Ethan and Casey at

lick lick tickle tickle
This set has a little of everything — licking, tickling and worship. Ethan is a huge fan of feet and he’s always wanted to see Casey’s, so when he gets the chance, takes complete advantage of the situation. Ethan starts off with some intense foot worship, Casey can’t believe hot great a guys tongue feels between his toes. But the devilish Ethan knows Casey’s feet are very ticklish and can resist putting a bearhug around his ankles and tickling Casey’s soles. Check out the great shots of Casey laughing as Ethan tickles him to death. This set will become an instant classic.

31 Jul 07 By Dave 14 Comments – Headband - Headband
I was organising my porn stash on my newly acquired Terabyte harddisk (this is my second actually, and yes, I’ve got that much) and was randomly playing some of the files I’ve labelled “hot”.
And then I came across this oldie but hottie video which is classic Str8Cam and reminded me how much I used to get off watching Jeff on lonely nights. He was always there, on scheduled cam chats, flexing, talking, showing us whatever bits we demanded. Always a good sport, friendly, just like an old friend. Only he gets you off and together with you.

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Jian Guo Student


It’s interesting to see how the young Asian boys from largely conservative societies are so much more comfortable with expressing themselves sexually these days. It would be impossible to come across shots like these 10 years ago.
More over at Qi Ji, QC Chinese.

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Michael Lucas Releases “The Intern” Trailer

Going on coffee runs, copying documents, answering phones, typing emails… and stocking up on lube? When you’re an intern at a gay adult entertainment company, it’s all in a day’s work. Lucas Entertainment exclusive Ben Andrews stars in the sex comedy “The Intern,” where Botox-injecting bosses (Michael Lucas), sassy assistants (new Lucas exclusive Christian Cruz), and beefy delivery men (Matt Cole) abound. “Ugly” Benny maneuvers his way through the wacky, sexy offices of Trojan Studios, but his co-workers soon discover he may have a “bigger” talent in his pants. Also starring Lucas exclusives Jonathan Vargas and Ray Star, Derrick Hanson, Jason Ridge, Jimmy, and Zack Randall. Written and Directed by Tony Dimarco.
Of course, as soon as we get our hands on a copy, we’ll review it here for you.

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Jon Janes: Another Gay-For-Pay Amateur Does Reality TV

Jon Janes: Another Gay For Pay Amateur Does Reality TV
There’s a thin line between being a porn amateur and reality television “star.” You may have seen Jon Janes on such sites at Straight Hell, Blake Mason, UK Naked Men, Men At Play and English Lads. Jon attempted to cross over that line last night on the premiere of MTV UK’s reality television show, “Totally Jodie Marsh: Who’ll Take Her Up The Aisle?”
For those of you not in the UK, Jodie Marsh is a sluttier version of Paris Hilton — a softcore actress who has dated some of UK’s biggest party boys. She’s ready to settle down and meet the man of her dreams and where better to find a husband than on reality TV? So Jodie sets off across UK to seek love.
Her first “date” is with our friend Jon James, who takes her horseback riding. How romantic! Will Jodie and Jon hit it off? If they do, she’ll have to contend with Jon’s current girlfriend! — another buxom blond model named Ani James who was shocked that Jon would leave her side. Dear Ani, you don’t have a television show. Did you expect Jon to keep you around?
We have a feeling Jon’s reality television career will be over quicker than it began. Thankfully he’ll have more time to do more porn work. In any case, we’ll take this opportunity to give you a retrospective of Jon Janes’ complete body of work. After the jump, see more of Jon as a model and, what else!, as a boy band member.
(Thanks reader Marion for the tip)

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An Exclusive Sneak Peak:

coming soon to activeduty
Dink told us:
“Aside from the five hardcore scenes I’ve shot with Kaden and others, I’ve been extra busy shooting lots of other stuff, too. Kasey has also returned to the Active Duty fold and is now doing hardcore scenes for us as well. You’ll remember Kasey from Hung Heroes as well as his Active Duty LIVE shows. I’ve teamed him up with Kaden, Damien, Adam, Elijah and the twins so far and we’ll be releasing those soon, too. We’ve thrown together a collage of images for you today to give you an idea of what’s coming soon. I know you’re going to enjoy each one of these DVDs as they bring with them some very hot men and some very hot sex. Kaden and Kasey have both just signed 3 year exclusive contracts with Active Duty and we’ll be seeing much, much more of them.”

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