My Friends Feet: Wolf

my friends feet wolf

Wolf is tall, dark and HAIRY. Thank God there are still some hairy, virile men out there! At 6'2" with beautiful narrow size 11 feet, Wolf makes quite an impression. He was quite comfortable in front of the camera, so much so that his confidence only seemed to grow as he lost each article of clothing.

Wash Your Dirty Balls!

On his blog, big dicked fucker Wolf Hudson shared this darling video on how to wash your balls. It's really just an advertisement for AXE body wash, but in the meanwhile you get to see some athletic men get their balls washed by two able young ladies. Big black balls, small bumpy balls, even wrinkly dusty old man balls... if you have manky, stanky balls, let these two gals show you just how to handle 'em!

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You May Be A Butt Pirate, But Does Your Cock Have A Matching Outfit?

Halloween may be over, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't still dress up to get laid. You're all dolled up, but what about the little you? Just turn to and get your cock a costume. Dress up your dick like a doctor, a cowboy (rodeo rider), a soldier, a fireman or into proper butt pirate with a matching hat and vest... maybe have him swab a poop deck or two. The internal lycra expands for any girth and even lesbians can put them on their strap-ons. At $35 a pop, you can't afford NOT to buy them!

Thanks to The Sword for the video.

Cocky Boys: Wolf Hudson and Skyler Caine

cocky boys skyler caine wolf hudson

The King of Kink is back and just in time to fuck one of Cocky Boys' hottest bottoms, Skyler. These guys don't waste anytime. Skyler drops to his knees right away to worship Wolf's big fat dick as Wolf instructs him on how to "suck his shaft". Man, we could watch Skyler suck dick all day (And we're sure he'd be just as happy to do it all day). Wolf decides that he wants some ass though so Skyler lays down so Wolf can ferociously eat his hot hole. Once Skyler's hole is nice and warmed up Wolf plunges his hard cock deep inside while he sucks on Skyler's toes and tells him to "take that cock you fucking dirty pig".

QC's Porn Gossip Round-Up

QC's Porn Gossip Round-Up

Every so often, we round up a bunch of porn gossip bits and serve them piping hot right here for you hungry readers. This go around, we'll tell you which "retired" porn star has come back from the dead, which two celebs have dipped a toe in the gay porn pool, why Brent Corrigan is mad at his fans, and share a handful of videos from some of our favorite porn stars of color. So sit tight and get your fill of the latest porn gossip!

Yawn... It's Jason Adonis

You may remember when we announced the mental breakdown and then sudden retirement of porn star Jason Adonis. If you recall Mr. Adonis (who has a reputation for being ultra flakey) said, "This is not a retirement and I won't be back... It just got to the point where the anxiety from having sex with guys on camera was too much."

Well the gay-for-pay nutter stud is back in a Jet Set scene with Dakota Rivers (who's appeared on Randy Blue, Collin O'Neal and Hot House Backroom—stop by Jet Set for more hot pics of the two). Adonis also just shot a new solo scene for "Jason Adonis: Unseen" an end-of-year DVD release that'll feature highlights from his career. On one hand it'll be kinda weird watching a guy who suffered a mental breakdown put himself through the very experience that caused it. On the other hand, it'll be hot for the exact same reason!

Mitchell Rock

Channel 1 Releasing just signed Mitchell Rock to an exclusive contract. You may recall that Rock appeared in TAKEN: To The Lowest Level with bad-music twink Shane Risk. Adam Killian discovered Mitchell and now he's set to star in a trio of features including Gridiron Gangbang, Playing with Fire: Four Alarm and Mitchell Rock's Workin' It Out. We look forward to seeing what he can do with his butthole.

The debauchery continues after the jump!

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Cocky Boys: Wolf Hudson and Jesse Santana

cockyboys jesse santana wolf hudson

The "King of Kink" is back by popular demand. You wanted to see more of Wolf so Kyle told him to come over with his buddy Jesse for a night of hot, sweaty time. After a little make out session Jesse is all over Wolf's huge dong, sucking it up to it's full length and girth. Wolf returns the favor by sucking Jessie's hot cock, as he strokes that big fat hooded dick of his, before letting Jesse's foot take over! Jesse goes onto his stomach to let Wolf pound that big fucker right up his round little rump. After a brutal fucking Jesse takes back a little control as he sits his sweet ass down on Wolf's pole. You know Wolf ain't gonna give up control for too long though, so he throws Jesse onto his back and continues plowing that hole so deep and hard Jesse blasts his wad. Wolf doesn't stop fucking and soon he's spraying a massive load all over Jesse's pecs and abs.

QCX: Naked Kombat

naked kombat wolf hudson patrick rouge

Stud fights against stud. Neither Wolf Hudson nor Patrick Rouge wants to lose. They each rip off tights and jocks, grab cock and balls, slap ass, and use submission holds -- all for points.

See more Naked Kombat on QCX!

QCX: Bound Gods - Wolf Hudson and Justin Miller

boundgods wolf hudson justin miller

Wolf Hudson is frustrated that Jason Miller regularly ignores him. Wolf takes Jason to his den to teach the clueless boy a lesson. After a good roughing up, Wolf puts forceps on Jason's body and flogs him until the instrument falls off.

See more on QCX.

QCX: Bound Gods - Wolf Hudson and Domink Rider

bound gods wolf hudson dominik rider

Wolf Hudson rides his motorcycle in the middle of the night. He drives through the industrial part of town and sees a strange man tied up on the side of the road. Dominik Rider is hooded, tied, and in some sort of daze.

See more on QCX.

Fierce Dog: Wolf Hudson

Fierce Dog: Wolf Hudson

Wolf starts off with a nice half hard cock when he pulls it out of his jeans. He starts working it, breathing in and out with each stroke. His ball fall out of his jeans and flop around. His cock grows in size slowly until it is rock hard. A little spit makes his cock slippery. His ripped chest is flexing tightly as he strokes and looks into the camera. Some more spit dripped onto his cock from his hand makes his slippery cock and balls easier to work. Wolf busts his nut and shoots cum all over his chest in bursts.

Bound Gods: Wolf Hudson and Christain Owen

master wolf teaches christian some manners

Wolf Hudson cruises the gym. He sees muscle-boy Christian Owen on the bench press and tries to get his attention. Christian, like some muscle boys, has attitude along with looks. Wolf teaches Christian manners by making him do a bondage workout.

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Men Hard At Work: Wolf Hudson and Lucas Knowles

wolf is feeling a lil randy

Wolf's friends bet him he can't bed a straight guy, but he knows better. Lucas is from out of town, away from his wife, and feeling a little randy. All of which leads up to one thing: perfect prey for this Wolf.

Wolf Hudson and Nomad at

a flogging and ball crushing

Master Wolf Hudson traps slave nomad in his dungeon. After manhandling the boy, Master Wolf throws him in the steel pit, then urinates on him like a canine marking his territory. He strings the slave up on the metal rack for a hard flogging and a ball-crushing until nomad pops.

More Wolf Hudson and Nomad at

Wolf Hudson: Tied Up at

wolf hudson bound and gagged in public

Bound Gods took Wolf Hudson to the Up Your Alley Fair, also known as the Dore Alley Street Fair, in San Francisco. Wolf, who would typically only top when it comes to the male/male scene, agreed to be tied up —and we couldn't be happier.

More Wolf Hudson: Tied Up at

Wolf Hudson and Ethan Grant at

swallowing some wolf

Hung top stud Wolf Hudson discovered Ethan Grant during Chicago's IML weekend. Hot House reunited them in the Hot House Backroom for one hell of a hot suck, rim, & fuck session. Grant takes the full length of Wolf's enormous cock in his mouth and ass until both chiseled young studs cum at the same time!

Wolf Hudson at

looks just a little bit dangerous

Wolf is from the new release Mug Shots, and like many of the men in that film, he looks just a little bit dangerous. Gaze into those intense eyes and examine that juicy cock and see if you can picture what his video clips will look like!



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