BadPuppy: James Hot

badpuppy james hot

20 year old James Hot comes to us from Prague. This uncut stud has about an hour before his folks get home and he has every intention of utilizing his time wisely, if you know what we mean! Up on his bed, he begins fondling his nipples and rubbing his body. James removes his shirt and his hands go down the front of his jeans, both in and out. He drops his jeans around his knees and rubs his uncut cock, bringing it out of his briefs, where he can get a better hand's on approach. The jeans come off, along with the briefs, so he can lay back and relax, putting his focus on some firm hand stroking action.

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Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

EricDeman brings us a very different kind of exhibitionist this week. This long-dicked dude gets off from people watching him piss.

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Super Hot 10

What’s scorchin’ on QueerClick!

Next Door Buddies: Paul Wagner and Tyler Torro

Next Door Buddies: Paul Wagner and Tyler Torro

Lurking in the bushes, Paul Wagner awaits. Silent, patiently he holds steady to ambush his prey, and as Tyler Torro comes aimlessly strolling, unknowingly falling right into Paul's trap, he springs out and Tyler catches a face full of Paul's water cannon. Having committed the perfect ambush, all Paul needs to do now is make is get away. Light of foot and swiftly he moves with a heated Tyler hot on his heels. Through the screen door and onto the bed, Paul ducks for cover as Tyler jumps on top of him a moment behind, pins him in a classic position and then predictably exclaims, "Tickle Fight!".

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COLT Studio Group: Scott Hunter

colt studio group scott hunter

Scott has one of those dicks that is totally in its most beautiful and natural state. See for yourself.To see A LOT more of newcomer to COLT - Scott Hunter click HERE now!

More COLT Studio Group: Scott Hunter

Randy Blue: Justin Gennaro

Randy Blue: Justin Gennaro

Justin Gennaro is sweeping up when he gets a sexted by a buddy. Unable to contain himself he whips out a nice handful of cock and starts stroking. At 21 years of age he stands tall at six foot two inches and his lean body attracts both guys and girls alike.

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Wank: Tanning Booth

Wank: Tanning Booth

All the nakedness inside the tanning booth made this muscle hunk horny, so he put all those hard muscles to work and made his huge dick cum. He even ate the spunk directly from his sticky hands.

More after the jump!

More Wank: Tanning Booth

Amateur College Sex: Avery and Olivia on QCX

Amateur College Sex: Avery and Olivia

New freshman Avery gets his education at CF off to a hot start with coed fave, Olivia! Olivia quickly gets Avery's shirt off as they kiss.

Avery makes out with Olivia. He lies back on the sofa so she can blow him. Olivia deep throats Avery's cock. He holds back her hair and watches her swallow his dick.

Flipping positions, Avery eats Olivia out. He slides his tongue deep into her pussy and strokes his hard cock. Olivia whimpers as she plays with her tits and gets eaten out.

More Amateur College Sex: Avery and Olivia on QCX.

Southern Strokes: Cole's Hole

southern strokes cole hole

Cole Markum is gorgeous from head to toe but SoStro would have to say that they just can't get enough of that hungry hole of his. Cole gives us all a close look at that amazing ass of his.

Cole stripped naked before he jumped on on the massage table and laid on his back. As soon as Cole felt the cold wet lube touch his taint, he immediately grabbed the back of both of his knees and raised his legs up revealing his wet eager ass hole.

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Pole Position: Firing All Cylinders

Chaos Men's Bentley Win Pole Position

During our last Pole Position, we asked who you'd like to spend your Memorial Day long weekend with, and the results are in. Congratulations first goes to Allen of Chaos Men for having the opportunity of servicing our Winner of the Week: Bentley! @Funguy's description of Bentley explains exactly why he deserves to win the race: "Bentley is a man's man! Masculine, hot, hairy, unshaved and a big fat cock. Perfection." Aren't you guys extremely jealous of Allen now? We sure are!

Other studios are fighting back with hotter models this week. The guys at Orange Office can't unanimously decide who amongst them is the sexiest. We need your help!

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Hard Brit Lads: Brandon

hard brit lads brandon

Hung young fittie Brandon Jones really delivers in this scorcher of a solo, oiling up his tightly muscled body and girthy uncut cock, and fingering his smooth hole as he jerks off in loads of horny positions before shooting his thick spunk load over his six pack.

Brandon starts off by lifting his vest to show us his bulging tight abs.. more of an eight pack than a six pack. He tweaks his nipples a bit, then removes his sports vest to give us a full view of his seriously fit body. His pecs are tight and defined, and his biceps are pretty big, with broad shoulders and a slim waist.

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Bel Ami: Jean-Daniel Chagall & Gaelan Binoche on QCX

Bel Ami: Jean-Daniel Chagall & Gaelan Binoche

Today is the first part of a flip flop special with Gaelan Binoche and Jean-Daniel Chagall that was filmed last year by Marty in Bel Ami's Bratislava studio.

From the look of the guys at the start of the clip you would think that they had already been at it all the previous night, but JD assures us that is not the case and that he is already hard in anticipation.

More Bel Ami: Jean-Daniel Chagall & Gaelan Binoche on QCX.

Bentley Race: Fernando

bentley race fernando

Bentley first met Fernando a couple of years ago in Berlin. So when Zac heard that Fernando was going to be in town at the same time they organized to meet up. After lunch the boys headed back to Zac's hotel room for a little photo shoot. Fernando is looking hot! We can see that he has been working out a lot since we last saw him. The guys got along great, joking and fooling around. But by the end of the photo shoot Fernando was really turned on and wanted to jack off.

More Bentley Race: Fernando

Men At Play: Hotel Voyeur - Alex Marte, Ben Brown and Axel Brooks

Men At Play: Hotel Voyeur - Alex Marte, Ben Brown and Axel Brooks

Thank you for your reservation at the Hotel Voyeur. Your company associates Mr. Ben Brown, Mr. Axel Brooks and Mr. Alex Marte have already checked in.

More Men At Play: Hotel Voyeur - Alex Marte, Ben Brown and Axel Brooks

New York Straight Men: Rocco

new york straight men rocco

Rocco towers over everyone, he stands at 6'5 and is built like a brick shithouse, so you won't be surprised to learn that he is a bouncer at a club and also a personal bodyguard. He just turned 40, has a couple of kids and a couple of women in his life, naturally. Rocco has that thick New York accent that is the topping on the cake!

More New York Straight Men: Rocco

Corbin Fisher: Max Unloads On Harley on QCX

Corbin Fisher: Max Unloads On Harley

One of the hottest things about Harley is his enthusiasm. He has a tight lean body, and gorgeous eyes, but he's also just ready to jump into to any situation without reservation. He's taken to guy/guy action far more eagerly than we thought when we first met him - and boy, are we glad.

More Corbin Fisher: Max Unloads On Harley on QCX.

Sneaky Peek Update

Sneaky Peek Update

At SneakyPeek the cameraman catches this meaty lad strutting into the toilet.

More Sneaky Peek Update

Chaos Men: Bentley - Serviced

Chaos Men: Bentley - Serviced

If you remember from last week, Bryan mentioned that Bentley really amps up his performance during his Serviced video.

Not sure if it because he got more comfortable, or if Allen brought it out of him. Allen pretty much goes full-tilt on him. For those of you who think Ransom and I are too "quiet" during an oral, here is your chance to see and hear someone going all Gag Factor on a dude. He gets pretty piggy with it!

More Chaos Men: Bentley - Serviced

Men Over 30: Doug & Patrick

Doug & Patrick at Men Over 30

Patrick's reading his book when Doug comes over looking for a shirt that Patrick's Dad said he could borrow. "It looks a little small" Doug sighs when Patrick assures him he probably just needs help putting it on. As he holds it for Doug to slide his arms into it, Patrick can't help but cop a feel of his buff chest which leads to them making out. Shirt!—What shirt?!

More Men Over 30: Doug & Patrick

Cocksure Men: Brenden & Will

Brenden & Will at Cocksure Men

Summer is getting hot. After a swim in the pool Will Parks drops his trunks and Brenden Cage follows his lead. Will towels down Brenden's back and soon they begin kissing and touching their hot bodies. They move onto the large chaise and suck each other passionately. Will then takes command and plows Brenden's tight ass in two positions.

More Cocksure Men: Brenden & Will

Cocky Boys: Bravo Delta and Max Ryder

cockyboys max bravo

Little resident trouble-maker Max Ryder knows no limits. He saw Bravo Delta's solo scene where he fucked the hell out of a few flashjacks and he said: "I want this to be my mouth!" So they sent Max to an unknown location and told him to wait there and said that they'll send someone to pick him up.

He had no idea what was going to happen, who was coming to pick him up, or where he was going. He just knew his mouth was going to be used as a cum-receptacle and that's all he needed to know. He didn't ask many questions. He waited patiently outside until Bravo Delta pulled up and gave Max a sign to get in the car. As always, Max didn't wait for a second invite. He hopped right in and the look on his face said "I'm ready for an adventure!"

More Cocky Boys: Bravo Delta and Max Ryder

Frat Men: Bradley

Bradley at Frat Men

It's that time again. Frat Men consistently delivers a hunky dose of man meat found no where else. We're always impressed by what this site manages to deliver for solo, rock-hard guys. Bradley is no exception.

More Frat Men: Bradley

Xtra Inches: Tom Wolf and Jesse Santana

xtra inches jesse tom

Tom Wolfe is whacking his tool next to a tractor when Jesse Santana catches him in the act. Tom's embarrassed at first, but he gets over it quickly as Jesse's talented mouth gets to work. Soon, Jesse strips down and lifts one leg up on the tractor so he can take Tom's power tool in his fine ass.

More Xtra Inches: Tom Wolf and Jesse Santana

Sean Cody: Dane, Grayson and Jarek Bareback on QCX

Sean Cody: Dane, Grayson and Jarek Bareback

Dane was giggling a little bit and he had a big smile on his face.

"What's going on?" Sean Cody asked, although he already knew.

Jarek had Grayson's ass up in the air, and he was just about to go in.

"I'm just taking it all in," Dane said. "This is completely new to me!"

More Sean Cody: Dane, Grayson and Jarek Bareback on QCX.

The Guy Site: Allen

the guy site allen

Allen has a hot beefy body from playing softball. He was nervous during filming yet he also liked it so much his dick was hard the whole time. Best of all about Allen, it's a gay softball league he's in.

More The Guy Site: Allen

Active Duty: Axl and Nick Gunner

active duty axl nick

The warm-up kisses, body exploration, dry humping and teasing set the mood perfectly as these two finally get a chance to find out what they've been missing. They've met before, hung out and partied together but they've never had the chance to get a taste of one another. We think that build-up of anticipation really paid off once they were able to unleash it with one another. Dink has been watching it simmer since the first day they met and today it boils over into one of the hottest duo's we think Dink has featured lately.

More Active Duty: Axl and Nick Gunner

Caption This!

Caption This!

Post your funniest comments and see who got the most votes last week!

Have a 'Caption This' pic you want published? Submit your pic or link to it HERE.

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Bel Ami: Andre Boleyn & Jim Collins

Bel Ami: Andre Boleyn & Jim Collins

Today we have KinkyAngel Andre topping twinky Jim Collins. Jim is an archive assistant in BelAmi's Bratislava studio, looking after tapes, catalogs and paperwork normally, but every now and then he has the urge to be in front of the camera as well. Lucky us!

More Bel Ami: Andre Boleyn & Jim Collins

Butch Dixon: Conner Habib and Thierry Lamasse

butch dixon conner thierry

Conner Habib persuades Thierry Lamasse to return to porn after a couple of years out, the attraction is clear and they struggle to keep their hands off each other long enough for us to set up the lights. A flip-flop furry fuck fest ensues with a wet and noisy ending, GRRRR!

More Butch Dixon: Conner Habib and Thierry Lamasse

Corbin Fisher: Double Penetrating Sloan

Corbin Fisher: Double Penetrating Sloan

Sloan has an amazing, ripped body and enjoys getting fucked. And we mean, he REALLY enjoys it! He can't get dicked enough.

Now he's about to take that to the next level. Connor and Steve are all over Sloan as they lead him into the living room, kissing him and feeling his chest and kissing his abs.

Sloan enjoys the attention, and gives it back, kissing Connor's Olympian physique and Steve's thick, muscular frame. Sloan goes down on Connor's big dick, while Steve kisses his back. Down on his knees, Sloan goes back and forth, hungrily swallowing Steve and Connor's cocks. Steve feeds Sloan his cock, as Connor massages Sloan's ass. Sloan takes both big dicks into his mouth at one time.

More Corbin Fisher: Double Penetrating Sloan

Straight Man Screwed Hard at StraightHell on QCX

Straight Man Screwed Hard at StraightHell on QCX

Sebastian wants to be the strong silent tough guy, quietly taking his punishment and giving nothing of his emotions away.

More "Straight Man Screwed Hard at StraightHell" on QCX.

KeumGay: Brice

KeumGay: Brice

Brice is a cute slim muscled guy and he just shot his second video for KeumGay. This time Brice let them play with his thick uncut cock.

More KeumGay: Brice

Hairy Boyz: Tom Wolfe, Aybars and Parker Perry

hairyboyz parker tom aybars

Tom Wolfe finds cowboys Parker Perry and Aybars making out and blowing each other, and he can't help but watch from a distance, wanting in on the action. He approaches and the duo welcome him to their tailgating session, and Parker soon has two cocks in his mouth. It's not long before Parker is getting his hot hairy ass rimmed by Tom, who fucks Parker good and hard while Parker has his lips wrapped around Aybars' meat. Aybars and Tom lay Parker on his back and Tom sits his amazing ass on Parker's face and spreads Parker's legs wide so Aybars can pummel his ass. This cowboy three-way ends in a trio of cum shots you soon won't forget.

More Hairy Boyz: Tom Wolfe, Aybars and Parker Perry

Austin Zane: Jordan Bottoms

austinzane tony jordan

It took a little convincing and the magic of Tony Newport's cock to convince Jordan to bottom on camera for the very first time! The two had met earlier that day and spent the afternoon bonding during an outdoor photo shoot. Their chemistry heats up soon after the scene starts and Jordan shows off how well he can bottom as he sits and spins to change positions! We have a feeling these two will be paired up again in the near future!

More Austin Zane: Jordan Bottoms

Porn Break: Leggings!

Porn Break: Leggings!

"A pair of leggings for porn break?" you may ask. What's so special about this seemingly mundane item of clothing? Well, head on past the break to see why...

More Porn Break: Leggings!

Dominic Ford: Shane Frost and Trey Turner

dominic ford trey shane

This week at DominicFord, it's time to get a little flexible. Trey Turner started showing us how flexible he was, so Dominic pushed him to the limit and got him to blow Shane Frost in a crazy position. To their knowledge, this position doesn't have a name yet. What do YOU think it should be called? The two have hot, steamy sex before they each cum buckets all over each other!

More Dominic Ford: Shane Frost and Trey Turner

Dirty Tony: Triple Trouble In The Kitchen

dirty tony max dominic bradley

There is something smoking hot in the kitchen today! Super hot studs Bradley Rose, Max Morgan and their new friend Dominic are cooking up something special at Tony's. Flirty as fuck Max tempts Dominic to come over and taste exactly what he has to offer. Bradley is never one to be left out of any kind of fun and gets in on a piece of the action. A simple cooking session soon leads to these hot bodies licking food off each other and Max with two cocks in his mouth. As time goes on, the boy's voracious appetites take over. They take turns chowing down on hot straight boy hole, and make sure everyone gets the rimming they deserve.

More Dirty Tony: Triple Trouble In The Kitchen

College Dudes: Calvin Grange

College Dudes: Calvin Grange

Calvin Grange is a sexy 19 year old swimmer who has the charm and smile that is sure to please. Calvin also has an amazing package, and his cock is on overdrive in this sexy jerk-off scene! Calvin tells us a bit about himself before stripping down, whipping out his cock, and giving us a peek into how he pleasures himself back in the dorm room.

More College Dudes: Calvin Grange

UK Naked Men: Gay Bar or Bust "Dirty Latin Beats"

UK Naked Men's Gay Bar or Bust - Dirty Latin Beats

In episode 4 of our series, Dean leaves early for the licensing meeting, leaving electrician Tony Axel to finish off the new lighting rig. Meanwhile, DJ Lucio Saints is putting the final touches to his set for the opening night. He's totally lost in the music until he notices Tony speaking to him... Lucio loves his music, but when a hot guy is asking to be fucked... well, work can wait a while—and a good sense of rhythm comes in handy...

More UK Naked Men: Gay Bar or Bust "Dirty Latin Beats"

Bel Ami: Austin Merrick


These pictures of Ausin Merrick were taken for us by Eliot Klein in the BelAmi Budapest studio. It was Austin's first time doing this kind of work, and also his first time outside of the US. Funnily, he also turned up only half tanned his first time over, so you will note that his bottom half is a little palers than the top half. :P

More Bel Ami: Austin Merrick

Queerism - Bling, Blang, Blong, Blung

Queerism - Bling Blang Blong Blung

BLING noun: - Jewelry of any sort, often flashy or overly-flashy.

BLANG noun: - Sporting so much obviously fake bling it's laughable (example: 'poor guy doesn't realize he's not Mr. T. with all that blang.')

BLONG noun: - Bling on a hard-on (example: 'I wasn't expecting the blong when his dick sprung from that jockstrap - a stud on a stud!')

BLUNG noun: - Bling that should not be worn, that detracts from the wearer's otherwise great appearance (example: 'Why does a stud like that need to wear that blung in his ears even when naked?')

Thanks to Richard Janus for these Queerisms! Do you have an interesting or unusual Queerism of your own you wish to share? Submit your Queerism HERE.

Randy Blue: Bryce & Eric

Randy Blue: Bryce & Eric

Bryce Tucker and Eric Pryor are stuck indoors on a rainy day. Bryce decided that he is gonna fuck Eric in his ass for all he is worth. Eric is not going to say no, he loves having his ass rammed by a big thick cock and Bryce will not disappoint. Eric gets him ready with the kind of blowjob that would curl your toes and you can see by the look on his face that Bryce is loving it.

More Randy Blue: Bryce & Eric - Initiation - Initiation

"Initiation" at features sexy rich college boy Geraint seeking membership into the school's elite secret society. Two strapping head boys lead their victim out in public blindfolded with an enormous cape thrown over him so he won't know where he's going.

More - Initiation

Circle Jerk Boys: Jason & John

Jason and John at Circle Jerk Boys

Jason White and John Stone begin to break the ice, slowly kissing each other while their hands start to roam. Jason licks a John's cinnamon-toned chest and as he does, John pulls out Jason's thick cock. John immediately goes down on his massive meat. Jason gasps as John begins to expertly work every growing inch of his 9" pole. Jason feels up John's sexy chest and nips as he gets his meat spit-shined. Jason wants some too and drops to his knees in front of John who is more than willing to feed him dick. He holds Jason's head still as he fucks his throat; his smooth balls slapping away at Jason's chin.

More Circle Jerk Boys: Jason & John

Next Door Male: Kevin Crows

Next Door Male: Kevin Crows

Kevin Crows is lounging on the patio and soaking up the sun in this poolside session. Shimmering from the lotion that glistens in the sunlight, he slowly rubs himself down with oil, then, once properly covered in sufficiently slippery, he begins to fondle his cock through his speedos. Pulling his shorts below his waist line, he reveals his rock hard poking through.

More Next Door Male: Kevin Crows

Jake Cruise: Will Parks Serviced on QCX

jake cruise will parks

One of the many benefits of owning Jake Cruise Media is that Jake gets to play with all of the interns. Will Parks is busy cleaning off the grill for our weekly BBQ when Jake decides to fire up the cameras and have his way with him.

Jake peels off his shirt and reveals Will's chiseled, smooth body. He has spike-like piercings through his nipples so Jake is extra cautious when he sucks on them. As you probably have already guessed, Will's nipples aren't the only thing Jake sucks on; he makes sure his cock, ass, and his gorgeous feet get plenty of attention too.

More Jake Cruise: Will Parks Serviced on QCX.

Lucas Kazan: Ethan Clark

lucas kazan ethan clark

This sexy pup started out as a Bel Ami exclusive. Lucas gave him a shaggier, more casual look but he delivered as strong a performance as always. Ethan enjoys an expensive life-style, and porn, so he claims, is one easy way to pay for it.

For a limited time Lucas Kazan is offering 25% of your membership! This is exclusively for QueerClick readers only. Click here for more details.

More Lucas Kazan: Ethan Clark

Bareback Twink: Julian Tomlinson and Tom Nutall on QCX

bareback twink tom julian

New dorm mates meet, and very quickly get the measure of one another.
It doesn't take them long to start 69ing one another getting a good taste of their meat, before the bottom gets his hole opened nice and wide with a toy, followed by a nice raw hard cock. These two definitely look like they're in for a fun semester.

More Bare Back Twinks on QCX.

Time Limited Offer: Sign up for one month of membership with Bareback Twink, and get it at 25% off! Promotion is exclusive for QueerClick readers and only lasts a few days. Get it before it's gone!

First Auditions: Tom

First Auditions: Tom

New boy Tom at FirstAuditions is a sweet-cheeked smooth young lad with an innocent nervous demeanour to match his boyish appearance. There is something intoxicating about watching someone so fresh and new to the experience of exposing himself which is incredibly horny. Although his nerves were on a knife-edge, he was determined to push himself through the audition for the experience.

More First Auditions: Tom

Chaos Men: Gregory

Chaos Men: Gregory

Bryan really doesn't know much about Gregory, other than he is a very quiet and composed guy. He didn't talk much on the ride to the studio, so he has very little info on him, or real feel for his personality.

We do know he is gay, and has been trying to get in the industry.

Gregory's solo is just fine though
. He has a look about him many will like, and he knows how to switch stroke his cock! And the dude can unload a hefty amount of DNA!

More Chaos Men: Gregory

Sean Cody: Myles

Sean Cody: Myles

Myles is a young guy who just turned 19. He has a lean, slender build with a cock that is very large for his size!

"You look kind of French," Sean Cody said to him as they were getting to know each other.

"Really?" he said. "Nobody's ever told me that before."

"Totally," SC replied. "Your face and build. Any of your ancestors from France?"

"Um, not that I know of!" he said with a big smile.

More Sean Cody: Myles

Ask QC: We Met Online But He Lied!

Ask QC

Hi there QC,

I'm sure most of us have met guys online and most of us have either lied (or been lied to) about our height/age/weight/dick size, etc, etc. Perhaps sometimes these are more of exaggerations of the truth say about what we do for a living, how much we earn, that sort of thing.

A few months ago I met a really nice guy online who, lives a few hours drive away, but with work and the holidays we just never seemed to be able to meet up face to face. We've been webcamming and jacking off together and getting along just fine - that is until we met up last week.

It bothers me that I feel so strongly about this as hes been a really nice guy, but now I realized hes always been making excuses or avoiding questions which I put down to him being shy, I now feel I have been led along and feel a bit foolish too.

When we finally did get to meet I drove over to his place but I was shocked when he answered the door... in a wheel chair! At first I thought perhaps he had been in an accident or twisted his ankle or something, but he hadn't. He then told me that he could walk (partially) but he has cerebal palsy since being born and it affects his motor (brain) controls and his physical abilities.

It pained me to see him like this as I had over several months started to develop deep feelings for him, I felt like I'd been robbed. Which I know is very selfish of me too but I had been dreaming of notions that we could get into a serious relationship together, now Im not too sure.

I was angry and sad but now Im over the initial shock Ive been wondering how difficult it would be for us to have a relationship together? Right from the start he lied about his condition, but he's explained this by saying that if he had told at the start me I wouldn't have been interested in him (sadly, he's probably right). Now that I have learned to like him for who he is and develop feelings for him its different, but can I ever trust him?

My question really is have other readers been in this situation and what difficulties will it bring being in a relationship with someone who has this condition? From a sexual point, there will be no problems (although we probably wont be swinging from the chandeliers LOL!). But I'm seriously considering giving this a chance to work and would really appreciate any advice from those who've been there before.

Thanks everyone,


Hi Benjamin and thanks for your writing in with your question, that's certainly quite a complicated and interesting topic! So dear QC readers what advice would you give? Have any of you been in this situation before? Are any of you currently in relationships with a partner who is physically challenged? Was it always like that from the start or something that happened later in life? If you can help Benjamin in any way, or point him in the right direction then please leave your opinions, experiences, and advice in the QComments section.

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

KeumGay: Marlon

KeumGay: Marlon

Marlon is a cute brazilian who was vacationing in Paris. KeumGay met Marlon in a gym and invited him for a massage video, but they did more than a simple massage.

More KeumGay: Marlon

Alpha Male Fuckers: Thierry Lamasse and Tate Ryder

alpha male fuckers thierry tate

Tate and Thierry are still working in the hotel. Making slow progress as usual but Tate loves interrupting his workmate. He interrupts Thierry';s lunch and gets his help to deal with a big box that had been delivered just before lunch. As they open the box Tate sees that it contains a new sofa; and what better way to make sure that it's sturdy enough for general public use than getting pounded on it?

Tate loses no time and pulls Thierry to him in a hot wet kiss, while his tongue works Thierry's mouth, his hands start working towards getting free from the little restraint offered by the overalls. Tate gets to work Thierry's beautiful and thick cock and while on all fours having a mouthful of French meat, Thierry notices Tate's smooth golden ass but his mouth is doing too good a hob to stop now.

More Alpha Male Fuckers: Thierry Lamasse and Tate Ryder

Randy Blue: Cole & Spencer

Randy Blue: Cole & Spencer

You look at these two guys, Cole Markum and Spencer Jones, and you wonder what is running through their heads. From the moment that their lips touch and each one feels the heat rising from the skin of the other there is nothing more than the smell of hot musky sex in the air.

More Randy Blue: Cole & Spencer

Naked Sword: Hooker Stories Episode 2 - Parker Perry and Bryce Star

naked sword parker bryce

Sometimes even hot boys need a hooker. The second episode of NakedSword's Hooker Stories finds club hottie Bryce Star heading home at dawn, but not wanting the party to stop. After a few bumps and a few failed attempts at a hook-up, he dials up an escort to drill him senseless. Donkey-dicked Parker Perry does more than that. After the boys do a fat bump, Parker treats Bryce to the full menu of hookerdom: sucking, fucking, hole-play, even an off-the-couch pile driver! It's epic, intense sex that only a professional can provide. Bryce swallows Parker's load with a smile, and sends Parker on his way ... one satisfied customer.

More Naked Sword: Hooker Stories Episode 2 - Parker Perry and Bryce Star

PictureThis Studios: Jamie West

picturethis jamie west

The pod always seems to bring out the more playful side of this websites hot young guys, and Jamie is no exception, climbing all over it like a monkey! It doesn't take him long to get naked of course, and is soon massaging his thick cut british cock once again! Whilst the picturethis-studios photographer usually gets more energetic shots than usual in the pod, Jamie is the first to flip himself around 180 degrees, and hang upside down from the frame, giving us some unexpected new angles of his firm hot, horny body to enjoy!

More PictureThis Studios: Jamie West

SpunkWorthy: Colin

spunkworthy colin

Colin was a big jock through high school and, although he identifies as straight, SW thinks there's a little curiosity in there. Apparently, once after a basketball game he and his teammates all decided to jerk off together in the shower. Talk about a bonding moment!

SW figured Colin was going to be shy one. And, boy, was he ever wrong. When he unzipped his jeans to pull out his dick and it was already getting hard, SW could tell we were going to be in for a treat.

More SpunkWorthy: Colin

Titan Men: Reckless, Scene 3

Reckless, Scene 3 at Titan Men

Deliveryman Devin Adams arrives with a package for beefy Brad Kalvo, who's strapped for cash. "Is there any other way I can pay you?" asks the hairy Brad, guiding Devin down and taking out his cock as the smoothie sucks down to the bushy groin.

More Titan Men: Reckless, Scene 3

BadPuppy: Nathan Locke

badpuppy nathan locke

23 year old Nathan Locke comes to us from New York, NY. He is a popular DJ, working in a Manhattan club and has always wanted to jerk off in front of the camera. He is here today to fulfill his wishes, and hopefully make you unload! Nathan removes his shirt, exposing his very fit torso. Staring into the camera, he rubs his body all over, unzipping his jeans, bringing his cock out over his underwear, slowly pulling and tugging on himself. After removing the remainder of his clothes, minus his socks, Nathan's rear faces the camera, as he rubs up against the back of the couch. With two hands, he pushes his cock to and fro, stroking until he's good and hard!

More BadPuppy: Nathan Locke

Cocksure Men: Kyle King & Jake Deckard

Kyle King & Jake Dreckard at Cocksure Men

Kyle King comes in to find Jake Deckard fast asleep. Kyle decides to take advantage of the situation and quickly gets undressed. He eases himself softly onto the bed and plops his sweet ass right on Jakes face. Upon being woken Jake lets out a hardy laugh and then buries his tongue inside Kyle's bum. Jake really gets into it, rubbing his entire face over Kyle's hole. He stretches Kyle out with his lean fingers. Kyle is ready to go, his ass begging to be fucked.

More Cocksure Men: Kyle King & Jake Deckard

Wank: Fit English Dude

Wank: Fit English Dude

This beefy english dude knows what he wants and he wants it bad! See him wanking and fingering his hole to ease and increase the heat he's in. Until he's ready to shoot his abundant load.

More after the jump!

More Wank: Fit English Dude

Amateur College Sex: Blane's First Bi Tag Team on QCX

Amateur College Sex: Blane's First Bi Tag Team

Blane admits he has never been in a bi situation before. Ashley and Zeb promise to take good care of Blane. The two guys kiss Ashley, who is sandwiched between them. Ashley lifts and removes Blane's shirt, and kisses his pecs and abs. Zeb and Blane quickly remove Ashley's bra,and kiss her breasts. Ashley fondles each of the guys through their jeans. Both guys loosen their belts and unzip their flies. At Ashley's instruction, all three of them remove their jeans.

Ashley is sandwiched between the two guys. She lays down between them. Blane removes her panties as Zeb sticks his cock into Ashley's waiting mouth. She sucks on it as Zeb fondles her tits. Blane plays with his own hard cock while he eats her out, jacking the first few inches of his dick as he gets rock hard.

More Amateur College Sex: Blane's First Bi Tag Team on QCX.

Straight Fraternity: Edwin and Manny

straight fraternity manny

Hung, horny Edwin needed to get a blowjob and some ass.

More Straight Fraternity: Edwin and Manny

Active Duty: Archer

active duty archer

Archer is 20-years old, stands 6' 1" tall and weighs 195 lbs. He's got blue eyes and blondish-brown hair and played lots of sports while in high school. He's really into the rave scene and has been to raves all over Southern California. Like all good marines he loves his mama---so much so that he has "Mama" tattooed on his chest. Dink makes sure to get a tour of his really interesting tats before getting him naked. Archer says he works out several times a week and it's certainly paying off for him.

More Active Duty: Archer

RadVideo Memorial Day Shopping Mania


Stop over on and enjoy the Memorial Day shopping mania! You can pick up a FREE DVD from a list of many in the Free DVD Category, add it to your basket together with a fully paid product, and use the coupon code "memorialday" during checkout to get 20% off your order!

Southern Strokes: Xavier and Damien

southern strokes damien xavier

Although this wasn't Xavier's first time drilling another boy, it was his first time in front of a camera not to mention he only has a couple notches in his belt. This was a perfect opportunity for a horny agressive bottom to show this new stud the lay of the land so to speak. In walk Damien and his insatiable appetite of getting his field plowed.

More Southern Strokes: Xavier and Damien

Muscle Hunks: Max Hilton

muscle hunks max hilton

New Leatherman Max Hilton is standing by waiting to show you his moves. Tough, compact, built like a pit bull and ready to rumble, leather muscleman Max sees you coming and coolly appraises whether or not you're worth his time. He knows you can appreciate that masculine bubblebutt encased in leather pants.

More Muscle Hunks: Max Hilton

Paragon Men: Adam Russo

paragon men adam russo

Sit up, slap on some leather, clamp on the cuffs and prepare to be tickled because erotic aphrodisiac Adam Russo is now on deck! Ay, those devastating apoco-lips, chocolate eyes to make you melt and hard nipples that, when pinched, activate electricity that jolts all circuits.

More Paragon Men: Adam Russo

Sean Cody: Marshall and Liev Bareback on QCX

Sean Cody: Marshall and Liev Bareback

Sometimes things happen that you just don't expect!

"I want to give it a try," Marshall said. He had been fucking Liev's ass and was taking a quick breather.

"You want to try what?" Sean Cody asked.

"I want to get fucked," he said.

More Sean Cody: Marshall and Liev Bareback on QCX.

Lucas Kazan: Max, Vilem and Giorgio

lucas kazan vilem max giorgio

Italian stallion Max and Czech superstar Vilem are a match made in heaven: both masculine, gym-built, tall (at 6'2"), hung (9 inches). Add boyish --but not so innocent-- Giorgio and you've got the perfect threesome. Guess who ends up bottoming?

For a limited time Lucas Kazan is offering 25% of your membership! This is exclusively for QueerClick readers only. Click here for more details.

More Lucas Kazan: Max, Vilem and Giorgio

Ruggerbugger: Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba at Ruggerbugger

Ruggerbugger have a video of internationally famous Chelsea FC footballer Didier Drogba fully naked in the locker room! This dedicated family man accidentally shows off his family jewels when strutting naked to the showers unaware there is a camera filming in the players. Finally we can see what's under that football kit and enjoy his very toned body and pendulous cock nestled in a big full bush of pubes.

More Ruggerbugger: Didier Drogba

Rate These Guys: Nick Scott

How would you rate Nick Scott?

Nick is 22, a personal bodyguard and security guard to VIPs and high publicity events. A former army hunk, you can tell when he strips off to reveal his bulked up body that he is one tough guy. He's also a cheeky lad who loves to party and have fun.

With over 300 exclusive, personal videos of competing men fucking their holes, shooting their loads and exposing every part of themselves, RateTheseGuys is the king of quality self-shot hotness.

More Rate These Guys: Nick Scott

Next Door Twink: Trevor Knocks, Noah Brooks and JD Evans on QCTwinks

next door twink trevor noah jd

Trevor Knocks has just come home with his new 4 wheel ATV, and Noah Brooks and JD Evans are a little envious. "Let me ride it," says JD. "When you suck my dick," replies Trevor, with a dismissing tone that should be the end of that. But Noah hears this as more of an opportunity invite than an obstacle, and immediately sets into unzipping Trevor's jeans."What are you doing?" Trevor asks.

More Next Door Twink: Trevor, Noah and JD on QC Twinks.

Man Avenue: James the "Horny Hatter"

man avenue james

Man avenue was lurking around the beach last week and discovered James - a very handsome guy, but with a very strange fetish. He likes hats.

This guy was grabbing hats from his bag and trying them on in rapid fire speed. When they finally couldn't take it anymore, they approached and tried to determine what was going on. Well, when he said "I like jacking off with my hats." That was all they needed to hear.

They followed him back to his apartment and got close up to this strange fetish. While he was checking himself out (with several hats) in the mirror, he began grabbing his dick through his board shorts. THey were so fucking turned on, but he seemed to be into his least for the moment.

More Man Avenue: James the "Horny Hatter"

Falcon Studios: Charlie Harding and Johnny Ryder

falcon studios johnny charlie

A photo shoot between Johnny Ryder and Charlie Harding as a wrestling duo plays out exactly as directed by their photographer. But it doesn't take much convincing for either model to get motivated and act out their photo fantasy in some hot gear. The sexual chemistry between the two hunks is instantaneous. Charlie goes down to suck his opponent's hefty tool, bathing the meaty cock with his tongue. Johnny does the same when it's his turn to overwhelm his partner with oral skills.

More Falcon Studios: Charlie Harding and Johnny Ryder

Hot House: Trenton Ducati & Brenden Cage

hot house trenton brenden

Brenden Cage came to Palm Springs for one reason: to get it on with a hot muscle man. When he sees Trenton Ducati lying out by the pool rubbing his bulging crotch he makes his move. Brenden swims up to the stud and pulls down his trunks to reveal Trenton's big, thick cock. He takes it in his mouth and goes deep, giving him some real poolside service. The cock sucking makes Brenden's dick hard so he stands up and straddles Trenton and shoves his cock in his mouth. While Trenton sucks his dick Brenden jacks off Trenton with his huge ass cheeks. The anal foreplay push both men over the edge; it's time fuck. Brenden bends over a lawn chair and opens his muscular ass to receive Trenton's thick tool.

More Hot House: Trenton Ducati & Brenden Cage

TGIF - Happy Long Weekend!

Caption This!
Marcus Mojo: Marcus and Johnny Torque
Randy Blue: Cody & Nicco
Naked Sword: Hooker Stories Episode 1: The Professional Escort
Bel Ami: Joey Amis
Chaos Men: Bentley
Sean Cody: William and Troy Bareback Johnny Rapid Gang Bang!
Corbin Fisher: CF 9-XXX Workout
QC Caliente!

What better way to spend the long Memorial Day weekend than exploring our all new QC Caliente. The two column format is a breathe of fresh air, and gives us even more editorial flexibility to bring you the hottest men of QColor on Planet Earth. You definitely have to check out the GIF category; those snippets of animations are simply spellbinding. LOL~

Till we meet again, keep QueerClickin'!

Muscle Hunk
Wat The F***
Perfect Asian Specimen
Stroke That Tasty Cock
Asian Uncut Schlong

Latin Boyz: Rio & Frisco
Marlon Teixeira
LatinJocks: Nicky

Next Door Twink: Trevor Knocks, Noah Brooks and JD Evans
BFCollection: Jake
EnigmaticBoys: Kenny
Boys Life Studio: Alexander
19Nitten: Lyov

Amateur College Sex: Marc Fucks Olivia
Corbin Fisher: CF 9-XXX Workout
Bel Ami: Julien Hussey & Paul Mekas
Men on Edge: Mitch Vaughn
Chaos Men: Glenn and Kristopher - RAW

Nasty Cops at Brutal Tops

Nasty Cops at Brutal Tops

Master Derek and Master Toby are cocky handsome young cops who like nothing better than to strip a prisoner and make him suck their big hard cocks. And they have the law on their side. They dole out vicious kicks, punches and verbal humiliation upon their captive sub.

More Nasty Cops at Brutal Tops

Alpha Male Fuckers: Lucio Saints

alpha male fuckers lucio saints

Filming with a big camera does not allow you to interact with your wank model and maintaining focus meant the cameraman had to keep outside hand reach. And that's a good thing because he could hardly contain himself. Lucio has a beautiful cock, long, thick, beautifully straight and with lots of foreskin. On top of that Lucio has a body to die for, beautiful tattoos. But the real pleasure lays in seeing his majestic cock push against the tight hole of the flesh light, seeing the silicone give and expanding and let that monster slide inside.

More Alpha Male Fuckers: Lucio Saints

Bare Back Twink: Martin Corvin and Timothy Nixon on QCX

bareback twink timothy martin

A trip to the college nurse soon heats up as healing hands turn into wandering ones. Our soccer playing lad clearly needs some relief, so what else can our randy teen nurse do but suck on our athletes throbbing cock. In return he gives the young football stud something to suck on - and it's not a lollipop. Nice and wet, it's then ready to give him a good probing - giving him a good hard fucking and finally a tasty cum facial.

More Bare Back Twinks on QCX.

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COLT Studio Group: Bob Hager

colt studio group bob hager

Ever wonder what Bears really do in the woods? Chopping wood in the hot summer sun, hot COLT Man Bob Hager needs little more than a jock strap and his hefty ax to get the job done.

More COLT Studio Group: Bob Hager

Chaos Men: Austin and Jamison - G:hOle RAW on QCX

Chaos Men: Austin and Jamison - G:hOle RAW

Chaos Men had actually been trying to get these two together for quite some time. Finally things settled for both of them, and Bryan could make the match happen. Austin also had been doing homework with his girl on receiving some anal play and felt pretty confident he could handle bottoming with pleasure instead of just "taking it".

They start off by eye-balling each other's equipment at the trough. Austin pisses and then they both start stroking each other till they are hard. Jamison heads for the stall, and Austin really sucks Jamison's cock with enthusiasm.

He even unloads more piss on the floor while sucking Jamison off.

See more on QCX.

First Auditions: Brian

First Auditions: Brian

Brian is a straight builder who likes fucking as much as possible and needs to get off at least once a day. He has a very natural masculine body with a light covering of hair and a big round ass. The casting director films a close examination of his full bush, hairy pits and a big set of heavy balls full of spunk. His ass crack has a deep groove with a moist puckered asshole revealed when he's taught how to spread his cheeks apart fully.

More First Auditions: Brian

Amateur College Sex: Marc Fucks Olivia on QCX

Amateur College Sex: Marc Fucks Olivia

Standing in the middle of the living room, the couple embraces. Marc lifts Olivia's shirt, revealing her tight abs. He bends forward and kisses them. He pulls up her shirt higher and nuzzles her tits through her lacy bra. Marc removes her t-shirt and then Olivia removes his. They make out again.

Marc seats her on the couch and unbuttons her bra as they continue to kiss. Her breasts spring free, and Marc sucks her nipples. Olivia unzips his jeans and pulls them down. Marc steps out of them as Olivia playfully pulls on his cock through his boxers. Olivia peels back his underwear and allows his semi-hard dick to drop forward. She takes his hardening cock into her mouth and sucks it.

More Amateur College Sex: Marc Fucks Olivia on QCX. - Khaled Fucked - Khaled Fucked

The uniformed officers at have taking Khaled into custody. Unusually the strong blonde Scandinavian requests an anal cavity search. The officers aren't certain if he's trying to cause them trouble or if he's just a pervert.

More - Khaled Fucked

College Dudes: Bryan Cavallo Fucks Angel Rock

College Dudes: Bryan Cavallo Fucks Angel Rock

Bryan Cavallo and Angel Rock have two of the biggest cocks on CollegeDudes - both uncut. It is a joy seeing these two studs make out and rub their throbbing uncut dicks against each other. The bigger pleasure is what comes next - Bryan fucks the shit out of Angel! This fuck is spectacular.

More College Dudes: Bryan Cavallo Fucks Angel Rock

Dirty Tony: Jeremy Stevens

dirty tony jeremy stevens

Jeremy Stevens is one incredibly smoking hot surprise and Tony is VERY happy to have him grace his casting couch. Tony was out shopping one day and spotted this California stud hard at work at his place of business. Tony was more than happy to have this yoked salesman come help him in his time of need, so tony laid on some charm. Tony got more than a nibble from Jeremy. To his delight, he started flirting right back. It turns out that they had a lot more in common than he thought. Tony told him who he was and what he did, and Jeremy practically invited himself over!

More Dirty Tony: Jeremy Stevens

Bel Ami: Julien Hussey & Paul Mekas on QCX

Bel Ami: Julien Hussey & Paul Mekas

We are back in BelAmi's Budapest studio for third firey encounter between Paul Mekas and Julien Hussey. We all know Julien to be be a bottom of many talents and here he is determined to show them all off for big dicked Paul.

More Bel Ami: Julien Hussey & Paul Mekas on QCX. - Henry's Audition - Henry's Audition

Having to strip naked for the four giggling ladies is like nothing Henry has ever had to do before. But he manages to overcome his shyness with the women's encouragement. They openly stare and evaluate his youthful, athletic body, his firm backside and heavy, thick penis.

More - Henry's Audition

Sean Cody: Sawyer

Sean Cody: Sawyer

"I'd say its pretty big," Sawyer said with a slight, but coy, southern drawl. "I've been told... actually, everybody that's ever seen it says it's pretty big!"

"Well," I thought to myself, "this should be interesting!"

Sawyer is a small guy, and it's been our experience that it's always the small, lean guys that have the whoppers!

More Sean Cody: Sawyer

RadVideo Memorial Day Shopping Mania

RadVideo Memorial Day Shopping Mania

Stop over on and enjoy the Memorial Day shopping mania! You can pick up a FREE DVD from a list of many in the Free DVD Category, add it to your basket together with a fully paid product, and use the coupon code "memorialday" during checkout to get 20% off your order!

Go after the jump to see new DVDs now available from RadVideo.

More RadVideo Memorial Day Shopping Mania

Corbin Fisher: CF 9-XXX Workout on QCX

Corbin Fisher: CF 9-XXX Workout

Nine hot CF studs. Eight creampies. Four DP's. A lot of hot action all over the place. It's definitely one of the hottest, funnest and downright filthiest videos CF has ever done. There's over 50 minutes of heavy lifting - and we don't mean barbells!

Duncan, Kenny, Dawson, Connor, Tom, Cain, Zeb, Marc and Harper are working out, pumping up, spotting each other and of course, trying to outdo each other. It was a lot of testosterone for one gym! As the guys worked out their pecs, biceps, backs and shoulders, one thing was clear - they were getting sweaty and turned on - and turning us on, too.

More Corbin Fisher: CF 9-XXX Workout on QCX.

Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

EricDeman has new videos filming hot criminals being strip searched as they are taken into custody. Supervised by uniformed officers these tough guys have to strip everything off, have their cocks examined and squat to prove they aren't concealing anything up their assholes. Download and save thousands of videos at EricDeman!

More Eric Deman Update

CockyBoys: Seth Knight, Bobby Clark and Phenix Saint

cockyboys seth phenix bobby

We were pretty amazed when we saw what Seth could do with two dildos but he blew CockyBoys' mind away when they saw what he did with two real big muscle dicks. Phenix Saint and Bobby Clark showed the little fucker absolutely no mercy and the more abusive they were the more Seth liked it. Honestly, we don't even want to know how he did it but we're glad he did. Taking on that much aggressiveness and actually enjoying the fuck out of it is sure as hell to get Seth Knight voted Twink of The Year - again!! (We know most of you still cream your pants when you remember the way Gabriel Clark destroyed Seth Knight's little hole but believe us - this is all that abuse times 2!

More CockyBoys: Seth Knight, Bobby Clark and Phenix Saint

All American Heroes: Timo and Chris

all_american heroes timo chris

Timo and Chris get aquainted with each other on the couch. Chris tells Timo why he decided to join the Marines and Timo shares a few stories of when he was out fighting in the Army. They share their war stories and some of the gruesome details from the battlefield. These war-hardened military studs have seen it all! They decide to turn their attention to the porno that's playing on the TV across from them. Timo is first to start rubbing on his cock through his army shorts. Not long after, he has popped a full blown chubby.

More All American Heroes: Timo and Chris

Next Door Buddies: Brandon Lewis and Anthony Romero

Next Door Buddies: Brandon Lewis and Anthony Romero

Brandon Lewis is an insatiable cock lover who's taken one Anthony Romero to a nice, below-street-level space he's prepared. He's been trying to get into Anthony's pants for a couple weeks now and Brandon expects this swanky, private atmosphere will do just the trick. Sure enough, the mood and the spirit of the occasion goes straight to Anthony's head. Brandon's hands are down Anthony's pants, squeezing his plump ass cheeks and feeling his growing bulge.

More Next Door Buddies: Brandon Lewis and Anthony Romero

Southern Strokes: Sully

southern strokes sully

Sully is the latest Southern Bad Boy to vist the Ranch but don't let his tatted up body fool you. Sully loves his bad boy image and believe us he can back it up, but this Southern Stud can take it as well as he dishes it out. Sully's blonde hair and blue eyes will suck you in and before you know it, you'll wanna get naked with ths stud.

More Southern Strokes: Sully

Pole Position: Feels Great in Your Hands

Paragon Men's Kurt Madison Wins Pole Position!

While Glee's Kurt Hummel was all teary last night, Paragon Men's Kurt Madison only had tears of joy. With most commenters chanting his name in support, and his alluring physical assets (irresistible face, perfect ass, mouth-watering cock, etc.), it's no wonder Kurt Madison won the race with a huge majority of your votes.

The men this week are so well sculpted they can only feel great in your hands. Who amongst them would you want to spend with this coming long-weekend?

More Pole Position: Feels Great in Your Hands

Island Studs: Darren & Shawn Play Naked football

Darren and Shawn at Island Studs

Big Dick Darren, the sexy Waikiki lifeguard & surfer is back with his buddy Big Dick Shawn for another Island Studs outdoor Naked Football photo shoot.

More Island Studs: Darren & Shawn Play Naked football

Active Duty: Brennan

active duty brennan

Brennan is 21-years old, 5' 9" tall and is originally from New Jersey. Aside from partying and raising hell he enjoys all sorts of active things. He's enjoying Southern California beaches and all the beautiful people. In high school he played football and wrestled and we can just see him rolling around in a singlet with another hot jock as their ass cracks sweated up a storm.

More Active Duty: Brennan

New Site Attack: Men On The Edge on QCX

men on edge

We are super excited to start covering this hot new site. If you are a fan of edging this site is amazing. Men tied up and teased until they are begging for release.

See more on QCX.

Raging Stallion: D.O. and Marc Dylan

raging stallion marc dylan do

Spreading Marc Dylan's smooth butt cheeks apart, D.O. gains easy access to his twitching hole. The handsome power top stretches the ass crack open and licks it clean. Marc gets up to suck D.O.'s dick. and he then lays back with his head over the side of the bed, opens his mouth wide so D.O. can really cram his dick down his gullet. D.O. Marc soon mounts D.O.'s perfect dick and they start screwing. With all this overwhelming stimulation, Marc jacks away at his stiffy until he climaxes and D.O. follows, blasting his load onto his exhausted partner.

More Raging Stallion: D.O. and Marc Dylan Masked Men Jizz Orgy

Masked Men Jizz Orgy

Christopher Daniels is hard at work when a mysterious note with an address is slipped under the door of his office. Curious, he heads down to the location where he gets blindfolded and led into a room with 4 masked men.

More Masked Men Jizz Orgy

Wank: Protein Hit

Wank: Protein Hit

Flexibility! That's xTuber cummguzzla best talent. He showed off his special skill by laying on his back on the bathroom's floor and throwing his legs up in the air to get a protein shake and a facial, all for the price of one horny wank.

More after the jump!

More Wank: Protein Hit

Frat Men: Humpmaster 3

Humpmaster 3 at Frat Men

We love a good ass. And the Frat Men stable of hotties have amazing asses. So we love that Frat Men celebrates that with their Humpmaster series. This new, third collection of amazing butts makes us very happy.

More Frat Men: Humpmaster 3

Squirtz: Jo Prince

squirtz jo prince

Jo is the hot little twink that won the heart of Squirtz model and former Str8 boy Samuel Laroche. So what are the qualities that Jo has that seems to turn straight boys' heads? Well besides the cute, friendly face, the lean, toned body and the perky, fuckable ass, Jo has an energy that is uplifting and makes the people around him feel relaxed and happy. He likes to smile and laugh and is generally just a friendly and open person. So open in fact that when it comes to sex, pretty much anything goes if he's in the right mood.

More Squirtz: Jo Prince

Sneaky Peek Update

Sneaky Peek Update

SneakyPeek has a new video of a horny guy caught jerking off in a toilet cubicle! While being secretly filmed from the adjoining cubicle through a hole in the wall this stud deals with his balls full of cum watching porn on his phone and nursing his aching hard on.

More Sneaky Peek Update

Marcus Mojo: Marcus and Johnny Torque

Marcus Mojo: Marcus and Johnny Torque

We move through life encountering different types of people in varying environments. We draw upon 'schemas' in order to conduct ourselves in a befitting manner. We play the handshake game, the smile-and-nod, swallowing every drop of status quo. Today Marcus Mojo will walk the line. He plans to give Johnny Torque an opportunity to expand his horizons. As Lead Talent Scout for Mojo Models, Johnny and Marcus pour over photos of hot, nude men together on a regular basis. When Marcus suggests that Johnny move to a role in front of the camera, he agrees to strip down with only a little reluctance.

More Marcus Mojo: Marcus and Johnny Torque

Dirty Tony: Conner and Clayton

dirty tony conner clayton

Clayton and Conner get some good chatting in, learning about what they each like to do. It happens to be that they share an interest in motorcycles. The boys get up and decide to get measurements of their bodies and compare with each other. Conner grabs Clayton's chest and notices he is pretty tensed up from his workout. Conner offers him up a massage to help relieve some of his tension and Clayton happily accepts. Clayton gets worked up pretty fast and tells Conner he wants something else massaged. Clayton gets up and immediately pulls down his pants. Conner kisses him and then kisses down his neck, chest, and abs, all the way down to Clayton's hardened erection.

More Dirty Tony: Conner and Clayton

Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off: Bob

straight australian guys bob

Bad boy Bob, is a knock about bloke who's experienced a lot of life in his 24 years. He now works in construction. Originally from country N.S.W. He loves to play Rugby League. He also likes the Northern Territory which is like a boys own adventure land. He was very reluctant to pull his big thick cock but he needed the cash.

More Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off: Bob

Bentley Race: Nicolas Cruz

bentley race nicolas cruz

Zac actually hooked up with Nicolas after an afternoon of chatting on Grindr. He managed to talk Nicolas in to coming round to see the apartment and perhaps do a little modelling. Bentley didn't actually get to meet Nicolas as he was busy shooting another scene in the next room. But Zac told him that Nicolas was pretty nervous to begin with but soon lost his nerves along with his clothes. The photo shoot went very well and while he was still worked up Zac grabbed the camera to catch him jacking off and spraying cum all over those abs.

More Bentley Race: Nicolas Cruz

Chaos Men: Glenn and Kristopher - RAW on QCX

Chaos Men: Glenn and Kristopher - RAW

Glenn still has a smile and look of disbelief through this video. You can decide if he can't believe he is doing it, or he can't believe he is enjoying it.

He definitely needed someone like Kristopher to take charge, and Kristopher delivers as usual, guiding the newbie through it all.

Glenn was just down to fuck a dude. So no kissing, sucking etc. But he did say the next time he might try that. Typical first-timer limits.

What wasn't so typical was he sure liked fucking Kristopher in the ass. Even the oral he stayed bone hard for. Kristopher excels at bottoming and I think Glenn was in awe that this dude was taking it so well.

See more on QCX.

Corbin Fisher: Cort's First Time on QCX

Corbin Fisher: Cort's First Time

Guitar-strumming Cort hasn't been here since last summer. But we're sure glad he's back, because now he's going to have his first guy/guy experience with Josh!

As Josh tells Cort, he's used to breaking guys in around CF. And who wouldn't want to be broken in by Josh? That delicious bubble butt, those eyes and that tight body!

More Corbin Fisher: Cort's First Time on QCX.

BadPuppy: Rock and Frankie Madsen

badpuppy frankie rock

43 year old Rock and 21 year old newbie Frankie Madsen, come together to help Badpuppy celebrate their 17th Birthday online! Rock made the cake before coming to the shoot. They have forgotten the candles, so we think they have other blow outs in mind.

They begin kissing on the couch, removing each others shirts and Frankie loses it all, while Rock begins ravishing his cock. Frankie can't resist and begins returning the favor. Rock dips his dick in the frosting and Frankie blows his candle. Frankie dips his cock and Rock blows his candle!

More BadPuppy: Rock and Frankie Madsen

Caption This!

Caption This!

Post your funniest comments and see who got the most votes last week!

Have a 'Caption This' pic you want published? Submit your pic or link to it HERE.

More Caption This!

Sean Cody: William and Troy Bareback on QCX

Sean Cody: William and Troy Bareback

"This is the first dick I've ever had in my mouth," William said. "I'll never forget you!"

He and Troy were taking a hot shower together and he had been going down on Troy's cock aggressively.

"Fuck yeah! I'm in there for life!" Troy said, and then guided William's mouth back onto his cock.

More Sean Cody: William and Troy Bareback on QCX.

Porn Break: Emergency Room

Porn Break: Emergency Room

Is there a doctor in the audience? We have a patient in the emergency room, with the most gorgeous ass we have seen, and it requires some special attention. Stat!

Reveal after the jump!

More Porn Break: Emergency Room

Corbin Fisher: Avery

Corbin Fisher: Avery

Avery is a cute guy with a nice swimmer's build, a fun outgoing personality and a smile that won't quit. He's also got a pretty unique feature - his eyes are two separate colors! Avery also says he's interested mainly in girls but likes some guys, too. Guess this fun new freshman sees things from both sides!

Avery has been swimming and playing soccer since he was little. He was a little nervous when he first got in front of the camera, and we're not surprised. He related the story of the first time he jerked off and got caught! He's over it now, though and he's ready to expose himself to the world.

More Corbin Fisher: Avery

Bellboy Spitroasted at StraightHell on QCX

Bellboy Spitroasted at StraightHell on QCX

Checking into a top hotel the service should be nothing but sterling. When the standard of the room isn't quite up to scratch Adrian and Dave call down for horny bellboy Lukas to come service them. It's his job to do whatever he can to keep the customer satisfied. Lukas has his limits but the men are quick to pin him to the bed, bind his arms and get his trousers down.

More "Bellboy Spitroasted at StraightHell" on QCX.

Randy Blue: Cody & Nicco

Randy Blue: Cody & Nicco

Breakups are so hard to deal with. Sometimes you just want to bury your head in a carton of ice cream and not come up until you hit the bottom. That is what Cody Lake was doing when Nicco Sky showed up at his doorstep. But Nicco knew the cure for the breakup blues and went down on Cody faster than you can delete an exboyfriend phone number.

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College Dudes: Mike Adder

College Dudes: Mike Adder

Mike is a great guy with a nice body, and he really knows how to show off his stuff! Mike takes his shirt off to reveal a nice tanned torso with some nice abs to top it off. When the shorts come off we see his 18 year old cock and magnificent bubble butt. Mike works it up at the edge of the bed, and immediately you can see that he is totally into it.

More College Dudes: Mike Adder

UK Naked Men: Gay Bar or Bust: Learning the Ropes

UK Naked Men's Gay Bar or Bust: Learning the Ropes

Dean spends the morning auditioning the entertainment but his phone doesn't stop ringing... eventually he's called away, leaving stripper Lincoln wondering what to do...

Seeing poor Lincoln, naked and looking lost, Harley feels sorry for the lad and decides to show him some affection. The trouble is, Harley's always confused affection with a good hard fuck, which is exactly what Lincoln gets—and exactly what he wants. The 'lost lad' greedily takes everything Harley can give and still wants more, riding the bar manager's thick uncut cock and eating his hot cum.

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Bel Ami: Joey Amis

Bel Ami: Joey Amis

Everyone remembers Joey from his outstanding performance in the blowjob scene from Mating Season. Today we have a photoset taken by Marty Stevens during one of Bel Ami's trips to South Africa. As usual, Joey is full of smiles and energy, and of course a rock hard cock.

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Porn Break: Do you Agree?

Porn Break: Do you Agree?

Oftentimes, Porn, as a whole, is under fire for its antics and gimmicks. Whether it's because some people fail to see the fantasy aspect of it or because they demand some form of commitment of an industry that is, well, based in the oldest form of entertainment so to speak. We can't offer an answer to this, because of the bias, but the gauntlet is there for anyone who want to pick it.

Tell us in the comments, do you agree with the statement above?

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Chaos Men: Bentley

Chaos Men: Bentley

Bentley was pretty nervous during his photos and solo, though he left saying he had a good time, and was ready to come back for more.

His buddies in high school would see him in the locker room and tell he should be doing porn. Apparently he is a show'er and grow'er! He has even tag-teamed a girl and done some mini-orgy action, and the feedback was... he needs to do porn!

More Chaos Men: Bentley

Jake Cruise: Arpad Miklos and Dustin Fitch

jake cruise dustin jarpad

"Hmmm didn't you forget something?" Arpad Miklos says to Dutin Fitch who's busy typing away on the couch. "Just 5 more minutes " Dustin pleads. "This can't wait!" replies Arpad as he begins stripping and whips out his big uncut dick. Who can argue with that? Dustin sucks away and has Arpad at full mast in no time. Arpad undresses Dustin and gets held up after taking off just his shoes. He takes a little time to slap Dustin's gorgeous feet with his thick dick before moving on to throat Dustin's cock. After swallowing Dustin down to his balls Arpad eats his sweet ass and then fills it with his massive tool.

More Jake Cruise: Arpad Miklos and Dustin Fitch

Next Door Male: Mark Long

Next Door Male: Mark Long

Mark Long is back for his second go around at NextDoorMale, and he went ahead and brought along that super huge dick of his. Personable and intelligent with a great body to boot, you'll see this future fireman start some sparks of his own as he reclines back and lubes up his 9" dick. Stroking it into peak condition, the head of Mark's penis swells as he jacks himself off. Next he begins to run through an assortment of Fleshjack products, choosing a see through model and promptly stuffing it to the limits.

More Next Door Male: Mark Long

Queerism - TED

Queerism - TED

noun: Acronym for 'The Electric Dink' - a close relative of BOB ('Battery Operated Boyfriend'), referring to a vibrator.

example: "I had a damn good talk with TED last night".

Thanks to Darebear for this Queerism! Do you have an interesting or unusual Queerism of your own you wish to share? Submit your Queerism HERE.

Naked Sword: Hooker Stories Episode 1: The Professional Escort

naked sword rafael christopher

NakedSword Originals presents the first episode from Hooker Stories entitled "The Professional Escort". Some seasoned hookers have got "the world's oldest profession" down to a science, and horsehung Rafael Alencar is one of them. The consummate professional, Rafael knows that his client -- a handsome blonde played by Christopher Daniels -- is a pretty nervous first-timer and gives him exactly what he is paying for: the most-intense ass-fucking of his life.

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Austin Zane: Drake Drills Zane

austinzane drake zane

Once Drake debuted on AustinZane, they were flooded with requests for Drake to fuck Zane! Well AZ members, that day is here and we couldn't be happier! These two are similar in size and turned out to make a great pairing- these gearheads know how to fuck! Drake (who is not a big kisser) isn't able to escape the allure of Zane's lips as he fucks him until he cums! Great suggestion AZ members!

More Austin Zane: Drake Drills Zane - Breakdown - Breakdown

Businessman Ian is on his way to an important meeting when his car breaks down. A group of women pick him up on their way to an erotic party, inviting the sexy young man to have a drink with them while he calls for tow truck.

More - Breakdown

HairyBoyz: Aybars and Trent

hairyboyz aybars trent

Aybars' dark looks are the perfect complement to Trent's milky appearance in this video. Trent explores Aybars' muscled torso - his tongue lapping at his partner's hairy pecs and abs - then hits the plump jackpot throbbing between his legs. Aybars responds with a vigorous rim job on Trent's ass. Then, mounting Trent, Aybars fucks his partner fiercely looking like a caballero riding his white steed.

More HairyBoyz: Aybars and Trent

QCaliente - QC Espanol Rebirthed

QC Espanol is now QCaliente

Listen up peeps! We've got a new kid on the blog! Meet QCaliente.

Half a year ago, we relaunched QC Asians with a new format - a hybrid of Tumblr & a traditional blog - to test response. The new format which allows us to serve more exciting bite-sized content quickly proved to be a winner. We've seen a huge jump in page views, comments, likes and shares. And if we dare say so, we've fallen in love with blog-posting all over again.

With a confidence boost in our pockets, we're now introducing the same breezy format, along with a new branding, to the old QC Espanol.

Expect an endless visual flow of the hottest Latino men to whet your loins. Watch that flame. Don't get burned. ;)

Se divierten!
Editor D

First Auditions: Nathan

First Auditions: Nathan

Straight hunk Nathan at First Auditions works out hard to maintain a very sexy muscular body. Now that he's moved to a big city he wants to get involved in porn to make his dream of becoming a star come true. He has a burning desire to really experience some wild sexual things on video rather than just watching them in his own privacy.

More First Auditions: Nathan

Bel Ami: Sascha Chaykin & Benjamin Bloom

Bel Ami: Sascha Chaykin & Benjamin Bloom

Bel Ami filmed this scene as a response to so many of you asking to see Benjamin again (George says it's his be-careful-what-you-wish-for scene ;-) ). Since he stopped filming with Bel Ami, Benjamin has grown from boy into man, and you will see him here darked haired instead of blonde, muscled and ripped instead of lithe and lean.

More Bel Ami: Sascha Chaykin & Benjamin Bloom

Man Avenue: Tomm

man avenue tomm

Tomm, Man Avenue's Real Man, debuted several years ago in his first solo scene with them.

Since then, he has been stuffed with a dildo (in Tomm's Toy), fucked by hairy man Peter Johnson (in our Hairy Muscle Flip Flop); fucked by the straight muscled Angelo Cruz (in Meathead and Muscle); sucked by all kind of guys and gets the lucky spot of fucking cute twink TJ (in Tomm Fucks TJ).

See all the unedited scenes
with additional / raw footage from these videos and some never seen high resolution photos for each of those associated photoshoots.

More Man Avenue: Tomm

Randy Blue: Adi & Nick

Randy Blue: Adi & Nick

One would think with this being the first time Adi Hadad was having on screen sex with another man that there would be even a hint of resistance. Maybe the slightest bit of hesitation as he tests the waters of this new sexual frontier. But that's not the way Adi rolls. Maybe he just really wanted to do a kick ass job. Or perhaps it was the fact that Nick Sterling has such a perfect ass that no mere mortal can resist. Or maybe some things defy categorization when two people devolve down to their basic animal instincts to give and take pleasure.

More Randy Blue: Adi & Nick

PictureThis Studios: Craig Freeman

picturethis craig freeman

It seems that for as long as he can remember, slim and sexy Craig Freeman can't help getting completely turned on when visiting other people's bathrooms and toilets! Whether he is at a friends, a restaurant or at the office, Craig just cant resist the urge to start jerking off in them, loving the fact that people just the other side of the door are oblivious to what he is really doing! It seems only natural then that the guys from picturethis-studios wanted to recreate this moment, except this time making sure they were capturing all the action up close!

More PictureThis Studios: Craig Freeman

Cocksure Men: Phillip Aubrey & Mitch Vaughn

Phillip Aubrey & Mitch Vaughn at Cocksure Men

Sexy blond stud Phillip Aubrey is here to play with one of the sexiest men in porn, Mitch Vaughn. Phillip has a tanned, toned body and a deep, booming voice. It's clear that Mitch is 'excited' to fuck around with Phillip.

More Cocksure Men: Phillip Aubrey & Mitch Vaughn

Falcon Studios: Angelo Marconi and Jimmy Durano

falcon studios angelo jimmy

The director gives Angelo Marconi and Jimmy Durano the roles of two, lust-driven lovers, pushing each other to their sexual limits. The two quickly become entangled in each other kissing, licking and rubbing all over. Obsessed with his partner's cock, Angelo nurses on it greedily. This excites Jimmy and propels him to get into position so they 69. Jimmy works his way to Angelo's asshole, dipping his finger and then his tongue inside the hot moist hole. Wanting more, Angelo impales himself on Jimmy's erection and they start fucking. The ass-drilling continues and intensifies as they maneuver into Angelo's favorite position.

More Falcon Studios: Angelo Marconi and Jimmy Durano

Ask QC: Should Gay Brothers 'Come Out' at The Same Time?

Ask QC

Hi there QC,

A few weeks ago there was a question on here about when Is the 'right' age/time to 'come out'?

Well I have the same situation but its double the problem - my brother (who is 17 months older than me) is also gay and we recently came out to each other (he's nearly 20 and I'm 18). Although I already knew he was gay, he said he had no idea about me and didn't believe me at first when I told him! LOL!

The thing is, we both still live at home with Mom and Dad, 3 brothers and 2 sisters (all younger than us) and although we're not too sure about coming out to them all just yet, we really do want to come out to our parents.

Our question is, should we both come out at the same time to our parents and with both parents present? I think we should but my brother thinks it will be too much them to take and he wants to test the water first and come out to them by himself first - then if its OK then I should do so at a later date. I'm not really convinced that's the right thing to do and really think we should both do it together. So if you have any ideas or advice on how we should do it then that would be really great!

Thanks for your help guys!

J + D

Making that decision to come out is a big step so lets see if we can help these two boys!, whilst every circumstance is different, and your situation is a double whammy, lets hope that some of our readers have experienced a similar set of circumstances and will be able to guide you. So, if you think you can help J + D with their dilemma and answer any of their questions and more, or have any other advice to offer them, then please leave your opinions, experiences, and advice in the QComments section.

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

More Ask QC: Should Gay Brothers 'Come Out' at The Same Time?

Dominic Ford: David Dirdam and Adrian Toledo

dominic ford david adrian

Dominic is very excited to release this scene, which is a collaboration between and Stag Homme is known for their Spanish men, and he was excited to collaborate with them on this incredibly hot scene.

We hope you enjoy watching the insanely hot David Dirdam and Adrian Toledo go at it! These guys, two of the hottest guys Spain has to offer, take turns fucking each other in the hot tub and the living room of this African-themed apartment. It's hot!

More Dominic Ford: David Dirdam and Adrian Toledo

CockyBoys: Kennedy Carter and Jecht Parker

cockyboys kennedy jecht

Kennedy Carter is - simply put - a love making machine who will never cease to amaze us. (Did you see his scene with Stephen Forrest? we mean - seriously!!) This time he chose to work with Jecht Parker for his next scene and I couldn't be any happier about it. Kennedy has expressed his interest in ethnic men many times so working with Jecht was a sure thing. Kennedy didn't waste any time getting to know Jecht - he had alredy seen his solo scene and he couldn't wait to get all over the stud. Jecht was a little shy at first but once his dick hit Kennedy's deep throat - he was home. The chemistry and sexual tention between these two was so hot!

More CockyBoys: Kennedy Carter and Jecht Parker

VideoBoys: Justin and Jimmy

videoboys justin jimmy

Skater boys have always been a big turn on for the guys over at Videoboys. But they've never had a real bona fide skater boy that was ready to go all the way for them. So when Jimmy Little came along, all of their desires were answered: a real talented skater boy, super cute, loves to get fucked.

When they suggested a scene with Justin Lebeau, Jimmy was thrilled. Justin isn't a skater himself but he has a lot of skater friends and has always wanted to learn. And, furthermore, Justin and Jimmy have a lot in common in their style, musical tastes and the kind of partying they like to do.

More VideoBoys: Justin and Jimmy

The Men of Eurocreme

eurocreme men of

We had a chance to take a look at the new Eurocreme and what struck us was the sheer size of their catalog and models....Matt Hughes anyone? With their special promotion it's a great time to drop on by and check it out! The Tate Ryder scene is worth the admission. Trust us. :)

Time Limited Offer: Sign up for one month of membership with the brand new site Eurocreme, and get it at 25% off! Promotion is exclusive for QueerClick readers and only lasts a few days. Get it before it's gone!

More The Men of Eurocreme Johnny Rapid Gang Bang!'s Johnny Rapid Gang Bang

Four of Johnny Rapid's buddies decide to play a prank that turns into an amazing group session!

More Johnny Rapid Gang Bang!

Straight Fraternity: Tom and Bruce

straight fraternity tom bruce

Straight Fraternity brought two of their favorite motorcycle guys in today to see what they could persuade them to do together. They warm up jacking themselves, but it's not long before they're stroking each other...

More Straight Fraternity: Tom and Bruce

English Lads: Miles

Miles at English Lads

Here is the Miles starring in his first video shoot; a lean and down to earth lad with just the right amount of hairiness scattered over his body. A Personal Trainer as his day job, but most weekends you'll find him playing football and practising his ball handling skills.

More English Lads: Miles

SpunkWorthy: Blowing Ari

spunkworthy ari

It took a while and quite a bit of convincing (not to mention a wad of cash) to finally get Ari over for a servicing video.

Since he's told so many of his friends about making the leap into doing porn, he was mostly afraid that someone might search out the scenes he's done... and come across this one. So, shhhhh!

More SpunkWorthy: Blowing Ari

Dirty Tony: Charlie Stone

dirty tony charlie stone

Charlie Stone is the son of an 80s porn star and he's here to follow in his father's footsteps. Dad did straight porn. But Dirty Tony has different plans for this apple not falling far from the proverbial tree. Charlie's got a very innocent boyish face. But his sexual pedigree tells a different story, and so does the massive, colorful tattoo on his chest. He's been in orgies, gotten finger fucked, and even sucked off a guy during a 3-way with his girlfriend. After discovering that his g-spot is in his asshole, he's experimented a few times with "objects".

More Dirty Tony: Charlie Stone

Next Door Twink: Blake and Joey on QC Twinks

next door twink joey blake

Today is a special day, and there is more than one reason to celebrate. Not only is it Cinco de Mayo, but it happens to coincide with Blake Carnage's birthday. So Joey Hard has come up with a way to combine the two: a birthday piñata filled with Blake's favorite trinkets. As Joey blindfolds Blake and spins him, Blake takes the stick in his hand and begins to swing. Thinking he'd rather be swinging another kind of stick, he makes contact with the piñata and sends its contents spilling onto the floor. Out pours a bunch of dildos, condoms and lube, and upon seeing this, Blake realizes that Joey's "head" is in the same place.

More Next Door Twink: Blake and Joey on QC Twinks.

Fantastic Foreskin: Gabriel Martin

fantastic foreskin gabriel martin

Gabriel is 21, furry, Latino and horny. He showed up for his shoot excited, dressed all in black including his basic Hanes boxer-briefs. I've shot Gabriel twice before, but this time he was more relaxed, more open. He seems more comfortable with his attraction to guys and he was up for anything.

Gabriel knows how much FF loves his foreskin, so after stripping down, he gave him plenty of foreskin action. He pulls his foreskin with two fingers, opening it wide. FF put his finger in the opening, feeling his moist cock-head, rubbing my finger around the inside of his 'skin.

More Fantastic Foreskin: Gabriel Martin

Porn Break: "Please Give Me Coke, I Want Coke"

Porn Break:

We all have been there, learning a new language is always difficult but things get a lot easier when the teacher, like the Korean lady in the video, has an urgent desire for "coke" and hilarity ensues.

Video after the jump!

More Porn Break: "Please Give Me Coke, I Want Coke"

Active Duty: Axl and Tanner

active duty tanner axl

Tanner is one fine hunk of a hero and Dink is lucky to have him join his stable of hot military studs. He's a perfect fit for AD and he seems to be eager to move things forward. He was a little reluctant at first but Dink took him to a long lunch where he laid it all out on the table as the waitress brought out the sushi. Dink wasn't quite sure what kind of reaction he was going to get from him, but he didn't hold back. Tanner didn't blink an eye. Dink thought he might jump up and run out of the restaurant, but he was all ears.

More Active Duty: Axl and Tanner

Sean Cody: Dane(2)

Sean Cody: Dane(2)

Dane is a personal trainer and he is VERY confident about what he does.

"I'm the best," he said. "I can get results with anyone."

"So your clients love you?"

"Yes," he said. "I have a lot of long-time clients. Some pretty amazing transformations!"

More Sean Cody: Dane(2)

Paragon Men: Hector

paragon men hector

Bootylicious, bodylicious - just plain luscious Hector is a living, breathing onamotapeia: SLURP. This Spanish speaking and beautifully bulging brick is a champion bodybuilder who bulks up vein-busting max and strips down to show off, flex and bust a hot nut for you because, put simply, "He likes to make people happy".

More Paragon Men: Hector

Hard Brit Lads: Sage Daniels

hard brit lads dylan sage

[Split Identity Update: Ahh... With @W2KX's cross referencing Sage Daniels as Bailey Morgan, we've identified him in other studios. His earlier appearances after the jump.]

Prepare yourselves guys.. This super fit stunner will have you shooting your load in seconds... Dylan Sage is exceptionally hot, with his piercing blue eyes, chiselled good looks, and a body that most muscle guys would kill for. His biceps are huge, his abs are spectacular, his whole body is so ripped and muscular, but without being overdeveloped, its really one of the hottest bodies I have ever seen. Luckily for us this super hot straight lad is happy to show it off for the lads.

More Hard Brit Lads: Sage Daniels

Authentic Footballers: Diego

Authentic Footballers: Diego

The life of Diego transcurrs among his football career; his job as a pizza delivery boy in the evenings, hanging out with his three best friends and his little brother, and having sex with his girlfriend.

More Authentic Footballers: Diego

Rate These Guys: How Would You Rate Frazer?

Frazer at Rate These Guys?

Currently making waves inside the members area of is Frazer.

Frazer has done a bit of mainstream modeling in the past, but decided to give this a go when he stumbled across RTG. He loves playing for the local football team & running a heaving nightspot. Athlete by day. Barman by night. Hot, hairy lad 24/7.

More Rate These Guys: How Would You Rate Frazer?

Hot House: Jimmy Durano and Trent Atkins

hot house trent jimmy

Trent Atkins comes home to find Jimmy Durano has prepared a romantic candlelit bath. Trent strips down and joins Jimmy in the tub for a hot make out session that makes Jimmy's thick uncut cock rock hard. The Latin muscleman stands up and feeds Trent his big dick then flips the blond stud over to eat his ass. Jimmy probes Trent's hole with his finger, loosening him up to take his thick monster. He slams Trent's ass hard while standing in the tub then takes him out and puts him on his back. Jimmy crawls up between Trent's legs and continues to fuck him deep until they both shoot gobs of cum. Looks like it's back to the bath to clean up!

More Hot House: Jimmy Durano and Trent Atkins

Ruggerbugger: Nicholas Thompson

Nicholas Thompson at Ruggerbugger

Ruggerbugger has hot photos of American mixed martial arts fighter Nicholas Thompson with his ass exposed in a jockstrap. This hot muscular athlete has now retired from the sport at the young age of 30 but not before posing for these prefight photos in nothing but his jockstrap and a sexy beard.

More Ruggerbugger: Nicholas Thompson

Southern Strokes: Tony and Logan

southern strokes tony logan

Tony and SoStro had been talking on twitter for ever trying get their schedules to line up so that they could get him out to the Ranch. As luck would have it, Tony happen to be in their neck of the woods so he found his way out to the Ranch one Texas saturday night.

In case you didn't notice, Tony loves to kiss and fortunately Logan came with an eager set of lips that just seemed to send Tony over the edge. The boys started making out for what seemed like an eternity before logan worked his way down and took Tony's cock in his wet mouth.

More Southern Strokes: Tony and Logan

BadPuppy: Kaja Kolomaz and Daniel Malecky

badpuppy daniel kaja

25 year old Kaja Kolomaz and 21 year old Daniel Malecky, come to us from across the pond. Daniel gets all sexy, strutting his stuff on the bed while Kaja watches from afar. Not able to just watch anymore, he moves in on Daniel. Kaja nibbles and rubs Daniel, working his way down his body, revealing Daniel's uncut tool, which he begins licking and sucking. They both remove their boxer briefs. On their knees, they begin stroking each others cocks, ravishing each others bodies.

More BadPuppy: Kaja Kolomaz and Daniel Malecky

Hollywood Xposed: Liam Hemsworth

hollywood xposed liam hemsworth

Check out for the Uncensored Scandal!

Chaos Men: Solomon and Troy - RAW on QCX

Chaos Men: Solomon and Troy - RAW

Solomon and Troy had chemistry for sure. Troy starts off by blowing Solomon, which always seems to get him going. Solomon returns the favor, and Troy gets fully aroused when Solomon starts fingering his hole.

And we love that Troy loves to rim. It kept Solomon eager to suck cock and clearly Troy enjoys it. The two really go at it orally!

See more on QCX.

Wank: Nice One!

Wank: Nice One!

Swoon! That was our first reaction to the gorgeous dude in this cum-free wank session. Come with us and grace your eyes with him as he strokes his stiff, and obviously good-looking, cock.

More after the jump!

More Wank: Nice One!

Amateur College Sex: Blane and Tiffany on QCX

Amateur College Sex: Blane and Tiffany

Blane and Tiffany are both relatively new faces to the CF Campus, so CF thought he would pair them together and see them spark a new flame from green timber. Blane already proved he can ignite flares with his own match. Tiffany's pairing with Connor is still smoldering, so CF wanted to how how intense their heat would be together.

The couple kisses on the couch. Tiffany feels Blane's muscles through his golf shirt with her hands, then strips it off Blane. Her fingers drop to his crotch to fondle his dick through his jeans, while he removes her shirt. Tiffany straddles his legs and peels his underwear down to reveal his already-hard cock. She sucks on it and kisses his balls. Tiffany strokes his dick with her fingers as she kisses his pecs and abs.

More Amateur College Sex: Blane and Tiffany on QCX.

TGIF - Making It Big

Caption This!
Next Door Buddies: Sebastian Young and Brody Wilder
Cody Cummings: Cody and Justin Beal
Sean Cody: Blaine
Randy Blue: Luke Rider
Sean Cody: Grayson and Calvin Bareback
Men At Play: Food Fight
QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week
Paragon Men: Kurt Madison
CockyBoys: Bravo Delta

Making IT big is such an easy task this week. We had an awesome introduction to a series of new faces and cocks -- just check out Pole Positon, and those that appeared after: Specialist Timo, Luke Rider, and Bravo Delta.

Speaking of the world-famous Bravo Delta, isn't it great that CockyBoys convinced him to do a shoot with them with his mask off? We're sure many of you readers out there were wondering how he looks like. This XTuber definitely didn't disappoint.

dri_fit's thick cock
H0230: Hiroaki Kitahara
Eric East at
Sleeping Beauty's Stiff Cock
Huge Round Penis Head

Kristen Bjorn: Jagged Mountain 2 - Abel Pozsar & Caleb Ramble
Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca: Capoeira
KeumGay: Benoît
Rick Day: Daniel Garofali
KeumGay: Dimitri

Gay Teen Studio: Steve
BFCollection: Rodney
19Nitten: Petroc
Bel Ami: Leo Simpson
Enigmaticboys: Jessy

Sean Cody: Grayson and Calvin Bareback
Amateur College Sex: Blane and Tiffany
Corbin Fisher: Jordan Fucks Jon
Bel Ami: Dario Dolce & Peters Twins
Chaos Men: Chip and Heath - RAW

Judo, Assault and Buggery at Brutal Tops

Judo, Assault and Buggery at Brutal Tops

Handsome, athletic BrutalTops Masters Nick and Derek are working up a sweat practicing their Judo holds and throws. They need a practice dummy for their choke holds and know just who to use. Sliding off their sweaty underwear the Tops stuff them into wilkinson's willing mouth, Master Nick covering the sub's face with his perfect ass cheeks and sealing in their stinky pants.

More Judo, Assault and Buggery at Brutal Tops

Man Royale: Birthday Wish

Man Royale: Birthday Wish

Edin Sol has a wish and his two besties, Jimmy Clay and Evan Mercy, are making it happen. With the birthday candles lit, the only thing left for this special wish to come true is Edin's sweet puckered lips. Jimmy and Evan will do the rest by giving Edin's juicy cock a two-on-one fellatio.

More Man Royale: Birthday Wish

Eurocreme: Steve Weikman and Tate Ryder

eurocreme steve tate

Hunky builders Tate and Steve open the show as they show us the DreamBoy Hotel in its earliest stages - the walls aren't even painted! Topless Tate, smooth and buff but with a young handsome face, struggles to reach the top, and his poor shoulder aches so much that Brazilian-looking young stud Steve gives him a quick rubdown.

Time Limited Offer: Sign up for one month of membership with the brand new site Eurocreme, and get it at 25% off! Promotion is exclusive for QueerClick readers and only lasts a few days. Get it before it's gone!

More Eurocreme: Steve Weikman and Tate Ryder

Bel Ami: Mick Lovell & Harris Hilton (Part 2)

Bel Ami: Mick Lovell & Harris Hilton (Part 2)

We are back today with part 2 of our scene with Harris Hilton and Mick Lovell. Right from Mick's first day with Bel Ami he developed this special bond with Harris and they spent most of their time together when they were in Australia, and whenever Mick comes over to Europe.

More Bel Ami: Mick Lovell & Harris Hilton (Part 2)

First Auditions: Mark

First Auditions: Mark

Hetero lad Mark has a tough look with his short hair and mean stare, but he's a very soft-spoken and gentle young man. For someone so young he has a nice layer of fur coating his chest and ass. He's very strict about wanting no contact with a man yet the casting director still teaches him to pose his naked body exactly how we want to see it with his ass fully spread. He has a luscious long thin cock and gives a really horny cum shot.

More First Auditions: Mark

College Dudes: Sean Summers Fucks Alex Andrews

College Dudes: Sean Summers Fucks Alex Andrews

Seans Summers is paired up with Alex Andrews in this loud, crazy fuck-fest! Alex is looking great with his tanned unshaven bod, and Sean looks hot as ever with his defined muscles and cute smile. Sean and Alex get right down to business on each others cocks. Both of these guys have long schlongs, so each of them had to open their mouths extra wide and we are sure that their throats were a little swollen after all the deepthroating.

More College Dudes: Sean Summers Fucks Alex Andrews - CFNM Wars - CFNM Wars

It's Round 2 in the CFNM Wars competition at Having seen how well Paddy and Richard performed, both Lukas and Obinna are feeling nervous. It's very uncomfortable to have to strip in front of so many strangers and have your most intimate parts played with.

More - CFNM Wars

Sean Cody: Grayson and Calvin Bareback on QCX

Sean Cody: Grayson and Calvin Bareback

Grayson had been deep-throating Calvin's big dick for a few minutes. He came up for air, paused for a moment, and then kind of smacked his lips with a curious look.

"What's going on?" Sean Cody asked.

"I'm just surprised," he said. "I've tasted cum before, but his tastes really, really good!"

More Sean Cody: Grayson and Calvin Bareback on QCX.

All American Heroes: Specialist Timo

all american heroes timo

Timo has just gotten out of the army and is enjoying all his newly found free time. He talks a little bit about his experiences on the battlefields of Iraq and shared some of his scariest moments. Timo even discusses an experience with another soldier while he was out doing tower guard one night. He says it was dark and one thing led to another which ended up in Timo getting a blow job from the dude! Well now things here are about to lead to another. Timo turns his attention to an 'educational' film.

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Corbin Fisher: Harper Tops Stefan

Corbin Fisher: Harper Tops Stefan

Stellar new freshman Harper makes out with newbie Stefan. The handsome Harper and cute Stefan can't keep their hands or lips off of each other.

Harper lays Stefan down and kisses his neck and chest. He pulls out Stefan's cock and sucks it. Stefan's cock stiffens in Harper's mouth. Harper strokes his own cock while he blows Stefan.

More Corbin Fisher: Harper Tops Stefan - Fraser Wanked - Fraser Wanked

At, the randy officers like nothing better to relieve the tedium of a late night shift by fucking their prisoners. Of course there is no recourse for taking advantage of their power in this way because they are the law.

More - Fraser Wanked

Randy Blue: Luke Rider

Randy Blue: Luke Rider

Luke Rider looks hot when you first see him. Handsome face with a sexy brown buzzcut, athletic looking body, someone you would give a second look at when they walk in the room. But then he takes off his shirt and the incredible ripped muscles totally knock you on your ass. This guy works his body like a finely chiseled machine. Every movement makes part of them flex so you cannot mistake the detail and definition of each muscle.

More Randy Blue: Luke Rider

RadVideo: Free DVD Weekend!

RadVideo: Free DVD Weekend!

Awesome offers from RadVideo continues this week. This weekend, buy one DVD and get one free! On top of that, RadVideo is giving all QueerClick readers 20% discount on ALL orders.

How to get your free DVD and 20% discount? It's just as simple as using the coupon code "mayqc20" during checkout. Let's go after the jump to check out the new titles available.

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Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

EricDeman has videos from a daring exhibitionist fella who records himself surprising people getting off the elevator with his naked body.

More Eric Deman Update

Next Door Buddies: Sebastian Young and Brody Wilder

Next Door Buddies: Sebastian Young and Brody Wilder

Sebastian Young is very popular among the ladies around town. It's no wonder why. His body is a tight, toned masterwork. His good friend Brody Wilder and he enjoy cruising the main drag, looking for sweet tail. They hit the clubs hard and party together like true buddies. They look out for one another and always have each other's back. But lately Brody's been CHECKING OUT Sebastian's back...backSIDE that is! Sebastian has known for some time that his good pal Brody sometimes hooks up with dudes.

More Next Door Buddies: Sebastian Young and Brody Wilder

Southern Strokes: Rubbing Xavier

southern strokes rubbing xavier

After a long day of riding his cycle at the Ranch, we treated Xavier to a massage. Xavier is new to this so we told him to just close his eyes and relax and enjoy the pampering. Xavier did exactly that as his body was stroked and probed. You will get a close look at just how rockin hard Xavier's body really is. More importantly, we bring you a mouthwatering view of Xavier's hairy virgin hole. Of course it wouldn't be a massage without a proper milking.

More Southern Strokes: Rubbing Xavier

HotHouse: Jimmy Durano

hothouse jimmy durano

Jimmy Durano has an ass that you can't forget, unless of course you are a porn editor who hasn't had his morning coffee that is....thanks guys for the catch!

More HotHouse: Jimmy Durano

Kristen Bjorn: Jagged Mountain 2 - Abel Pozsar & Caleb Ramble

Kristen Bjorn: Jagged Mountain 2 - Abel Pozsar & Caleb Ramble

Jagged Mountain has made two new happy victims, Abel Pozsar and Caleb Ramble couldn't resist to the magnetic power that emerges from the hottest mountain in Europe.

More Kristen Bjorn: Jagged Mountain 2 - Abel Pozsar & Caleb Ramble

CockyBoys: Bravo Delta

cockyboys bravo delta

Whether it's Maxie hooking up with his secret admirer or Jimmy Clay and Tony Capucci riding 4-wheelers in the desert - one thing's for sure - Cockyboys are getting more adventurous by the minute. It's not enough for them anymore to just jerk their dicks off and call it a day. They want more. They want adventure, excitement, and a little bit of danger. And so do we.

Today, they are pushing the limits one more time. He is already well-known on xTube and has fans around the world. Hundreds of thousands of people have seen him edge himself with fleshlights and shoot his massive loads. But what no one has ever seen is his face!

More CockyBoys: Bravo Delta

FreshSX: Shane Frost and Adam Webber

freshsx shane adam

Shane and Joshua are suited and booted and start kissing passionately. Joshua rubs his hands over Shane's ripped torso and starts sucking his rock hard cock, slapping it on his face. Shane starts sucking Joshua before Joshua stands up and pisses over Shane's suit and in his mouth. Shane pounds Joshua's ass before they move to the bed and Joshua sits on top of Shane's meaty cock. Joshua shoots, Shane pulls out and cums over Joshua.

More FreshSX: Shane Frost and Adam Webber

Pole Position: Fuel Up

Frat Men's Ken Wins Pole Position

For a guy that's "hot on a molecular level", it's no wonder Frat Men's Ken wins our last session of Pole Position.

A pantheon of hot men all lubed up fueled up are ready for your perusal. We've even included a special mention this week. All these, after the jump.

More Pole Position: Fuel Up

COLT Studio Group: Mark Edwards

colt vault

Recently, COLT released a video and pic-set of Mark Edwards, both of which were previously thought lost. Mark was an early COLT model, discovered by Rip COLT aka Jim French. Here are some of his pictures.

More COLT Studio Group: Mark Edwards

Legend Men: Cayden Clark

legend men cayden clark

Born under the sign of the bull, this Taurus loves to be watched and he always gets what he wants.

More Legend Men: Cayden Clark

Bel Ami: Mick Lovell & Harris Hilton (Part 1)

Bel Ami: Mick Lovell & Harris Hilton (Part 1)

Mick Lovell is back with us today in the first part of this scene with Harris Hilton. Right from Mick's first day with Bel Ami he developed this special bond with Harris and they spent most of their time together when they were in Australia and whenever Mick comes over to Europe.

More Bel Ami: Mick Lovell & Harris Hilton (Part 1)

New York Straight men: Cock Sucker Tryouts

new york straight men tryouts

NYSM auditioned a new cocksucker, JJ out on Max. JJ is a little downlow Puerto Rican stud, who loves to suck cock! He has never done it on camera so this is his first time.
Trey gave him some direction made sure he was up to speed, so he could enter NYSM's stable of Resident Cocksuckers.

Max who just loves blowjobs was a great match. JJ worked hard to please him during this audition even though Trey helped out a bit too to keep him on track.

While Max just recently let a guy suck his cock at all, he was a bit overwhelmed by TWO guys sucking his cock, but he enjoyed feeling the different mouths and techniques.

More New York Straight men: Cock Sucker Tryouts

HairyBoyz: Paul Wagner and Adam Champ

hairyboyz adam champ paul wagner

Paul and Adam are unloading hay when Paul rubs on his crotch and pulls out his tasty veiny poll - and his fellow cow hand can't resist. Adam gets right on Paul's pole with his mouth and after Paul fucks Adams mouth, Adam jumps up on the tailgate for a heavy make out session that ends with Paul pulling Adam's cock out so he can go down on the furry man's huge dick. Adam manhandles Paul, spinning him around so he can pound him in the ass. Paul bends over and grabs on the bed of the pickup so he can take Adams intense thrusts - the dark meat plowing into this hot white ass is a sight to see.

More HairyBoyz: Paul Wagner and Adam Champ

Sneaky Peek Update

Sneaky Peek Update

The pervy cameraman at SneakyPeek has been hunkering down in a toilet stall in a bus station for many hours. It takes a long time to catch someone hot but good things come to those who wait. Here he's secretly filmed a young guy stripping off and showering. This guy is totally unaware his dick and ass are being recorded.

More Sneaky Peek Update

Cody Cummings: Cody and Justin Beal

Cody Cummings: Cody and Justin Beal

We catch up with Cody Cummings and Justin Beal down in the garage, just hanging out, leaning against the quad ATV and getting acquainted. The chemistry is obvious between these two, and so Cody just lets things happen naturally, allowing Justin to indulge in all the body worship his heart (and hands) desire. Justin starts by peeling off Cody's shirt and rubbing his back, working his way down Cody's back with soft delicate kisses.

More Cody Cummings: Cody and Justin Beal

PowerMen: Carl Payne

powermen carl payne

There's a new guy in town. He's long, lean, hard, and cool, and he's here to show you the ropes. More specifically, we might say he's here to show you HIS rope. And more. musclehound fans are likely to remember Carl Payne from 2011's steamy-hot 3-way muscle worship session with Jiri Lasik and Nathan Wood. This time Carl takes center stage in an all new scene of muscle-pounding heat. Enjoy!

More PowerMen: Carl Payne

Chaos Men: Chaz Riley - Edge

Chaos Men: Chaz Riley - Edge

Chaz Riley earned something new today.

Chaz and his wife already knew that he was VERY ticklish.

Turns out being tickled also turns him on.

Don't see many guys being tickled while actually getting harder!

More Chaos Men: Chaz Riley - Edge

Manhandled: Nick Moretti and Cole Parker

manhandled cole nick

We know theat most of us like to complain at times about our boss constantly riding our ass, but when Cole Parker says it, he's not kidding! Nick Moretti's fed up with his pool boy's constant absences and shitty work ethic when he does bother to show up, so he decides to teach his employee a lesson in discipline. Or maybe its several lessons.

We guess it depends on if you're counting them by the number of Cole's whimpers - or well, you get the idea. And Cole definitely gets the idea as well - but being shoved to your knees and having Nick Moretti's monster tool shoved down your throat generally helps with that.

More Manhandled: Nick Moretti and Cole Parker

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

Last week you guys loved the stockiness of our BF and today we present you another candidate for the position. Definitely an scaled down version but not where it counts! Tell us in the comments what do you think about Mr. Deep Pockets over here.

Revealing after the jump!

More QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

Alpha Male Fuckers: Spencer Reed and Scott Hunter

alpha male fuckers scott spencer

Spencer is the workman of choice of Jack Jones. One because he is beefy and two because he works his men. Spencer is enjoying a cup of tea while admiring Scott's ass beckoning him to take it. He puts his cup down, gets up, grabs Scott by the collar and pulls him up in one strong movement.

More Alpha Male Fuckers: Spencer Reed and Scott Hunter

Fratmen SUCKS! Ford & Fynn

Ford & Fynn at Fratmen Sucks!

Ford and Fynn are two of the Fratmen who rarely hang out in Cyberspace for more than a day or two, but when they do, it's a hot escape to experiment with another hot guy. Ford has had a few experiences with the guys from the Pad, while Fynn is still a bit new to all of this. Once they're together and completely by themselves, Fynn and Ford find a cool shady spot to strip down and start touching each other's naked bodies.

More Fratmen SUCKS! Ford & Fynn

Men Over 30: Scott Alexander

Scott Alexander at Men Over 30

Scott Alexander is in the house today at Men Over 30 and he's giving us a "behind the scenes" look at all that is Scott. Wearing a cut off tee with "Friend with Privileges" across his chest, Scott makes us all wish we were on his list of possibilities. He leans back in this chair and begins to explore his defined frame. His hands run down his rippled abs as he slowly begins to undress. He hauls out his uncut cock and begins to awaken his growing python.

More Men Over 30: Scott Alexander

Frat Men: Edmond

Edmond at Frat Men

This week's latest specimen of hotness from the incredible solo site, Frat Men! Meet Edmond. Meat Edmond! This guy is hunky sexiness and he's rock hard.

More Frat Men: Edmond

Caption This!

Caption This!

Post your funniest comments and see who got the most votes last week!

Have a 'Caption This' pic you want published? Submit your pic or link to it HERE.

More Caption This!

Corbin Fisher: Rudy Fucks Chandler

Corbin Fisher: Rudy Fucks Chandler

You might think it's nothing but hot, shirtless guys hanging out shooting hoops or playing football around here. You might think the other guys sit around watching the shirtless studs and get horned up. You might think then, everybody has to do something about it.

Which, in a lot of cases, is exactly what happens!

More Corbin Fisher: Rudy Fucks Chandler

Hard Brit Lads: Oliver James

hard brit lads oliver james

With piercing blue eyes and golden tan, cute 25 year old muscle lad Oliver James is a real hottie. Lots of gym and sport has given Oliver a seriously hot body, with well developed muscle all over. He has a hairy chest and tattoos too, and add to that his big and thick eight inch dick and hot hungry arse, this versatile lad is one highly sexed package.

More Hard Brit Lads: Oliver James

Sean Cody: Blaine(2)

Sean Cody: Blaine(2)

"How old are you?"

"I'm 29 years old," Blaine replied with a white smile and sparkling blue eyes.

"You don't look 29!"

"Yeah I get that a lot," he replied. "I look quite young."

More Sean Cody: Blaine(2)

Hetero Made to Rim Men at StraightHell on QCX

Hetero Made to Rim Men at StraightHell on QCX

At StraightHell Bryan is gagged and tied down on a dirty mattress this hetero experiences the excruciating tension of knowing what's coming when his tight white underwear is ripped off.

More "Hetero Made to Rim Men at StraightHell" on QCX.

UK Naked Men: Positions to Fill

UK Naked Men's Gay Bar or Bust, Scene 2

It's the latest episode of UK Naked Men's Gay Bar or Bust! Hung South African Rowen Bailey takes on big-dicked bruiser Jake Lewis and proves he can take it hard and rough, which is how Jake likes to play.

More UK Naked Men: Positions to Fill

KeumGay: Benoît

KeumGay: Benoît

Benoît is back to KeumGay for another massage video, and by massage we mean blow job. Jerem is KeumGay's favorite assistant, and he loves to suck a straight guy's cock, and Benoît is loving it.

More KeumGay: Benoît

Porn Break: 3 Grandmas Watch The Kardashian Sex Tape!

Porn Break: 3 Grandmas Watch The Kardashian Sex Tape!

These three ladies got together for lunch to catch up on the latest gossips and somehow the infamous Kardashian sex tape became a hot topic of conversation. Bless them, those faces in awe, and horror, are priceless.

Watch them gush over Kim's BF manhood in the video after the jump!

More Porn Break: 3 Grandmas Watch The Kardashian Sex Tape!

Bel Ami: Leo Simpson on QC Twinks

Bel Ami: Leo Simpson

Sexy Leo went to Bel Ami's Budapest studio back in 2009 so that Eliot could take these images. Leo was 20 years old at the time. What a handsome young lad.

More Bel Ami: Leo Simpson on QC Twinks.

Naked Sword: Ty Roderick and Brady Jensen

naked sword ty roderick brady jensen

Since moving to San Francisco to become a model, BelAmi Superstar Brady Jensen's been tormented by ominous phone calls and taunting notes from a stranger. Now, in the adrenaline-packed finale of NakedSword's hit series, Stalker, the stranger reveals himself as someone from Brady's past... but it's not a happy reunion. Brady's jilted ex-lover -- now stalker -- Ty Roderick has broken into his home where he waits with secretly taped footage of Brady. Brady tries to force Roderick out, but the fight turns to a fuck as Brady finally gives his stalker what he wants.

More Naked Sword: Ty Roderick and Brady Jensen

College Dudes: Darius Suave & Rob Ryder

College Dudes: Darius Suave & Rob Ryder

Darius Suave is back getting his big fat latin schlong serviced by one of the best! Rob Ryder starts off by gently kissing Darius, and the two undress each other. When the pants come off, Rob is on Darius's cock like a fly on fruit, and Darius certainly does not mind all the attention.

More College Dudes: Darius Suave & Rob Ryder

Paragon Men: Kurt Madison

paragonmen kurt madison

"There are 260 bones in the human body, how would you like one more?" That's how cocky Kurt comes on, and his bone is the new femur! We're not sure where he found all the blood to fill that enormous cock as it swells downward to epic proportions, but let the XXX Hunger Games begin!

More Paragon Men: Kurt Madison

Corbin Fisher: Jordan Fucks Jon on QCX

Corbin Fisher: Jordan Fucks Jon

Jon, one of our favorite Southern boys comes back, just in time to get pounded by returning freshman, Jordan!

We love to have Jon around. He can be quiet for long periods of time, or talk easily in his sexy Southern drawl. Then he'll fire off some one-liner that has us cracking up for days afterwards.

Jordan is almost Jon's opposite. He's so outgoing and boisterous, you can't help but pay attention to him. Jordan showed how willing he was to do almost anything in his earlier videos - playing with toys, getting dominated by Ashley.

More Corbin Fisher: Jordan Fucks Jon on QCX.

Queerism - Narnian

Queerism - Narnian

noun: A gay person who is so deep in the closet they reside in Narnia. Usually in reference to someone being self delusional about their own sexuality.

example: "Isn't Bob gay?" "Yeah but he's so deep in the closet he's Narnian."

Thanks to 'The Abester' for this Queerism! Do you have an interesting or unusual Queerism of your own you wish to share? Submit your Queerism HERE.

Randy Blue: Porter & Trevor

Randy Blue: Porter & Trevor

Trevor Tripp is usually a top but when Porter Wescott said he wanted a piece of his sexy ass he totally gave in. Porter is looking good with his scruffy facial hair and well trimmed body fuzz. Trevor keeps his body well toned by working out in between training others on how to keep their bodies fit. Being a personal trainer also keeps him limber for getting his ass fucked by hotties like Porter.

More Randy Blue: Porter & Trevor

BadPuppy: Erick Lewis

badpuppy erick lewis

25 year old Erick Lewis comes to us from St. Petersburg, Russia. Erick is Straight, single and works as an Exotic Dancer at a local nightclub. After the interview, he begins rubbing his amazing body. His guns are huge and he has abs of steel! He removes his jeans, showing off his smooth tight ass, massive thighs and finally his huge uncut cock. Even soft he is hung like a horse! His underwear comes off and he sits back with a leg up, stroking his massive man meat!

More BadPuppy: Erick Lewis

Men At Play: Food Fight - Harry Louis and Marco Sessions

Men At Play: Food Fight - Harry Louis and Marco Sessions

What a sweet and sour mess! What started as a quiet and routine dinner became a food war, when the ripped Marco Sessions gives Harry Louis a few harsh truths about his work ethic and ruins his meal in an intense food fight.

More Men At Play: Food Fight - Harry Louis and Marco Sessions

Titan Men: Reckless

Reckless at Titan Men

Taking a break, blue collar worker Hunter Marx relieves himself as handsome Stany Falcone sneaks a peek. The bearded Stany moves in for a kiss, dropping down to work up Hunter's big cock—deep sucking him as spit strands droop from his mouth. Hunter snaps his beast onto Stany's face: "Like that?" he asks with a wicked smile, Stany grabbing Hunter's hairy pec as he continues to suck.

More Titan Men: Reckless

Next Door Male: Vinny Castillo

Next Door Male: Vinny Castillo

This time you're getting a very intimate look at an incredibly sexy dude named Vinny Castillo. Vinny is in the garage, putting a little spit-shine on his ATV. As he works, the temperature heats up, inspiring Vinny to take off his shirt. He's getting close to being finished, but his cock is just perking up. Since he's put in some good, hard work on his vehicle, Vinny's gonna reward himself by putting in a little work on that swollen dick in his pants. Watch him pull out his huge, meaty boner and stroke it in damp, garage heat. Join Vinny as he works himself up to an extremely sensual peak, letting out the built-up tension from a day of diligent labor.

More Next Door Male: Vinny Castillo

You Love Jack: Devon

Devon at You Love Jack

Here's this week's You Love Jack update featuring Devon Lake! this horse hung 22 year old just came out of the closet and he's glad he made the switch!

More You Love Jack: Devon

Dominic Ford: Boyfriends- Cavin Knight & Tristan Jaxx

dominic ford tristan cavin

Passionate. Hot. Playful. These are the words that describe this amazing scene between real-life boyfriends Cavin Knight and Tristan Jaxx (who just started writing a music column for ADULT Magazine). It's no wonder why these two stay together. Watching them have sex together is an event. Tristan's huge (and we mean HUGE) cock penetrates Cavin's ass like you've never seen before. And how does it end? With a sweet surprise ending you'll just have to watch to find out.

Time Limited Offer: It's's birthday and they are celebrating: sign up for a montly membership for only $19.95!

More Dominic Ford: Boyfriends- Cavin Knight & Tristan Jaxx

Bel Ami: Dario Dolce & Peters Twins on QCX

Bel Ami: Dario Dolce & Peters Twins

Today we have the concluding part of Bel Ami's special with Dario and the Peters Twins. We always love Dario as a bottom, so this is always going to be the favorite part of the clip for us. The scene starts with the guys all getting wet in the shower, and moves to pick up where they left off in Part One.

More Bel Ami: Dario Dolce & Peters Twins on QCX.

First Auditions: Ben

First Auditions: Ben

Ben is famous amongst his friends as being a joker, one of those cocky confident straight lads who has all his buddies rolling with laughter in the pub. The pervy guys at First Auditions wanted to see how funny this straight guy would find being stripped and having his asshole opened up by a butt plug.

More First Auditions: Ben

Chaos Men: Chip and Heath - RAW on QCX

Chaos Men: Chip and Heath - RAW

Heath is always bone hard for his shoots. Most viewers like to see a dude go "balls deep" on a dude, but Heath knows his dick has a long reach. He monitors his depth by not diving in too far, and yet still keeps hard.

This works for Chip who often has to keep a hand on his partners leg to make sure they don't hit his spleen. Given that Heath is decently hung, Chip was rarely jerking away from Heath's dick.

See more on QCX. - SchoolGirl Milking Service - SchoolGirl Milking Service

The students at St Dunstans have entered a competition to see who can raise the most money for the school. The enterprising young ladies come up with a Schoolgirl Milking Service. Shy boy Gabriel comes to their service for help with the uncontrollable erections he grows during class.

More - SchoolGirl Milking Service

Ask QC: Is it OK to eat cum?

Ask QC

Hi QC,

I'm 19 years old and have been going out with my first true boyfriend for about 4 months now.

Before I met him, my only sexual experience was masturbating a few times with other guys in the locker room - but nothing more than that.

My boyfriend is nearly 10 years older than me, and so far our sex has been great - he's been very patient in showing and teaching me all sorts of stuff.

One thing I'm still unsure of though, is that when I give him a blow job he really wants me swallow his cum - so far I have resisted this but I don't mind if he comes on my face - in fact I quite like it :)

But is it safe to eat his cum? When I mentioned about HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases he said its OK for me to swallow cos the sperm will be killed in by the acid in my stomach. Is this right? I realize that I shouldnt have sex if there is any exchange of fluids like if I had a cut in my mouth or going bare back and fucking without a condom is risky but what about swallowing cum from a blowjob?

I should also mention that we have both had HIV tests that were negative as I was a bit cautious about sex when I first met him, like I say he's been patient and all but I'm still a bit concerned about swallowing cum (although I kinda also like the idea of doing it for him too).

Thanks if you can help me answer this,

Ryan B

Hi Ryan, thanks for writing in - I'm sure the QCollective will be able to advise you on this! What's your take in this guys? Should Ryan be swallowing his boy friends cum? If you can help him answer any of these questions and more, or have any other advice to offer him, then please leave your opinions, experiences, and advice in the QComments section.

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

Cocksure Men: Mario Romo and Marko Lebeau

Mario and Marko at Cocksure Men

Bedroom-eyed Marko Lebeau hooks up with big-dicked Mario Romo. Mario whips out his schwanz and Marko drops down and goes to town giving him a sloppy BJ. Marko can barely fit Mario's thick cock in his mouth! Mario makes sure to give Marko plenty of oral attention too, deep throating Marko's uncut cock.

More Cocksure Men: Mario Romo and Marko Lebeau

Southern Strokes: Joey and damien

southern strokes joey damien

Joey showed up for the weekend looking like an adonis with a perfectly sculpted body that he was anxious to show off. The boys had played around a little the night before but Joey held back so he was fired up and ready to fuck. Damien had been checking out Joey's videos so he couldn't wait for Joey to pound him.

More Southern Strokes: Joey and damien

PictureThis Studios: Jeff Bishop

picturethis jeff bishop

The motto for those guys at picturethis-studios must surely be "variety is the spice of life", as week after week they bring hot new, undiscovered UK talent to their site in all shapes and styles, from hot gym fit muscle guys one week, to sexy young regular guy-next-door types the next! The one thing they all have in common though is that each one is hand picked, not only for their confidence on camera, but also their drop dead gorgeous looks! Jeff Bishop, the latest in a long line of original picturethis-studios discoveries, is no exception.

More PictureThis Studios: Jeff Bishop

Sean Cody: Casey and Jordan

Sean Cody: Casey and Jordan

"I would give you a hug but I'm covered in jizzy pickles," Casey said at the end of the shoot. We think it meant that he was covered in cum, but we weren't sure. At any rate, it was a pretty good example of how the day had gone.

Casey is a country boy who was just having fun... and he was letting it all hang out!

More Sean Cody: Casey and Jordan

Bentley Race: Jake Randel and Simon Tanner

bentley race simon jake

The guys hadn't actually met before they got together last weekend. But they had checked each other out in their previous shoots. Jake thought Simon was pretty cute and told Bentley to grab him for a scene. So Bentley introduced the two while they started the scene along the river by his place. They weren't back in the room very long at all before the guys were naked and Simon was going down on Jake's big cock.

More Bentley Race: Jake Randel and Simon Tanner

Jake Cruise: Christian Kennedy on QCX

jake cruise christian kennedy

Cowabunga! Christian Kennedy is a sultry surfer with an amazing body. Jake has seen a lot of pecs in my day, but Christian's may take the cake; tight abs, bulging biceps and monstrous thighs. Time for Christian to give Jake's mouth a workout!

After admiring his flawless physique, Jake makes his way down and deep throat Christian's tasty cock. It's not long before he gets distracted by his gorgeous feet though. They are super-soft from walking around on the sand all day. Jake flipd Christian over to get a look at that bubble-butt and finds out that he's never been rimmed.

More Jake Cruise and Christian on QCX.

Wank: Gym Bench

Wank: Gym Bench

Now this is a workout routine we can get one hundred percent behind! xTuber zawadar got horny at the gym and took matters into his own hands making a good use of the gym bench.

More after the jump!

More Wank: Gym Bench

Bulldog Pit: Ben Collin and Joey Carter

bulldog pit ben joey

Both of these guys are slim and get frisky on the couch. The dark lad is in control and uses his mate to live out his urges. He's got a big thick cut knob which he forces into his fuck buddie's throat. The blonde guy is also quite hung and gets blown and finger-fucked by his pal before he gets some hard ass-pounding with lots of changing positions.

Time Limited Offer: Sign up for one month of membership with Bulldog Pit, and get it at 25% off! Promotion is exclusive for QueerClick readers and only lasts a few days. Get it before it's gone!

More Bulldog Pit: Ben Collin and Joey Carter

Amateur College Sex: Harper Fucks Riley and Courtney on QCX

Amateur College Sex: Harper Fucks Riley and Courtney

Harper and new coed Courtney kiss while Riley looks on. Courtney rubs Harper's crotch through his jeans before making out with Riley. Harper removes his shirt, and pulls Courtney back to him. Courtney instructs the guys to kiss each other. They kiss while Harper removes Riley's shirt.

Courtney unzips Riley's jeans, and then Harper's. She peels back Harper's open fly and pulls out his hard cock. She takes it into her mouth. Riley reaches into his own pants and rubs his cock through his boxers, then leans back and removes his jeans. He rubs himself while watching Harper and Courtney make out.

More Amateur College Sex: Harper Fucks Riley and Courtney on QCX.

Man Avenue: Tony Austin

man avenue tony austin

Tony Austin was visiting town recently and called Man Avenue up to see if they wanted him to get naked again...Well, that doesn't happen often, so of course they said 'yes'.

Watch him get clean and squeaky first
, then get down to some serious hard dick stroking on the sofa. He lays his head back, rubbing his slippery cockhead around while they get some close up camera shots.

More Man Avenue: Tony Austin

SpunkWorthy: Wes

spunkworthy wes

Wes is a 21y/o college student who's been thinking about doing porn for a while. Not just for the money, but the whole idea of being watched is a bit of a turn on for him.

"Yeah, it's a big adrenaline rush," he said with a smile.

Apparently so! He stood up to drop his shorts and his dick was already standing at full mast.

The guys who like to show off are always great to work with. Wes played to the camera perfectly. Especially considering it was his first time.

More SpunkWorthy: Wes

AustinZane: Zane's Wet Dream

austinzane wild fantasies

Sometimes, our wildest fantasies are played out while we are sleeping. Then we wake up disappointed when we realize it was all just a dream. In today's video, the guys have a little fun with the idea of what happens after the lights go out and the mind is set free... you see, once in a while our wildest dreams really do come true!

More AustinZane: Zane's Wet Dream

Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off: Johnny

straight australian guys jacking johnny

Johnny originally from Europe is full on into surfing. Up early cruising up and down the coast in search of the best waves. One of SAGJO's scouts met Johnny at one of his favorite breaks and suggested he model for us, he said - "yerr I will give it a go!"

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Straight Fraternity: Chuck and Jag

straight fraternity chuck jag

Chuck and Jag are both very, very straight, and if one of them can't get off in front of the other one, he's going to be put in the hazing chair.

More Straight Fraternity: Chuck and Jag

Sean Cody: Maxwell

Sean Cody: Maxwell

Maxwell works a regular 9-to-5 job at a financial firm.

"It's OK," he told us. "The hard part is having to be cooped up indoors."

"You are not an indoors type of person?"

"God, no," he said. "I'd much rather be doing something outside. I like the sun. I like to get sweaty."

More Sean Cody: Maxwell

The Hard Order: Master Josh

The Hard Order's Master Josh

The Hard Order is a class of online financial dominators who control you, your orgasms, your thoughts and your wallet. The men of The Hard Order have individually become skilled at dominating men sexually both online and off line. Each have found tremendous pleasure and financial reward by dishing out severe humiliation, cum control, BDSM and CBT. It is natural that they have come together to form a group dedicated to the online financial exploitation of paypigs such as you.

More The Hard Order: Master Josh

Rate These Guys: Nick

Vote for Nick at Rate These Guys

Racking up the wins and cash prizes inside the members area of is superstar Nick Cheney!

Nick has been shooting gay porn for a few years now and built up quite a following. But no other site has the REAL Nick Cheney, talking to you guys like buddies down the pub. He reveals things about himself you would never believe! How often do you get to see porn superstar hunk tell you in intimate detail about the day he was almost stabbed to death? Or spread his hole, telling you how he lost his anal virginity? Or wanking over a gym buddy of his in secret, but filming the whole thing for you guys? Nick does it all for RTG.

More Rate These Guys: Nick

ManRoyale: Tyr Alexander and Jimmy Clay

ManRoyale: Tyr Alexander and Jimmy Clay

Tyr Alexander has a new crush. His name is Jimmy Clay. He's a sweet boy with a body of a God. He's new in town and Tyr wants to show him around. But first, Tyr is going to have his way with Jimmy. Or at least he's going to let Jimmy have his way with him.

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Bait Bus: Bait Bus Booty

bait bus booty

The guys at Bait Bus sent over some pics form this weeks update:

"This week on the Bait Bus our good friend the Rock hits the streets in search for some fresh young cock. We bump into Kayden who is visiting for spring break, we get him on the bus and let Vanessa do her thing. Before he knows it he is butt naked blind folded in the back with his dick in the Rock's mouth. He wasn't thrilled about the situation he got himself into, but money always makes every change up there tune. Enjoy JOIN NOW!"

More Bait Bus: Bait Bus Booty

Ruggerbugger: Anthony Ruiz

Anthony Ruiz at Ruggerbugger

Ruggerbugger has a video of pro MMA fighter Anthony Ruiz stark naked while being weighed in!

More Ruggerbugger: Anthony Ruiz

KeumGay: Dimitri

KeumGay: Dimitri

Dimitri is 25 years old and KeumGay approached him at a sport club in the center of Paris. He has never posed naked before that, and wasn't shy at all. Not bad for a first time.

More KeumGay: Dimitri

Corbin Fisher: Sloan Takes Cain's Load

Corbin Fisher: Sloan Takes Cain's Load

Sloan is one lucky guy. He's watching TV when Cain comes up from behind him and starts kissing him. That's not a channel we ever got on our remote control!

The guys head to the bedroom and bare their muscular chests. Cain teases Sloan's nipple with his tongue, and grinds against him. He slowly pulls Sloan's jeans down, kisses Sloan's thigh and massages Sloan's cock through the thin fabric of his underwear.

More Corbin Fisher: Sloan Takes Cain's Load

Muscle Hunks: Chad Harley

musclehunks chad harley

Power Men's pretty muscleboy Chad Harley makes his mark in his premiere appearance on Muscle Hunks. The Tiger Beat boy of bodybuilders, Chad's a delicious combination of heat, youth, and teen-idol good looks. Who wouldn't want to play with the smooth-skinned, nicely muscled eye-candy Chad? If you're not yet initiated to Chad's charms, then we suggest you rectify this posthaste. You can thank us later - after you've cleaned up.

More Muscle Hunks: Chad Harley

Active Duty: Porter

active duty porter

Porter hails from Phoenix, Arizona, he's 21-years old, stands 5' 8" and weighs 145 lbs. In high school Porter ran cross-country track, swam and wrestled. Sounds like he was quite the little jock. Porter has personality for days and he's all smiles. Dink can't wait to get him naked and once he does, he comes out of his jeans with a raging hard cock, ready to get right down to business. That furry little butt grabs my attention right away and Dink can't seem to get enough of it and boy does he know how to show it off. He's also not shy about playing with that sweet little hole and sticking his finger inside.

More Active Duty: Porter

Videoboys: Samuel Laroche

videoboys samuel laroche

Samuel Laroche has some beautiful blue eyes
, rippling abs and a cock that gets hard at the drop of a hat. Samuel just recently changed his status from straight to bisexual because he met just the right guy. But there are two different Samuels: Samuel the lover and Samuel the fighter.

More Videoboys: Samuel Laroche

Randy Blue: Chris & Dante

Randy Blue: Chris & Dante

Dante Ferraro has quickly been working his way up the ranks at Randy Blue. He's been bringing his A game since day one and has gotten such a great response that he could have any guy he wanted. Chris Rockway has been on his mind for a while so he decided to jump at the chance.

More Randy Blue: Chris & Dante

TGIF - Thank You President Obama

Ask QC: Is Masturbating Alone Whilst in a Relationship 'Normal'?
Corbin Fisher: When In Roman
HotHouse: Craig Reynolds
Chaos Men: Chaz Riley
Frat Men: Ken
Austin Wilde: Austin and Devon Dixon
Jocks Studios: Adrian Long fucks JR Matthews
QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week
Active Duty: Tanner
Next Door Male: Brock Cooper

This week rocks because of you. Thank you for being the first president who announces his support for same-sex marriage. :)

H0230: Takuma Inagaki
Muscle Hunk Sports Huge Cock
Chinese Beast
What Got Him So Hard?!
Naked Asian Hottie

Bad Behaviour Boys: Rogan & Chris
Authentic Footballers: Emanuel
Gabriel Gastelum: Benjamin Godfre
Kristen Bjorn: Casting Couch #273 - Marco Salgueiro & Diogo
KeumGay: Guillaume Gets Sucked

Teens Boys World: Oliver
BFCollection: Trey
19NItten: Olev
Boys Life Studio: Timothy
EnigmaticBoys: Jens

Chaos Men: Darius and Valentino - RAW
Amateur College Sex: Connor and Tiffany
Bel Ami: Dario & Peters Twins
Sean Cody: Marshall and Pierce Bareback
Corbin Fisher: Riley Gets Topped

Foot Worship at Brutal Tops

Foot Worship at Brutal Tops

Every truly submissive male knows how to worship the perfect masculine feet of real men. The hard uniformed officers at BrutalTops make their submissive prisoner do just that.

More Foot Worship at Brutal Tops

Lucas Kazan: Stefano Furia

lucas kazan stefano furia

The most inventive and hyper-active amongst the Lucas Kazan men, Stefano Furia is always 'on', always entertaining cast and crew, always trying new things. Stefano's outgoing, theatrical personality fits his Sicilian looks: curly hair, furry chest, hazel eyes and rock-hard buns.

For a limited time Lucas Kazan is offering 25% of your membership! This is exclusively for QueerClick readers only. Click here for more details.

More Lucas Kazan: Stefano Furia

Dirty Tony: Jasper James

dirty tony jasper james

Blonde haired, blue eyed Jasper is here and I get to know a little more about his sexual life. We learn that he is really into oral sex, even when he is watching porn. He tells us about how his girlfriend liked to play with his ass and even finger him. Jasper is always looking for new things to try and is a pretty good sport when it comes to exploring different sex acts. Now there is no more time for jibber jabber, so Jasper climbs up onto the bed and unbuckles his belt.

More Dirty Tony: Jasper James

Porn Break: Mariah's Secret?

Porn Break: Mariah's Secret?

We think we have discovered Mariah Carrey's secret to her huge uhm, how do we say this... success? Is this her secret weapon for those amazing vocals? Tell us what do you think in the comments!

Revealing after the jump!

More Porn Break: Mariah's Secret?

Bulldog Pit: Robbie Rivers and Kai Cruz

bulldog pit kai robbie

Handsome lad Robbie jumps right in with hung boy Kai, his long dick sliding all the way down his throat in great action as Kai gets face fucked hard by the pierced and tattooed fucker. Teasing Kai's begging butthole, Robbie slaps his stff dick over his ass before slowly opening him up, getting it all the way inside him before starting to thrust forward.

Time Limited Offer: Sign up for one month of membership with Bulldog Pit, and get it at 25% off! Promotion is exclusive for QueerClick readers and only lasts a few days. Get it before it's gone!

More Bulldog Pit: Robbie Rivers and Kai Cruz

Chaos Men: Darius and Valentino - RAW on QCX

Chaos Men: Darius and Valentino - RAW

It seems like anytime Chaos Men have Darius or Valentino in a video, the length of the movie creeps above the 30 minute mark. As usual, there were so many delicious moments during the video, they found it hard to edit it down to below 30 minutes. So while it may take some time to download, they left in a lot of great moments.

The two start by kissing, and rubbing their cocks together through their underwear. Both their dicks wake up from the rubbing action and Valentino dives in first to suck some uncut cock. Darius then blows Valentino, and just from that moment, you can tell who is going to be in charge - Valentino gets bossy, and Darius gets um..aggressively passive.

See more on QCX. - Khaled Stripped - Khaled Stripped

Arrogant bouncer Khaled has been arrested for fighting at He acts like he's too important to be handled by his arresting officers which only spurs them to be rougher and disrobe him.

More - Khaled Stripped

Next Door Buddies: Brec Boyd, Marko Lebeau and Tyler Torro

Next Door Buddies: Brec Boyd, Marko Lebeau and Tyler Torro

Marko LeBeau has made an epic mistake; dressing in the Varsity locker room when one is not a member of the Varsity squad is strictly prohibited and the punishment is simple. Not a member, then you get the Member(s). Tyler Torro and Brec Boyd are well versed on the rules. Having come up in the system, they have made the same mistake and been made to serve the requisite punishment, so they have little compassion for Marko as he pleads his case of innocence. Instead Tyler shoves Marko's face into his sweaty crotch, then makes him repeat the same thing on Brec.

More Next Door Buddies: Brec Boyd, Marko Lebeau and Tyler Torro

First Auditions: Marcos

First Auditions: Marcos

Marcos is a natural exhibitionist with a high sex drive. He's in his element being filmed naked and knowing that people are looking at him having worked as a performer on webcam for a while. It wasn't a paid position; he just did it for the thrill of it.

More First Auditions: Marcos

College Dudes: Cole Gartner Fucks Tom Faulk

College Dudes: Cole Gartner Fucks Tom Faulk

Tom Faulk rocks it out with Cole Gartner in an especially hard pounding session. Even though he loves to fuck, he seems almost insatiable - and unable to wait for Cole to stick it in.

More College Dudes: Cole Gartner Fucks Tom Faulk

Southern Strokes: Tony Newport

southern strokes tony newport

Tony came by the Ranch and hung out for a weekend and in true Tony Newport fashion, he spent the weekend naked and breaking hearts. They took Tony outside in the cool breeze so that he could get naked and show off for the cameras.

More Southern Strokes: Tony Newport

Amateur College Sex: Connor and Tiffany

Amateur College Sex: Connor and Tiffany

Corbin Fisher thought he would pair one of their newest co-eds, Tiffany, with CF Superstar Connor. CF felt a match-up like this would show all of us just what Tiffany is made of, and we all would enjoy the heat they created.

The couple kisses, kneeling on the mattress. Tiffany and Connor feel each other's tight bodies through their clothes. Quickly, Connor removes Tiffany's pink t-shirt and bra, and kisses Tiffany's breasts. She removes his t-shirt. Connor turns her around and unzips her jeans shorts from behind her. He stands on the mattress and drops his jeans. His hard cock springs from his Levis, and Tiffany wraps her fingers around it, bringing it to her mouth. She sucks his thick hard cock as she strokes it. Tiffany licks his balls, then returns her attention to deep-throating his cock. Connor pumps his cock deep into her mouth.

More Amateur College Sex: Connor and Tiffany on QCX. - Exam Day - Exam Day

In the new video of Exam Day at, popular schoolboy James has been tricked into being naked in front of the entire class. Michelle and Katey order his entire gang out of their clothes to wank themselves off for their amusement.

More - Exam Day

Randy Blue: Chad Karzen

Randy Blue: Chad Karzen

Chad Karzen is one of those guys who brings everything to the table. At 18 he's got the youthful energy that makes guys totally fall for the twinks but a wild masculinity that makes you think he's not so innocent. He runs his hands all over his chiseled abs and rock hard pecs, lightly dusted with just a touch of fuzz. He told Randy Blue if he could do any RB's models it would be Chris Rockway, and one wonders if he's got images of Chris running through his head as he works his big dick.

More Randy Blue: Chad Karzen

Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

EricDeman has a behind the scenes video of a team taking new photos in front of monuments for their fund-raising calendar. The only trouble is they haven't got permission to do it. So late at night they set out stripping quickly in public, posing and then taking off.

More Eric Deman Update

CockyBoys: Bobby Clark and Phenix-Retirement

cockyboys phenix bobby clark

Bobby Clark! Those of you who have been with Cockyboys for a while probably already shot their load just when they saw the name pop up on their screen. Bobby Clark started his journey with Cockyboys about 4 years ago and - boy, what a journey that was!!

It seems as if Bobby did it ALL. And did them all. He was the go-to Cockyboy for anything new they wanted to try on the site - toys, paddles, slings, outdoors, groups... - he was ready any time, any place! Following their new tradition of bringing back some of the best Cockyboys from the past, they are more than proud to have Bobby join them again and give up his hole - this time for no other than the King of Porn - Mr. Phenix Saint.

More CockyBoys: Bobby Clark and Phenix-Retirement

Pole Position: Paddy Wins!

UK Naked Men's Paddy O'Brian wins Pole Position!

The stars are still aligning for QC's 2011 Man of the Year Paddy O'Brian for he crushed the competition, and came up as the clear winner of our last Pole Position session. Looks like it's not an easy task trying to dethrone this man of pure perfection!

We've a fresh line up of irresistibly-hot man. Are you ready to eyeball them from head to their fat fat cock?

More Pole Position: Paddy Wins!

HotHouse: Craig Reynolds

hothouse craig reynolds

2011 Grabby Award nominee for 'Hottest Bottom' Craig Reynolds has been paired with some hot names from Hot House including Kyle King, Matt Cole, Arpad Miklos and more. Beefy hunk Craig seems to ease into his roles no matter what flavor the scene is. But in the end (pun intended) who doesn't love a beefy bottom like Craig Reynolds???

More HotHouse: Craig Reynolds

Bel Ami: Dario & Peters Twins on QCX

Bel Ami: Dario & Peters Twins

Milo and Elijah Peters are back today in this, the first part of a two-day special with Dario Dolce. Today's scene begins when Dario catches the twins admiring each others bodies, this turns him on and within no time he is fucking the smoot ass of Milo (or maybe it is Elijah?). Lukas Ridgeston filmed this for BelAmi in 2010 in their studio in Bratislava.

More Bel Ami: Dario & Peters Twins on QCX.

COLT Studio Group: Cal Sinclair

colt studio cal sinclair

From the 'Legendary Bodies' series by COLT Studio Group, we have massively muscular bodybuilder Cal Sinclair flexing and posing for us on a secluded beach. Wearing just posing briefs, Cal shows off his incredible physique for Jim French (aka Rip Colt). Once the pose down is over, Cal moves to an inviting pool and strips off his briefs to enjoy the rippling waters all over his naked body.

More COLT Studio Group: Cal Sinclair

FreshSX: Tim Slater

freshsx tim slater

Tim Slater, formerly known as Timmy Slater, has toned and beefed up big time and is now back with FreshSX. Catch the twink next door who is now the beefy hunk next door in his new solo shoot with FreshSX. Wearing just a very tight pair of shorts he starts touching his hot body. Stripping down to his jock strap he gets out his meaty 8.5" cock and works it harder and harder. Stripping naked to just his sports boots he works his cock with a sex toy, beating his cock till he can hold back no longer and shoots loads of white jizz over his hard body.

More FreshSX: Tim Slater

Hard Brit Lads: Drew Brody and Scott Hunter

hard brit lads scott drew

All you fans of monstercock are gonna love this one, as hot muscular bottom Scott Hunter takes on rugby lad Drew Brodys massive, super thick ten inch dick. With tons of horny action and great chemistry, this is one incredible scene, that you DONT wanna miss...

The lads begin with some hot nipple play, with Drew enjoying Scotts big muscular chest, licking the nipples on his huge pecs, feeling his bulging biceps, then some passionate kissing. Drews massive cock already hard, and bulging inside his sports shorts. Scott gropes him, feeling the size of his monster meat, and as Drew rubs the bulge in Scott's shiny white sport shorts, he gets hard too.

More Hard Brit Lads: Drew Brody and Scott Hunter

All American Heroes: Dominic and Rohn

all american heroes dominic rohn

Fun loving dudes Dominic and Rohn team up to discuss the finer things in a straight man's life. These studs are into everything, extreme sports, cliff diving, UFC, and even moto-cross. Petty Officer Rohn is a desert born nature boy who loves to do everything outdoors. The Navy gave Rohn his sea legs, but his true love is the sun and sand. Firefighter-in-training Dominic is a gym rat from the city who lives for his next rush of adrenaline. He can't get enough of a natural high and will go to just about any lengths for a fresh thrill. Looks like bi-guy Rohn is in the right place at the right time.

More All American Heroes: Dominic and Rohn

Rear Stable: D.O. and Alexander Garrett

rear stable alexander do

Looking dapper in their black bowlers and orange jocks, D.O. and Alexander Garrett waste no time and go wild on each other with reckless abandon. Identical in their sinewy bulk and muscularity, the men are perfectly matched. Alexander gets down on his knees to worship D.O.'s thick dick and soon D.O. is wanting more, beginning an aggressive assault on his partner's ass. First he rims Alexander's hole, then he fucks it hard.

More Rear Stable: D.O. and Alexander Garrett

Authentic Footballers: Emanuel

Authentic Footballers: Emanuel

Emanuel is not a cute face like some Bel Ami model, but he's a latin macho and that's what makes him so hot. And the hottest moment is when such a stud spreads his cheeks and allows us to watch his super tight hole. Not because he likes to, but for the cash.

More Authentic Footballers: Emanuel

Squirtz: Jimmy Little

squirtz jimmy little

You couldn't ask for a more genuine, happy guy than Jimmy Little. Meet Jimmy for the first time and within three minutes you'll feel like you've known him for years. He's quick to laugh and doesn't hesitate to tell you anything about himself. He plays guitar, rock and blues, and his favourite sport is skateboard. Jimmy is bisexual but even with girls the sex is all about his ass. With his last girlfriend sex often involved her strapping on the dildo. And with guys, Jimmy is right up front about it: he loves getting fucked.

More Squirtz: Jimmy Little

Sean Cody: Marshall and Pierce Bareback on QCX

Sean Cody: Marshall and Pierce Bareback

"Every time I leave here," Pierce said. "I leave with a sore asshole!"

"You love it and you know it," Sean Cody said. "Wait until you see what Marshall is packing!"

"I can't tell if I am excited or really excited!"

"I think I know!"

"Yeah, so do I," he said. "I've already seen him on the website."

More Sean Cody: Marshall and Pierce Bareback on QCX.

Sneaky Peek Update

Sneaky Peek Update

The pervy cameraman at SneakyPeek hides in a public toilet cubicle and catches this big guy's fat cock on his camera. This fella is in a hurry and doesn't take much notice of his surroundings so fails to realize he's being filmed through a hole in the cubicle wall.

More Sneaky Peek Update

Chaos Men: Bruce - Serviced

Chaos Men: Bruce - Serviced

Wow! What a difference a day makes, well, a week to you all!

For Bruce's solo he stayed pretty much focused on the porn, but put him with someone else and turns up the volume big time.

More Chaos Men: Bruce - Serviced

Muscle Hunks: Ron Hamilton

musclehunks ron hamilton

Ron Hamilton wheels his muscle coupe into our garages for a quick car wash, and soon enough he's paying us back nicely for the favor of some free parking. Whoa! We have musclemen galore at, the biggest adult muscle site on the Net - but our hearts always flutter a little faster when superhot Ron is on deck. Those tasty big muscles of his just beg for close-up worship, don't they?

More Muscle Hunks: Ron Hamilton

Frat Men: Ken

Ken at Fratmen

Ken clearly takes good care of his body and is a dream to enjoy and drool over. Particularly as he strips clean of his clothes and shows us every inch of what he's got to offer.

More Frat Men: Ken

Kristen Bjorn: Casting Couch #273 - Marco Salgueiro & Diogo

Kristen Bjorn: Casting Couch #273 - Marco Salgueiro & Diogo

Marco Salgueiro & Diogo are two hot latin man, they are both versatile, so there are no boundaries for them, they just fuck like two horny dogs.

More Kristen Bjorn: Casting Couch #273 - Marco Salgueiro & Diogo

CockyBoys: Jake Bass and Alex Vaara

cockyboys jake alex

Jake Bass and Alex Vaara are like a match made in heaven. They are both young, cute, and full of cum. So the little fucks decided to ditch all the big muscle boys for the weekend and instead spend a few days alone, getting to really know each other. It was so cute watching them flirt and waiting to see who will make the first move. Finally, the top in Jake Bass came out and it was time for Jake to reign. He got Alex all sweaty from the bike ride and then straight to the bedroom. He wasted no time getting him out of his clothes and forcing him down on his knees. Jake turns Alex around and leaves his finger prints on Alex's white bottom cheeks.

More CockyBoys: Jake Bass and Alex Vaara

BadPuppy: Thiago Fernando

badpuppy thiago fernando

19 year old Thiago Fernando comes to us from Buenos Aires. Thiago works as a dancer at one of the hottest clubs in the city. He loves both playing and watching Rugby on TV, whenever he can. Thiago has the day off and is horny as hell. He unzips his jeans and begins rubbing himself through his briefs. When he takes his t-shirt off, he unveils a tight and fit body, showing off his 6 pack abs. His blue jeans come off and he's ready to get this party started. With his cock already hard, he begins stroking. He bends over and shares his tight hairy ass and furry man hole, as he rubs and tugs his cock and balls downward.

More BadPuppy: Thiago Fernando

Bel Ami: Ariel Vanean

Bel Ami: Ariel Vanean

This set of images of Ariel Vanean are some of the best yet. Taken for BelAmi by Eliot Klien during their trip to Africa in 2010, Ariel is sultry, sexy and playful all at the same time. He just keeps looking better and better. There is still some of the boy in him, but mainly he is looking like a remarkably attractive, fully sexual man. Terrific body, face, and grooming.

More Bel Ami: Ariel Vanean

Caption This!

Caption This!

Post your funniest comments and see who got the most votes last week!

Have a 'Caption This' pic you want published? Submit your pic or link to it HERE.

Bentley Race: Ryan Geary

bentley race ryan geary

In the last days of summer in Australia Bentley got a bunch of shoots done out on the roof before the weather turned cold. His mate Ryan Geary is becoming more comfortable with being naked outside after their roadside shoot last summer. But half way through getting naked in this scene Bentley's other mate Brent pointed out a group of office girls who had crowded around a window to watch from the office building across the road.

This 26 year old red headed country boy from Tasmania has got a really nice thick cock and a beautiful bum with a light smattering of blond hair. And he doesn't mind showing it off! He didn't let the office girls get in the way of them finishing his strip and getting hard on the rooftop. When they finished on the roof they headed back down to the apartment where he and Brent started getting it on.

More Bentley Race: Ryan Geary

Corbin Fisher: When In Roman

Corbin Fisher: When In Roman

Can you tell Corbin Fisher has been waiting to use that title? ;)

To us, Scott is the perfect one to pair up with Roman to use it! CF has been impressed with Scott since the day he got there, the day he brought his best friend Campbell and pretty much all the other days Scott is here!

More Corbin Fisher: When In Roman

Hogtied Hetero Man at StraightHell on QCX

Hogtied Hetero Man at StraightHell on QCX

Fraser has received a workout at StraightHell and needs some cooling off. Bound with his arms tied in the air Adrian generously pisses all over his face and open gob. After each man gives him a golden shower he's sternly instructed to suck each cock clean.

More "Hogtied Hetero Man at StraightHell" on QCX.

Men At Play: Race Cooper i-Break

Men At Play: Race Cooper i-Break

It's break time at the office for Race, and what better thing to do than relax a little by twittering and exchanging sexy pictures with his friends, before playing with his juicy and perfectly shaped wet cock and balls at his desk.

More Men At Play: Race Cooper i-Break

Lucas Kazan: Vilem Cage

lucas kazan vilem cage

Czech photographer Jansi mailed Lucas a couple of B/W pictures and recommended they cast Vilem. Lucas later found out that had done a couple of videos for some other major studios, but did not know what to expect at the time.

Lucas took a gamble, flew him to Verona Airport and, for a change, it payed off. Vilem has since appeared in more LKP videos than any other model. Because of his manly good looks? His non-stop erection? His many skills as a dependable, tireless top? For all these reasons and a dozen more.

For a limited time Lucas Kazan is offering 25% of your membership! This is exclusively for QueerClick readers only. Click here for more details.

More Lucas Kazan: Vilem Cage

Corbin Fisher: Blane

Corbin Fisher: Blane

Handsome and gravel-voiced Blane has no problem being in front of the camera. He's got his own collection of personal videos he's shot - both of him solo and with girls!

This well-built, dark-haired guy likes to make home movies and Blane will share them with a girl if she's into it. In fact, if he likes her, he'll make a personalized one for her!

More Corbin Fisher: Blane

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

Number "53" here is so big that he seems to think that an iPhone is not enough to contain his humanity so he relied on the next best thing, an iPad! See him expose his thick cock and stocky body just for you and tell us in the comments if he has what it takes to be our BF of the week.

More after the jump!

More QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

College Dudes: Kaleb Strong

College Dudes: Kaleb Strong

Kaleb Strong is a 19 year old college soccer player with an exuberant personality. After stripping out of his clothes he wiggles his butt a little for the camera just like you would expect a frat boy to do, and then he concentrates on working up his dick. Kaleb strokes it, getting more lube from time to time to keep his cock extra wet.

More College Dudes: Kaleb Strong

Island Studs: William

William at Island Studs

William is a soft spoken country boy from Kentucky with a cute southern accent and a fine farm boy body. Watch how shy and awkward he becomes when Island Studs comments on how big his beautiful, hard country cock.

More Island Studs: William

English Lads: Shane

Shane at English Lads

Shane is new to modelling and mention he is having a hard time with his girlfriend; so he is a horny young man with his balls full, he strips down to his boxers, closes his eyes and Dan is there and pulling at his boxers! He doesn't resist too much and is happy to stand around naked and let Dan be the first man to touch his cock!

More English Lads: Shane

Wank: Feeling Kinda Horny

Wank: Feeling Kinda Horny

After his first cum-filled vid, Xtuber throw_the_dice is back! This time with a cum-free wank session. He says he was feeling kinda horny, if this is his kinda, then we can't imagine how horny he gets when he's really into it. His swollen member keeps defying the laws of nature as it gets bigger and bigger with each stroke!

More after the jump...

More Wank: Feeling Kinda Horny

Bel Ami: Manuel Rios & Ennio Guardi on QCX

Bel Ami: Manuel Rios & Ennio Guardi

Lukas Ridgeston shot this scene for BelAmi in 2010 during their trip to Cape Town. After a quick dip in the pool, Ennio helps Manuel relieve some study tension by first of all exchanging blow jobs and then by giving him a solid fucking and then eagerly gobbling all of Manuel's cum at the end.

More Bel Ami: Manuel Rios & Ennio Guardi on QCX.

Queerism - Stromosexual

Queerism - Stromosexual

noun, adj: A straight acting homosexual male. A gay man who has the demeanor associated with straight men.

example: "God, he's such a stromosexual"

Thanks to JK for this Queerism! Do you have an interesting or unusual Queerism of your own you wish to share? Submit your Queerism HERE.

Sean Cody: Derrick(2)

Sean Cody: Derrick(2)

Derrick is fresh out of graduate school. Right after he finished, he packed up his car and decided to take off on the open road.

"I literally loaded my car with camping equipment and took off," he said. "If I like a spot... I camp there."

More Sean Cody: Derrick(2) - How Much Would You Pay For This Man - How Much Would You Pay For This Man

At, sexy football manager Alan gets a full medical exam in "How Much Would You Pay For This Man?" The team's medical specialist leaves no crack or crevice unchecked.

More - How Much Would You Pay For This Man

KeumGay: Guillaume Gets Sucked

KeumGay: Guillaume Gets Sucked

There is a new Guillaume at KeumGay, this one is even more horny than the other Guillaume. The new guy just loved to get his cock sucked by another man.

More KeumGay: Guillaume Gets Sucked

Randy Blue: Caleb & Ross

Randy Blue: Caleb & Ross

There's nothing like crawling into bed with a hot sexy hunk of beef like Caleb Strong. Ross Reed took a nice hot shower and then slid into an even hotter bed to wake the slumbering Caleb with a nice sensual blowjob. Even though Ross is new to Randy Blue he brings a lot of incredible sexual skills to the table and sucking cock is just one of them.

More Randy Blue: Caleb & Ross

Active Duty: Tanner - Part 2

active duty tanner

For his second time in front of the camera, Tanner showed up after having been to the gym just prior. He's sporting his green silkies and dog tags and looking delicious. He's all oiled up and ready to shower. But before he does we get to spend some time admiring that body once more. Dink must admit to getting a little artsy with this one, but give him a break; he was in love

More Active Duty: Tanner - Part 2

AustinZane: Drake Wild and Zack Adams

austinzane drake zack

In their loudest scene to date, Drake Wild gives Zack Adams the pounding of his life! After Zack's first bottoming experience, they knew that the next shoot would have to be filmed somewhere other than thier apartment because the neighbors would not be happy with all the moaning and groaning!

They went high above the Vegas strip and this time Zack was even louder than before! Sometimes, they even thought about stopping them because they weren't sure if Zack was in pain or if it was moans of pleasure. After they wrapped, he assured them that it was an equal balance of both, half pain and half pleasure... after all, isn't that how all bottoming should be!?

More AustinZane: Drake Wild and Zack Adams

The Guy Site: Mac

the guy site mac

Mac was so eager to shake his dick for money he showed up two hours early. He's a two time state wrestling champion built like a brick house. He gets sweaty as he gets into pleasuring himself and delivers a hot hands free cum shot.

More The Guy Site: Mac

Paragon Men: Marc Dylan

paragon men marc dylan

He may have the look of an immigrant laborer, but isn't that why your mouth is open? Marc Dylan is one skilled laborer - watch him hammer his gigantic, juicy balls up and down as his thick pole drives into overtime! Here's one exhibitionist worth his salt. And, plus, he hates to make the first move! Who doesn't love that?

More Paragon Men: Marc Dylan

Chaos Men: Chaz Riley

Chaos Men: Chaz Riley

Chaz Riley has been in the business for about 5 years now. Chaz is such a chill guy. He is down for anything, and just an overall super hot guy. He likes what he does and wants to keep you all entertained.

Chaos Men asked him if he had used a FleshJack in any previous videos, and he said no, so they added that into the mix to make the solo fresh.

More Chaos Men: Chaz Riley

Next Door Male: Brock Cooper

Next Door Male: Brock Cooper

Brock Cooper makes his porno debut in this All American solo for NextDoorMale. A California kid with chiseled abs and winning smile, Brock is seven kinds of perfect rolled up and spread out on the sofa for your viewing pleasure. Watch as he slowly exposes himself to the world, a star in the making just waiting to shoot off for the first time. He spreads his legs and reclines back on the red leather couch, arching his back and finally squeezing out a healthy load for all of the world to see.It might be his first, but one look his way will tell you it won't be his last.

More Next Door Male: Brock Cooper

Ask QC: Is Masturbating Alone Whilst in a Relationship 'Normal'?

Ask QC

Hi guys,

I'm 32 years old and have been living together in a relationship for 6 years with my partner who is 40 years old. We plan to marry soon, but recently I became aware that my partner masturbates alone regularly. I would say in general we are compatible on many levels, he's perhaps got more sex drive than I and he's also definitely the top in the relationship and the one who usually initiates sex.

The thing is I just happened to walk in on him when I came home early from work and he wasn't expecting me back and, I caught him in the act. Even though we both intimately know each others bodies, weirdly, we were both embarrassed by it!

We talked about it afterwards and I was expecting him to say it was a 'one off' but he admitted that he does it regularly, at least several times a week - that got me mad!

I don't know why, but I feel like he's cheated on me, or at least he's cheated me out of having sex with him - I know this is probably a bit irrational to feel like this, but if he needed sex then I am his partner and I believe he should be sharing it with me and not masturbating alone. Sure I work long hours, but I'm always there for him every night, so why does he still feel the need to jack off by himself?

My question is, is it normal within relationships for partners to masturbate alone? My boyfriend says it is, and although I haven't had too many partners in the past (living together that is) so I don't really know if its normal or not. I do know that I feel hurt by this, don't get me wrong I'm very open regarding sex and in the bedroom we play with plenty of toys together - its just the fact he was doing it alone that disturbs me.

I realize that this might be totally normal and happens in all relationships so perhaps I'm the only one who doesn't do this, but if you guys have any advice or experiences on this subject I would be most grateful.

Many thanks,

Jasone M

We all masturbate don't we? But do we do it alone when we are in 'live in relationships'? Is it rational for Jasone to feel the way he does? If you can help him answer any of these questions and more, or have any other advice to offer him, then please leave your opinions, experiences, and advice in the QComments section.

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

First Auditions: Terry

First Auditions: Terry

With his tattoos, break dancing and tough Scouser attitude, Terry is straight off from the streets. The casting director at First Auditions was glad to get this hard straight man alone in a room where he could command him to pose naked and ejaculate.

More First Auditions: Terry

Austin Wilde: Austin and Devon Dixon

Austin Wilde: Austin and Devon Dixon

Things cum full circle as Devin Dixon joins Mr. Wilde's horny ride. Devin comes from Austin, Texas, which is where Austin began his odyssey in porn (hence his name). And with no more familiarity necessary, Austin forgoes formality and strips Devin down to his birthday suit, his tight white butt hanging in the breeze. Austin straddles his face and fucks his mouth before putting him ass akimbo and wetting up his sweet hole before dropping the hammer fuck on Devin. Pounded and exasperated, Devin cums all over himself while Austin bangs away, before Austin pulls out and adds to the creamy mix.

More Austin Wilde: Austin and Devon Dixon

Jocks Studios: Adrian Long fucks JR Matthews

Jocks Studios: Adrian Long fucks JR Matthews

It's late in the day, the sky's growing dark and Adrian Long and JR Matthews are in the hot tub soaking their troubles away. JR makes the first move on his tub-mate, getting in position to suck his schlong. The stirring sensation of cock-in-mouth quickly overwhelms them both inspiring serious action. Adrian can't wait for his turn.

More Jocks Studios: Adrian Long fucks JR Matthews

Marcus Mojo: Marcus and Brad Foxx

Marcus Mojo: Marcus and Brad Foxx

The code among the gym room warriors has been written: Walketh nobly and striketh thine opponent with a sure fist and unwavering roundhouses. Do not fear the size of your partner's cock, for it will surely find its way into your ass. If your hole is of tight proportion, let another hot, horny warrior enter it. And if you hunger for the taste of hard boner, sucketh with passion. Brad Foxx knows this code well. He's kept these principles firm in his mind as he's entered the practice circle with true Mixed Martial Artist, Marcus Mojo. They're both warming up, getting some nice kicks and jabs on the bag. But Marcus wants a different type of workout this time, one Brad knows only the greatest warriors perform.

More Marcus Mojo: Marcus and Brad Foxx

Squirtz: Samuel Laroche

squitz samuel laroche

Samuel Laroche definitely likes to be engaged in the most manly of activities. He's a construction worker by trade but his favourite pastimes are boxing, which he has done since he was eight years old, kickboxing, motocross and bull riding in the rodeo. Naturally Squirtz assumed he was 100% straight, so they were very surprised to learn that Samuel just recently started into a relationship with his first boyfriend. As Samuel explains, he doesn't fall in love with a gender, he falls in love with the person.

More Squirtz: Samuel Laroche

HairyBoyz: JT Stryker and Conner Habib

hairy boyz jt conner

JT is a hot little fucker with tattoos, piercings, and scars to accompany his "fuck you" attitude and big cock. The attitude works Conner into a dick-sucking frenzy. Conner licks and tongues JT's cock before swallowing it whole. The oral scene that ensues is an extensive study in dick sucking. Each guy takes a turn on their knees, feeding dick to one another in the soft light. Both boys blow loads all over the concrete floor.

More HairyBoyz: JT Stryker and Conner Habib

Jake Cruise: Tyler Saint and Zachary Hale

jake cruise tyler zachary

Tyler Saint and his daughter's boyfriend, Zachary Hale, are dripping with sweat from a long run. Seeing Tyler's hulking physique, Zachary lets Tyler know he wants to have some sexy fun with him. Tyler is a bit taken back by the proposition, but decides to go along with it and see what his daughter has been bragging about. Zachary gets on his knees and busies himself by sucking Tyler's HUGE cock. Zachary is packing some serious wood of his own. When Tyler gets down and begins blowing Zach, Zach admits Tyler does it better than his daughter.

More Jake Cruise: Tyler Saint and Zachary Hale

New York Straight Men: Vito

new york straight men vito

How to you spell Guido?? V-I-T-O Meet Vito! Tony's childhood friend from The Bronx. Vito even works in Tony's parents pizzeria. Vito is just as hot and hairy as Tony and even more guido!

They were out drinking after work one night around Christmas when Tony let the cat out of the bag. Vito had broken up with his girlfriend and was horny. Tony broke down and told him about us. At first Vito didn't believe him, he thought Tony was "yanking his chain".Tony told him he was serious, Vito was shocked that Tony let a guy suck his cock! Vito dismissed it for a few weeks, he had even done a shoot with Tony and he never mentioned it. One night when Vito was really horny and needed cash, he texted NYSM. The rest is history.

More New York Straight Men: Vito

Xtra Inches: Sean Lawrence Fucks Valentin Petrov

xtra inches sean valentin

Valentin and Sean both sport horsedicks and Valentin can't wait to get Sean's hefty black stick down his gullet. Soon it's Sean deepthroating his buddy's uncut meat pole, exciting both of them so much that they begin to fuck. Positioned behind, Sean plugs Valentin's asshole with his thunder stick and thrusts in and out with fervor. Their bodies glisten with sweat as they continue fucking with Valentin now down on his back. The white Russian jacks himself off and cums while his studly black soldier screws him until he finally pulls out and creams him.

More Xtra Inches: Sean Lawrence Fucks Valentin Petrov

Cocksure Men: Morgan Black & Dominic Sol & Steve Vex

Cocksure Men's Morgan Black & Dominic Sol & Steve Vex

Morgan Black, Dominic Sol and Steve Vex get straight to business. The cocks come out and Morgan is the first to drop down and have a taste. Dominic joins him and Steve gets a hot double blow job. Morgan gets on his hands and knees and becomes the meat of the manwich with Steve fucking his face and Dominic eating his tasty hole. Morgan soon has a cock in each end, sucking Steve and getting fucked by Dominic at the same time.

More Cocksure Men: Morgan Black & Dominic Sol & Steve Vex

BadPuppy: Tyler Andrews

badpuppy tyler andrews

23 year old Tyler Andrews comes to us from Atlanta, GA. Tyler works full time as a Personal Trainer and when not working with clients, he's working out or weight lifting either at the gym or his home. Tyler is not new to Badpuppy, having appeared in his first shoot with us back in February of 2010. The boy has buffed up big time! The time he's been putting into his training has obviously paid off!

More BadPuppy: Tyler Andrews

Spunkworthy: Bo

spunkworthy bo

One of the things Bo was afraid of, as far as doing anything with another guy, was that his wife might find out. Well, apparently the cat somehow got out of the bag after his handjob video. And she was totally okay with it! So, now Bo is back to take the next step and get his first blowjob from a guy.

Bo had a cute nervousness when the cameras started. But he was clearly excited. Even though he opted out of having a porn playing in the background, his cock was hard by the time SW pulled it out of his pants.

More Spunkworthy: Bo

Sean Cody: William and Curtis

Sean Cody: William and Curtis

Both William and Curtis are from the deep south, so they had a lot in common right from the start.

They had fun trying to see who could put the most "twang" into their accents. It is always good when the guys can start out laughing!

"I have a confession to make," William said as we were settling in. "This is not my first time with a guy."

More Sean Cody: William and Curtis

Straight Fraternity: Chain and Bruce

straight fraternity chain bruce

Chain gives Bruce control in how they get off, and with some jacking and sucking, these straight guys soon are shooting fountains of cum.

More Straight Fraternity: Chain and Bruce

Southern Strokes: Josh and Logan

southern strokes josh logan

If you don't like watching these two Southern Boys fuck, then you must be a Damn Yankee. Don't be confused by our 5'6" boy from Tennessee, he has a bit of a swagger found here in the South and just like most Southern Studs, Joshua can back it up. It's a good thing because Josh isn't just fucking some run of the mill akyuck; he is about to fuck Logan Taylor.

More Southern Strokes: Josh and Logan

Dirty Tony: Ryan Daniels

dirty tony ryan daniels

Ryan Daniels is a dirty blonde, blue eyed straight guy who is just now starting to get into the industry. He tells us about what types of porn he likes, what his favorite sexual activities are, and even shares about a hot 3 way he had in a shower. Ryan gets a little more comfortable as he leans back on the couch and starts massaging his cock through his jeans. He unbuckles his belt and wastes no time in whipping out his already hard hairy schlong. He grasps his meat at the base and slowly jerks it up to the tip and back down to his balls.

More Dirty Tony: Ryan Daniels

Dominic Ford: Chirs Tyler and Tanner Wayne

dominic ford chris tanner

After a long workout, Chris Tyler and Tanner Wayne find themselves in the locker room at the same time. It's clear from Chris' bulging muscles that he had a long workout, and Tanner is clearly interested in seeing more! Chris is happy to show him, and they fuck intensely in the locker room, each taking a turn fucking the other!

More Dominic Ford: Chirs Tyler and Tanner Wayne

HazeHim: Council of Honor

hazehim council honor

The guys at Haze Him are up to their usual shenanigans:

"This weeks haze submission is rather odd. the brothers at *** filmed one of their induction ceremonies. The brothers were dressed in dark robes and had their pledges strip down for a final examination and psychical test. The pledges passed the test with flying colors but before they were fully accepted into this brotherhood one of the pledges had to give it his all and by that we mean his ass. Muff Meat was chosen from the three to suck off and get fucked by one of the brothers. at first he was hesitant and it seemed like he wasn't going to go through with it. but he manned up and took that dick like a man."

More HazeHim: Council of Honor

Manhandled: Dean Monroe and Mitch Vaughn

manhandled dean mitch

Tall, dark and handsome Dean Monroe is telling Mitch Vaughn about an encounter he recently had. Dean's telling Mitch that he was with a younger guy that wanted to be dominated. Mitch has always had a curiosity about the ways of a Dom/Sub relationship and Dean is just the man to do it. Come and see a hot, muscle stud like Mitch Vaughn down on his knees, begging to... well you know the rest.

More Manhandled: Dean Monroe and Mitch Vaughn

Ruggerbugger: Alexis Driollet

Alexis Driollet at Ruggerbugger

Ruggerbugger has a video of French rugby hunk Alexis Driollet with his ass exposed! He strips off showing a tight-fitting pair of underwear where his bulge is nicely outlined.

More Ruggerbugger: Alexis Driollet

Active Duty: Tanner

active duty tanner

In Tanner's first solo you sense some nervousness but you don't sense any lack of confidence. This hottie struts his stuff in a subtle and erotic way that may make you wonder if he's done this before. And if he hasn't we're sure you'll understand why Dink just had to bring him back for a second time. After a long session of posting and showing off his hot jock body, he turns over and starts stroking his meaty dick as he flexes those legs for us along with his cock. From there he takes us on an equally long tour of his big dick and how he likes to work it. It's quite the education.

More Active Duty: Tanner

TGIF - Great Porn is All We Need

Caption This!
Randy Blue: Jake, Marcel & Sean
AustinZane: Caught In The Act
Sean Cody: William
KeumGay: Marc
Frat Men: Bruno
UK Naked Men: Paddy O'Brian
Amateur College Sex: Cain Fucks Duncan and Danielle
QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week
Sean Cody: Ethan and Landon

Our editorial team has been so engrossed enjoying updates from all studios this week that we are delivering this TGIF edition late! Oops... :P With the hot interracial pairing from Sean Cody, multiple steamy threesome scenes, and incredibly yummy amateur photos and videos, you can see why our hands were so occupied right?

And have a look at Lucas Kazan's updates too! They're offering 25% off your membership, exclusively for QueerClick readers. Feast your eyes on 100% Italian beef!

Muscular Asian Hunk
H0230: Masaaki Kaneko
Photos by Justin Monroe
Suck That Big Fat cock
Hot Chinese Hunk

Ugo Richard: Matthieu Charneau
Authentic Footballers: Cristian
Bang Bang Boys: Johnny & Gabriel Liarh
KeumGay: Marc
Los Reyes de Milán

5StarBoys: Mikko
Sexy Twinks: Charlie
Gay Teen Studio: Vitya
AlexBoys: Akilo
Boys Life Studio: Victorian

Amateur College Sex: Diego Pounds Olivia
Jake Cruise: Doug Acre
Amateur College Sex: Cain Fucks Duncan and Danielle
Sean Cody: Marshall and Curtis Bareback
Sweet and Raw: Daniel Woods and Jack Blue

Corbin Fisher: Riley Gets Topped on QCX

Corbin Fisher: Riley Gets Topped

Newbie Riley is a little nervous. Not about being on camera, or any of that. No, Trey told him how big Chandler is... and he's not sure he can handle all of Chandler!

So, Chandler steps up and offer Riley a shoulder rub to relax. After a few moments, Riley's more than relaxed... he's turned on! Chandler enjoys Riley's worked-out body, taking extra time to rub Riley's pecs and biceps.

More Corbin Fisher: Riley Gets Topped on QCX.

PictureThis Studios: Thomas Nunn

picture this thomas nunn

Anyone that likes to see hot guys stripping out of cool suits will love seeing Picturethis-Studios hot exclusive Thomas Nunn go retro once more, this time in true Mad Men style, looking every inch the 1960's advertising executive..., and its not long before all those impressive rock hard inches are on display, as he strips out of his suit for some seriously sexy executive relief!

More PictureThis Studios: Thomas Nunn

Chaos Men: Eli and Foster - RAW on QCX

Chaos Men: Eli and Foster - RAW

We don't know what it is about watching Foster suck dick, but he sure looks like he is happy doing it! His dick gets hard, and he does seem like he is trying his best to please his partner. He was also into Eli's big cock... It seems kind of like sucking on his own dick.

Eli likes to rim, and Chaos Men got some cool under shots. We just love seeing Foster's cock hammer hard while he gets his salad tossed. He still won't bottom, but he sure enjoys the anal attention. Maybe there is hope?

See more on QCX.

Lucas Kazan: Cristian

lucas kazan cristian

Feast your eyes on Cristian's glorious buttocks: the roundest (and firmest) we've seen in a long while. Not that everything else about 25 year old Cristian isn't first-rate: with a fierce cock, a sexy grin and a muscular build, Christian would stand out in any crowd. His butt however... let's just say we can't get over it. Too bad this hot Italian newcomer doesn't put it to good use. Yes, he admits to a few sexcapades with the boys, but as a top only --so he claims. Watch him as he describes his very latest: fucking the husband while the wife watched and masturbated. How kinky is that?

For a limited time Lucas Kazan is offering 25% of your membership! This is exclusively for QueerClick readers only. Click here for more details.

More Lucas Kazan: Cristian

Naked Sword: Leo Forte and Christian WIlde

naked sword leo christian

Have you caught a little Latin Fever yet? Let Christian Wilde pounding Leo Forte's hungry Latin hole make you a fan! Watch them now in Stalker Episode Three: The Shoot, exclusively on NakedSword.

More Naked Sword: Leo Forte and Christian WIlde

Randy Blue: Andrew & Roman

Randy Blue: Andrew & Roman

Roman Todd loves getting on with new models. The newest kid on the Randy Blue block is Andrew Jakk. Roman and Andrew eye each other on the couch and move in closer so that their hands can explore. Andrew rips off Roman's shirt and is taken aback by the hot beefy muscles Roman's been hiding. Roman takes off Andrew's shirt to reveal a tight and toned furry chest that's just aching for attention. Neither can hold back any more and they begin to passionately make out.

More Randy Blue: Andrew & Roman



More RadVideo

Ejaculating Cop Humiliators at Brutal Tops

Ejaculating Cop Humiliators at Brutal Tops

The Policemen Masters at BrutalTops corner a lawyer at the station and strip him.

More Ejaculating Cop Humiliators at Brutal Tops - CFNM Wars - CFNM Wars

The battle is on at with the launch of CFNM Wars! In this competition, a group of mischievous girls pit seven men against each other on their hunt to crown a CFNM warrior champion. The male contestants are promptly stripped and intimately examined and then challenged to a series tough physical and sexual challenges. With their male pride on the line these guys have to fight past their nerves and do their best to impress.

More - CFNM Wars

First Auditions: Mick

First Auditions: Mick

Mick is a horny young straight guy who has always been a porn enthusiast and wants to fulfil his dream of fucking on camera. He's been photographing and taking videos of himself ever since he got a smart phone. It used to be the case very few people would film themselves naked, but it's the norm for young guys these days to record themselves because everyone has a porn studio in their pocket. The problem is getting your hands on these private snaps. Here FirstAuditions gets to film Mick more intimately than he's ever filmed himself at home.

More First Auditions: Mick - Fraser Violated - Fraser Violated

At, tough criminal man Fraser needs to be severely restrained for his anal cavity search. Even after his cheeks are parted and his hole is thoroughly inspected the untamed lad argues and fights with the officers.

More - Fraser Violated

Wank: "Jus2Raw Fitness"


Judging from his red shorts we collect that x-mas came early this year, and the package definitely confirms our theory. Check this "just2raw fitness" session and try to be good boys, maybe you can find him under your tree the next holiday season.

And one more thing, is it us or does he has a Marcus Mojo thing going on? Tell us in the comments!

More after the jump!

More Wank: "Jus2Raw Fitness"

Titan Men: Trenton Ducati & Jordan White

Trenton Ducati & Jordan White at Titan Men

"Don't worry about where I've been," shouts Trenton Ducati to his inquisitive lover, shoving Jordan White against the wall and kissing him deep. Trenton slurps on tan Jordan's big meat before the cutie returns the favor. Trenton bends down to kiss the sucker, his huge hands gripping the sub's head and neck.

More Titan Men: Trenton Ducati & Jordan White

College Dudes: Tony Douglas Fucks Tyler Sweet

College Dudes: Tony Douglas Fucks Tyler Sweet

Tyler Sweet is hooking up with Tony Douglas, and it is looking hot! The scene starts off with a heavy handed make-out and jack-off, these two studs getting each other more than ready for some hot, sweaty sex. Tony goes down on Tyler, making love to his cock with his mouth - licking, slurping, and deep-throating.

More College Dudes: Tony Douglas Fucks Tyler Sweet

Legend Men: Dick McKay

legendmen dick mckay

Solo performer extraordinaire Dick McKay is showcased in all of his glory, and there is a hell of a lot of glory to showcase, at Legend Men!

More Legend Men: Dick McKay

Sean Cody: Casey(3)

Sean Cody: Casey(3)

[Split Identity Update: Woot... We realised that Casey was also Bruno without the tattoos in Frat Men. Do check out his hot actions after the jump.]

Casey is not even a little bit shy. He was actually disappointed that there weren't more camera guys!

"Where is my audience?" he asked jokingly.

Casey was definitely great at making us all laugh.

"I'm used to trying to make people happy," he said. "I try to be that guy."

More Sean Cody: Casey(3) Happy Hour

Happy Hour at

Christian Wilde stops in for happy hour after work and gets cruised by Jacob Durham.

More Happy Hour

Power Men: Tommy Rockets

powermen tommy rockets

In his first Powermen appearance, exclusive model Tommy Rockets was still just a pretty boy musclekid cruising for action in the city streets. Cute, sexy, hot, with just a dollop of baby fat, we knew the street-wise Tommy's development was well worth watching and waiting for. A year later, the 21-year old musclepup has delivered on his promise: the new Tommy is seriously ripped, muscular, lean, strong and powerful. And we bet you've forgotten just how hung this boy is, and how powerfully he shoots! The night belongs to Tommy - still.

More Power Men: Tommy Rockets

Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off: Dean

straight australian guys dean

Dean is a big All Aussie bloke
. He plays center at elite A grade level. You can see from development of his upper thighs and buttocks he has been doing this for a long time as they have become very developed after his numerous games of Rugby. He is such a big guy its easy to forget he is just 19.

More Straight Australian Guys Jacking Off: Dean

Randy Blue: Dean Skye

Randy Blue: Dean Skye

Dean Sky has a deep sexy masculine voice that they only make in Jersey. He has a pair hazel eyes that can make your heart melt, and a hot toned furry chest that will make your mouth water. But none of that compares to when he loses his pants and shows you what he has down below.

More Randy Blue: Dean Skye

Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

EricDeman gets an inside tour of a basketball team's locker room. A player leads his friend with a camera around showing off his team while they shower stark naked. There are a lot of guys in this team so space in the shower is at a premium and the guys jostle to get their turn.

More Eric Deman Update

CockyBoys: Max Ryder and the Voyeur

cockyboys max ryder

For this scene, CockyBoys asked Max if he had ever had anonymous sex before...meaning hooking up with a person he didn't know. He said no, he had never, but he was really turned on by the idea. So they found a super hot guy that Max had never seen before, and scheduled their scene.

Max got no pictures or description beforehand, hadn't flirted with the guy on Grindr or anything: he went into this absolutely blind. CockyBoys wanted to capture that moment of excitement, anticipation and fear of not knowing what to expect, and what they got was a beautifully shot, sexy moment that most long for and wish each of you have had or will at one time be able to experience and explore for yourself.

More CockyBoys: Max Ryder and the Voyeur

Hard Brit Lads: Ryan Young

hard brit lads ryan young

Stunning young cutie Ryan Young is just 18, and years of being athletic at school have given him a tightly toned body and strong muscular legs. With his golden tan and striking blue eyes, he is a great looking young lad, and with a perfectly formed uncut 7 inch cock, a very sexy lad too. Currently he defines himself as straight... but luckily for us, Ryan is happy to experiment with guys.

More Hard Brit Lads: Ryan Young

Bel Ami: Andre Boleyn & Harris Hilton

Bel Ami: Andre Boleyn & Harris Hilton

Harris is such a fine bottom that we don't normally even think about using him as a top, but Bel Ami's cameramen Geoff and Alan did just that in this scene filmed in Budapest in 2010.
He is partnered up for todays movie with kinky angel Andre Boleyn.

More Bel Ami: Andre Boleyn & Harris Hilton

Southern Strokes: Xavier

southern strokes xavier

Xavier was really nervous when he first arrived but he is the kind of guy that isn't gonna let you see him sweat. He is laid back and cool as a cucumber. Has Xavier likes to put it "I have a voice and I know how to use it". Xavier took off his shirt and went for a ride while we all grabbed our cameras and followed his every move. Xavier finally pulled up onto a dirt mound and slipped off his bike and relaxed in the Texas heat.

More Southern Strokes: Xavier

Next Door Buddies: James Huntsman and AJ Monroe

Next Door Buddies: James Huntsman and AJ Monroe

He's a traveler, hardened by too many hours waiting in terminals. AJ Monroe's seen more faces than most do in a lifetime. Some he remembers, most he doesn't. But as he sits by himself at the airport bar, sipping a double vodka, clean, a certain face grabs his attention. It belongs to part-time bartender, James Huntsman. The two notice each other's glances and stumble into a conversation that begins with pleasantries. As they become more friendly, James pours a round of shots for them to share. They clink glasses and drink. As the mood grows intimate, they find themselves discussing the inconvenience of finding sexual outlet while traveling for long periods. They both know toward what this exchanging is leading.

More Next Door Buddies: James Huntsman and AJ Monroe

ParagonMen: Dee Witt

paragonmen dee witt

Man is the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success. And Dee Whit proves why! This alpha stud loves to showcase his physique - it turns him on, which is what we call a win/win situation!

More ParagonMen: Dee Witt

Pole Position: Hunk Attack

Badpuppy's Austyn Roman wins Pole Position

Corbin Fisher alumnus Austyn Roman wins Pole Position with his cute smile and totally perfect body. He definitely has been working hard in adding more muscles. We can't wait to see more of him with his new BadPuppy family.

Men this week are really beefy and hunky. Are you ready for the visual onslaught?

More Pole Position: Hunk Attack

Cocksure Men: Trevor & Ty

Trevor and Ty at Cocksure Men

Trevor Knight and Ty Roderick are having a nap when Trevor wakes up and is feeling frisky. He reaches around and starts to rub Ty's bulge through his underwear. Ty wakes up to find Trevor kissing his chest and slowly working his way down to his thick dick. After getting his pole sucked Ty gets on his knees and works Trevor's ginormous cock. Trevor is hard as steel and ready to fuck Ty's tight ass. He gets down and gives Ty a sloppy rim-job and then slaps and hotdogs Ty's backside.

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Bentley Race: Astroboi

bentley race astroboi

One of the reasons Bentley included Spain on his recent trip around Europe was so he could hang out with his mate Astroboi Selaby again. After he plastered the room in cum a couple of years ago when they first met Bentley knew that he had to see his big dicked Spanish mate again.

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Amateur College Sex: Diego Pounds Olivia on QCX

Amateur College Sex: Diego Pounds Olivia

Dark, handsome and muscular, Diego spends most of his time studying architecture, and hitting the gym. Corbin Fisher thought Diego might keep his mind off his studies for a while for setting him up for a workout with Corbin Fisher's tight-bodied co-ed, Olivia.

The couple kisses in the locker room. His tatted arms pull her close as he lifts her pink t-shirt. Olivia goes to her knees and peels down his gym shorts. She reaches in and withdraws his cock and sucks it. She works it over with her mouth until he is fully hard. He sits on the locker room bench while Olivia blows him. He leans back to watch her pretty mouth worship his fat cock.

Together, they both stand and Diego pushes her up against the lockers, where he removes her t-shirt and bra. His cock presses up against her soft red gym shorts. Diego lays her down on the floor and peels back her red shorts, then eats her pussy. He licks her while he jacks his cock. Olivia pulls his head and face deeper into her.

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Bang Bang Boys: Johnny & Gabriel Liarh

Bang Bang Boys: Johnny & Gabriel Liarh

Easily one of the hottest, young Latino couples that we have ever seen on Bang Bang Boys, Johnny and Gabriel are so passionate when they start off their video, kissing on the couch. Then Johnny gets Gabriel's ass ready with his tongue, before diving in with his cock to pound the hell out of him.

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Authentic Footballers: Cristian

Authentic Footballers: Cristian

We have to be honest with you guys, we are really disappointed with this post. Cristian is one of the hottest guys we have ever seen on Authentic Footballers and its such a shame that we had to blur his face to preserve his privacy. He has an amazing body and a super cute face (Cristian even has a hole on his chin that makes him even more irresistible).

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Sneaky Peek Update


In the new video at SneakyPeek a handsome guy is caught in the public services room changing. He has no idea that the pervy cameraman is just a few feet away secretly filming him.

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Sean Cody: Ethan and Landon

Sean Cody: Ethan and Landon

"Dude, your dick is so fucking big!" Ethan said as he watched Landon approach with a raging hard-on. "It's almost offensive!"

They both laughed. Sean Cody was happy they were having a good time.

Ethan, being the world traveller he is, had been away for a while.

"I think I've gone back and forth from coast to coast a total of two times now," he told us. "Seen some crazy shit!"

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Chaos Men: Carmine - Serviced

Chaos Men: Carmine - Serviced<