Raging Stallion: Johnny V and Rocco Steele


Tattooed muscle man Rocco Steele locks lips with ginger-blond hunk Johnny V. Johnny strokes Rocco’s massive cock, then sinks to his knees to perform oral worship. Few men could manage Rocco’s enormous girth and length, but Johnny shows off just how good he is. As saliva drips from Johnny’s mouth, Rocco grunts approvingly, shoving his meat even deeper down Johnny’s throat. Johnny bends over and Rocco dives in face first. With his fingers, Rocco spreads saliva along the rim of Johnny’s hole and pushes it deep inside.

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MenAtPlay: Brazen – Logan Moore and Bulrog

MenAtPlay: Brazen - Logan Moore and Bulrog

MenAtPlay welcomes newcomer, Bulrog to the office. Logan Moore was walking past the room of Bulrog when he overheard a phone sex conversation and Bulrog was playing with his hard cock. Logan was getting excited and wasted no time in getting into Bulrog’s pants. The men kissed each other passionately as Logan gave Bulrog’s hard rod a good and wet suck. Bulrog rimmed Logan’s hole, wetting and preparing to insert his turgid cock into Logan’s warm hole!

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Gemini Men: Trey Foster’s Audition


22 Year old Trey Foster is a welcome to Mark Gemini’s collection of hot men. He’s straight buts seems a bit open minded so we’ll see what Mark can talk him into…but here he talks him out of his clothes! The camera captures every delicious inch of this hot guy before he takes his big cut dick in hand s and works it to a creamy climax. He shows off in the shower and we especially like the way he dries his butt!

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Men.com: Colby Keller and Hector De Silva


Colby Keller finds his perfect sexual match in Hector de Silva. After spending some time passionately tongue-swapping, Hector takes Colby’s beautiful cock in his mouth and preps it for the plunge. Colby returns the favor before rimming and entering Hector’s man-hole. The boys then flip positions, and Colby has the pleasure of Hector’s cock pumping inside him.

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This Skinny Dude Likes A Bit Of Rough Play!

This Skinny Dude Likes A Bit Of Rough Play!

Who would have thought that behind those blue eyes there was a bad boy that wanted some punishment?

He stroked his cock, showed off his butt and paraded his pale skinny body in front of the camera. Then things got interesting when he picked up a belt!

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Active Duty: Ryan Jordan & Craig Cameron

Active Duty: Ryan Jordan & Craig Cameron
Active Duty 50% OFF!

This duo is nothing but crazy, laid-back fun! Active Duty‘s veteran Ryan Jordan matched up with newer recruit, Craig Cameron. The vibe is there right from the jump, and it’s one that we really like. As Ryan bobs on that happy knob, Craig keeps admiring the size and beauty of Ryan’s gigantic stiffy. We think he was getting a little anxious to give it a try. But before he can, Ryan gets on his knees on the floor and services Craig for a bit longer. Finally, Craig gets to sidle up on his stomach next to Ryan and attempt to fit that hulking boner in his mouth. “This is definitely THE biggest cock I’ve ever had in my hand,” Craig says before he wraps his wet lips around it.

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Kristen Bjorn: Peter Vasco and Rainer

Kristen Bjorn: Peter Vasco and Rainer

Rainer hooks up online with Peter Vasco and invites him to his hotel. Both men begin stripping down exposing their extensive ink work and Peter’s caramel sculpted, muscular body. Peter is hungry for Rainer’s hot, fleshy cock and devours every centimeter of his hard shaft and swollen head. Rainer moves in and swallows Peter’s fat cock whole as Peter works his own nipples increasing his carnal desire. Flipping Peter onto all 4’s, Rainer plunges tongue first into that perfect pink, smooth hole, giving him a wild tongue lashing. Rainer feels the ring of Peter’s ass loosen and rams his raw cock completely into that hot muscle canal.

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GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week

This new GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week has all the flavors and we can’t wait to try them all.

A lineup this exceptionally good is bound to make your selection process a royal pain. The moment you are settled on one hottie the next one arrives with an even bigger cock or butt and you are screwed. We’re not even going to make you pick this time, we know you want them all. So make no plans for this upcoming week, we have you covered. One sexy GWiP’er for each day and then some.

These guys have so many great assets that we don’t know were to start. Handsome faces, muscles in all the right places, perfect butts and diamond-hard cocks. Should we keep going? What are you doing still reading these lines? Go ahead and feast your eyes with the nakedness on display!

Now the question remains, who do you pick first and who are you saving for last? Try to make your own rank and share it with us in the comments!

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Next Door World: Jimmy Clay, Scott Demarco and Allen Lucas


Allen Lucas begins with the whipped cream, applying it liberally all over the naked, statuesque physique laid out before him. Covering all vital and exposed bits first, he then sets to strategically placing various fruits, and when he’s done, escort Jimmy Clay is a veritable human sundae that Allen is just sure will bring a surprise. Allen won’t have to wait long to find out, as just as he’s finishing up is culinary masterpiece.

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