer with a very fit masculine body bursting with energy and enthusiasm to make lots of money as a porn star. In his spare time he spends all his time with his friends lifting weights or playing football.

More First Auditions: Justyn

BadPuppy: Max Patterson

badpuppy max patterson

22 year old Max Paterson comes to us from Buffalo, NY, where Max attends college full time. This is Max's first porn shoot and he's excited to jerk off for you. Leaning back on the bed, he removes his shirt and begins rubbing his cock. Max drops his shorts and rubs his cock through his blue boxer briefs, which quickly come off. He whips out his uncut tool and begins vigorously stroking his cock and sometimes with both hands! Up on his knees, Max bends over and begins pulling and tugging downward on his goods, while sharing with you a good view of his hairy hole and jiggling balls.

More BadPuppy: Max Patterson A Slip at the Car Wash's A Slip at the Car Wash

Jessie Colter and friends decide to have a little fun on a hot day by setting up a car wash, free for hot guys of course! Trenton Ducati likes what he sees and leaves the car in Jessie's hands, but unfortunately Jessie isn't careful and ends up scratching Trenton's ride.

More A Slip at the Car Wash

UK Naked Men: Dominic Pacifico & Hussein Paris

Dominic Pacifico & Hussein Paris at Uk Naked Men

Dominic and Hussein loved shooting in the dungeon, all the furniture designed to expose a man's most sensitive erogenous zones, to splay his arse wide for a hard uncut dick.

More UK Naked Men: Dominic Pacifico & Hussein Paris

Bel Ami: Fabio

Bel Ami: Fabio

Fabio is beautiful and the essence of youth. The face is cute, the eyes wonderful and the mouth incredible. We cant wait to see him in action with other likes of him from Bel Ami!

More Bel Ami: Fabio on QC Twinks.

Ask QC: My Boyfriends Best Friend is also his Ex-Boyfriend!

Ask QC

Dear Ask QC,

I am seeing a guy who's best friend is also his ex-boyfriend.

I don't know what to expect, and I am trying to be as neutral and understanding as I can possibly be.

My biggest fear is that I will always assume the worst whenever they are together, and I don't want that to be a factor in our blossoming relationship.

Can anyone with prior experience with this issue give me some pointers. I just have no idea what to expect, and I don't want to be that bitch that drives his best friend away over my petty emotions.



Hi there RHL and thanks for writing in with your concerns and worries. Have any of you been in a similar situation to this? How did you handle it? Where you able to overcome your emotions? What advice would you offer RHL? If you can help answer any of these questions and more, or have any ideas to offer, then please leave your opinions, experiences, and advice in the QComments section.

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

Cocksure Men: Jordano & Race

Jordano & Race are Cocksure Men

Sexy Jordano Santoro is aiming to get fucked by chiseled Race Cooper. Race is packing serious meat and Jordano swallows it down to his balls. Now on the bed, Race licks and tickles Jordano's feet, causing him to laugh wildly. He's extremely ticklish! Race decides it's a better idea to suck Jordano's beautiful cock then risk getting kicked in the face.

More Cocksure Men: Jordano & Race

Alpha Male Fuckers: Harley Everett and Tate Ryder

alpha male fuckers tate harley

A little scene reversal here as we get a younger guy having his way with an older, bigger male. But let's not kid ourselves... when the younger guy is Tate Ryder, who wouldn't?
Tate and Harley are like a house on fire "certainly their pants were" and can't get enough of each other. It's an even game; they both enjoy doing everything to each other. Here we have a tattooed mountain of English muscles against a lean and hard Australian beach body.

More Alpha Male Fuckers: Harley Everett and Tate Ryder

Fratmen SUCKS! Cole & Fynn

Cole & Fynn are Fratmen SUCKS!

Cole and Fynn had a wild time last night, and they wound up sharing the same bed. Fynn is the first to rise early in the afternoon. He heads to the shower to start the day, while Cole sleeps in a bit. As Fynn gets some warm water going, Cole throws back the sheets, revealing that he slept the whole night without any briefs. His dick is already swelling and begging for some attention.

More Fratmen SUCKS! Cole & Fynn

Wank: Hunky Guy, Big Dick

Wank: Hunky Guy, Big Dick

Whatever you are doing stop doing it now, pull a chair, some popcorn, a towel to clean yourself afterwards maybe, because this hunky guy is a feast for the eyes and to see him wanking just adds to his overall sexiness. The smile alone can probably melt a glacier.

More after the jump!

More Wank: Hunky Guy, Big Dick

Southern Strokes: Work Shop Gangbang

southern strokes workshop gangbang

These four studs spent 3 days at the Ranch partying and fucking so it wasn't a huge surprise when Haigan, Cole, Logan and Joey put on a literal fuckfest on their last day together. We had originally planned on Logan and Joey hooking up out in the workshop. Logan and Joey swapped head when Logan looked over and noticed that Cole and Haigan, sitting in the truck bed, had their cocks in their hands and enjoying the show.

More Southern Strokes: Work Shop Gangbang

Straight Fraternity: Junior and Luigi

straight fraternity luigi junior

The guys talk about their first times having sex. Luigi fucked his girl so hard her head popped through the futon frame. Straight Fraternity wanted to see how far these guys were willing to go with each other. He started by asking for a kiss.

Let's see who gets hard first. The winner gets a blow job from the other guy. With some hand action, Luigi bones up real fast. He pushes his pants down and Junior goes right on it. He knew what he signed up for today.

More Straight Fraternity: Junior and Luigi

RadVideo: Easter Sale


More RadVideo: Easter Sale

HomoPunk: Wladimir

homopunk wladimir

This was Wladimir's first in front of a camera,so he was a bit shy but it did not last very long; hung,uncut ,and with beautiful low hangers,Wladimir is a hawt lil' motherfucker .

More HomoPunk: Wladimir

AlternaDudes: Tristan Mathews & Alessandro Del Toro

alternadudes tristan alessandro

Alessandro has a big uncut hairy dick and big balls. He has a thing for other hairy guys with tats. He finds his match with hot stud Tristan Mathews. They take turns working each others hairy cocks before Alessandro sticks Tristan balls deep. As Tristan moans with each thrust, Alessandro looks right into the camera and talks dirty, telling you what he'd do with his dick deep inside you.

More AlternaDudes: Tristan Mathews & Alessandro Del Toro

Sean Cody: Troy and Austin

Sean Cody: Troy and Austin

Troy was a little curious about how it would feel to get his dick sucked by another guy.

"I've never tried it," he said.


"Never," he replied. "My girlfriend goes down on me all the time. I'm interested to see how it compares."

More Sean Cody: Troy and Austin

Man Avenue: Jessie Colter

man avenue jessie colter

Jessie Colter will tell you that he loves getting fucked...Sooooo, it's no wonder he wanted to stick something up his ass while jerking off for us.

He starts his hot video - hard dick already out of his shorts, my kind of model. After letting the camera check out his hairy body, he does a bit of posing and flexing for us then shows us his perfect ass and hole.

More Man Avenue: Jessie Colter

English Lads: Tom

Tom at English Lads

Tom's photo set proved very popular and hasn't left the top ten of your favourites since his first appearance. He is one of these lads who is exactly the same in person as on camera, slightly understated, quite confident, but mixed with uncertainty about what he is doing!

More English Lads: Tom

Fantastic Foreskin: Bart West

fantastic foreskin bart west

Bart West is a smooth, playful, boyish Polish lad who has always wanted to do porn.
He's long known he was cute. He knew he had a bigger uncut cock than his friends and cousins (yeah, they compared!). Bart just likes the attention. He rides the bus in gym shorts with no underwear knowing that people can the tip of his dick sticking out. He loves when guys look at his intact slab of meat while changing in the locker room. And he's very aware that guys check out his cock at the urinals. It makes him hard!

More Fantastic Foreskin: Bart West

Randy Blue: Cody & Ross

Randy Blue: Cody & Ross

Ross Reed is a virgin. Well, he was until we shot this video. A lot of people didn't believe that he was going to give it up for the Randy Blue fans but he was all over it. Cody Lake was on the edge of twinkdom but just being around the hottest gay muscle men of RB has worked it's magic and he's looking hotter than ever.

More Randy Blue: Cody & Ross

New York Straight Men: Tony

new york straight men tony

NYSM got a text from Tony on Sunday afternoon asking them if there was a sucker around. They texted back that they had one over sucking off a guy at the moment. He texted back telling them to not to let the sucker leave, cause he wanted head!

More New York Straight Men: Tony

Active Duty: Colton

active duty colton

Colton was such a handsome devil that Dink must admit being a little nervous in his approach with him. However, he quickly learned that Colton was just as sweet as he was hot and this stud did not disappoint. During the solo Dink gave him the low-down on other work he could do and he didn't come right out and bite during that visit. Sometimes it takes a little while for things to sink in, a little time to do some thinking and then the call comes.

More Active Duty: Colton

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Amateur College Sex: Cameron Bangs Tiffany on QCX

Amateur College Sex: Cameron Bangs Tiffany

Cameron has broken in his share of guys at CF. Now, he gets to break in a new girl for the first time - dirty blonde and dirty-minded Tiffany!

Tiffany makes out with Cameron. Cameron's smile widens when Tiffany eagerly goes down on him. She sucks his balls and licks his swollen shaft. She starts off tenderly, but soon reveals her talents for great oral. Tiffany is going to do just fine pleasing our guys. Watching her mouth swallow him, Cameron tells her to grab his balls, which she does while deep-throating that fully engorged cock.

More Amateur College Sex: Cameron Bangs Tiffany on QCX.

New This Week on


Here's another combo update from mega-site It's porn buffet time!

More New This Week on

Ruggerbugger: ALPCM Nantes Basketball Team

Ruggerbugger presents ALPCM Nantes Basketball Team

Ruggerbugger get inside the locker room of ALPCM Nantes Basketball team catching a video full of sporty cock and ass! The video gets an in depth look at how the team works interviewing different members of this French team including talking to them in the locker room and showers capturing their masculine athletic bodies completely exposed.

More Ruggerbugger: ALPCM Nantes Basketball Team

Man Royale: Marc Dylan and Christian Wilde

Man Royale: Marc Dylan and Christian Wilde

After having a wild night together, Marc Dylan and Christian Wilde wake up to a beautiful morning. Marc jumps into the shower to wash the smell of last night's lust off his perfect muscular body. Christian is easily turned on by the water dripping down the ridges of Marc's abs. They both clean and freshen themselves up just to get filthy all over again.

More Man Royale: Marc Dylan and Christian Wilde

Sean Cody: Marshall(2)

Sean Cody: Marshall(2)

"You're definitely not shy... I'll give you that..."

"I'm not shy about anything!" Marshall said. He had that smile and those sexy blue eyes.

And he shouldn't be shy. Because he's perfect... from head to toe!

He's smooth and muscular, with a furry ass. Then there's his dick... it's big and long! And his nuts are large too.

More Sean Cody: Marshall(2)

Wank: Cum Denial

Wank: Cum Denial

French xTuber novocairn is not another xtuber, he's a committed one. He likes sensuality but he's not into too much vanilla and boldly declares "my sub/pig side is waiting," so any takers in the room? In this electric wank session he explores hand-less cumming with a little help of some piece of equipment that really compliments his own.

More after the jump!

More Wank: Cum Denial

Next Door Buddies: Cody Allen and Alex Waters

Next Door Buddies: Cody Allen and Alex Waters

Alex Waters is a young man with an appetite for rich musk. That's why he's convinced his buddy Cody Allen to join him in the garage and spend some time soaking up each other's essences. They're smothering their faces in well worn socks and rubbing shoes fervently on their hardening erections.Cody didn't quite know the full extent of what Alex had planned, but he's discovering his own slightly depraved side.

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Next Door Male: Paul Wagner
College Dudes: Sean Summers and His Dildo
Cody Cummings: Cody and Anthony Romero
Randy Blue: Chris & Derek
Porn Break: The Hung Games
Bel Ami: Nicolas
Sean Cody: Troy
Xtra Inches: Colby Keller and Tommy Defendi fuck Chris Porter
Sean Cody: Brice and Calvin Bareback
QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week: Navy Edition!

It's Easter and have you found your low hanging Easter eggs? Planet Unicorn has lots to offer this week: Featuring Navy specialist's with his huge tool, to three pairs of celebrities eggs from the Hunger Games (Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson and Alexander Ludwig), to familiar ones like Sean Summers, Paul Wagner and Colby Keller. Your most challenging task will be to find Cody Cummings' since his latest breakthrough seems to be hidden by good camera angles and shadows shrouded in a cloak of mystery.

Well, till the next Good Friday, keep QueerClickin'! XOXO...

Hot Scene
Video: Joey Vu
Archer Quan
Wu Chun Naked?
Fab Ass!

Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca: Parker Gregory
Authentic Footballers: Carlitos
Kristen Bjorn: Jagged Mountain 2 - Augusto Figueroa, Donato Reyes, Justin Harris & Nacho Valente
Bang Bang Boys: Will
MUTO VOL.6 -- HUSTLER (Sin Gatitos)

BFCollection: Adam
Alexboys: Florian, Gary and Harry
BoyCrush: Jeremy
BFCollection: Allen
Boys Life Studio: Simon

Bel Ami: Jack Harrer & Roger Lambert
Chaos Men: Patrick, Ransom and Troy - RAW Tag Team
Club Inferno Dungeon: Sebastian Keys
Sean Cody: Brice and Calvin Bareback
Jake Cruise: Ty Roderick

Sweat and Stink at Brutal Tops

Sweat and Stink at Brutal Tops

The BrutalTops Masters have installed a sub in their locker room whose duty it is to service their stinky sweaty bodies with its mouth. An inventive use for a bottom's sloppy wet tongue, able to dig deep between a firm pair of athletic buttocks and lick clean a sweaty puckered hole.

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RadVideo: Easter Sale


More RadVideo: Easter Sale

Chaos Men: Nash and Solomon - RAW on QCX

Chaos Men: Nash and Solomon - RAW

Solomon's attitude on sucking dick has changed. He seems more relaxed, confident, and more interested in pleasing the other guy, rather than worrying that there is a cock in his mouth. Nash too attacked Solomon's cock with new enthusiasm. Once Solomon's dick wakes up, he LOOKS at the model sucking him. He is There for sure.

They 69 for a bit, and also do some standing cock play. Nash sucking Solomon's dick, then going up for a kiss, sharing the taste of his cock. Love that!

See more on QCX.

First Auditions: Sam

First Auditions: Sam

New at FirstAuditions, Sam is a big muscular mean-looking cage fighter. With his broad hard chest and trunk-like thighs he's one straight guy you'd never dare stare at too long in the locker room for fear of getting the shit pounded out of you. He likes hard violent sex and his excitement is quadrupled if he has an audience to his dirty deeds. There's nothing as satisfying as watching a tough hetero martial arts expert being instructed to show off his asshole just for our pleasure.

More First Auditions: Sam

CockyBoys: Max Ryder

cockyboys max ryder

Max Ryder is in many ways the perfect CockyBoy. When you first look at him, with his slim, toned body and swoon-worthy smile, you can almost see a halo hovering over his styled blond hair. But don't be fooled: turn him around and you'll see a devil's tail! He's a sweetheart in real life and a demon in the sack. Max moved from a small town to NYC to work in fashion, but he's definitely not your average city boy: his style and personality are 100% unique - and 100% Cocky.

More CockyBoys: Max Ryder

Dirty Tony: Dominic Reed

dirty tony dominic reed

Tony found Dominic on-stage at an all-male, all-nude strip club. His lean, muscular build, natural body hair, and striking good looks kept his gaze focused on him the whole evening. Tony approached him and asked if he'd be interested in showing off his body for some of his videos. His eyes lit up and he practically hugged Tony from the stage.

Now that he's on the casting couch, Tony is going to see if this supposedly straight boy will try a few more things. When Tony reaches in to measure his penis, he decides to give a few extra strokes; just to see what his reaction would be.

More Dirty Tony: Dominic Reed

Corbin Fisher: Aiden Stuffs Zeb

Corbin Fisher: Aiden Stuffs Zeb

Corbin Fisher has been waiting to pair these two up for quite a while! There's something so hot about a much bigger guy and a smaller, leaner one, as Aiden and Cameron showed a few months ago. So CF has been itching to match up super big and buff Aiden with the handsome, lean Zeb. We suspect fans out there have been waiting for it, too.

What even CF didn't know was Aiden and Zeb had been looking forward to it - eagerly - for quite a while! Maybe it was the difference in size, or the fact that they've gotten to be friends... heck, maybe it's the scorpion tattoos they have in common.

More Corbin Fisher: Aiden Stuffs Zeb - Exam Day - Exam Day

In Exam Day at, it's nearing summer at this school and the students' hormones are raging. A group of hot school bullies circle a nerd boy in the hall looking for spare cash.

More - Exam Day

College Dudes: Bryan Cavallo Fucks Jared Kent

College Dudes: Bryan Cavallo Fucks Jared Kent

Bryan Cavallo returns with Jared Kent to make some sparks fly. Both of these college studs are over six foot tall, and both are fit and eager. Jared loves taking a hot dick, so he was especially impressed with Bryan and his fat uncut monster. After the clothes come off, Bryan is on Jared's cock, giving a signature blowjob and getting Jared extremely excited.

More College Dudes: Bryan Cavallo Fucks Jared Kent

Falcon Studios: Spencer Fox and Chris Tyler

falcon studios spencer chris

Ripped, handsome Spencer Fox and the beefy, bullish Chris Tyler make out briefly next to the kitchen before they cook up serious meals. They knead each other's dough until its firm and ready for tasting. Spencer is the first to sample the hefty goods that have risen in Chris's jeans. Quickly getting on his knees to consume his buddy's tasty cock, Spencer engulfs Chris's meat with adept skill and opens wide to let his throat get pounded. Chris gets worked up and he wants some huge cock too. He pulls Spencer up makes out passionately and then places him on the counter to get a good angle on the humongous meat that Spencer is serving up.

More Falcon Studios: Spencer Fox and Chris Tyler

William Higgins: Gregor Pytel

William Higgins: Gregor Pytel

Gregor Pytel is aged 24 and lives in Sakvice. He is a student who likes rugby, sports, fitness and computers. He is a really good looking guy who, as we will see in this video, has a great body too. After the interview, Gregor lays back on the bed and begins to feel his body. Lifting his tee-shirt to expose his abs Gregor runs a hand over them. He then slips the hand into his jeans.

More William Higgins: Gregor Pytel

Southern Strokes: Joey

southern strokes joey

Holy Hairy Ass Batman! Joey has certainly become one of SoStro's more popular studs at the Ranch so they thought it would be nice to give every one a closer look at that beautiful ass of his. Just in case you were curious just how tight this boy's ass really is, take a look as they struggle to get the smallest of erotica to penetrate his threshold. Don't worry, by the time you finished watching this video, you will get a close look of every inch of this gorgeous specimen and all in some very vulnerable positions.

More Southern Strokes: Joey

Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

Nothing tops off a wild drunken night out at the pub for a group of straight lads than stripping down buck naked and exhibiting how tough and manly they can be. EricDeman has a smoking hot video of guys like this buck naked in public taking turns at a punching bag tester.

More Eric Deman Update

Authentic Footballers: Carlitos

Authentic Footballers: Carlitos

Carlitos is 25 years old and super masculine. Don't miss his interview, in which he tells that, besides football, he loves boxing movies and fighting in the street.

More Authentic Footballers: Carlitos

Hard Brit Lads: Tristan Jaxx

hard brit lads tristan jaxx

Tristan Jaxx is pretty much the perfect lad, with rugged good looks, strong square jaw, a super hot body with big muscle all over, and on top of that, a massive cock. In this solo Tristan shows off his incredible body and huge meat in lots of positions, before shooting hard over himself. Seriously hot.

Wearing sexy sports kit with little shorts that give us our first glimpse of his spectacularly muscled legs, Tristan starts off by rubbing the big bulge in his crotch. Not hard yet, but its a very impressive bulge. He takes off his top, revealing his awesome body. His pecs are defined and hard, his shoulders and biceps are big and ripped.

More Hard Brit Lads: Tristan Jaxx

Bel Ami: Jack Harrer & Roger Lambert on QCX

Bel Ami: Jack Harrer & Roger Lambert

So many of you have been asking for more of Jack Harrer and at last here we have it. This condom free scene with Roger Lambert was filmed in Bel Ami's Bratislava studio by Marty Stevens.

More Bel Ami: Jack Harrer & Roger Lambert on QCX.

Kristen Bjorn: Jagged Mountain 2 - Augusto Figueroa, Donato Reyes, Justin Harris & Nacho Valente

Kristen Bjorn: Jagged Mountain 2 - Augusto Figueroa, Donato Reyes, Justin Harris & Nacho Valente

Kristen Bjorn is back to the Jagged Mountain. On the first scene of this sequel we have four hot porn stars ready to rock the hottest mountain in Europe.

More Kristen Bjorn: Jagged Mountain 2 - Augusto Figueroa, Donato Reyes, Justin Harris & Nacho Valente

English Lads: Drew Daniels

Drew at English Lads

From time to time we come across lads like Drew; built the size of a stately home, finely chiselled, hairy bits where they look best and peal back the layers and get inside and there is one hell of a surprise! Drew is just over 6'3 with muscles that are just perfectly proportioned and everything is hard; pants dropped round his ankles and his next biggest talent is nearly as long!

More English Lads: Drew Daniels

Squirtz: Ben Rose

squirtz ben

Ben Rose is a cook at a restaurant, but before he was a cook, he did a few years in construction. Normally Squirtz tends to go for models who are a little more "twinkish" but there was a certain boyish quality about Ben that really appealed to them. Yes, of course he has muscular arms and chest but his baby face and his playful attitude make for an interesting combination. Ben is definitely into girls but he does admit to certain bisexual tendencies. Though he hasn't had a lot of experience with guys, he readily admits to enjoying it and seems to be open to pushing his experiences further.

More Squirtz: Ben Rose

Pole Position: Talk About Male Beauty

Fratmen's Kip Wins Pole Position

Fratmen's baseball bat and balls scored him a home run at our last Pole Position. It certainly helped that his campaign photo included enticing globs of his man juice on his cum gutters. He's definitely a Kipper.

What do we have for you this week round? We're bringing you all forms of male beauty, from head to toe. Have a look at your visual feast after the jump.

More Pole Position: Talk About Male Beauty

Fratmen: Jameson

Fratmen's Jameson

Man, we all do love us some bodybuilders, and Jameson is a couple more fetishes thrown in for good measure.

More Fratmen: Jameson

Circle Jerk Boys: Leon Knight & Sebastian Keys

Leon Knight & Sebastian Keys are Circle Jerk Boys

Leon is in store for a real treat because Sebastian Keys is making his return and looking hotter than ever. Sebastian and Leon make it back to Leon's place and as they drop on the couch Leon suddenly realizes he's sitting on something. He reaches under him and pulls out a butt plug. "Your girlfriend lets you fuck her in the ass?' Leon beams. 'Mine won't let me anywhere near hers." Sebastian blushes and tells Leon that's not his girlfriend's. Leon seems confused so Sebastian tells him he loves getting his ass played with. Leon is in disbelief but before time to process the intel, Sebastian stands up and pulls his jeans down showing off that sweet ass. He grabs Leon's head and shoves his face up into that ass.

More Circle Jerk Boys: Leon Knight & Sebastian Keys

Men At Play: The Shaft Room - Harry Louis and Axel Brooks

Men At Play: The Shaft Room - Harry Louis and Axel Brooks

It's break time in the MenAtPlay Office and Harry Louis takes a moment to read the papers and catch up on the news, but his concentration is soon broken when Axel Brooks walks into the staff room and starts stripping out of his clothes to change into his business suit right in front of him.

More Men At Play: The Shaft Room - Harry Louis and Axel Brooks

Porn Break: Have a break, watch Jamie Foxx dance like MJ in his briefs!

Porn Break: Have a break, watch Jamie Foxx dance like MJ in his briefs!

In 2009, Jamie Foxx did a terrific job hosting the BET awards and performing in a tribute to Michael Jackson, fast forward three years later and TMZ has unearthed an unbelievable footage showcasing Jamie dancing to MJ in his briefs, and at one point he even give himself a wedgie! Is this how he's preparing for an upcoming biopic?

More after the jump!

More Porn Break: Have a break, watch Jamie Foxx dance like MJ in his briefs!

Randy Blue: Cameron Marshall

Randy Blue: Cameron Marshall

So after Derek Atlas gave it up for Chris Rockway at the bar, a sneaky voyeuristic bartender was hiding in the shadows, totally getting off on watching these horny muscle studs fuck. Once they were gone Cameron Marshall had to take care of his own needs. His light brown military buzzcut and sexy facial scruff gives him a bit of a rugged look, otherwise Cameron would totally look like the boy next door.

More Randy Blue: Cameron Marshall

Sneaky Peek Update

Sneaky Peek Update

The pervy cameraman at SneakyPeek has set up tiny hidden video camera near the urinals in a sports club changing room. He catches a whole range of horny athletes stepping up to whip out their dicks and have a piss while having no idea they are being watched and filmed.

More Sneaky Peek Update

Chaos Men: Patrick, Ransom and Troy - RAW Tag Team on QCX

Chaos Men: Patrick, Ransom and Troy - RAW Tag Team

Troy was set to do a Serviced video with Patrick. But during the solo, Chaos Men switched him to gay porn, and he was getting all eager to do a full-on sex scene. Ransom has more of a military vibe that Chaos Men thought would fit better with Troy, and they momentarily thought about switching Patrick out. But when they mentioned that both Patrick and Ransom were fully-tested and ready to play, Troy was eager to have TWO new buddies.

Troy loves to rim! He not only gets his salad tossed, but rims both Ransom and Patrick. Ass-eaters will be so pleased! Troy is wobbly at the beginning of the video, but as soon as a finger is inserted, his dick gets hard. Both Ransom and Patrick take turns fucking him, and we think Patrick gets his wish to be drilled by Ransom.

There is even a tiny bit of daisy-chain fucking as Ransom fucks Patrick while Troy sits on Patrick's cock.

See more on QCX.

Bang Bang Boys: Will

Bang Bang Boys: Will

Big chocolate bootie with a big dildo squeezed inside it sound good to you? Well don't miss seeing Will accomplish that very feat in this Bang Bang Boys video.

More Bang Bang Boys: Will

Cody Cummings: Cody and Anthony Romero

Cody Cummings: Cody and Anthony Romero

Cody Cummings stars in maybe the most erotic scene of his career. Half bathed in blue light, he searches the shadows for some show of life. Feeling the tension of the city night fill him up, he swells with desire in the dark alleyway, until a shadowy figure emerges from the distance. Anthony Romero knows these alleys well, but he never intended to find a guy like Cody waiting around for some attention.

More Cody Cummings: Cody and Anthony Romero

BadPuppy: King

badpuppy king

22 year old King comes to us from Dunwoody, GA. He is a Customer Service Rep for a nearby call center. When he is not working, he's playing video games or working out for the YMCA Track Team. King is Bisexual and this is his first time in front of the camera. As he stands staring into the camera, he rubs his firm athletic body all over. When he removes his shirt, his 6 pack abs are quite apparent. He kneels forward in the arm chair, showing off, slapping and massaging his smooth bubble butt. He spreads his cheeks and his man hole flexes as if it is trying to communicate with you.

More BadPuppy: King

Corbin Fisher: Scott Nails Elliot

Corbin Fisher: Scott Nails Elliot

Scott definitely loves a bet. When he bets freshman Elliot that whoever loses an arm-wrestling match will bottom, for the other, Scott easily wins. Of course, Scott is a bigger guy than Elliot - so maybe he likes to bet on a sure thing!

Another sure thing is that Elliot is going to enjoy it! The guys head back inside and Scott kisses his way down Elliot's lean-muscled torso. He takes his time kissing and licking Elliot's nipple.

More Corbin Fisher: Scott Nails Elliot

The Guy Site: J.T.

the guy site jt

Besides that he is hot, The Guy Site wasn't really sure how to describe J.T. He has a bear look and also a kind of cute guy next door look. All in all, we would say it's a very lovable look. Also, when he drops his drawers, you'll see he has a very lustable big honking dick.

More The Guy Site: J.T.

Porn Break: The Hung Games

Porn Break: The Hung Games

Has The Hunger Games frenzy caught you yet? Because if it hasn't it eventually will. Don't try to fight it, besides, with such a porn-errific name it was a matter of time before someone came up with something like this. So today's PB assignment is for you to tell us in the comments which one of these hung tributes makes you hungrier.

Reveal after the jump!

More Porn Break: The Hung Games

Men Over 30: Steven & Peter

Steven & Peter at Men Over 30

Steven is gonna have his hands full with one of Men Over 30's alumni after coming out of retirement after 8 years. Peter Finland is back and looking hot as ever at 45. Peter is kicking back on the couch with his feet up talking to a friend on the phone. He wraps the call up and as the camera pans out you realize that Steven is on all four acting as his ottoman. Peter figures it's about time to put him to better use as he slides his hand inside Steven's shorts and explores that hot ass.

More Men Over 30: Steven & Peter

Bel Ami: Back in Africa (Part 20) on QCX

Bel Ami: Julien Hussey & Phillipe Gaudin

This weeks hardcore scene from Luke Hamill's Back in Africa series features Phillipe Gaudin topping Julien Hussey. Phillipe is such and excellent bottom that we sometimes forget that he also likes to be on top occasionally.

More Bel Ami: Back in Africa (Part 20) on QCX.

Caption This!

Caption This!

First of all, we want to congratulate @Onefourfiveone, who won the fourth and final week of Spunk Lube Caption This! With his artsy and funny "When "The Birth of Venus" meets "Silence of the Lambs." Team QC has contacted him, and he will shortly receive his prize. Congrats Onefourfiveone and all winners of Spunk Lube Caption This! Are you guys ready for a frictionless experience provided by Spunk Lube?

And Caption This! continues here at QC. This week we have a relic from the VHS era. Want to give it a shot? Give us your best, and funniest, comment! And don't forget to "like" your favourite.

More Caption This!

KeumGay: Romain (2)

KeumGay: Romain (2)

Romain is back for his second video solo for KeumGay. His cock is so big and thick that we kept dreaming with him for a couple of days after his debut video, now he is back to fulfill our imaginary needs once again.

More KeumGay: Romain (2)

Jake Cruise: Ty Roderick

jake cruise ty roderick

Ty Roderick is a dream. Super nice and super sexy in one package. Jake took advantage of a warm spring day to play outside. Jake loved every minute touching his firm muscles, licking his sweet pink ass, and sucking his rock stiff cock. He really pounded Jake's face with his rod.

See more on QCX.

Randy Blue: Chris & Derek

Randy Blue: Chris & Derek

When a night of stripping left him short for the money he owed to the bar, Derek Atlas knew he had to charm the pants off of bartender Chris Rockway. And being the horny muscle stud that he is, Chris wasn't about to turn it down. After some super hot kissing he went down on Derek's thick meaty cock and gave him a blowjob to remember.

More Randy Blue: Chris & Derek

Hetero Taught to Worship Testicles at StraightHell on QCX

Hetero Taught to Worship Testicles at StraightHell on QCX

At StraightHell the pervy tops remind dumb straight rugger Sebastian who is boss by administering electro shocks to his nipples and sensitive purple bell end.

More "Hetero Taught to Worship Testicles at StraightHell" on QCX.

Sean Cody: Brice and Calvin Bareback on QCX

Sean Cody: Brice and Calvin Bareback

"Holy shit he's really hot!" Brice confided, just seconds after meeting Calvin.

"I haven't bottomed since like March or May of last year," he continued. "But I'm really excited!"

Calvin had all kinds of ideas about he wanted to do.

"What if before I fuck him I really open his ass?" he suggested. "Like get all up in there and really stretch it out... then lick it... finger it with two or three fingers... maybe a dildo!"

More Sean Cody: Brice and Calvin Bareback on QCX.

Active Duty: Elijah and Kolby

active duty elijah kolby

Things kick off with Kolby sporting a huge smile as they chit-chat about the build-up that brought them there. Elijah chimes in and helps things along and it isn't long at all before these two are getting right down to business. Kolby doesn't hesitate to be aggressive as he reaches right over to cop a feel on Elijah's hard cock. The clothes come right off and they meet in the middle of the bed to explore each others bodies. Kolby starts out by kissing Eli's nipples and playing with his cock but it doesn't take Elijah long to find his way down to that nice fat uncut Brazilian cock of Kolby's.

More Active Duty: Elijah and Kolby

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week: Navy Edition!

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week: Navy Edition!

We have a weakness for guys in (and out) uniforms, and this week we went to the navy barracks to find the hungest one we could, we're happy to report that we found him! And he was naked and snapping pics for GuysWithiPhones!

Head on past the break to see more of his perfect body and his ginormous cock!

More QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week: Navy Edition!

AustinZane: Austin and Conner

austinzane austin conner

Austin gets to take new resident red-head, Conner, and show him a good time at AZ. It's the most kissing Conner has ever done with a guy, but at the end he admitted that Austin is a great kisser! The scene starts off a little slow, but as Conner's nerves wear off, he's able to relax and enjoy everything that Austin has to offer! And check out Austin's cumshot!

More AustinZane: Austin and Conner

Island Studs: Kody

Island Studs' Kody

Kody the super sexy athletic surfer from Hawaii is back: working naked and busting a big nut outdoors in public! Kody's beautiful dick is rock-hard as he poses in the jungle with his hand tools wearing nothing but flip-flops on his tan feet. Looking like Tarzan, Kody gets to work harvesting bananas!

More Island Studs: Kody

Corbin Fisher: Riley

Corbin Fisher: Riley

Riley is a handsome young football player with a great smile and a sexy, easy-going manner. He likes to travel, and this is his first trip to Vegas. Corbin Fisher will have to make sure he has a good time so he wants to come back!

Riley is a muscular running back who's been playing for three years. He's also been bulking up at the gym. He goes steadily 5 days a week and has been dedicated to that for the last year and a half. It shows.

He first had sex when he was around 14. Riley is into guys and he went to sleep over at his friend's house. They watched a movie and were inspired to get naked and suck each other off.

More Corbin Fisher: Riley

ParagonMen: Brolly Davis

paragonmen brolly davis

Brolly is prolly smart, but who cares? He's a tall as model with hairy long legs that lead to a juicy tubesteak (aka the Brolly-dog) which once (accidentally?) shot a wad in some chick's eye. She stood up, screamed, and ran into a wall. So yeah, he's single.

The nicest thing he's done on a date is wear a really tight shirt to better show off that muscle-swelled physique. His philosophy? The smaller the shirt, the bigger he looks. 13 year-old fan girls: Brolly accepts t-shirt donations!

More ParagonMen: Brolly Davis

College Dudes: Sean Summers and His Dildo

College Dudes: Sean Summers and His Dildo/></a></p>

<p>Sean Summers is one of College Dude's hottest new model, and we get to see his more versatile side in this <a href=hot dildo scene. Sean is so good natured and eager to try almost anything at least once, but he almost balked when he saw the girth of one of the dildos they had ready for him. True to form, however, he ended up smiling and letting them know he was fine.

More College Dudes: Sean Summers and His Dildo

UK Naked Men: Romeo & Troy

Romeo & Troy at UK Naked Men

Tattooed lover boy—Troy—finds he's delivering more than hot pizza when horny, fuck-slut, Romeo Courtois opens the door to him—naked.

More UK Naked Men: Romeo & Troy

Queerism - Pornoisseur

Queerism - Pornoisseur

noun: An expert in pornography who possesses a great deal of knowledge and awareness of its genres, has informed and discerning taste, is especially competent to pass critical judgments on porn, particularly hard core and all matters of perversion.

Thanks to Frodo for this Queerism! Do you have an interesting or unusual Queerism of your own you wish to share? Submit your Queerism HERE.

Bel Ami: Nicolas

Bel Ami: Nicolas

This photoset of Nicolas was taken by Eliot Klien at one of Bel Ami's locations in Budapest in the middle of last year. So far this is the only material they have with Nicolas. He's simply beautiful - perfect smile, perfect come to bed eyes, perfect soft skin, and a perfect arse.

More Bel Ami: Nicolas

Bentley Race: Max

bentley race max

If you like big muscle, you're gonna love Bentley's new mate Max. Bentley met 26 year old Max Hilton when he was travelling through Barcelona. This straight built muscle boy was in Barcelona for a body building competition and told Bentley that he was close to his peak physical condition. Max didn't speak much English so they had some interesting times communicating. He was over an hour late for his shoot at the apartment, and Bentley had no idea that he'd told him that he was going to have a work out at the gym at that time. But Bemtley was glad he waited when he saw this hot Spaniard turn up and get his gear off.

More Bentley Race: Max

QC Games: Cumming Soon

QC Games Teaser

Here's another teaser to whet your appetites. Start polishing your mouse.

Next Door Male: Paul Wagner

Next Door Male: Paul Wagner

[Split Identity Update: @Tommy F reminded us that Paul Wagner appeared in other studios before. We've now added a list of his earlier appearances in QC!]

Paul Wagner is out in the sun, working in the yard and building up a sweat in the summer heat. With the work all done for the day, he decides to take a little break on the tractor and relax a bit. Looking down he finds a boner in his pants, and looking around he sees there is no one for miles and miles, so he decides to take a full on break and entertain himself.

More Next Door Male: Paul Wagner

Wank: Zach Cums For You

Wank: Zach Cums For You

Zach's like the average college dude, always horny and ready to wank, what's not average is the size of his thick cock! As he squeeze it hard and harder, the cum oozes from his dick.

More after the jump!

More Wank: Zach Cums For You

Chaos Men: Booker

Chaos Men: Booker

[Split Identity Update: Ahh... So Booker is also Amos from Sean Cody. All thanks to @FredisDead for identifying this hunk! Now that we've seen what Booker/Amos can do... We can't wait for more of his video from Chaos Men!]

Chaos Men seem to be getting models coming from other studios lately. Guess his motto is now, "I'm Green! I Recycle!"

He was happy to get "Booker" in as he is super eager to please, has a tight beefy wrestler body, and a willingness to push his limits.

More Chaos Men: Booker

First Auditions: Nick

First Auditions: Nick

Nick is an incredibly handsome genuine armed forces man. The guys at First Auditions were aching to get their hands on him and explore his sexy masculine body. He trains continuously maintaining a gruelling fitness regime and plays numerous sports. The guys kit him up in his military gear, have a good long feel of every inch of his naked body, bend him over to finger and shove a butt plug up his ass and jerk him off to a very horny completion.

More First Auditions: Nick

Sean Cody: Troy(4)

Sean Cody: Troy(4)

Troy is Portuguese but he's never been to Portugal.

"You're Portuguese but you must get it a lot that you're something else, huh?"

"I always get the 'Uh, you look exotic... Are you, uh... Are you Persian? Middle Eastern? Brazilian?'" Troy said. "I get it all!"

More Sean Cody: Troy(4) - American Football - American Football

In American Football at, the footballers of Hartsmere College won a triumphant game and have a good time celebrating naked or just in their jock straps in the locker room. While they are chilling out, the team masseur Abi takes great pleasure in walking through the locker room looking for her next appointment - buff quarter back Carl.

More - American Football

HairyBoyz: Aybars, D.O. and David V.

hairyboyz aybars david do

Aybars and D.O. find themselves kissing, groping, sucking and hungry for more manaction in this video. David V then jumps right in and gets busy fellating both Aybars and D.O. The men then position themselves with David V in the middle while D.O. is behind him fucking his hole. They soon trade places, both of them still plugging David, but from different ends, before David jumps on top for a wild ride.

More HairyBoyz: Aybars, D.O. and David V.

Xtra Inches: Colby Keller and Tommy Defendi fuck Chris Porter

xtra inches chris tommy colby

Colby Keller joins Chris Porter and Tommy Defendi for a cowboy-themed threeway fuck in this video. Colby wakes Chris from his nap by running his hand up Chris's leg. Colby's thick hard cock is out of his pants quickly and Chris turns his head to swallow it up, and lick on Colby's balls. Tommy is watching from a distance, but fixing the truck can wait for now. He heads over and then these farmers really start plowing.

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Titan Men: Francois Sagat, David Anthony & Junior Stellano

Titan Men's Incubus

As visions of his ordeal race through his mind, Francois Sagat wakes up suspended from the ceiling as his doppelganger issues commands. He blacks out and wakes up possessed—whispering evil into the ear of Junior Stellano, who joins him for a photo shoot taken by David Anthony. Francois emerges from the dressing room with tortured eyes and a boner that pulses even harder when he spots Junior on his knees worshipping David's massive meat.

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