Bon Voyeur: Cirque Du Fuck


Cirque Du Fuck! This hidden cam sex video has an interesting background story.

"Cirque du Soleil was in Santa Monica a few years ago and they were on their last night and one of the jumping / tumbling hot Euro Beautiful Men kept cruising me. After the show I went Back-tent and gave him my number. We had a good time. This was later that night. He was HUNG and DrEnChEd me. All that jumping around is good for mass volume I guess - he was very sweet."

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Porndora's Box: This Ass Needs A Dildo

Porndora's Box: This Ass Needs A Dildo

There are so many goodies on the brand new Sticky we are having a hard time (literally!) deciding what to show you. And then we came across a hungry asshole that needs feeding.

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Super Hot 10

What’s scorchin’ on QueerClick!



Watch this guy fling and flip and flop and swing his best friend around.



A Brand New Sticky!

Hey dearest citizens of Planet Unicorn! If you haven't already noticed, we have quietly soft-launched an all-new Sticky two weeks ago. It was all rather hush hush. 3000+ user registrations and rounds of stress-tests later, we're super excited to share with you that the gates to Sticky 4 are officially open! *pops confetti*


Wank Wank Revolution: The Million Dollar Spot

Guy cums just by rubbing on one spot!

Of all our years of running QC, this remains one of our favourite videos, simply because it's just so intense! If there's a million dollar g-spot, this guy has it right there.

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Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit.

Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit. Neil Gaiman. Everything Changes

Something's brewing.

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Clap Along This September

We're really excited about this! Can't wait to unveil it.

Porn Break: Chun-Li Is Jealous

Chun Li Is Jealous

This is soooo wicked.

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Harry Styles Gay Rumors: Dead Parrot Comedy Group Reenacts YouTube Comment War

The YouTube comments section can sometimes make you question humanity. Harry Style's sexuality have long been debated and diehard One Direction fans are not happy with the speculation. Watch this Oscar-worthy short film which has 'Sophie Danze' and 'Jilianlovesthebeibs' re-enacting a YouTube comments fued.

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Head Over To QueerClick's Sticky For Gay Fun!

Porn Break: Steve Grand's Not-Boyfriend, Doc Tay Tay Meets Him in Manhattan!

Steve Grand's Not-Boyfriend, Doc Tay Tay Meets Him in Manhattan!

I don't know about you, but probably one of the best musical highlights of the summer was confident, openly gay, talented and somewhat porny Steve Grand. I mean, the guy single-handedly made me rethink my stance on no country music* during my gym time. We love his latest, "Stay" and the music that turned us on to him (literally), All-American Boy, which featured GayHoopla's Doc Tay Tay (aka Fratmen's Taylor) in the video.

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Sticky 3.0 Is Here!

New Version Of Sticky Is Finally Here!

HEY GUYS!!! Thank you for your patience whilst we were putting the final nuts and bolts together. We have been hard at work for months on end to look into revamping Sticky cos ... can you believe it... it's been three years since the last redesign!?

Sticky is a hugely popular web-destination within the QC Network. Heck, we are the Gay Pinterest before Pinterest became Pinterest. Revamping a popular online property with a huge following is always a scary adventure because on the one hand you intently go "hey, let's TEAR everything down and SHRED things apart and start with a CLEAN SLATE!" but on the other hand, you're constantly thinking "but wait, I think we should keep THIS, and THAT, and oh, THIS TOO! What if our readers don't like it? How about we keep things the way they are."

But as with fried chicken and booze, and, dare we say porn - moderation is key. ;)

We have souped things quite a bit—now you can comment on each Sticky post, share them, love them, etc. We've also colour-coded different types of content (image, audio, video, quotes, linkouts, etc) for a more reader-friendly layout. This new design also sports a responsive layout so it should fluidly adjust to whatever device or browser you're running with.

In the past, Sticky had been a links repository of what we found interesting around Planet Unicorn, many of which were user-submitted. Readers love the simple format of an image, a brief description, and a linkout to the source. And site owners love the traffic we bring them. We're still keeping the core spirit of Sticky but this time, we'll be throwing in more native content, and venture into mid-length format posts. It'll still be punchy.

Remember we update round-the-clock, 24/7, 365 days. Sticky will always be fresh for your picking. We invite you to join us in making Sticky the best visual smorgasvisualboard that will provide endless amusement for posters and readers alike.

Stick around, have fun and lick a lollipop.

Sticky Hugs,
Editor D


P/S: Special sticky icky kisses to Marcelo Prosdoscimi, Leandro Ribeiro for producing such a fun promo video, and extra candies to the uber sexy Kaique Lopz who has so kindly taken on the role of being Sticky 3.0's official lollipopper. And finally to our very own ultra-talented Rick for corralling the creative team together. Thanks for everything, boys!

Porn Break: The New Craze in Masturbation Exercise!

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