Sticky Giveaway No.10 – Coveted Chinese Athlete Champ Jerk Off Video


Dear Sticky Premium Family Members – Wow, how time flies. We’re at a milestone giveaway – Lucky No.10!!

This week, we’re super excited to give away the very much coveted jerk off video of this Chinese Athlete Champ. Photos of him have been circulating for a while which we had posted on Sticky earlier. But the video has never seen the light of day. We’ve finally laid our hands on it. YAY. If the medals he has won are any indication, you know you are in for a testosterone-filled ride. What’s a sporty, energetic dude to do when he is off training? That’s right, he’s gotta bust a vigorous nut! We know you’re gonna dig this video. We’ll throw in a full set of images too.

We only have 30 Sticky Packs to give away. Details of the Giveaway are available on the post. See you on Sticky!

10 Jan 16 By Editor D

PeterFever: Austin Keyes & Michael Cumming

PeterFever: Austin Keyes & Michael Cumming

For their three year anniversary, Michael brought his boyfriend Austin to The Asiancy to spice things up. He made Austin a bet that he could fuck the hottest Asiancy guy there, that was when he sensed a little jealousy burning behind Austin’s eyes…

Watch new models Austin Keyes take control of Michael Cumming’s ass in The Asiancy S9E2 “The New Couple”.

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19 May 15 By Laam 3 Comments

PeterFever: Novella Season 4 Behind-the-Scenes Part 2

PeterFever: Novella Season 4 Behind-the-Scenes Part 2

In this last look at Novella S4, Jessie Colter gets Robin comfortable as they warm up during an intimate scene together. Dominic and Leo have a good laugh trying to remember their lines and fooling around as they lube up. Get an up close look at the cast when they strip them down to their Andrew Christians for a photo shoot by the pool. In an exclusive interview, find out what Tyson Pierce likes to do during his spare time and what he hopes he can find in the perfect partner.

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PeterFever: Novella Season 4 Behind-the-Scenes Part 1


As PeterFever wrap up Novella Series Season 4, they have some interesting outtakes to share with us. Mario Costa having a big dick problem, the guys trying to figure out Who Dominic Pacifico’s celebrity twin is, Robin making love to the camera, among other fun behind the scenes footage. Find out what kind of boys turn on Dirk Wakefield and hear about Leo’s life experiences in PeterFever’s exclusive interviews.

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Bulldog Pit: Lee Hayford, Tim Kruger and Wundersex


Stud Threesome! British Asian asspig Lee Hayford decides to join very hung German redhead Tim Kruger and Wundersex to form a hot three-way. Gorgeous hairy men who will make your balls fill with spunk get to work on him, rimming and fingering his hole in great positions, getting deep inside his ass. Widening his whole with massive dildos, you can see his ring wrap itself around the toy as it goes in and out. So fucking HOT!

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PeterFever: Peter Le – Rise and Shine

PeterFever: Peter Le – Rise and Shine

Before he left Thailand, Peter Le woke up from dreaming about the crazy weekend he just experienced at Songkran. He was dancing with so many sexy men, and one in particular caught his eye, Jesdaporn. Their chemistry was undeniable. Peter would shove his hands down the front of Jesdaporn’s tight jeans and play with his cock. And Jesdaporn would grab Peter’s ass hard and start spanking, leaving it red and tender.

Check out Peter Le‘s parting gift to Jes and Thailand, a video called “Rise and Shine”!

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