ChaosMen: Ansel

ChaosMen: Ansel

Ansel did a photoshoot with a local photographer, and he got pretty turned-on showing off his cock and body. So, when he was referred to Bryan, they both felt confident he would have fun doing a solo.

Ansel is 23, and likes Latinas, and fucking them in the ass when he can. He has a nice 7-inch cock, that he says girls have no problems taking. He told Bryan he hasn’t done anything with guys, but is a natural exhibitionist, and he gets turned-on by anyone looking, and possibly touching him. Maybe a little curious about guys.

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CollegeDudes: Mike Maverick Fucks Zeke Weidman

CollegeDudes: Mike Maverick Fucks Zeke Weidman

Zeke Weidman and Mike Maverick kiss while they undress, and when they’re naked Zeke gets down and takes Mike’s big dick between his lips, sucking that sweet cock. Mike face fucks Zeke, pushing his prick all the way down Zeke’s throat as Zeke takes that long shaft. Mike returns the favor and goes down on Zeke, running his tongue across Zeke’s member as he deepthroats his hard cock, showing off his oral skills as he sucks dick and licks Zeke’s balls at the same time! Mike goes for a different kind of oral next as he holds Zeke’s legs apart and buries his face in Mike’s ass, rimming and licking that tight hole while Zeke moans for more.

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QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

The nascent relationship with our previous QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week didn’t work out. But with recovered in no time thanks to this cuddly hunk!

Don’t let the serious look fool you this cute QCNBFOTW is a bundle of fun. Specially when his UNCUT cock is involved! The more we look at him the more we’re in love. With his hairy (but tamed) chest, his tight body and his Star Wars pajamas we knew we have struck gold. We have no doubt about this one, he’s one hundred percent boyfriend material. With each photo of him you will find yourself craving for his attention. Just wait until you see his sexy Apollo’s belt!

Make the jump to check out his complete set of nudes. Do you think he’s a keeper? Let us know in the comments!

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Amateur College Sex: Thomas and Zachary’s Bi Tag Team

Amateur College Sex: Thomas and Zachary's Bi Tag Team
Corbin Fisher Mad March Saving

There’s something about bi sex that is so hot to watch, especially when it’s a new guy’s first time trying out sex with a guy. There’s a comradery, and with some guys competition, in seeing how loud they can make the girl cry out.

For us the real fun comes when the pure pleasure draws the men together, and in the heat of the passion, a guy lets himself go completely and step out of his comfort zone to explore pleasure and connection in new ways.

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Bromo: Jordan Levine Fucks Bennett Anthony – Bareback

Bromo: Jordan Levine Fucks Bennett Anthony - Bareback

Tattooed hotties Bennett Anthony and Jordan Levine can’t get each other’s clothes off fast enough. Their chemistry is palpable as they rush to devour every part of their bodies. The two go straight from Bennett getting his face properly fucked, to him to riding Jordan’s huge cock raw and offer up a performance so hot and intense we sure won’t forget it soon.

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Gayhoopla: Collin Simpson and Adrian Monroe Flip Fuck

Gayhoopla: Collin Simpson and Adrian Monroe Flip Fuck

This was actually Adrian Monroe’s first scene ever filmed with Gayhoopla prior to the one they have already released with Caden Carli. Technically, this video is where Adrian kissed, sucked, fucked, and got fucked, all for the first time. (Adrian mentioned he’s let a guy suck his dick before in the past but never returned the favor.)

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SpunkWorthy: Bradley’s Massage

SpunkWorthy: Bradley's Massage

Jason had been hoping to hear from Bradley again. A few months had gone by since his solo shoot before he sent a text late one night recently:

“Hey, man. Can we do that massage video this weekend?”

Of course, J. was ready as soon as he said the word. And, so it seemed, was Bradley. After he showed up and they got to talking, J. could see the bulge swelling from behind his jeans. Even though he’s married, Bradley has a sex drive that is always on.

Bradley had actually gotten a happy-ending massage once before. Not by going to a parlor while on deployment like a lot of the military guys, but he was hit up by a guy who offered him some cash to rub him down.

“I didn’t even know what a ‘happy ending’ was until we got to the fun stuff,” Bradley said with a laugh.

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CockyBoys: Jacen Zhu & Tegan Zayne

CockyBoys: Jacen Zhu & Tegan Zayne

In this instalment of “A CockyBoy Is _____” – Jake Jaxson’s new erotic-doc miniseries – we showcase the tall, dark, and mysterious Tegan Zayne. Many words pop into mind when you think of this very complex CockyBoy, but the most fitting description is “unique.” A CockyBoys is Unique and Tegan Zayne is Unique! Taking a stroll through New York’s Union Square, Tegan opens up about his struggles moving from the slow pace of Florida to the hustle and bustle of New York City. For a quirky guy like Tegan, navigating life as a self-described outsider comes with a lot of learning and adapting.

But after linking up with the sexy and confident Jacen Zhu (in his CockyBoys debut!), Tegan realizes that his unique characteristics are also the very thing that make him special. With only their Twitter interactions to go by, Tegan and Jacen are initially nervous to discover what the other is really like in person.

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Busting A Big Nut Straight To The Camera!

Busting A Big Nut Straight To The Camera!

To clean that leans is going to be bitch, any volunteers tho?

This rude boy showed us how much cum his cock is capable of producing. He jacked off for a while and it couldn’t have been hotter but the real show started when the white stuff entered the scene. A constant flow of cum flew right across the room and landed on the camera. Turn your eyes a bit and it’s like he’s giving you a facial!

Another gem that we discovered at the Premium section of Sticky. Today’s FREEBIE is just a taste of the many sessions starring hot guys you can enjoy daily. New content is added every day and our Premium members get access to specially curated content. Get your membership today!

Watch the complete video after the jump and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!

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Active Duty: Princeton Price & Craig Cameron

Active Duty: Princeton Price & Craig Cameron

We have some of our favourite vets joining us today for some hot soldier action. Back with us again are Princeton and Craig. They are eager to get this scene going and very eager to unleash some hot loads. Princeton has the most enchanting smile plus a great mouth that he wraps around Craig’s sexy cock. Claude got some amazing shots of him while he stroked his cock. Princeton fucks Craig like the war hawk he is pounding away, taking no prisoners.

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