Gayhoopla: Vince Cruz


Vince Cruz was such an easy going nice guy. Vince is such an easy person to talk to that stairs your right in the eyes when listening. He’s super seductive with a rocking hard body. The best part is the snake hiding down his pants. Vince has a thing for spreading his ass as well and loves to be rimmed. Stick out your tongue boys, Vince is here to feed the army!

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Military Classified: Norco


When Norco arrived Rob was already set up in the bedroom with the restraints and he just couldn’t wait until he could tie this boy up and have his way with him. Rob was rushing to get photos done and paperwork filled out and it seemed like forever but finally they were in the bedroom and Rob has Norco tied up and blindfolded and ready for action.

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GuyBone: Jon and Cord


With one simple, sexy question, “Can I start taking his clothes off?,” Jon and Cord were in action. Jon lifted Cord’s shirt and tongued his chest. The goateed bi guy breathed heavy in excitement. Jon unzipped his fly and nibbled on his growing cock through his underwear. Cord took the wheel and got on top of Jon, making out hard and loud. They dry humped a bit and then Cord lost his pants altogether. Cord’s thick uncut cock and low hanging bull nuts were out first, Jon sucking them into his mouth. Then he sucked Cord’s beefy cock and Cord was in heaven. He told Jon to suck his balls more, which Jon eagerly did.

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Broke Straight Boys: Tyler Griffin and Zach Covington


Tyler Griffin and Zach Covington are making bets about which one would win in a scuffle, and Tyler’s ready to solve that argument here and now, loser has to bottom! A short wrestling match on the bed leaves Tyler entangled in Zach’s legs and both guys moving in for a kiss as their face-off turns into something much hotter! Zach takes Tyler’s cock out and sucks that thick meat, getting him hard before they 69 and Zach gets oral while he rims Tyler’s tight hole, licking Tyler’s ass until they’re both too horny for anymore foreplay.

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23 Aug 16 By Dave 3 Comments Dato Foland and Darius Ferdynand


Dato Foland and Darius Ferdynand fuck hard after a dangerous encounter.

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Would You Call This Cock “Massive”?

Would You Call This Cock “Massive”?

Counting the few white hairs on his chest we think this guy qualifies as a “daddy”, a very HUNG daddy!

If it takes two hands to strokes then you are surely in the presence of a big cock… and if the thickness makes you stop on your tracks then we would call it “huge”. But would you call this cock “massive”? The proud owner surely think it is and we tend to agree with him, but we want to know the opinion of our expert readers.

Care to weigh in on this pressing issue? To do that you are going to have to watch this video and today is your lucky day because this is a FREE share from the Premium section of Sticky. Become a Premium member and get access to hundreds of horny videos like this one!

Make the jump to watch the video in its entirety and let us know what you think in the comments too!

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Queer Clicks: August 23, 2016 | Maximiliano Patane, Hotter Than the California Weather, J.K. Rowling Defends Gay Olympic Diver Tom Daley From Christian Twitter Troll, & Other News

Maximiliano by Franck Glenisson

‘Drag Race’ Star Manila Luzon Jailed After Donut Shop Fight (In New Music Video)

“When one drink leads to five, then leads to 10, then leads to a wild night filled with debauchery… yeah, we’ve been there. In her newest music video, Ovahness, Manila Luzon has a wild and crazy night filled with booze, boys, a donut shop fight, fierce outfits and autotune. Don’t know what “ovahness” means? Watch the video above to find out!” Queerty

Maximiliano Patane, Hotter Than the California Weather

“With the San Francisco hills as backdrop, scruffy Argentinian model Maximiliano Patane sizzles befor the lens of Franck Glenisson.”

J.K. Rowling Defends Gay Olympic Diver Tom Daley From Christian Twitter Troll

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling defended gay British Olympic diver Tom Daley when a Christian advocacy group mocked him for failing to make the finals in the 10-meter platform in Rio.

The Christian Voice, which says it is a “prayer and lobby group praying for national repentance and working for godly government,” sent out this hateful tweet after Daley failed to make it out of the semifinals on Saturday.” Out Sports

These Guys Take on the Ancient Olympic Games… Naked

“Eugene, Ned, Keith and Zach go head to head as they battle through sporting events discus, running, long jump and wrestling to see what has changed over the years.The guys fully commit to the ancient Olympic style by competing completely naked covered with Olive Oil, which was believed to protect athletes – we don’t know where to look!” Gay Times

Frank Ocean Sends Twitter Into A Frenzy After Releasing New Album, ‘Blond’

“Titled “Blond” (or “Blonde” according to Apple Music), the album was released on Saturday after a video for the hip-hop artist’s song “Nikes” was unveiled online. The artist also distributed copies of his zine, Boys Don’t Cry, at four pop-up shops on Saturday. According to Rolling Stone, the magazines included copies of “Blond” that feature a different tracklist than the version on Apple Music. (He did tell us he had “two versions … twooo versions…”)” Huffington Post

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Orlando Bloom Ballsy New Photos! More Uncensored Images Of His Balls And Butt Surface

Orlando Bloom Ballsy New Photos! More Uncensored Images Of His Balls And Butt Surface

The Orlando Bloom Naked Tour 2016 continues!

Pirate Will Turner, Orlando Bloom rocked our world a couple of weeks ago with his leaked naked images during the Italian vacation he shared with singer Katy Perry. The 39yo actor looks in incredible shape but it was his uncut cock what stole all the looks.

Just as we were trying to digest the first batch of uncensored photos of his dick a second one hit! As you probably remember this time with Legolas Orlando unzipping his red trunks leaning over and exposing his round pale ass. On a note aside, seems like those are his favorites too. Back in 2015 he was caught checking out the tan-line near his butt and he was wearing some very similar red beach trunks. We were ecstatic to say the least.

Fast forward to present day and now a third set of photos have surfaced and the focus is on his balls! The paparazzi once again have caught Dr. Watson Mr. Bloom dropping his previously seen blue shorts. Not only do we get another great look at his perfect rear end but he gives us a terrific view of his ballsack from behind too!

Make the jump to check out the “ballsy” new photos of Orlando Bloom. What do you think of his hairy nuts? Let us know in the comments!

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Bentley Race: Romain Deville – Naked On The Roof

Bentley Race: Romain Deville - Naked On The Roof

This is Romain Deville’s first ever nude shoot. When Ben first met Romain late in summer he suggested they do his first naked photo set out on the rooftop. He thought it was pretty amusing being naked on top of a building in the middle of the city.

It wasn’t until Romain was naked and towering over Ben that he noticed those massive legs! Romain is pretty dam fit and is up for trying anything. After this shoot he will be coming back for some more hot shoots with the guys!

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Lucas Entertainment: Roman Berman Fucks Damon Heart – Bareback

Lucas Entertainment: Roman Berman Fucks Damon Heart - Bareback

Roman Berman is an impatient guest when he stays at hotels – he has a bad reputation for mistreating the help. Roman has two things in mind when he demands turndown service from Damon Heart. He wants to shake Damon up a bit and make him think he’s going to loose his job. And once that’s done, he’s going to take advantage of the situation. Do you think Roman Berman takes it easy on the guys he fucks? No, he certainly doesn’t. Roman is a total top and he treats his bottoms as such. Rest assured: Damon Heart’s throat and ass will be thoroughly used by Roman’s raw cock!

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Hot House: Dario Beck and Boomer Banks


Dario Beck‘s glistening foreskin slides back and forth while he face-fucks Boomer Banks. Boomer teases Dario’s extra flesh by pinching it in his moist lips and sliding his wet tongue under it. When Boomer swallows, Dario’s entire cock virtually disappears in Boomer’s greedy throat. But Boomer has his sights set on more than just Dario’s cock and foreskin, and Dario’s perfectly tight ass and hairy crack evoke Boomer’s lustful desires

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Helix Studios: Justin Owen, Blake Mitchell and Logan Cross


Justin Owen, Blake Mitchell and Logan Cross are in for one hot threesome and you can tell as the boys primp to their prettiest. They towel dry their tight asses and flex their rippling muscles in the mirror with lust in their eyes for the camera. Justin happens upon luscious Logan touching his tender torso and you can tell he means business. He’s rock hard, ready, and can barely contain himself as the two get right to business. Blake soon joins and the threesome take turns on their knees satisfying their salacious hunger for cock.

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