Guess His Dick: YouTube Celebrity Edition


When last we posted one of his videos, the general reaction to Davey Wavey seemed to be "Very cute, just don't open your mouth!" And isn't that always the case? Well, you're in luck. With this week's Guess His Dick, I bring you Davey Wavey 2.0: All of the Abs, None of the Talking! What do you think this fitness "guru" turned YouTube demi-celebrity is packing down-under? Hint: Guess ambitiously.

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Sporno: Alexandre Despatie

Sporno: Alexandre Despatie

Like most people, one of the main reasons I tune into the Olympics every four years is to watch the men's diving. But London 2012 was a let down for me as I couldn't get into the hoopla last year around twinky British Olympic diver Tom Daley, and as for Matthew Mithcam's recent revelations that he used crystal meth, well that's been the worst kept secret in the Sydney party scene for years.

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Super Hot 10

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Guess His Dick Outtake


Because of a very unfortunate technicality, this hot guy didn't make the Guess His Dick cut. After all, I'm afraid he never actually shows us the goods. However, because I am boundlessly dedicated to keeping your boners afloat, dear readers, I am bending the rules and bringing you this GHD outtake. I'll be damned if a technicality is going to keep us from enjoying this stud!

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Guess His Dick #8: Reveal


This week's GHD contender is an unknown, made all the more mysterious by the fact that he seems to have a phone in his bathroom. Maybe he receives important calls on the toilet? Or maybe people can phone in to request additional bathroom mirror pics. I don't know, but who am I to judge, really?

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Guess His Dick #8


This week's entry is another mystery man. All I can say in advance about this week's contender is that he's built, he looks eerily like a guy I used to date, and judging from the striped skank top, he's probably playing for our team. Whaddaya guys think?

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Guess His Dick! #7 Reveal

How'd you guys do this week? Our contestant is tall, dark, and handsome, and it turns out he's packing more than enough heat to make us squeal. What do you guys think?

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Guess His Dick #7


This week's contender isn't just a frat boy in a Halloween costume. He's a police officer with a heart of gold. He regularly feeds the homeless, defends your honor to strangers, and sweeps you off your feet. Plus, after college he spent two years deworming orphans in Somalia. Oh, I'm making all of that up? Well, at least he's got a hot body. What caliber weapon is he packing?

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Guess His Dick! #6 Reveal

I don't have much to say, QueerClickers. My jaw is still on the floor somewhere. If you see it, be sure to pick it up for me. Words are actually failing me.

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Guess His Dick #6


Guys, this is the Guess His Dick column to end all Guess His Dick columns. Before reading on, I recommend you have your inhaler nearby, that you've taken all of your heart attack medication, and that you have the paramedics on speed dial. If you've got high blood pressure, don't even bother. This guy might actually kill you, and I can't be responsible for any more deaths than I already am (my hit-and-run number is getting dangerously high).

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Guess His Dick #5 Reveal

I've only got a few pictures for you this week, but they're totally worth it. What do you guys think?

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Guess His Dick #5: Guess What's Under the Table!


This week's caper is a little sparse in the number of pictures. But don't worry, this guy more than makes up for it. Can you guess what lurks just under that table? Plus this guy looks like he'd be a little mean in bed and honestly, we're totally fine with that. What do you guys think?

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David Beckham's Package Comes Under Scrutiny



And boy are we grateful. British tabloid The Daily Mail ran a story today questioning the size of David Beckham's (rather impressive) bulge. Beckham's latest campaign, this time for H&M, has him running about the streets of Beverly Hills in his underwear. By now, bulge padding is pretty standard fare for commercials, but who are we to complain?

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