CollegeDudes: Scott Riley Fucks Conner Mason

CollegeDudes: Scott Riley Fucks Conner Mason

CollegeDudes Scott Riley and Conner Mason are feeling sensual today as Scott leans over Conner from behind and places kisses on his neck, reaching around to run his hands across Conner’s body as they make out. They lose their clothes piece by piece and when Scott’s pants are off Conner can’t help but reach for that big dick, stroking it gently as they kiss until Conner’s craving for sweet cock are too much and he goes down on Scott.

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Queer Clicks: December 5, 2016 | Meet Auto Erotica, Castro’s Vintage Gay Porn Store For 20 Years, Mykki Blanco Calls Out YouTube After His Video is Censored for Underwear Bulge, & Other News


Meet Auto Erotica, Castro’s Vintage Gay Porn Store For 20 Years

“Twenty years ago, Auto Erotica moved into a second-floor commercial space on 18th Street where owner Patrick Batt focuses on vintage and collectable gay porn. DVDs, magazines, movies, cards, photos, posters, pins and even VHS tapes are just some of the things collectors and other shoppers are looking for.” Hoodline

Turns Out Grindr Is A Godsend If You’re Gay, Twentysomething, And Disabled

“Grindr can all-too-easily become a time-sucking vacuum that snags you in endless convos with headless torsos, but for many gay men, it’s an essential tool in their dating arsenal.

That’s certainly the case with Josh Hepple, a twentysomething with cerebral palsy. He published an article in The Guardian about exactly how the dating app has revolutionized his romantic life.” Queerty

Mykki Blanco Calls Out YouTube After His Video is Censored for Underwear Bulge

“As Blanco and others were quick to point out, there are many videos on YouTube that show just as much or more explicit material but are acceptable because they align with heterosexual standards of sexuality.

“Why is Queer sexuality censored & policed but images for a Cis male gaze of sexualized women are not ?” Blanco tweeted.” Towleroad

‘Sense8’ Season 2 Release Date Announced (Plus a Christmas Special)

“It’s official: Netflix’s sci-fi drama Sense8 will return for a second season on May 5, 2017.

What’s more, the groundbreaking series will have a two-hour Christmas special available to stream on Dec. 23, according to Variety.” Out

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QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

Our new QCNBFOTW is a serious man but we take putting a smile on his face as our own personal challenge!

The previous holder of the title left us so we are in bad need of someone to take care of our sexual needs asap. Enter this blond hottie. The moment we saw him we knew he was our new QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week right there on the spot. His physique is super nice but he says he’s in the process of bulking up a bit more. From where we’re standing everything looks perfect to us but hey, if he wants to spend more time at the gym by all means go for it. The abs and the biceps we’re all eyecandy but there was another muscle that left us speechless. His (fat) cock is everything you could wish for and then he turned around. Those cakes! We have a feeling that after his time is up we’re going to have a tough time letting this one go.

Make the jump to check out the complete set of photos or our new boyfriend of the week. Is this one a keeper? Let us know in the comments!

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Broke Straight Boys: Chris Taylor and LJ Richards


Chris Taylor and LJ Richards are in the studio today and these boys are ready to get started, eager for their early morning fuck as they make out. As they kiss, they undress and once they lose their clothes, they get into the oral, 69ing so that each guy has a cock in his mouth and they get each other hard before LJ gives Chris some special attention.

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Bel Ami: Jim Kerouac, Dario Dolce and Billy Cotton


Yesterday we saw Billy getting pounded by both Jim Kerouac and Dario Dolce, and as he is never one to let an opportunity go by, seizes the moment to turn the tables and gang up with Jim in fucking Dario. Who do you think was the better bottom? Billy or Dario?

See more at Bel Ami.

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Owner Of Washboard Abs Cums For You!


This wank session surely counts as an exercise for the abs!

He goes straight down to business. No time to waste, the moment you hit the play button he starts shooting his load! It’s so hot when they can’t wait to show off the white stuff coming from their hard cocks!

You are about to enjoy this video completely for FREE courtesy of the Premium section of Sticky. Hundreds of videos like these are posted all across the site. Go premium and dive in, new content is added daily!

Watch the complete video after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Active Duty: Chase & Scott Millie

Active Duty: Chase & Scott Millie
Active Duty 50% OFF!

Now here’re a couple of tried & true vets that know exactly how to crank up the heat and have a good time. It’s Scott Millie and Chase, and we don’t know why these two haven’t been matched up yet! One is an insatiable, cock-hungry recruit, and the other is a powerful, relentless top. We think Claude knew this one would turn out very hot, because he doesn’t chat too much with these boys. Once they have the go ahead, they pull out their cocks and start jacking together. Chase, of course, is first to tell Scott to go in and suck his cock. We are sure Scott’s mouth was watering by then anyway! Scott bends down and gets a nice mouthful of Chase’s beefy cock. Then Chase decides it’s his turn, so Scott stands up and lets Chase have a taste.

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