IAOOC- Athledick

IAOOC- Athledick
It’s late and you want cock for a midnight snack. But most of the guys have logged off for the night and the guys still searching are a bunch of trolls. You’re about to sign out and call it a night, until you see Athledick. He’s got a ripped little body and is just teasing you with his tight t-shirt and briefs. He says hello and asks what you’re doing. You’re intrigued, but you’d like to get a peek at his private pics. Of course, he’s happy to oblige.
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31 May 10 By paperbagwriter 5 Comments

Spunkworthy: Buddy

spunkworthy buddy
Buddy is a 22y/o straight guy who joined the military and made his way out to San Diego. He’s a bit of a party animal and has a wild streak that even makes his friends scratch their heads. Two of his Marine friends dropped him off for the shoot so SW asked if they knew what he was coming over for. He laughed.
“Oh yeah, I told all my friends about this. They think I’m a little crazy, but I have no shame.”
He seems like the kind of guy who sets out to try everything once. Even if it’s just to have a good story for later. He’s collected quite few of them, too, and now can add jacking off on camera to that list!

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Cocksure Men: Leo Giamani and Parker London

Leo and Parker at Cocksure Men
Superstar Leo Giamani, with one of the biggest cocks in the industry, has the pleasure of pummeling rising star Parker London’s sweet hole. Before the fucking begins, both guys make sure to spend plenty of time tasting each others meaty members. Parker is still hungry so he buries his tongue deep inside Leo’s ass. This gets Leo raging hard and ready to fuck Parker’s bubble butt. Parker seems a little worried at first getting that tree trunk shoved up his behind, but he’s loving it in no time. After doggie-style, Parker jumps on top and rides the hell out of Leo’s horse-cock. Parker squirts his load with Leo’s monster still in him. Leo pulls out and cums all over Parker’s cock and abs.

31 May 10 By redmonkey 4 Comments

Dirty Tony: Will and Mark

Dirty Tony: Will and Mark
Animal magnetism is the word of the day. Tony has two sex-charged twenty-something horny boys that are ready to go. Will is a long lanky twink who is cool as a cucumber and smooth as they come and Mark, a beach bunny with broad shoulders, a deep tan, great abs, and nice hairy hole. These guys find plenty to talk about when parked next to each-other, and hit it off so well, they went out for a beer later that day. Will is more than happy with today’s match up. Who could complain about a hot, built surfer who loves having his ass licked?

31 May 10 By ryu 1 Comment

Brent Corrigan And Matthew Rush Commit Statutory Rape In New Safe Sex PSA

Fleshjack’s new posterboy Brent Corrigan and Matthew Rush have both shown their hard cocks in DC FUK!T’s ads before. And now they’re appearing in the same ad and breaking sodomy and statutory rape laws in the process; but they’re both cute, so shut up.
Coach Rush wants to teach young Corrigan a hard lesson in safe sex, but Corrigan already knows his stuff. Yet when it comes to putting that knowledge in action, the camera cuts away! What the—? We know the 1950s were way uptight, but what cock teases! Oh well, we still get a nice look at Corrigan’s delicious cock and Rush’s tight fuckable ass.
Plus, we also learned a few things along the way: 1) We should have failed a sex ed test to get our high school coach to show us his ass. 2) We gotta stop fucking with motor oil. 3) We uncut boys should pull back our foreskins before putting on condoms.
Wait a second…has anyone else heard of this rule? We’ve never done that and we’ve always gotten our nut off safely. Have we been playing an unwitting game of anal Russian Roulette? Anyone in the know please school us; we’ll show you our asses in return.

31 May 10 By paperbagwriter 5 Comments

Active Duty: Cabo

active duty cabo
Cabo is 21-years old, stands 6′ tall and weighs around 150 lbs. He likes to ski, play guitar and sing. He’s on his way out of the Marines but says he might switch branches. Cabo has the most gorgeous green eyes and pretty smile. His sense of humor is priceless and he doesn’t miss a trick. Dink gave him a hard time and he’s a damn good sport about it. Thay had a lot of laughs before Cabo stripped out of his clothes and showed us what he’s sportin’. One thing very noticeable about this Marine is his awesome tats — so colorful and vivid!

31 May 10 By Dave 4 Comments

Circle Jerk Boys: Evan Tanner and Ayden Anderson

circle jerk boys ayden anderson evan tanner
Evan is listening to his music when Ayden comes in with a change of plans. He starts rubbing his crotch as his mind lands in the gutter. Oh Goody! He bends over and kisses Evan as they begin to make out. They kiss passionately as they strip off their clothes. Once down to their briefs, Ayden lies back and watches as Evan goes to work on his thick cock. Evan swallows his thick dick to the hilt. Once he’s had his fill he sits back and starts to rub his own growing cock. Ayden takes the hint as he goes to work on Evan’s thick cock. Ayden swirls his tongue around Evan’s shaft as Evan moans. He then turns Evan around and puts that tongue to use getting that smooth ass ready for the fucking he intends to give it. Once that ass is spit lubed and ready to plunder; Ayden moves into position. Ayden slides that thick 8″ cock in without a problem as Evan’s hungry hole takes it deep.

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Southern Strokes: Leon and Alexander Fuck

southern strokes leon alexander
Alexander and Leon are boyfriends and they never turn down an audience so they decided that they would put on a show for us. We can only imagine the sessions these two must have all the time. They are obviously into each other and they both love to please. Alexander is tall and slender with a straight hard cock and he loves to be nasty. He ate ass like a champ and drilled as deep as any top you would see. Leon is a perfect match because he loves getting fucked and especially loves getting fucked by Alexander. Leon is smaller with a slender build and one of the most amazing soft asses that you have seen.

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Real Guys Exposed: Gianni Luca and Spencer Drake Fuck

real guys exposed gianni luca spencer drake
Things get hot and heavy under the Palm Springs sun when these two hot studs start getting intimate! They waste no time getting naked and get comfortable with an extended make out session. They explore every inch of their bodies as things start to heat up! The scene goes deeper with when the sucking, rimming, and hardcore fucking begin. Spencer should have worn goggles for this one! Watch these guys go at it and YOU might work up a real sweat!

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