The Casting Room: Adrian Fucks Lukas

The Casting Room: Adrian Fucks Lukas

Before Lukas went on to appear in many man-on-man videos, he was first tested if he could get fucked on camera at TheCastingRoom. This is a sensitive lad who needs easing into the action so a lot of time is spent kissing with tongues to get him really turned on and warmed up. As he’s stripped down slowly full appreciation is given to his hard naturally hairy chest and thick full bush.

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Falcon Studios: Colt Rivers and Dorian Ferro


Colt Rivers cheerfully follows Dorian Ferro to the Sex Pad, hoping to get up close and personal with Dorian’s delicious butt. They strip and make out in front of a high-rise window with a panoramic view that can’t compete with the view of Dorian’s furry and muscular body. An exchange of blow jobs, with plenty of lips, mouth and tongue, ensures that both cocks are at their hardest. They joust with their cocks, aligning them one on top of the other.

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ChaosMen: Reuben

ChaosMen: Reuben

Reuben is 21 and is in to all kinds of girls. Not a picky eater! He seemed pretty nervous about doing guy-on-guy work, despite having one drunken experience where he got a blow-job. Don’t they all? Thankfully he was not about doing the solo.

Reuben is an electrician by trade, so has a steady work gig, and is looking to make some extra money to help move him and his girlfriend into a nicer place. He had never been on a plane, let alone even out of his home state, so his trip was a big new adventure. Thankfully he had a window seat and really got to see some new landscapes and cities that really excited him. Ahhh to be young and innocent!

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Ask QC: I can’t stop laughing when I cum


Dear Ask QC,

For some reason I can’t stop laughing when I cum – I just crack up which is okay when I’m just jerking alone but the few occasions I’ve had sex with another guy it’s sort of been a bit of a disaster.

I’m 19 and not that experienced but I’ve been jerking since 13, I’ve always laughed when I’ve cum and never thought it would be a problem but since my last 3 experiences with guys I’ve been told I’m weird and one guy even got really angry.

The thing is it’s not like I just giggle or laugh for a few seconds when I cum, it’s like for 5 or even 10 minutes – I really can’t stop. I know it’s probably a bit weird so I want to know why I do this or how I can stop doing it. I still live at home with my parents and don’t have any other gay friends (I’m quite shy and introverted) so this is kinda affecting my confidence now to meet other guys. Am I normal or can I stop this?


Oliver xoxo

Hi Oliver and thanks for writing in with your questions and concerns. Feelings of elation when you orgasm are quite normal as endorphins are released as well as neurohormones oxcytocin and prolactin. This results in a euphoric sensation and that rush may well just be the trigger that causes you to respond by laughing (it’s even known to cause some people to cry). It’s an involuntary response and you’re not doing anything wrong – it’s just that we are all slightly different (for example, not everyone is ticklish in the same places or even ticklish at all). It sounds like you have got used to this response of laughing when having an orgasm and masturbating alone but the fact that you have experienced some mixed responses to this during sex with other guys shouldn’t become a problem too. Firstly, you could warn your partners prior to sex that you may have an uncontrollable fit of laughter when you cum – most guys will be okay with this especially if they are expecting it. Over time you may be able to curb the length of time you laugh, particularly if you’re with a guy regularly and he is used to this. Don’t be disheartened or think there is something wrong or unusual about yourself because of this as there are a lot of guys who will join in and laugh with you too! So dear QC readers, what advice would you give Oliver regarding his uncontrollable laughing when he cums? Do you do this too? Or did it affect you when you were younger and did it reduce over time? Do you know of any techniques that Oliver can use to curb this (if he wants to suppress it)? If you can help him in any way then please share your thoughts, advice and experiences in the QComments section!

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

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Tag Team Fuck-Fest At Brutal Tops

Tag Team Fuck-Fest At Brutal Tops

Vicious Masters Ross and Will return to fuck the living daylights out of their feeble sub Elliott and Brutal Tops is also there to get on record the whole thing! The sub awaits completly nude on the floor as the two eager big-dicked tops enter the room to let the harsh fuck session to begin. They order Elliot to take turns sucking their cocks before plowing those fat cocks deep inside the loose rear. As Ross’ turn to fuck arrives he delivers an unusual violent plowing. He barks some orders before cumming inside his mouth this excites Will and he joins the cum fest with a sneering smile on his lips.

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QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

As the days are getting chilly is nice to have a cuddly new QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week to keep you entertained you and warm all night long. And this bearded cutie and his big cock are perfect for the task! We have to recognize that it was his perfect smile what first caught our attention but as he started to remove his clothes we discovered that we were in front of a sex machine with an incredible sex drive and the proper tools to fulfill the QCNBFOTW position and get the job done. We think this one’s a keeper! QC reader what do you think of this stud? Tell us in the comments!

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Men of Montreal: Morning Wood – Emilio Calabria & Rian Fortin


Emilio Calabria is one horny dude. Waking up, he desperately needs to whip his cock to attention and rub one out. As he is getting on and wanking his 8′ plus cock, MoM newcomer Rian Fortin appears out of nowhere and surprise our Italian stallion. Emilio does not seem to be able to take it over the top, and Rian offers him a hand. Each guy sits on the edge of the bed and work their own cocks into stiff attention as they watch one another jerk off. The guys move in on each other and kiss…. However, jacking off wasn’t going to be enough for these two young and horny dudes. Stay tuned!

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Bentley Race: Harry Lane Strips On The Roof

Bentley Race: Harry Lane Strips On The Roof

Harry Lane’s very first shoot actually happened outside on the rooftop. The straight Brit thought it was funny getting naked in full view of the surrounding office towers. After showing Ben how badly he can skate they decided to get straight down to the stripping part. Even though it was his first time doing this kind of shoot he wasn’t shy at all about getting naked. The video the guys made later that day is pretty damn hot, too.

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Corbin Fisher: Marc, Ryder And Brayden’s Bareback Fuck Fest

Corbin Fisher: Marc, Ryder And Brayden's Bareback Fuck Fest

At Corbin Fisher – all young, attractive, and sexually talented – Ryder, Brayden, and Marc unleash their mouths and cocks on each other!

Comfortable in their own skin and no strangers to the pleasure that comes from thick, throbbing, and hard meat, they go at it wholeheartedly. Ryder plays with his hole as Brayden and Marc take turns servicing him – then he goes after Marc’s!

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