StraightMenXXX: Game On! Part Two with Rave Hardick & Kai


Holy hell, we don’t want to spoil the finale in this hot video, but it’s truly a happy ending with a cum flood from both guys. With lube, toys and gloves, these two get hot and heavy; something about a fully cocked guy mounting another hottie larger than he. Kai loves the depth of Rave’s ability; his hole may be taking a bit to open, but the bottom is very willing. As they intertwine and change positions often, once Rave gets Kai’s hole to release it is a hard puckered pounding for both. Moaning, yeah, over and over, the bottom seems to appreciate the large delivery. With Rave’s cum still fresh on his face, Kai rolls over and mounts his partner to distribute his goods.


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25 Oct 16 By Laam 1 Comment