PeterFever: Novella Season 4 Behind-the-Scenes Part 1


As PeterFever wrap up Novella Series Season 4, they have some interesting outtakes to share with us. Mario Costa having a big dick problem, the guys trying to figure out Who Dominic Pacifico’s celebrity twin is, Robin making love to the camera, among other fun behind the scenes footage. Find out what kind of boys turn on Dirk Wakefield and hear about Leo’s life experiences in PeterFever’s exclusive interviews.

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Bulldog Pit: Lee Hayford, Tim Kruger and Wundersex


Stud Threesome! British Asian asspig Lee Hayford decides to join very hung German redhead Tim Kruger and Wundersex to form a hot three-way. Gorgeous hairy men who will make your balls fill with spunk get to work on him, rimming and fingering his hole in great positions, getting deep inside his ass. Widening his whole with massive dildos, you can see his ring wrap itself around the toy as it goes in and out. So fucking HOT!

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PeterFever: Peter Le – Rise and Shine

PeterFever: Peter Le – Rise and Shine

Before he left Thailand, Peter Le woke up from dreaming about the crazy weekend he just experienced at Songkran. He was dancing with so many sexy men, and one in particular caught his eye, Jesdaporn. Their chemistry was undeniable. Peter would shove his hands down the front of Jesdaporn’s tight jeans and play with his cock. And Jesdaporn would grab Peter’s ass hard and start spanking, leaving it red and tender.

Check out Peter Le‘s parting gift to Jes and Thailand, a video called “Rise and Shine”!

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Topless Muscle Hunks in Taiwan’s Most Popular Talk Show “Kangsi Coming” – 康熙來了

Topless Muscle Hunks in Taiwan's Most Popular Talk Show

Here’s your gym inspiration for the day. “Kangsi Coming” (康熙來了), probably Taiwan’s most popular talk show, invited a varied pack of hot guys that had one thing in common, they were all dumped by their exes because of their scrawny physics, they were even labeled as “weak chickens (弱雞)”. Instead of feeling sorry for themselves they started fitness training, the results as the before and after pics show are quite impressive in some cases and others are work in progress. One of the guys (小甜心 鄭駿奇), who also happens to be gay, just joined the gym a year ago and thinks that he probably only got invited so that he could be laughed at, but he was happy to participate nevertheless. The hostess 徐熙娣(小S) loves to check out their pecs and judge whose feel softer, and whose are more manly!

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Randy Blue: Cooper Dang gets barebacked by Roman Todd

randy blue roman cooper

Cooper and Roman are ready to fuck. They start to make out and decide to skip over most of the foreplay and go straight to the part where a bare dick dives deep into a tight butt. Cooper lowers down on Roman and soon Roman pumps his hard cock deep up into Cooper. Then they go at it doggie style. At that point, Roman nuts inside of Cooper and gives him a hot cream pie.

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