QCA Music: 'Gay Pimp Daddy' Johnny McGovern & Trans-Star Calpernia Addams Like Big Dicks

Who likes big dicks? We like big dicks! And so do Johnny McGovern and Calpernia Addams. Johnny seems to release a new video every holiday season—last year it was Bossy Bottom and the year before that it was Dirty Gay Christmas. This time around because you've been such a bad boy, the Gay Pimp Daddy is delivering an extra big package down your chimney. And we gotta say it has got our eyes bulging out of our skulls. How we LOVE muscular twinks with big dicks. You hear that Zach Alexander and Kurt Wild? WE LOVE YOU!!!! Oh and you too, Calpernia!

Photographer Joe Oppedisano Dishes Hate on Michael Lucas

Joe Oppedisano

Looks like Kurt Wild isn't the only one sick of porn impresario Michael Lucas. Add Lucas Entertainment photographer, Joe Oppendisano to the haters' bandwagon as he recently wrote a blog entry against the "vampire lesbian of sodom, Michelle Lucas."

In his dish of dirt on Michael Lucas (which Oppedisano swears is 100% true), Oppendisano says the following:

1) Ms. Lucas wears artificial ass pads beneath his jeans to give his behind a more comely shape,

2) Lucas has 3 hours of makeup done before any photoshoot, including having his abs painted on (that explains his Derek Zoolander face),

3) for his latest porn shoot, Lucas had to be shot with his clothes on because he still had all of the staples, scars, and bruises from his latest liposuction and ass lift.

Ooo, gurl! Best get out the press-on nails and pull off that weave cause it sounds like a slap-down drag-out cat fight between the prince and his photog! Tsk, tsk! Such cattiness. We wondered why Oppedisano decided to get all up and nasty about Lucas. And then we read his fourth complaint and it all became clear. Apparently, Michael Lucas allowed some stranger from off the street pay to watch Joe's boyfriend fuck around with Rafael Alencar on a closed porn set. Here's the dirt:

when i walked in, w/my babyboy chris, to set up (i hired chris to assist me), mr pam loved him and asked him to be in a scene.

chris asked my permission, as a good boy does, and i said of course, the scene was w/my old girlfriend rafael alencar, who, is basically a lesbian, so i said go for it. i told mr pam flat out that he could do it, just not in a scene w/michael, as the thought of michael having sex w/my bf would damage me mentally for life..(it would like seeing ur grandmother molest a baby).

so, chris does the scene, i shoot all of my still footage, and all day, there's a creepy guy sitting in the corner watching as i photograph chris, raphael, and the sex scene. when i was not working, to let chris feel comfortable, i stayed in michaels office, on the computer.
at the end of the day, chris comes running in to get me, and i hear rafael saying something about doing one more shot w/him pissing on chris, and chris was like, lets get the fuck outta here..
the guy in the corner gets escorted out in front of chris, and i ask mr. pam who he is, and pam says he won a contest to watch the film being shot.
porn is shot on closed sets.
i left the room when the sex was being shot.
it is unethical, and not cool, and also, a violation of the actors rights.
and BTW, it's not a circus act, its filming a porn!

so the next day, i walked in, and told them, this is not how its done.
Michael, being the idiot he is, blurts out that, in fact, the guy WON the contest, yet, PAID to watch the scene.
do u smell shit here too?

so, in fact, Michael Lucas took money to have a pervert from off the street watch my bf get fucked.
not cool, so i demanded they pay him as a hooker, if they are having him perform live sex shows for clients.

of course, he called Richard, his "bf" (sugardaddy) in the room, who is fatter and even more gross than michael in person (so they make a perfect couple)...now, richard a hundred years ago in Israel was a lawyer..
now she's a scam artist side by side w/the vampire lesbian of sodom, michelle lucas.

so, of course, they fought me, but in the end....richard came back, with cash in hand, and paid Chris, by the hour, for the 10 hours of filming...

And just in case you didn't get how much Oppedisano dislikes Lucas, he added this friendly bon mot at the end of his post:

so, for all of u aspiring porn stars, BEWARE OF MICHAEL LUCAS! he is a scumbag piece of shit.

Hee-hee! We love a good porn fight. Remember when Lucas and Corrigan got into a blogging melee? That was awesome. Now if only these guys would fight it out naked on camera instead of behind the safety of their blogs... that'd be a hit.

Super Hot 10

What’s scorchin’ on QueerClick!

Kurt Wild Goes After Michael Lucas... Mostly Because Kurt's Drunk

In high dudgeon and Jackie O glasses, pass-around party bottom Kurt Wild decided to get wasted on camera and call out Michael Lucas for his outburst against Brent Corrigan at the last GayVN awards. And while we're always pleased to see the big-dicked fuckpup, we're wondering why he decided to get all pissed about this just now; after all, it happened almost a year ago (Maybe he missed our awesome coverage of the whole ordeal).

Nonetheless, if you like sass, then you'll love Kurt's tirade. It includes him non-stop swearing and using the word "bitchfit", smoking and drinking all classy-like, a shot of his daughter, and his wife threatening to sodomize him with a beer can—fun! We know you're busy (masturbating) men and may not have time to watch Kurt's entire 9-minute 51-second video, so we've pulled out the best parts for your post-coital pleasure:

0:55 - He kisses his daughter and wipes his mouth clean moments after (probably because he wasn't paid to kiss her on camera. That usually costs at least twenty dollars, you little freeloader).

1:40 - He paraphrases Lucas' comment from the GayVN that Brent Corrigan's underage acting in porn jeopardized the entire porn industry and then refutes that claim, by eloquently stating, "You know what really puts our in jeopardy, Michael? What really puts us in jeopardy is your out of country, out of mind, RETARDED BULLSHIT!"

Kurt continues by saying, "We're at war with a country that you go over and find models to FUCK! For what? The same thing that George Bush finds over there? Oil? YOU FIND PORN STARS, you're even worse than George W. Bush, Michael Lucas! You know you are!"

We're assuming that Kurt means that we're at war with Israel, which we're not really. Also, we wouldn't compare Michael Lucas to ex-President Bush, although Lucas will probably savour the comparison (seeing as their foreign policy views are so similar). But errors aside, Kurt's a drunken porn star, not a geo-political science major, so we'll let 'em slide.

4:45 - He turns to his offscreen wife and says, "Hand me a beer... now. My beer lady... hand me my beer, my cheap two dollar six-pack of beer after giving you five-hundred dollars. Yaahaa!" She then says, "Your beer lady? I'm gonna jam it up your ass." Kurt's positively delighted at the prospect. No wonder they get along so well.

5:50 - Kurt gets all huffy at Michael Lucas for not talking to him. According to Wild, Lucas asked Wild to be in his Fire Island film, but Kurt couldn't do it because he had a shoot "for at least as much if not more" money with College Dudes 24/7. Kurt then says he accepted an $800 paycut for doing the scene with CD247, "because I like 'em." Might be time to get a business manager, sweetums.

6:50 - He almost lights the wrong end of his cigarette... classy!

7:30 - He asks Lucas, "You think your champagne's better than my Natty Light? I don't give a fuck. I have just as much ab, if not more. Just as much cock, if not more. Just as much director talent. I'm actually writing a movie right now, and I keep it in a little bitty box. Right here. Wanna read it? Read some parts of it? Get some fucking action? Wanna read how the camera starts? Wanna read how—who talks to who? You wanna read how all that stuff goes? Cause fuck you."

OK, that settles it... we want a fuck-off between these two. They get to go at each other and direct their camera men while comparing their dicks and abs. The finished video that makes us cum the hardest wins.

It's been a rough couple of years for Kurt. First Subway fired him, then he took part in the failed resurrection of Angel Slut Garden, and then he was fucked by a subway train. He hasn't even updated his blog since July 2009. Hmmm... But luckily, he just did a an Extra Big Dicks scene (ch-ching!), so maybe we'll be seeing more of his sexy ass soon.

At 9:30 in the video, he removes his shades and smiles. Is it wrong how badly we want Kurt to fuck us? So what if he's a married father of four? That just makes him a DILF and we'd gladly let him shove his Natty Light can up our ass any day. Call us, Kurt...

Thanks to Gay Sex Blog for the transcription.

Extra Big Dicks: Christian Wilde & Kurt Wild

Christian Wilde & Kurt Wild at Extra Big Dicks

It's massive dicks gone Wild on Extra Big Dicks—two hung stunners with piercing baby blues and thick 8" plus man sized poles, Christian Wilde and Kurt Wild, battle to the finish to see who cums out on top. Kurt takes his time as he tries to pleasure every thick inch Christian has to offer. He knows he'll need more than his mouth soon enough. Kurt squats down as his small ass slowly takes Christian's cock and balls deep. "Fuck that ass is so good around my big dick" Christian groans as Kurt rides him hard. "Grab my hair and fuck me!" grunts Kurt as Christian happily obliges pounding him harder. Christian's cock starts hitting all the right spots and soon Kurt's moaning he's gonna cum as he gets the cum fucked out of him. Christian isn't far behind as he pulls out and unleashes a massive load.

Daddy Mugs: Daddy and Kurt In The Gym

daddy mugs kurt wild gym

Daddy was in the gym working out and just as he was about done, Kurt comes in and asks for him to give him a "workout". He would be nuts to turn that offer down. The sex was hot as hell cause other than sucking each other and Daddy fucking his asshole with his fat daddy cock. Daddy Mugs spanked his ass red and he spit in Daddy's mouth.

Circle Jerk Boys: Kurt Wild and Clark Chase

circle jerk boys kurt wild clark chase

Oh so sexy, and oh so very married with children, Kurt Wild may have told his story on the Tyra Banks Show, but it's his scene today with tall and brooding Clark Chase on Circle Jerk Boys today that is the really money. It starts as Kurt pulls off Clark's tee as he draws him closer. They kiss as Kurt nudges Clark back onto the couch. It isn't long before Kurt has a mouthful as he sucks on Clark's growing cock. His hands run up to feel Clark's pecs and abs, then head south to strip Clark's jeans off him completely. He shoves his cock in Kurt's mouth as Kurt begins to finger his sweet hairy ass. "You gonna fuck me?' Kurt taunts 'you gonna make that big cock throb in my pink ass?", Kurt moans.

Daddy Mugs: Kurt Wild - Flip Flop Fun

daddy mugs kurt wild flip flops

Kurt Wild, bare feet, and flip flops...YUMMY. We love all 3. We're suckers for a young guy in flip flops especially if it's Kurt showing his hot feet. Daddy Mugs told him in this scene to just relax and show everyone what kind of fun you can have with feet and flip flops. We loved watching Kurt grind his cock in his flip flop and then shoot a nice load of cum in them and then put his foot in it. HOT.

Daddy Mugs: Kurt Wild's Foot Fetish

daddy mugs kurt wild foot

Kurt had told Daddy he had never done a foot fetish scene in his career and was up for it. In his scene, Daddy let him do whatever he wanted. He put on black calf socks and some ankle socks. After the socks come off, he plays with his feet rubbing them and all. But in typical Kurt fashion, he can't even do a dam foot scene without something going in and out of his asshole.LOL....He asked Daddy for a dildo so he got him one and he proceeded to feed it up his asshole, guided in by his feet.

Daddy Mugs: Kurt Wild

daddy mugs kurt wild

Kurt really enjoys being in front of the camera and it shows. Daddy Mugs took him out to the farm and let him do his solo in an outdoor setting. Though the farm is very secluded, you can still see the cars passing in the background and we think that turned him on even more. The boy is hung. He stokes that big cock of his and plays with his hot asshole by spitting on his fingers and fingering his hole. While sitting on the tractor, he plays with himself more and shoots a nice load all over his stomach.

Badpuppy: Kurt Wild

badpuppy kurt wild

Kurt! What could we possibly say that hasn't already been said? It's great to see our little boo again, we have a real soft spot in our hearts and a hard on in our Aussiebums for Kurt. Yeah it's good to see that impish smile and oh so inviting ass again!

Don't forget to visit Kurt's Fan Page.

College Dudes 24/7: Tim Vander & Kurt Wild (Outtakes)

College Dudes 24/7: Tim Vander & Kurt Wild (Outtakes)

College Dudes 247 occasionally posts outtakes from their updates. Tim Vander and Kurt Wild performed in one of our favorite CD247 videos, so we were excited to see this set of photos. The picture in the shower of Kurt looking at the size of Tim's cock is priceless.

Also see the original post, "College Dudes 247: Tim Vander Fucks Kurt Wild".

The End For Kurt Wild And AngelSlutGarden.Com

Kurt Wild Drops Plans For AngelSlutGarden.Com

You may remember when QueerClick delivered exclusive news straight from awesomely yummy Kurt Wild's mouth regarding his teaming up with Brad Star and Angel Skye to model and direct for AngelSlutGarden.com. Well, it seems that Kurt's had a change of heart as evidenced by a post he recently made to his Yahoo Fan Group:

I am saddened to inform everyone that I am parted from ASG Entertainment as of today and will not be attending their hosted tours. Many of my fans are probably going to be very bothered and upset by my decision as an individual but that is a risk that I must take and I am sorry if anyone gets hurt over this situation. Many will blog and talk badly about me trying to call me names and gossip that I am not dependable. But that is not the case for my work and fan connection. I'll probably never be hired for a club event in a few states and I am saddened by having to make this decision. However, the decision at hand is for the best of my company and for all of you as my fans. That is the basis of my decision. I am always available to sign photos and items, and I am currently doing all that I can to work more and entertain my beloved fans. Today I could find nothing more to do than be upset with myself and work on my blog. Thanks for reading.
I will soon be adding all of my work histroy including many free clips of my own as of now. Tomorrow will be my kickoff to true adult blogging and creation of my site. I will explain everything in more detail in a few days. I am no longer working with Angel and Brad the Angel Slut Garden for my own reasons and for the best of everyone I care about including all of you. I still support them and wish them the best, with al of my heart. The decision is for the best and I ask all of you to trust me in what I do from this point on. I trust in you.

In our brief talks with Angel Skye from AngelSlutGarden, it sounds as if he and his boy Brad have been constantly besieged by drama and, shall we say, "organizational difficulties." We'll be sure to ask Kurt what caused his change of heart, but he's a family man with a lot of professional ambition, so maybe he, Brad, and Angel weren't a match made in Eden after all.

Jake Cruise: Kurt Wild and Jake Cruise

Kurt Wild

We enjoyed the interview with Kurt Wild here on QueerClick. And he had glowing things to say about Jake Cruise. Clearly, Kurt gets it. And speaking of getting it, Kurt gets Jake up inside him and flip-flops and gives Jake a bit of what he's got to give. We think Kurt is one to watch—especially with his boyish good looks, a smooth sculpted body, and a big thick piece of meat hanging in between his legs. Most guys just want to take a nap after they get off (myself included), but Kurt just wants to keep on going. He cums not once, not twice, but three times! Mmmm.

Wanna see more of Kurt?
QC Kurt Wild Fan Page
QC Fan Page Kurt Wild

Queerying: Kurt Wild

Queerying: Kurt Wild 1

We've been huge fans of Kurt Wild since he first appeared in a Corbin Fisher solo vid. Since then, he's arguably become the most ambitious young man in gay pornography today: he's worked for Chaos Men, College Dudes 24/7, Jake Cruise, Men Machine, and recently transitioned to directing for Angel Slut Garden. He's not only a chiseled and sensuous young performer with a beercan cock and awesome bottoming talents, but also devoted to his ever-expanding fan base and to his family. Yes, Kurt's a married family man with a wife and kids. Though some porn fans hate gay-for-pay actors, Kurt's publicly spoken in support of gays and has faced discrimination for his doing gay porn. We spoke with Kurt about balancing work and family, his best on-screen fuck, his recent appearance on The Tyra Banks Show, and topping Jake Cruise.

QC: Marriages can be tough enough without an unorthodox job and extra-marital gay sex. How do you balance your work with your wife?

KW: I'm only working about 8 days a month, I'm around to help raise the kids. She supports me like my mom; she does too. But definitely the martial sex between us is totally different [from porno sex]. For one, you're not focused on work—the angles and the lighting. It's sensual versus erotic, sexual, lustful stuff. Surprisingly [when she found out I did gay porn], we didn't really fight about it... When I go on trips [for porn shoots] we don't really talk about it a whole lot. I just used to do trips and come back... at that point she knew I was doing porn, but she didn't know I was doing gay porn. And when I finally told her... it got a different reaction. She didn't cry about it or anything. She finally just said whatever, my doing gay porn was actually better than my having sex with women. She knows I don't get personal gain having sex with other guys. I used to do bi and straight scenes, but I don't anymore. She gets along with the whole gay issue but if I brought women into it, she'd probably feel awkward and insecure about it too. For me, if she was having sex with girls, that'd be one thing... but if it was guys. When I go on a shoot, I usually let her know who I'm working with, where I'm going to be, numbers to call. Mostly for her peace of mind... as long as she knows where I'm at, she'll feel a little bit safer. There's respect and everything.

QC: Though you're married and refuse to label yourself as gay or bi, what do you think about your on-screen sexual chemistry with other men? Is it just natural male intimacy taken to a physical level or do you find the chemistry between you and other guys markedly different from your chemistry with a woman?

KW: With another guy it's... y'know, everyone has their own opinions on who's good looking and who has good qualites about them versus somebody who doesn't take care of themseslves and has a crappy personality. Typically for me, "chemistry" means a good personality, a good open-mindedness. They don't have to be the best looking guy. Sex is sex. I've actually watched porn where girls aren't that good looking but the porn turns me on. Its just aura chemistry vs. physical chemistry. If I can relate to (my scene partner) in more ways than one, then I'm usually going to have a good scene with them. I've worked with a lot of cocky assholes (laughs). Companies look at pictures of me and other men and think "You've got chemistry," but they don't even know what chemistry is. They think they know, but they don't.

Cory's among the best Kurt's ever had

Some of my best on-screen chemistry was actually with one of the guys who wasn't necessarily the best looking: Cory Flynt. He did really, really well with the scene; like awesomely well and I didn't expect it. But once he... he was so open-minded that we both just opened up and did it. He just didn't choose to go with the preppy look like most of the guys that I work with with. If you compare him with a lot of preppy guys out there that I've worked with, in my opinion he didn't have the "chemistry look," he had the chemistry. He had never done (porn) before. College Guys 24/7 was his first scene, I think, and I dunno he just seemed ... he didn't seem like he got into porn as much as he did into writing music. I guess it was just something in the back of his mind that he waned to do. And I actually enjoyed the scene because I didn't expect to get as much out of him as I did, being a new guy and not having the typical look. It may sound mean but it's not.... normally everytime I work with guys on, it looks like they have this clean cut look, their hair is preppy looking, their clothes are preppy looking... and this guy proved them wrong. He proved that you don't have to look preppy, dress a certain way and look a certain way to have the best performance inside you and bring it out.

QC: Do you ever eroticize guys outside of acting?

KW: It's just kinda a part of being porn-fry, you're so used to being open-minded and sexual on camera that you find yourself doing it off-camera. But you control it so that you're a respectful guy and not a horn dog. On occasion I'll see a pretty girl and think "Oh wow, that'd be great." Or I'll be watching a porn and thinking about 'Oh I'd like to do that.' A female fan sent me a letter telling me a scene she'd like to see and I was thinking about how it'd look on film. Most of the time when I'm watching adult film, I get into it. I actually really get into it. I look at it and think "Wow that's really good. How would I shoot that?"

QC: I read in a September 2008 justusboys interview that you're working on constructing the perfect porn fantasy and becoming multi-orgasmic. What is the perfect fantasy and how does one work on becoming multi-orgasmic?

KW: At this point, I'd rather (my fantasy) didn't get posted because I don't want people to steal it. But it has a forest type background like you'd see in San Francisco—the California woodlands; a mystical tree covered with white moths that make it look white—I'd like to get that sort of mystical look with an HD camera and shoot the actual fucking near a green screen. I'd want it to look like a high budget movie that's not high budget.

I'd go where there's a waterfall and a little bridge where the scene takes place. I'd want to catch all the mist from the waterfall on their bodies, the beads of water collecting on their bodies and rolling down, rolling down their faces while kissing, licking all the way down to get oral. It's just a really kinky fantasy, like, literally a fantasy. I don't mean a fantasy like "it's my fantasy to get fucked by women today," and not "fantasy" as in unicorns... it'd be hard to get unicorns as a background.

(As for becoming multi-orgasmic), sometimes I won't let my cock go down at all. After I have an orgasm, I'll work myself up to an orgasm right after. You're already there, just think of another thing hot right after. If I just change position enough, I can help myself for the second (orgasm) by fingering myself: it's all in the prostate. A lot of people cum and they take an hour or two to cum again. But me, it'll take two minutes. I'm good at cumming on cue. I think a person learns how to get edged in their video without cumming... if you've edged for that long and have been turned on for that long, then it's a lot easier to be turned on again. Watch a porn, try to go for a second one right away, as soon as you've cum; I've had it before where I immediately go again, just back-to-back.

QC: What's something you think a lot of people don't know about porno movies or doing porn?

KW: That's an answer a lot of us don't want to answer because it makes us sound really fake. The people who walk out their back doors and film everyday, like ourselves and Brent Corrigan... well there's a lot of people out there who actually give a shit about the work. Then there's a lot of people, they just basically put their ass on the set, spread their legs, put some makeup on and they make the sounds and it's boring to them. And I've never understood how that goes, where possibly your favorite porn star is just a really pretty person who decided to fake enjoying all the sex. Yeah, they're getting penetrated, but they're still faking it, and I've never really understood that. I don't want you to think that all porn's fake because that's not true. I may add a little bit into (my scenes) but that's because I'm in to it. There's not fake moans and groans because what would be the point of that?

Also I never knew how (porn) actually came together. I always thought it was shot straight through like everyone else does. You have to sit, take breaks, it takes 3 hours to film 15 or 20 minutes, because the directors and producers want a lot more to choose from when they put it all togeher. Now I always want to see what they throw out. And all that extra stuff you do on set that you thought was going in the film and it wasn't.

There's a rumor going around that 70% of gay porn actors have HIV... and if that's true, then the straight porn world's gotta be a lot worse. I hear a lot of people test for the actual virus rather than the antibodies that appear before. Back in the 90's all these straight porn companies thought they tested so well and then a lot of people caught it. There was this outbreak because who knows what they were doing between shoots. Everybody needs to fous on safety first and everyone needs to get tested over and over again like I do. It's just a fear factor; we all work together and if one of us gets it, then a lot of us will have it too.

More Queerying: Kurt Wild

Kurt Wild To Direct And Model For AngelSlutGarden.com


In an exclusive QueerClick interview, porn star Kurt Wild informed us that he has spent the last couple of months filming, directing, and modeling as a full business partner with the new and improved Angel Slut Garden. Along with his business partners—9.5 inch porn star Brad Star and friend Angel Skye—ASG's video content will be based entirely on fan requests. "We want to be really in touch with our fans. ASG's different in that it's totally run by performers, not company guys standing around and guessing at what's hot and what's not. The fans will basically own the site. They should understand and trust that if they want something they can have it, no question about it"—according to Wild, that includes a gang bang, even though he's never filmed one. Fans can request any fetishes, scenarios, or other things they'd like to see at Kurt Wild's Yahoo fan page or the ASG's contacts page.

Wild's involvement with ASG started about 3 months ago after Wild met Star shooting Falcon's Endless Crush. Star's friend Skye asked Wild what his future plans were; Wild admitted that he eventually wanted to direct or run a site. Skye told Wild that they could help make that happen with ASG and Wild enthusiastically agreed to help. Wild had been planning the launch of his own site, ClubKurtWild.com, featuring him fucking, sucking, and jerking off across America. However, he delayed it to work with ASG and, shortly thereafter, appeared alongside Star in their upcoming film, The Outsider. ASG re-opened two weeks ago.

ASG's release, South Beach Diaries racked up five GAVYN award nominations. Similarly, Wild racked up five GAVYN nominations for best bottom, best cum shot, best sex scene duo, best oral, and best supporting actor. He also won a 2009 Hard Choice Award for The Most Fuckable Boy in the World—he didn't even know he was nominated! ASG's next major release Heartbreak Kings will feature the trio's talents once more.

Previously on QueerClick:
Visit Kurt Wild's QC Fan Club page
Brad Star's Fan Page

XXX Amateur Hour: Kurt Wild

XXX Amateur Hour: Kurt Wild

Though the Subway food chains may have rejected him, Barrett Long was more than happy to deliver a foot long to Kurt Wild at XXX Amateur Hour. In a "cruising the locker room" scene, the young, but already veteran, Wild gave Barrett a run for his money. Hear him gag and moan as he tries to take Long's whopper down his throat, then beg for it up his ass.

Dirty Bird Pictures: Kurt Wild and Steve Oliver

dirty bird pictures: kurt wild and steve oliver

Cute, sweet and innocent Steve gets Kurt all horned up and impatient with just a kiss. As Steve is getting a glass of water. Kurt is already jerking his cock and screaming for Steve to hurry up and get back in the room with him. Steve comes back and immediately gets on his knees and starts sucking Kurt's fat cock. Then Kurt gets his chance to drool...really drool and even choke a bit on Steve's ample meat.

College Dudes 247: Tim Vander Fucks Kurt Wild

College Dudes 247: Tim Vander Fucks Kurt Wild

Tim Vander and Kurt Wild make an awesome pair. Kurt goes crazy on Tim's big cock, so much so that Tim almost looked like a deer caught in headlights when Kurt hopped up and rode him like the wild boy he is!

Visit Kurt Wild's QC Fan Club page.

More College Dudes 247: Tim Vander Fucks Kurt Wild

My Brother's Hot Friend: Kurt Wild, Antonio Milan and Brant Moore

kurt's hazed by his roommate's cocks

Kurt's the baby brother and the last to enter college after his older brother already graduated. He's meeting his new dorm-mate, Brant and his boyfriend Antonio, for the first time. Little does he know, they like to initiate every freshman, so Kurt's in for some hazing with some cock grazing.

Visit Kurt Wild's QC Fan Club page.

Kurt Wild Threatens Subway Boycott For Porn-Related Firing!

Eat Fresh
Please, no gay sex in the serving line.

We at QC love Kurt Wild! The 22-year-old is wiry, well-hung, handsome, and an amazing power bottom. But it seems that not everyone appreciates Mr. Wild's sexual talents. A manager of the Subway Restaurant outside of St. Louis, Missouri fired the young sandwich artist after learning about his porn star past.

Apparently, a customer recognized Kurt from gay porn and promptly got angry that he recognized Kurt from gay porn. The customer then threatened to boycott Subway if Kurt wasn't fired.

It makes you wonder... what kind of self-loathing porn hound whacks off to Kurt Wild often enough to recognize the guy in public and then gets pissed off when Kurt's suddenly the one making his sandwich? Did he hope to avoid ever seeing Kurt in public? Was he worried Kurt hadn't washed his hands? Does being a voracious bottom somehow impair your sandwich making ability?

12-inch meat and cheese sub
Kurt's just the kinda sub we go for... a real hero!

Kurt's been downing foot-longs for some time and we imagine he probably does a great job stuffing buns with lots of delicious meat and adding just a tangy squirt of mayo—his two jobs are actually pretty similar. Actually, the chain might even do well to make Mr. Wild their spokesperson. He's got a handsome face (even when a dick's shoved in it) and he's a hell of a lot more attractive than sexless ole' Jared Fogel (the guy who lost 245 lbs. by eating Subway's blandest menu items, guzzling diet soda, and power walking for a year... what a fucking miserable life).

However, Kurt's manager caved under the customer's empty threat and fired his employee rather than lose the business of a self-righteous porn addict who probably didn't even leave a tip.

To retaliate, Kurt has considered boycotting America's largest sandwich chain, but has stopped short of asking other gays to do the same. Quoting an email he widely circulated to industry media: "I should have the right to work anywhere I can and it isn't right or fair that people can keep me from working simply because of a 'gay' issue. If a girl did what we do it would probably be OK...  and if a guy does straight porn... he is bragged about.  When I do gay porn, I feel a bit lynched for the rest of my life. Not right."

Kurt's not the only person let go from a team because of their gay porn past. And Subway's discriminated against people with HIV and turban-wearing employees before.

Kurt's understandably frustrated—should his gay porn past be allowed to ruin his chance at other unassociated work? It's not like he's a politician. He is, however, a married father of three and you gotta assume that takin' dicks on camera ain't paying the bills since he's hustling salami in a sandwich line. Sure he can find other work, but there are larger issues at stake.

What do you think—does Kurt have a hope of any legal recourse or sparking a LGBT Subway boycott? Would he have been fired as a woman or for doing straight porn? Should doing gay porn make you ineligible to hold down other jobs unrelated to butt-fucking and sucking cock? Was Kurt's Subway manager right to try and avoid a larger PR mess by firing him or has the franchise crossed a line by firing Kurt?

We'll keep you updated as the story develops.

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