37 thoughts on “Sean Cody: Jacob(3) + Screengrabs X Video Preview!”

  1. I rarely post on here, and I haven't beat off to a solo video in years…but this one coerced me to download and spank post-haste, and then tell the tale.
    Being a SoCal boy myself (and being a resident of the Northeast for a decade), this guy brings back memories of the hot, bro-ish boys of days gone by…the way he talks may seem douche-ey, but it gets me hard. Even the way he pronounces “you know” as “you kneuh” ad nauseum.
    I've been a Sean Cody subscriber off and on for longer than I'd care to admit, and I have to second Paulie's comment that Jacob is the hottest guy Sean Cody has had since Brandon. If trends are any indication, I won't be getting my hopes up that he will return, but if he does I'll take his sex in whatever form it comes in…just someone PLEASE eat that butt!!!

  2. hey Sean Cody FYI if a dude is uncut we wanna see he soft cock with his foreskin showing and we wanna see em play with it and pull on it. Otherwise you might as well not bother recruiting them.

  3. This guy is the gorgeous epitome of young dumb and full of cum. Totally the sort of hot str8 guy I want to see naked and jerking it, and thankfully after hearing him talk my lust for him ended shortly after I came. The ladies can have this one.

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