Wayback Machine: 2008 Sex Scandal!

Sarawut Martthong Aon in 2010 April VOLUME Magazine.jpg
QC has helped our lovely readers cover many Asian celebrities scandal: from the explosive Edison Chen’s to the Filipino celebrity Dr. Hayden Kho and Japanese martial arts fighter, Sakurai “Mach” Hayato. But did you know that there’s someone who trumped them and had his naughty clips shared with the world in year 2008? Neither did we! So who is this forefather of self-recorded sex tape?
Sarawut Martthong Aon in 2009 Image Magazine.jpg
Sarawut Martthong (อ้น สราวุธ มาตรทอง) nickname “Aon” (no, not this Aon) is born on December 2nd 1976 and is of Thai/French ethnicity. He graduated from Faculty of Science and Technology (Computer Science), Phranakorn Rajabhat University and is/was an actor on Thailand’s Channel 3. He does quite a bit of modeling too. Seen above are features that he did for Thailand VOLUME magazine #120 in April 2010 (top) and a SM-style spread for Image magazine in late 2009 (bottom). And now we transit into a look that is closer to his appearance when the scandal happened.
Sarawut Martthong Aon in 2008.jpg
His scandal was structured awfully similar to other celebrities’:
1. Horny Aon decides to record his bareback (gasp!) conquests using his handphone.
2. Better still, the lady involved in the clip isn’t his girlfriend.
3. Boy loses handphone.
4. Shocked to see VCDs of his sex clips selling on the streets like hotcakes.
5. Holds press conference for a teary public apology.

In a tight collation of two VCD chapters, we see Aon in both the missionary position and reverse cowgirl position.
Sarawut Martthong Aon Fucks.jpg
Oh, it was also a showcase of how well Aon operates his camera phone. This man really knows how to self-direct his porn! And his hand was able to remain fairly steady even with all the thrusting and even when he was cumming! Job well done, Aon.
Sarawut Martthong Aon Fucks.jpg
Sarawut Martthong Aon Fucks.jpg
Want to watch the videos yourself? QC has that covered. So what do you think of his performance?Aon has buffed up and changed his look quite a bit since 2008 don’t you think?


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