Naked Sword: Brent Corrigan and Chris Harder


At the end of his performance at the Hustlaball, sexy go-go stud Chris Harder heads to the dressing room and comes face-to-face with his porn-crush, Falcon Exclusive Brent Corrigan! Brent compliments Chris on his show but the real show is about to begin. Chris gets down to worship Brent’s fat cock then stands up and fucks the superstar’s face. Brent takes charge by turning the Chris over, licking his hole and fucking his ass hard.

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GayRoom: Here‘s Your Chance To Get Your Ass Fucked By A PornStar!

GayRoom: Here‘s Your Chance To Get Your Ass Fucked By A PornStar!

How many times have you ever thought about having porn studio-level sex like the one you see daily here on QC? Bet like a gazillion times but sure there’s always some impediment to materialize that fantasy. Fret no more. GayRoom is about to become your personal genie and grant your wish, all while keeping your identity secret! This is like the chance of a lifetime so read carefully. If you’re a horny exhibitionist with a hard-on for hot porn stars, let anonymity be your friend because they are about to begin production on series that will feature real porn fans. The scene will be filmed from your POV with all images of your face removed from the scene. Simply go to this link and in the comments section, tell them your fantasy, why you’d be a good, and which porn stars you want to meet! They will probably contact you soon so have some recent body pics ready as they are required. Since the fucking a porn star is the big prize participants won’t be paid, however those selected will receive a trip to a fabulous American city and some spending cash for the trip.

If you make it to the shooting part, please tell GayRoom that QC sent you, we are going to be thrilled if one of our QC readers gets his fantasy lived out on camera!

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Austin gets more girth with Hydromax, you can too!


Randy Blue exclusive Austin Wolf is on hand to demonstrate just how easy it is to use, and how fast you will see results!

The results? longer lasting erections; increased sexual stamina; harder erections which leads to added confidence. Specifically, with regular use, Hydromax fills and stretches the spongy tubes inside the penis responsible for rigidity and duration.

Back to Wolf in the shower – if he is any example of what using Hydromax can deliver, sales are likely to exceed the millions of Bathmates already sold in 70 countries globally.

Visit Hydromax to learn more!

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Have You Ever Wished For A Larger Penis?

Have You Ever Wished For A Larger Penis?

Just as the other day we were discussing the extreme lengths some people are willing to go when it comes to enlarge their junks the general consensus among QC commenters seemed to be a total aversion towards such body alterations. But there’s one thing no one can deny, large cocks are a desirable thing and whether you are a lucky winner of the genetic lottery or the proud owner of an average-sized dick there are always safer, and fun to use, methods to keep your penis in good shape. Like hydrotherapy, the revolutionary approach that Hydromax proposes with their marvelous devices. Come, make the jump and pick your favourite model device and your favourite shape of cock!

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