Even With Clothes On These Porn Stars Are Still Knockouts!!!

Even With Clothes On These Porn Stars Are Still Knockouts!!!

Boxing isn't as gay as ice skating, men's synchronized diving, or Roman-Greco butt-fucking, but cold-cocking a guy is still pretty damned sexy—but photographer Greg Thompson threw a couple of mega-hot porn stars into the ring to the sexy sport even sexier.

Among the ring warriors are Blake Riley (whose boyfriend we thought forced him into retirement), Tiger Tyson, Ross Hurston, Steve Cruz, TJ Hawke, Mitch Branson, and ultra-arty Francois Sagat. And even though most of them keep their trunks on never hitting below the belt, there's still enough ass and raw sensuality to keep the hits coming/

We mentioned this photo series when it first came out last year, but the photo set is enjoying a second round on the internet, so we thought we'd share the main event and the mere sight of these porn gladiators is enough to make us take our gloves off and start giving ourselves the ol' 1-2.

Alpha Male Fuckers: Daniel Marvin, Pedro Andreas and Ross Hurston

alpha male fuckers ross hurston daniel marvin pedro andreas

The guys had a ball making this. Daniel, Pedro and Ross are not only stars, but LOVE fucking at any moment possible. Recently, for example, when Alpha Male was shooting a future scene with Andreas, he dropped his pants at any excuse...but that's another story. Take a look at him here and the other two Gym-fit muscle bound hunks working up more than a sweat before relieving their built up sexual frustration. These guys with awesome hot tight bodies, stuff their stiff dicks into each others' waiting mouths and begging butts

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Jean Franko's Punch-Out!

Jean Franko's Punch-Out!

Venezuelan hottie Jean Franko posted some shots of himself boxing at the Alpha Male Media studios in London. What a knock-out! Franko's worked with Falcon, Kristen Bjorn, Collin O'Neal, Men At Play, and Lucas Kazan before, mostly topping but occasionally bottoming with loads of hot men. While in the gym, Franko even ran into Ross Hurston! Wow... Franko's 1-2 punch has left us seeing porn stars!

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Jean Franko Can't Keep His Pants On

Ross Hurston's fan page

Alpha Male Jerkoffs: Ross Hurston

alpha male jerkoffs ross hurston

He oozes sex appeal, has Hollywood looks and a dick to die for... He is incredibly well mannered and polite off set, but in front of the camera, he is ready to switch on that charm, show off his magnificent muscles, gorgeous uncut cock and puckered hole, to their full magnificent potential!

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Butch Dixon: Ross Hurston

Butch Dixon: Ross Hurston

Ross Hurston is back again. He sits behind his desk and starts stripping out of his clothes. This hunk has such a beautifully hard and well-defined body that you'll never tire of looking at it. And when it comes to sex, Ross is always ready. Wait until you see that stiff cock of his standing straight up in the air with his hairy six pack only an inch away! And before he leaves us, this handsome hunk turns his back to the camera and shows off his muscular and very fuckable ass.

Alpha Male Fuckers: Ross Hurston, Rocco Banks, and Rocky Torrez

alpha male fuckers rocky torrez ross hurston rocco banks

Rocky hooks up with tattooed hunk Rocco with his boyfriend Ross for an even hotter three-way!! Having his ass really eaten out, Ross loves the feel of Rocky's hairy face preparing his butt for a real pounding whiles he devours Rocco's great looking dick, tasting every inch as it's fucked down his throat. The ass munching in this scene will cause your cock to tremble, tasting as much as they can, licking as deep as they could go, the butts are fully prepped for the fuckfest about to begin. Ross' open hole is abused to the fullest by both muscle studs, pounding hard and shooting far and fast, covering sweaty bodies in warm jizz.

Men At Play: Ted Colunga and Ross Hurston

men at play ted colunga ross hurston

When you're a longstanding member of the MAP Gentlemen's Club anything and everything is a mere click of the fingers away. Refreshments, food, a massage or even a shoe shine whilst you read the evening paper. Nothing is too good for their best customers like Ted Colunga. So when he feels like he needs a little extra personal attention there is always someone at hand to oblige. Luckily for him Ross is already on his knees polishing his shoes so as soon as he takes is 10 inch cock out, Ross is ready to offer him a good servicing until Ted blows his thick load all over his face.

UK Naked Men: Matt Hughes & Ross Hurston

UK Naked Men: Matt Hughes & Ross Hurston

Matt Hughes plays a milkman delivering to one lucky Ross Hurston. This sword-swallowing stud is the only dude who can take Matt's massive member right down his throat, until Matt's banging his bollocks on Ross's chin, and obviously loving the ride - rewarding Ross with a faceful of his own-brand of sweet cream.

Men Machine: Ross Hurston

men machine unzipped ross hurston

Unzipped Magazine December '08

This is one Brit that isn't quite as dandy as you might assume. Deep-voiced, adequately furred, and enormously endowed to drop a few pints down his throat, then inject a few into you.

Ross Hurston and Tyler Saint at HotHouseBackRoom.com

on your knees to worship

Ross Hurston and Tyler Saint heat up the Earth beneath the sun as each muscled God worship each other into a frenzy. There is more muscle, sweat and sex in this pairing than Sodom & Gomorra ever saw. Watch the sun shine overhead and the two get into each other in more ways than one, entering each other as if to make peace with some inner solace. By the end of this scene you'll be on your knees ready to worship yourself.

Ross Hurston and Cody Mitchel at HotHouseBackRoom.com

sun worshipping

Ross Hurston suns himself outside. The warmth of the bright ball of fire rushes down his arm and onto his cock. Cody Mitchell walks up and notices the sun soaked hunk and drops to his knees to do a little worshipping of his own. Watch the whole XXX hardcore scene unfold, live now, exclusively in the Hot House Backroom.

Suspect at MenAtPlay.com


Sometimes the only way to get through to a guy and make him cooperate is to add an element of forceful persuasion. Or so corrupt lawyer Ross Hurston has discovered with some of his straight clients, who challenge his abusive advances. But add a small claustrophobic room, a pair of handcuffs and a hidden camera and pretty soon the guys will be conceding to Mr Hurston's demands for some hot cock action, as he enjoys the show in the security room. Luckily MAP got their hands on one of these tapes for all to enjoy.

Interrogation 2 at MenAtPlay.com

deep prison-style pounding

Rick Bauer makes a comeback this week to prove that revenge is a dish best served HOT! And it doesn't get any hotter than this as he arrives fresh from ending his sentence to hunt down sexy suited lawyer Ross Hurston for some serious payback. But turning the tables on the usually domineering lawyer doesn't prove to be an easy task, so Rick quickly restrains him with a pair of handcuffs so he can get to work on his hard muscle ass with his tongue, before giving him a deep prison-style pounding.



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