Sean Cody: Sean and Tanner Bareback

Sean Cody: Sean and Tanner Bareback
Sean Cody $1 Trial Promo

Sean and Tanner are always just beautiful to watch! Both guys are handsome, with super hot bodies, and cocks that are just simply hard to resist! Tanner blowing Sean’s big cock and getting it well and hard for his hot ass. It’s definitely heart pumping rush when Sean gets his turn to fucks Tanner. Sexual chemistry between the 2 hotties sky rocketed as they fired off warm streams of cum on each other! DAYUM!

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IconMale: Dirk Caber and Wolf Hudson


Dirk Caber is out on the deck in the Autumn sun, gazing down the road at a young athletic man, Wolf Hudson, walking up the driveway wearing denim and work boots. Dirk gestures for him to come toward the house, inside. Wolf is friends with Dirk’s son, which is why they’ve been hiding their attraction to each other. Dirk expresses how long he’s wanted to touch him, and is honestly surprised that Wolf decided to come out to the cottage.

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SpunkWorthy: Blowing Chase

SpunkWorthy: Blowing Chase

Chase loves getting head. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on the perspective), his girlfriend isn’t that good at getting him off with blow-jobs. After his massage scene, though, he realized that guys really do know how to get the job done. So, when Chase’s GF went out of town, recently, he sent a text asking about “getting together” again.

Once the cameras were fired up, Chase almost laughed at how hard his dick was getting before his jeans came off. The bulge of his cock was pretty evident even when he first walked in the door.

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William Higgins: Denis Menerov


Denis Menerov is a very hot straight guy aged 18. He is a student who enjoys sports, boxing and martial arts. He does a nice interview, as he sits on the sofa. Then, interview over, he see Denis as he is bare-chested and removing his jeans. He has a good body, which he runs his hands over. He also rubs his crotch, through his underwear as he leans back on the sofa. Denis pulls his dick out, and his balls, and begins to wank.

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Cocksure Men: Joel Vargas Barebacks Petr Oteo

Cocksure Men: Joel Vargas Barebacks Petr Oteo

Handsome Joel Vargas and sexy Petr Oteo kiss passionately in the woods, grabbing each other’s bulges. Joel plays with Petr nips. Petr does the same revealing Joel’s amazing, chiseled body. Joel pushes Petr against a tree and Petr pulls his jeans down. Joel gets on his knees and wraps his mouth around Petr’s uncut prick. Petr takes his turn on Joel’s pole, sucking the tip then licking Joel’s balls. Joel lays on the ground and Petr rides his raw cock bareback. He takes a break to suck on Joel’s cock. He hops back on Joel’s cock bareback.

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Skater Boy Bound And Flogged At BreederFuckers


Many pop stars have sung about their lust for a skater boi you know those hot fuckers zip around the city, crouched on their boards with their bums pointing out. The men at BreederFuckers are going to take one of them and suspend him in bondage from their ceiling! Skater boy Ross is about to receive his first ever punishment and he’s not happy about it, he mutters a stream of homophobic insults which only make things worse for him. His ass is going to be finger fucked, stretched and abused with a huge butt plug and if you thought that nothing could top that wait until a line of pegs a ripped all at once from his body. The bad boy is no more, all is left is the surprisingly satisfying sexual experience that Ross is getting!

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QC’s Wish You Were Queer: Rafael Nadal – Because We Want To Play Strip Tennis With Him!

QC's Wish You Were Queer: Rafael Nadal - Because We Want To Play Strip Tennis With Him!

Who’s hungry for a Mediterranean dish? In his work as the new face and global ambassador of the Tommy Hilfiger brand Spanish Tennis Champion Rafael Nadal is putting that famous well-rounded behind of his to work. He recently made an appearance at Manhattan’s Bryant Park to play tennis and strip off his clothes! Thank goodness it was 90 degrees under the New York sun. Despite some teasing and playful objectification, as Jane Lynch hilariously said , (she was hosting the event) “We’re doing reverse sexism here!” Rafael kept it decent and didn’t showed the naked parts we wanted to see but don’t worry, QC has you covered because we have the leaked pictures of his infamous boat trip where he exposed his 14-time Grand Slam winner ass while changing his bathing suit to give you a frame of reference. And if his rear part is not a match point for you his bulge will clearly win the set. In addition to these public appearances Nadal also stars in a new cheeky ad that founds him in a red locker room suggestively smiling while he’s about to lose the boxers. Super sexy but we do hope that his new underwear contract clearly stipulates that he has to keep using a jockstrap in the court. He fills those white pants so incredible well, don’t you agree? How would you react if Rafael Nadal was gay? Tell us in the comments!

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Corbin Fisher: Jacob Hammers Harper

Corbin Fisher: Jacob Hammers Harper
Corbin Fisher: Back To School Sale

Summer may be drawing to an end, but the studs at Corbin Fisher are still in full heat!

Poolside, Harper makes sure that Jacob gets the full enjoyment of the poolside fun. He serves up some mimosas but it’s not like he needs him to get Jacob loose. He’s been gone for a while so he is oh so ready to catch up on his summer flings! Harper sucks his dick poolside and is ready to fuck him right there! Jacob wants to head inside so that they can get loud and crazy.

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Lucas Entertainment: Dylan James And Valentino Medici Flip Fuck Bareback

Lucas Entertainment: Dylan James And Valentino Medici Flip Fuck Bareback

Valentino Medici makes his first appearance in this set of scenes and he’s showing off his goods to Dylan James. These two have matching body types — they’re well muscled and rock solid in their builds — which shows when they start fucking each other, because it’s apparent they’re not afraid of breaking anything.

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Guys In Sweatpants: Dillon Anderson Takes Austin Wilde’s Load


Not only is this the first time Dillon and Austin fucking, but it’s Dillon’s first bareback video here! It took him a couple minutes to really get Austin’s big dick in, but once it was, he fucking loved it. Just before Austin came, he asked Dillon “can I cum in you?”, and if you listen closely, you’ll hear Dillon whisper “oh yeah… please!!” He definitely got filled up, and you can see it dripping off Austin’s cock when he pulls out!

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