Next Door Studios: Chris Blades and Clark Campbell

When Chris Blades comes home and finds his roomie Clark Campbell getting some tail in the living room, he’s not surprised… that is, until he realizes that Clark’s piece of ass has a dick. Flustered, he tells Clark to get rid of him and runs upstairs, but now that he’s had some time to settle down, he’s more intrigued than disgusted, and the more he finds out about Clark’s closeted lifestyle, the more he comes to grips with his own desires. So when Clark confesses to wishing he just had a steady FWB situation, Chris perks up and asks Clark how that would even happen.

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Sticky Giveaway 40 – Bubbly, Smooth & Tasty

We’re so thrilled to share with you Sticky Giveaway No.40 that our collective bubble butts are quivering. In this Sticky Giveaway, we have a hot platinum blondie Instagram bombshell who loves traveling, living the high life, flying business class and decking himself out with hot gear and fashionable threads. You know he loves the attention, but for some, getting validation on IG doesn’t quite hit the spot anymore. With a bubbleyummy ass like that, one has to take it up a few dildos… wait, we mean notches so he can keep those likes cumming!

We have just a few more slots left before the giveaway closes. Hurry, if you haven’t sent in your entry.

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Active Duty: Johnny Miles

Active Duty: Johnny Miles

Johnny has baby smooth skin and a great toned body and he should being so young and agile. He is jumping into the fray without a care in the world except to please his viewers. Johnny wants to be all he can be and he’s showing it off. His thick cock is beautiful as he strokes the meat with his hands building up his balls for a creamy release. Johnny is smooth as they come and his hard dick doesn’t disappoint.

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Bel Ami Online: Dylan Maguire Fucks Bob Marghiela – Bareback

Bel Ami Online: Dylan Maguire Fucks Bob Marghiela - Bareback

One of the benefits of models staying at BelAmi for many years is the chance to combine the newbies with the more experienced guys. Today we have distinguished veteran Dylan Maguire with newbie Bob Marghiella.

Dylan was Bob’s coach the whole way through his training, showing him all the tricks to having sex on camera, so this is more a ‘graduation’ scene than a training one.

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Stroking His Hot Cock On The Cold Floor!

Stroking His Hot Cock On The Cold Floor!

The old saying of “lean guy = big cock” is once again confirmed thanks to this hung hottie!

Once his roomies left the apartment he stripped off his clothes and gave in to his horny needs. This bad boy loves to show off that long cock. Especially when it’s hard and ready for a jerk-off!

The hottest guys on the web are waiting for you at the Premium section of Sticky. This FREEBIE may even get you hooked? So after you’re done with it then go and find thousands more on our Exclusive boards!

Watch the complete video after the jump and don’t forget to share your impressions in the comments!

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ChaosMen: Calhoun and Sean Peyton – Serviced

ChaosMen: Calhoun and Sean Peyton - Serviced

Calhoun was eager to swap head with another dude. He mentioned it is really the one thing he likes when he occasionally messes around with guys.

Sean was overwhelmed having such a big cock, but he jammed as much of it in as he could. He kept Calhoun hard and occasionally had to slow down or risk making him cum.

Calhoun also got to show-off his cock sucking skills, and he was eager to deep throat Sean’s cock. He sure can go all the way down, and Bryan is going to have to find some super hung dongs to test his limits.

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Queer Clicks: September 20 | Porn-actor-Turned-Spy Who Posed As Jihadist Gets Suspended Sentence, Why Trying To Stay Gay And Youthful Ages You, & Other News

Porn-actor-Turned-Spy Who Posed As Jihadist Gets Suspended Sentence

“A former German intelligence agent who was also once an actor in gay pornography has been given a one-year suspended sentence for attempting to share state secrets while pretending to be a jihadist online.

The 52-year-old, named as Roque M, was arrested last November in what initially appeared to be a case of an Islamist mole at work in Germany’s domestic spy agency.

He was freed in July after prosecutors dropped most of the charges, finding no evidence of an attack plot or ties to Islamist groups.” The Guardian

Body image

Why Trying To Stay Gay And Youthful Ages You

“I’d had enough when a 20-something trainer at my gym told me my arms had lost their definition, then said “Commit, dude,” and wandered off to casually do a gazillion pull-ups as I continued to sweat like the oldies. I was fed up when an unsolicited picture of me shirtless in Aruba showed up on Facebook and I knew it would have taken a Photoshop genius to make me look like a hunky body-surfer. (I’d had some dieting issues that winter, goddammit!). I removed that photo faster than I do the Grindr butt-hole portfolios that occasionally bombard the app.” HuffPost

These Gay Adult Film Stars Are Having A Lover’s Quarrel On Twitter Over… A Burrito

“In the red corner, gay adult film star Damien Kyle — who is currently embroiled in a positively ridiculous fight with his boyfriend Paul Cannon about a burrito. And in the blue corner, his boyfriend/colleague Paul Canon.” Queerty

Rex Cameron On Navigating His Way Through Life & The Adult Industry

“The most traumatic day of my life was finding out I was HIV positive. In my life I have survived sexual abuse, a gamut of gay social exploitation, and a series of mental health issues that have taken me to the edge more times than I’d like to be reminded. This moment was the roughest and all others pale in comparison. I gave up my Hollywood starlet life, in order to focus on a calmer and healthier existence. I moved back to the home I once so desperately escaped to breathe and adjust. ” Instinct Magazine

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Byron “Ful”, The Canadian Welder Who’s Setting Instagram On Fire!

Byron “Ful”, The Canadian Welder Who's Setting Instagram On Fire!

Do you have any welding jobs that needs to be done asap? 🔥

If the answer to the above question is yes then Byron “Ful” is the man for you! This Canadian hottie is literally on fire and he has us glued to the screen every time he posts. Although very little is known about him (last name is not disclosed on his IG account but chances are that the last part is just the handle he picked) we’re content to know that he’s a hard working man who’s willing to lift his shirt for us.

Besides his blue collar job he’s also a personal trainer, a dog lover and in his spare time an up-and-coming fitness model that we’re sure soon will be in high demand. Byron is very generous when it comes to sharing his gorgeous body but apparently his heart is already taken. But that’s OK because we’re not the jealous kind. As long as this burning hot hunk of a man keeps snapping pics of that perfect anatomy he will forever be our QC Crush!

Make the jump to see more of Byron. What do you think of this super hunk? Let us know in the comments!

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Maskurbate: James

James is a sexy 20 y.o. bodybuilder from Montreal. He is straight, has a girlfriend and is very at ease showing his body, which made my job a lot easier. James told me that his butt is the part of his body that gets the most compliments. But as he stripped, I found that every part of his body is superb and worth complimenting on, from the quality of his impeccable skin to the tip of his large uncut cock. James loves sex, who doesn’t he said! He masturbates 3-6 times a day!

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New Site Attack: Family Dick – Our Dad is White Trash – Chapter 1

We love jerking off to stories and videos of dads having sex with their stepsons. We always fantasized about getting fucked and sucked by a stepdad or sucking off a stepbrother. We thought that those feelings would go away when we moved out, but now they have only intensified. We flirt with older men online and get them to send videos of them fucking. Since we are beating off to this shit why not share it? That’s how Family Dick was born.

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