Sticky Giveaway No.27


Ahoy Sticky Nation! It’s time for another round of Sticky Giveaway. Our last Chinese Bodybuilder Sticky Giveaway No.25 was a roaring success. We’re elated to be bringing you yet another Chinese hottie. Fresh out in the woods, a jerk off video of one of the hot trainers from iFit Star celebrity personal trainer group made up of pretty boys in all shapes and sizes. If you like your boys leaner, more sinewy, less bulky, you’ll like Ah Shen cos we make your dreams cum true here on Sticky. Best 30 commenters will walk away with this giveaway. Details over at Sticky.

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Sticky Giveaway No.25


Dear Sticky Premium Family Members, we’re pleased to let you know that Sticky Giveaway No.25 is now available over at Scandals & Leaks Board. There are only 25 slots so make sure you head over to the post and leave your comments. Details over at Sticky. See yah and good luck!

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The Leak Of Exposed Argentine Football Players Continues! Gonzalo Piovi From Argentinos JRs, Matias Caruzzo From San Lorenzo AC And Mauro Cejas From Puebla FC – Cock Photos Revealed!


Like an early Christmas present or a fappening concerning South-American footballers, this leak seems to know no end in sight. In addition to the exposed cases we reviewed the other day, three new Argentine football players are now added to the list of professionals of the sport who are seeing their nude selfies going viral.

Matías Caruzzo, who is 31, currently signed to San Lorenzo AC and plays as a defender for the Almagro team got a nude selfie leaked via social media circles. The photo, which apparently was taken some years ago when he was slimmer, shows him completely nude head to toe revealing his curved uncut cock. By the picture frames that are hanged behind him, some are speculating that he took the photo while he was in the team’s facilities.

Next in line is Argentina-born, but naturalized Mexican citizen, Mauro Cejas who is currently playing for Mexican club Puebla FC. The 30yo player tried to dismiss rumors about his cock pic but his very singular and colorful tattoos proved that the nude photo were indeed his.

Finally it’s the youngest of this lineup, Gonzalo Piovi, who is 21, and plays in the legendary Argentinos JRs club (the same that saw Diego Maradona’s rise to fame.) Also a defender like his colleague Caruzzo, he’s probably the hugest among these three players and he shows his cock fully hard!

Make the jump to see the leaked photos of these three pro Argentine football players and let us know who’s your favorite in the comments!

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Sticky Giveaway No. 21


PSA: Dear Sticky Premium Members, Sticky Giveaway No.21 is now available for grabs. Hurry whilst slots last! Have fun and remember to pay attention to the instructions on the post.

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Sticky Giveaway No.20


Hello Sticky Nation! A quick PSA that Sticky Giveaway No.20 is fresh out of the Sticky Bakery of Digital Goodies and we know you’re gonna dig this one (pardon the buns puns).

In this giveaway, we’ve laid our sticky paws on a collection of sexy videos of this up and rising screen and stage actor… who is also a fitness model… who is also one heckavu great singer. Yep God is fair in that he also gave him a perfectly loveable face you’d love to eat your breakfast off, and a perfect body and booty you’d like to eat the rest of your meals off.

This Sticky Giveaway Contest is available to Sticky Premium Members. See you there!

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Usher Snapchatted The Tip Of His Cock To His Followers!


While doing a tour of his home during a Snapchat story Usher ended up showing more than he wished for! Like a self-made episode of Cribs he stopped by every room of his gorgeous house and then out of nowhere something bizarre happened. The “Yeah!” singer decided it was a good time to use the steam room and after removing all of his clothes and to prove how good of a sweat he was getting there he turned the camera to himself to take a selfie, sans clothes of course. To keep things PG Usher tried to censor his private parts before sending the photo but guess what… A “shocked” emoji wasn’t enough to cover all of his manhood and the tip of his cock was STILL visible in the picture! We’re still keeping our fingers crossed that someday we get to see an unobstructed view of this famous penis but in the meantime this is definitely a promising start, don’t you think? Make the jump to see more of Usher’s snapchatted cock and don’t forget to share your opinions in the comments!

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Josh Charnley, English Rugby Player, Leaked Nude Photo!


Meet Josh Charnley, a 24yo professional rugby player currently signed to Wigan Warriors. This English hottie had a similar experience to his friend and colleague George Burgess after a naked selfie (full hard cock and all) leaked online apparently by an ex-girlfriend. But this Chorley-born tough guy has said that what mostly bothered him was not the leak itself but the distraction caused by the media during the all-important rugby season. Since then, Josh got naked again but for a good cause as he posed, albeit with his cock in a sock, for a Testicular Cancer Awareness campaign which he did so at his farm – one of the places he loves the most because he might look like a tough guy on the field but he’s a total sweetheart off of it. And if you want proof of that, all you need to do is watch him playing with his animals and your heart will melt, especially when he’s with his beloved French bulldog “Hector”. Make the jump to see English rugby player Josh Charnley in all his naked glory and let us know what you think in the comments too!

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YouTube Vlogger Branden Sholtzy Leaked Jerk Off Video!


Have you ever dreamed of watching your favorite YouTube Vlogger having a hot jerk off session? Well if you have a crush with YouTuber Branden Sholtzy then your dream is about to become true! He’s a relatively newcomer with only two videos on his channel right now but he can be seen on some other channels collaborating with other popular vloggers. His good looks, charming smile and natural goofiness make a good eye-candy package.

Branden Sholtzy (also known as Branden Scholze) is your regular funny/hot guy on YouTube but he had an alter ego. As “Ryan Christie” he tried to make a few bucks on the side by selling hot porny videos on Twitter where he was active up until August 2015, first as @ryanchristie13 (account is still up but not updated) and more recently as @ryanchristie21 (the more active and recent account which has been deactivated). But his porn alter ego disappeared without a trace. Well, almost!

The leaked jerk off video, which you can see in full after the jump, is super hot. Branden jerks off with an unidentified dude and you can tell that his eyes were full of lust. You know how most leaked videos are usually short and not cumplete but in this instance, Branden cums. Hooray. And it doesn’t stop at one video. Some photos and a gif have surfaced which point to the existence of a sex tape (or two)! Based on our research, there are 2 videos – one 5 minutes and the other running at 7 minutes.

UPDATE 2016-01-14: Branden Sholtzy has politely asked for the images and video to be removed and out of respect for him we have complied. According to him, the Twitter account we mentioned and later disappeared was from someone who tried to blackmail him after stealing the videos from his phone.

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Sticky Giveaway No. 9 – Brazilian Gymnast Champ JO Video


Dear Sticky Premium Family Members! Happy New Year to you! To usher in 2016, we’re doing a special edition of Sticky Giveaway.

This week, we have an UBER HAWT gymnast which no words can do justice. We’ll let the pictures do the talking. He’s so painfully beautiful to look at it actually hurts. Thankfully there’s a way to marvel more of his hotness and actually get underneathe all those hot tight gym apparel. He’s got one gorrrrgeous cock to match that pretty face and hot bod.

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Alleged New Photos Of Justin Bieber’s HARD Cock Have Surfaced Online!


Here we go again! Has the Canadian singer been caught again, in a new controversy and with his private parts at center stage? After the infamous trip to Bora Bora where the paparazzis captured him naked outside the shack where he was staying Justin Bieber went on TV and swore that he had learned a lesson. Perhaps old habits die hard? A new set of photos has surfaced online and allegedly we’re now in the presence of Justin Bieber’s erected cock. One of the photos is captioned simply “Shower Time” but the other one reads “LET ME CUM INSIDE YOU!” over his swollen member. Yes, all caps and with an imperative tone – because when you’re horny as him you don’t ask politely, you demand it!

Last time, many were surprised by the size of his manhood in the wild and now we have the alleged photo evidence on how his dick looks when the singer is completely horny. We are saying “alleged” because there are doubts around this leak, and although initially the tattoos seemed to match, we’re not entirely sure that Photoshop work isn’t involved either. Make the jump to see his hard cock and decide for yourself if it’s real. And let us know your thoughts in the comments, yay or nay?

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Phil Sullivan, From ANTM Cycle 20, Cock Pic Leaked!

Phil Sullivan, From ANTM Cycle 20, Cock Pic Leaked!

Seems like someone wants to steal the spotlight from Dustin McNeer’s cock and it’s another former America’s Next Top Model contestant! Phil Sullivan doesn’t leave any of the boxes on the list for “Lumbersexuality” unchecked. And yes, as the leaked photo of his cut cock proves, that means he has a full bush down there. We know the whole Castaway look is not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s interesting to see his evolution from his days sans beard. One thing for sure, you’re going to love that curved fat piece of man-meat between his legs! Is Phil Sullivan’s hipster-chic cock enough for you? Make the jump to see for yourself and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section!

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Dustin McNeer, From ANTM, Cock Exposed! – He Also Shares A Webcam Session With Jason Summerfield In Their Undies!!!


Blue-eyed blond male model Dustin McNeer has been one of the breakout contestants on the 22nd cycle of ANTM. He had a bromance of sorts with another favorite, the dreamy deaf model Nyle DiMarco. But outside of the televisions sets, Dustin is a very naughty boy. Rumors about a cockpic and nude photos from him have been floating around for some time and now we are glad to not only confirm that the photo is real but it’s also here!!! And in addition to that there’s a webcam show he did with his buddy Jason Summerfield. The excuse they used was to Q & A with their fans but they soon forgot about the questions and ended up in their undies posing, flexing and reaching for their penises inside their growing bulges. QC readers what do you think about Dustin McNeer’s cock? What do you make from the video with Jason Summerfield, is it pure gaybaiting or is there something more between these two? Make the jump for a huge set of photos and to watch the lengthy video. Don’t forget to share your opinions in the comments!

[UPDATE 15-12-10] There’s new video evidence of Dustin’s cock!!! Although in the recent video that has surfaced there’s a blur (not added by us) you still can tell it is indeed him. Make the jump to see for yourself, we really want to know what QC readers think about this new piece of the puzzle!

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Sticky Giveaway No.3


Sticky Nation! Are you ready for our third Sticky Giveaway? The goods just keep cumming, don’t they? Well, we’re committed to keeping you guys happy and sticky because life is short and time is precious and we only want the hottest curated contents for you guys. Stuff that we would want in our porn stash ourselves.

Anyhoooo, up this week we have an aspiring fitness model from Leicester, United Kingdom… where the blokes have miles of intact foreskin. He’s been training hard for 4 years and works out 6 times a week, making sure he hits the same muscle group twice weekly. We have an image set + not one, but TWO videos of him jacking off (to cumpletion).

This contest is only open to Sticky Premium Members. Winners will be announced in the comments section and notified via the inbox with further instructions to claim your prize.

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Professional Boxer Yusaf “Mack Attack” Mack Porn Past Unearthed! Claims He Was Drugged, Does Not Remember Having Sex With Two Men

Professional Boxer Yusaf “Mack Attack” Mack Porn Past Unearthed! Claims He Was Drugged, Does Not Remember Having Sex With Two Men

Oh boy, this story has so many twist and turns that we don’t know where to begin! The life of professional boxer, and Philadelphia native, Yusaf Mack also known as “Mack Attack” in the ring has been rocked when his porn past was revealed. Initially he tried to denied it but when confronted with the evidence he changed the story, more on that later, and this was not just some generic solo scene or jack-off video, he went really hardcore! Thanks to our QC labs investigation we can confirm that there’s no doubt that the man having sex with two other men is indeed him!

“The only time I touch a man is when I’m in the ring fighting.” Yusaf Mack

Yusaf, or “Phily” as he’s referred on the sex tape engage in multiple acts during the threesome. He kisses the other men, sucks dick, tops and bottoms before one of the other actors cums on his abs while he smiles for the camera. But perhaps, the most surprising part of this whole mess is his explanation. Mack, who has fathered 10 children, insists that he’s straight and although he recognized that he was paid 4500 dollars last December to participate in a porn film he says that at the time of the production he was drugged and has no memory of any part of the filming and that he just “woke up on a train with $4,500 cash” in his pocket. The memory loss according to Yusaf starts when he was offered a pill and a shot of vodka, that he accepted, in a Bronx apartment and that there were naked women walking around so he believed that sex in the porn film would be heterosexual. QC reader, do you believe Mack’s explanation? Make the jump to see the full set of sex images where Yusaf had sex with two men and tell us what you think in the comments!

UPDATE: 2015-10-29: We have video evidence! You can now see for yourself and decide if Yusaf Mack was telling the truth about being drugged during the filming of the gay porn movie!

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