Bentley Race: James Nowak – Wanking In The Hot Tub

Bentley Race: James Nowak - Wanking In The Hot Tub

One of the nicest and also one of the hottest guys Ben has met this year is the very handsome James Nowak. The 26 year old Aussie comes from the suburbs of Melbourne. This time James is modelling a pair of nylon Aussiebum speedos before slipping them off and posing naked in the hot tub. During the shoot James became a little bit nervous about the neighbours hanging out across the road on their balcony. But it didn’t stop them from getting some hot shots naked, flexing, and working that big cock rock hard.

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Falcon Studios: Sebastian Kross and Tegan Zayne


Tatted super-stud Sebastian Kross and bearded bottom Tegan Zayne stand cock to cock. Sebastian strokes his massive cock through the hole of his jock as he and Tegan intertwine their tongues. Hungry from the sight of Sebastian’s cock, Tegan kneels down and gulps on the hefty member down to Sebastian’s balls. After choking on Sebastian’s rod Tegan tilts over and Sebastian drills his hairy hole with a lengthy dildo prepping him for the intense pounding to come.

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Raging Stallion: FX Rios, Josh Conners and Bruce Beckham


Three men stand in a dark room, their white jockstraps barely containing their huge boners. FX Rios is tatted, pierced, and lean. Josh Conners is handsome, smooth, and muscled. Bruce Beckham is a hairy bodybuilder with a macho attitude. After intense kissing, Josh leans down and sucks on Bruce’s nipples and fondles his hairy chest.

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Next Door World: Michael Del Ray and Lance Ford


With his most recent relationship crumbling, Michael Del Ray recounts all of his laments about his girlfriend to best buddy Lance Ford over a couple of beers. Michael asks Lance if he has the same problems with the guys he dates, and Lance tells him that there’s heartache on both sides. ‘Yeah,’ Michael counters, ‘but I hear at least guys give better head.’With that, Lance seizes the opportunity to cash in on a fantasy he’s harbored for years, and that’s to have Michael’s meaty cock all to himself.

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Bel Ami: Marc Ruffalo, Rocco Alfieri and Tim Campbell


It is hard to know here who is plotting to fuck who. Tim and Marc seem to think that they have a cunning plan to get into Rocco‘s pants, but we think Rocco has outsmarted them both and is the real puppet master in this encounter, leading them to think that fulfilling his every desire (and hole) was their own idea.

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Wanna Make Extra Cash?


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How Would You Rate This Self-Sucker?

How Would You Rate This Self-Sucker?

Self-suckers never cease to amaze us!

Especially when they are as skilled as this guy. He really went to town on that cock. We’re sure it must be the practice on his own but you can tell he must have savored a few other ones too!

Another gem coming directly from the Premium section of Sticky. A FREE share we’re proud to make available to all of our readers today. Become one of our Premium members and get access to new and exclusive content every day.

Watch the video in FULL after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Queer Clicks: September 28, 2016 | Did Someone Order a Pizza?, Playing gay chat roulette, & Other News


Did Someone Order a Pizza?

“A history (though no, not an oral one) of pornography’s most persistent narrative cliche”

Playing Gay Chat Roulette

“I was in a jockstrap doing push-ups on the floor with the webcam pointed at me. “Master Steve,” who I just met, was counting from the other end: “Nine . . .10 . . . 11 . . . ,” and so on.

His cam was only showing his nose, mouth and chest from a dimmed room in Montreal. It was as hot as it was silly, considering that only 30 minutes before I was reading Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life on my bed. ” Daily Xtra

80 Photos of Folsom: Behind Closed Doors

“Yes, the Folsom Street Fair is over. But we paid attention to our sex adviser, the Sexy Beast, Alexander Cheves, who recommended in his “38 Folsom Street Fair Dos and Dont’s” to go to at least one real party and stay all night.” Advocate

John Stamos Shares Steamy Shower Shot With “Scream Queens” Costar Glen Powell

“As Entertainment Weekly reports, Stamos and actor Glen Powell shared an usually fleshy moment in the locker room, leading one Twitter user to suggest it was probably an uncomfortable scene for the men to film.” Queerty

You May Know About Drag Queens.. But Do You Know Your Drag King History?

“Over the past several years the success of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” has brought drag queens into mainstream consciousness in a way they’ve never before, thereby ushering in a new era of drag culture and creating a slew of drag queen celebrities.

But what about drag kings? Male impersonation and the performance of being male have a rich history, but in today’s drag queen-heavy climate, the kings have, in some ways, fallen to the wayside.” Huffington Post

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Italian Model And Math Teacher Pietro Boselli Finally Gets A Chance To Expose His Naked Butt!


You knew this day was coming!

Obnoxiously perfect (we say this with the utmost respect and love) model and math teacher Pietro Boselli has teased us relentlessly. From his beyond perfect abs to his mesmerizing bulge there’s not an inch of this Italian slice of heaven on Earth that doesn’t make us drool.

He has given us brief glimpses of his bubble butt in the past but nothing quite like how you’re about to witness. Suggestive profile shots in black and white and a glorious gif where he parades chained to a radiator in the nude was all we had until today. There’s a man you can thank for this images, photographer Philippe Vogelenzang. He was the lucky human being that gave Pietro an excuse and chance to be fully naked in front of a camera. Philippe got the privilege to direct the moves of that beautiful gluteus maximus of Pietro’s… you’re surely going to end up wanting more! 😍

Make the jump to Pietro Boselli’s exposed ass and let us know what you think in the comments too!

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Japan Boyz: Doin’ The Newbie – Sosuke & Kinjiro


Getting the new model ready to film, Kinjiro kisses the boy and begins to fondle. Sliding his hands under Sosuke‘s clothes, they soon come off; it’s all in the nipple play. Bulging in his pants, Sosuke watches as Kinjiro goes to his knees to please. Lapping and sucking the boy’s dick and hairy balls, Kinjiro also continues to work the nipples. Sosuke then gets on his knees, slobbering and jerking Kinjiro until his partner’s glistening cock explodes. Sitting astride Kinjiro, who is jerking the boy, Sosuke works his nipples. Close, the boy unloads onto his partner’s stomach and chest. In the shower, Kinjiro reveals that this is Sosuke’s first time with another guy, tasty. The boy does plan to cum again, if the members want him to.

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