Mormon Boyz: Elder Taylor

mormon boyz elder taylor
Like a lot of Mormon missionaries MB talks to, Elder Taylor wanted to do something on the site without showing his face. MB generally doesn’t go for it, but Elder Taylor is just so dang sexy even in a mask!
MB asked him why he’d be willing to come meet up but not show his face.
“You have to look and act a part. That’s part of serving an honorable Mormon mission. Most missionaries don’t actually fit that part-well, most Mormons, I guess. But as long as you don’t let people know what’s going on upstairs, you’re fine.”

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The Hottest Wettest Maxipad Commercials You’ve Ever Seen (Kinda)

This is Brad. He’s handsome, cultured, and prepared to make you cream your panties with rosemary sunflower risotto, two complimentary copies of his new cookbook, and saying “fiddlesticks” as he removes his shirt to reveal his beautifully sculpted body underneath. It’s the sort of evening that really gives us a lesbian boner… that is, until he takes us out back to compare the thickness of maxipads. Then the date really goes downhill. If you wanna get to third base, you’re running into the outfield, Brad. Now shut the hell up and eat our manbox.

Oh well. Maybe we will do better with Ryan. He’s a smug, self-satisfied prick who makes toys for underprivileged orphans (like we give a fuck). Luckily, Mr. Perfect is a crappy actor who rips his stupid shirt off to let you eye-rape his perfect torso before uttering those immortal words of passion, “Don’t you just hate moisture?” And then… OH NO!!! He’s set up a fucking science project about how well different sanitary napkins absorb a woman’s monthly spaghetti jamboree. “It’s not fair that you should have to experience this every month.” And it’s not fair that we should have to experience him talking instead of moaning on all fours like a dumb cockslut. Moving on…

Then there’s Trevor. Trevor loves vacuuming and keeping up his eight hundred medical degrees so his mom can ooze all over what a brainiac he is. Luckily he knows that tidiness and smarts mean nothing compared to getting naked. So just as he reveals that he’s not wearing underwear and sits down at the piano to fuck your brains out, he starts talking about tampons again! Jesus, what is it with these guys? Is it that we keep going after bisexuals or that really sensitive men just hate vaginal moisture so much that they can’t go one minute in a date without talking about how much it disgusts them?
What we love though is that these three men are obviously cruising the women’s college looking for vulnerable women, luring them back to their place with promises of music, laundry, and candlelit dinners… showing some skin and then pulling the ol’ bait-and-switch to sell you tampons. It’s kinda like when we followed that cute guy home from the club only to end up with a 26-piece tupperware set. Yes, we would have preferred sex, but those sealable lids really do a good job of keeping out moisture. Love: zero, capitalism: one.
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Active Duty: Dane and Dorian

active duty dorian dane
You can tell Dane is hungry for Dorian just by how he’s sucking that nice cock. Things switch up quickly and Dorian is returning the favor. Things have gotten off to a really hot start with these two and Joe is just along for the ride. Dorian is quite the accomplished cocksucker and he’s giving Dane’s cock a really good workout as he licks it and really gets into it, playing with Dane’s balls and worshipping his cock all at the same time. Dorian is stroking his dick to the same beat he’s sucking Dane’s and the testosterone levels are about to explode. These two hunky slabs of beef were the perfect match for one another.

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Katy Perry Wants To See Your Peacock

If you like twinks and pop (sounds like a middle school snack), you’ll love seeing these arty boys doing a undie-clad rendition to Katy Perry’s Peacock. In it, she repeatedly asks to see your peacock (which means your tiny penis and the flamboyant glamour bird living in your soul). These boys don’t whip out their dongs, but we’re crushing on a few of them and the video’s pretty poppin’. No really! It’s the best piece of queer video art we’ve seen all week—and it’s only Tuesday.

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You Wear Nice Underwear… But Are They Bulletproof?

Leave it to the Brits to worry about someone shooting their secret agents in the dong. Now James Bond’s martini olives will be safe as Her Majesty’s family jewels because they’ll be encased in the most unattractive pair of boxer briefs you’ve ever seen—bulletproof boxer briefs! The audio on the video’s kinda bad, but we would have preferred to see them tested while someone was wearing them. “Pip, pip. Cheerio. Take a bullet to the bits, Reginald. That’s a lad.”

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Men Over 30: Adam Rogue

Adam Rogue at Men Over 30
Making his debut on Men Over 30, Adam Rogue is 38 years old and originally from Chicago. Adam is relatively new to the adult industry but relishes this new outlet to so one of his favorite things—show off! His chest and abs are covered in fur and if you like your men big, muscular and hairy then Adam’s the rogue for you. He turns around and flexes his back. His hairy ass is as furry as the rest of him. Adam pulls his cheeks apart, showing off that hungry ass of his. He then licks his finger as he goes in for more. He slowly fingers that manhole groaning all the while. Adam then decides it’s time to give his cock the attention it deserves. He sits back and starts to jerk off. His moans and groans quicken in time with his stroking. Adam won’t be able to keep from coming for much longer so he picks up the pace.

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Extra Big Dicks: Alex Mercedes & Steven Ponce

Alex Mercedes & Steven Ponce at Extra Big Dicks
“Fire in the Hole!” at Extra Big Dicks! Alex pulls Steven’s jeans down giving his tongue even more canvas to explore. He teases him some before standing up and dropping his own pants. Steven takes top bunk so he can continue milking that thick dick while Alex gets his tongue deep inside Steven. He then gets Steven on his back before sliding that cock inside. He wastes no time before fucking that ass deep. “Aww, fuck that ass!” Steven begs as he gets that tight ass stretched. Steven can’t hold back any longer as Alex fucks one of the biggest loads out we’ve ever seen cum out of Steven.

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