Active Duty: Devin


Devin is the last of Mike’s newest batch of recruits to get a chance to show off, but last certainly doesn’t mean least. At 6’1′ and 180 lbs., Devin’s packing all sorts of beefcake into that red tee he’s sporting while Mike grills him for personal details. He flashes this adorable little half-smile as he tells us he’s 20, he’s from Kansas, and that he likes to go to the gym and play video games in his spare time.

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27 May 15 By Dave 5 Comments

William Higgins: Robin Valej


Robin Valej is a handsome straight guy, aged 21. He lives in Prague now, where he is a student who enjoy playing sports, particularly athletics and volleyball. What a beautiful guy he is and he gives us a very good interview, conducted in English. Then Robin stands up and starts to rub his hot body. He lifts his tee-shirt, to show some skin. He bares his beautiful chest, as he runs his hands all over it.

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27 May 15 By Dave 4 Comments Bennett Anthony and Colt Rivers


The mere thought of having fiery sex with a hot ginger makes Colt Rivers’ dick tingle. Colt spots Bennett Anthony who is more than willing to satisfy his ginger fetish. Colt dives his face into Bennett’s red hot pubes, before getting his face fucked by Bennett’s excited cock. Bennett fulfills Colt’s fantasy by pounding his ass hard, and then letting him ride his rock hard, ginger cock.

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27 May 15 By Dave 2 Comments

Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

A horny dude at a truck stop takes a ciggie break and EricDeman spied on him as he has a round of self pleasure while he thinks no-one is watching! He whips his cock out of his track suit bottoms to stroke his cock and play with his foreskin. This fella gets so into it so much he strips down to enjoy being bare and filthy in public!

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27 May 15 By G. 5 Comments

Adam Levine’s Ad Becomes A Penis-Related Meme Thanks To Joe Jonas!

Adam Levine's Ad Becomes A Penis-Related Meme Thanks To  Joe Jonas!

As Joe Jonas discovered there’s something about this particular Adam Levine ProActiv ad that men find irresistible to pass on. We’re sure that the responsible ad agency did not see this one coming and the skincare giant has yet to react to the meme.

Joe probably wasn’t the first one to notice the suggestive finger near Adam luscious lips but the dickjoke definitely snowballed since he posted the photo on his Instagram account and other guys started to imitate the pose nationwide resulting in the Maroon5 singer/The Voice judge giving BJs to random men across the malls where the ads are placed. It is worth to mention that Adam’s finger is particularly well shaped to stand in as a penis so if that is any indication on how his real penis looks like then well, let’s say it must be perfect. Another interesting thing about this photo is that gay and straight men without distinctions feel the compulsion to facefuck Adam in public places and who can blame them? There’s a reason why he got 2013 title of Sexiest Man Alive after all!

We ask you QC reader, would you like to get a blowjob from Adam Levine? Have you posed next to the suggestive ad? Tell us in the comments!

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26 May 15 By G. 3 Comments

Men of Montreal: Dustin Holloway On Display


Dustin Holloway‘s tool measures a good 7.5 inches and like most English Canadians his dick is cut. He was surprised when he was told that most French Canadian men are uncircumcised. MoM got him to do a solo soon after he arrived by train. This was a good way to get acquainted and make everyone feel comfortable.

Dustin will be back this summer to meet some other Men of Montreal. Stay tuned!

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26 May 15 By Laam 5 Comments