ChaosMen: Kevin Reed

ChaosMen: Kevin Reed

Kevin Reed has done a couple solos, but still was a little nervous. But only until the interview started. He was actually very calm and self-assured, and plays really well to the audience.

He is Bi, but seems to be leaning more to dudes. He loves to suck dick, the bigger the better. Sexually, Kevin says he is versatile, but he sounds more like a Top. He might want to suck on a big cock, but sitting on them is not a skill he has mastered, though not for lack of trying apparently.

Kevin gets his cock hard quickly, and for a little guy, he has a nice stiff 7-inch rod. Big plump head too!

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CollegeDudes: Kenny Cox Fucks Zane Douglas

CollegeDudes: Kenny Cox Fucks Zane Douglas

As CollegeDudes Zane Douglas and Kenny Cox make out, Zane loses his clothes piece by piece and by the time that toned and sexy stud is naked, Kenny is on his knees giving him head! Zane loves Kenny’s warm mouth around his cock as Kenny sucks that sweet dick, taking it deep down his throat as Zane moans for more and then bends down to get a taste of Kenny’s meat next.

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Queer Clicks: June 26, 2017 | A Winning Design For A New York Monument To Gay And Transgender People, Twitter Is Shook By This Insanely Phallic, Newly Discovered Sea Creature. Frankly, So Are We, & Other News

Twitter Is Shook By This Insanely Phallic, Newly Discovered Sea Creature. Frankly, So Are We

“Scientists have just released a series of photos of marine animals found in Australia’s eastern abyss, and it’s a pretty swingin’ scene down there. The so-called peanut worm (and why didn’t they just call it the “penis worm” instead of being coy?) is really the most phallic thing imaginable outside of actual penises.” Queerty

Anthony Goicolea

A Winning Design For A New York Monument To Gay And Transgender People

“Just as NYC Pride festivities got underway, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo had some timely news on Sunday: The artist Anthony Goicolea had been chosen to design the first official monument to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people commissioned by the State of New York. In Mr. Goicolea’s design, the monument takes the form of nine boulders, some bisected with glass that acts as a prism and can emit a subtle rainbow.” New York Times

Norwegians Raise Cash To Re-erect ‘Penis’ Rock

“Trollpikken, a popular tourist attraction, is broken, bearing cracks and holes that suggest it has been vandalised, say experts. Activists are collecting money to repair a penis-shaped rock formation in southern Norway after the popular tourist attraction was found badly damaged.

Joggers on Saturday discovered that the Trollpikken rock formation appeared to have been cut off, and noted drilling holes in the rock – which experts said strongly suggested the rock had been vandalised.” The Guardian

Penis Workout: This ONE Exercise Will Give You Stronger, Longer Erections

“Even men who think they’re doing alright in the bedroom, probably wouldn’t say no to a better erection.

But how can you boost your stamina in the sack?

Well, there’s a workout for your penis that can help strengthen your erections.” Daily Star

Insta-Stud: Santi

“Santi is crowned with today’s inaugural title of DNA Insta-Stud.

We found the stud on Instagram and have gone through his account to share the hottest pics he has on display.” DNA

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QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

We can’t get over how hung is our new QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week!

It’s a cock of epic proportions and its owner knows how to use it. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how long this nascent relationship last. We’re enjoying every second of the ride but his sex drive is so massive (probably fueled by his equally massive manhood) that we can’t keep up with his pace. It’s truly a miracle that when he’s hard he doesn’t pass out. With all the blood flowing in one direction it’s really surprising that he can do anything else with his body. A stud like this one doesn’t come along the way very often so we’re determined to squeeze every drop of sex out of him!

Check out the full set of nudes of our latest QCNBFOTW. Should we keep him for more than seven days? Let us know in the comments!

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Joey Mills of Helix Studios

Joey Mills is one of Helix Studios’ biggest and best stars. This smooth young eighteen year old has everything going for him, and as he is versatile, he loves to fuck and to be fucked. This sweet innocent looking young twink is from St Louis, MO, and as well as starring in 20 hardcore gay porn movies for Helix Studios already, he also works six days a week as a server in a pizza restaurant. The strange thing is, he hates pizza, but as he’s quite the dish himself. People don’t mind him giving them a slice of something in their hungry months. Especially when they see the big hard bulge hiding in his pants as he serves them.

Joey is cute beyond belief, and he is five feet nine inches tall, has brown hair, sexy blue eyes, and he is gay with a seven-inch dick, a nice set of balls, and one hell of a fuckable ass.Joey Mills first hardcore gay porn vid with Helix Studios was released back on July 19th, 2016. It also starred Justin Owen, and was titled ‘Drilling Joey Mills’. Resident, jock, Justin Owen, is the lucky guy who gets to break Joey in on screen, and this hot and horny gay porn movie will leave you wanting to see more and more of Joey. It is full of ass rimming, masturbation, jerking off, kissing, big dicks, and of course, amazing ass fucking, cock sucking, and plenty of hot cum. Just seeing Joey opening up his legs and showing us, his smooth tight asshole is enough to make a guy jerk off. Justin goes in with his probing tongue, and gets Joey’s ass all wet and primed ready for his cock. As he aims his rock-hard dick right on that dripping wet hole, the camera zooms in, and we see that dick slide in easily, inch by beautiful inch.

His other gay teen titles include Barefoot Boys, Lifeguards Teaser, Magic Mouth, and an amazing cum drenched orgy called ‘Lifeguards, Party Wave.’ This is a 6-man orgy full of beautiful young twinks all on heat, and Joey ends up getting his ass getting gangbanged by two huge cocks at the same time.

Joey Mills in the best thing sliced bread, and I for one would love him to be in the middle of my sandwich. As well as being a popular young Pornstar, he hasn’t let it go to his head, and he remains a sweet and charming young man. You can also watch a YouTube video of him on the internet where he gets his leg tattooed.

There are a few free gay twink sites around where you can see clips of Joey getting his ass fucked hard, but if you go to Gay Twink Tube , you could can preview all his Helix Studios movies before you buy a membership..

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Falcon Studios: Ryan Rose, Gabriel Alanzo and Jake Archer

Jake Archer is in his underwear in the living room checking out his phone when Gabriel Alanzo enters while listening to his headphones. Gabriel is dancing and making Jake giggle when he comes over and makes the moves on Jake. They make out and grind pelvis on pelvis through the cotton fabric of their tighty whities when Ryan Rose casually walks in and joins the action. Ryan sits down and immediately becomes the focus of the other two hunks.

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Raging Stallion: Topher DiMaggio and Jeremy Spreadums

Topher DiMaggio is horsing around in the clear, blue pool with Jeremy Spreadums. Topher reaches around and pulls down the back of Jeremy’s rainbow swimsuit, fingering his tight hole. Jeremy goes underwater, pulls down Topher’s bathing suit, and gives an underwater blowjob. Coming up for air, Jeremy makes out with Topher while stroking Topher’s hard cock. Exiting the pool, they move to a shady spot in the grass.

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Beefy Hunk Tears His Shirt Open To Reveal His Hairy Chest!

Beefy Hunk Tears His Shirt Open To Reveal His Hairy Chest!


He didn’t turn green but he definitely hulked out of that shirt. When you have so much testosterone like him you can’t help but doing this kind of stuff. The action didn’t stop in ripping apart items of clothing. He also stroked his cock like a pro!

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Watch the FULL video for FREE after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments!

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