Hot Hetero Scally’s Anal Discipline At Breederfuckers


The guys at Breederfuckers found a sexy hetero driver. The temptation of to take advantage of him was too much to be ignored. He was subjected to a vicious sexual encounter. The cruelty in which he was treated was beyond measurement. To break into his sphincter they had to use a metal speculum to wrench it open. Liam moaned helplessly and his laments didn’t stop the men that filled his butt with their on piss. The shock in his eyes will be hard to forget. But the worst was yet to come. The fucked him and forced him to suck their cocks and eat their sperm. In the end he was just a sex puppet!

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Jack Tweed, From Celebrity Big Brother UK, Alleged Jerk-Off Video Leaks!

Jack Tweed, From Celebrity Big Brother UK, Alleged Jerk-Off Video Leaks!

British sausage alert!

Controversy has always followed Jack Tweed. The 29yo Londoner participated in Celebrity Big Brother after he became the widow of another former houseguest (Jade Goody) but previous to that he was almost evicted from another house. In 2009 the owner, and neighbors, of a place he was renting tried to kick him out for allegedly throwing a loud sex party. Inside the BB house his behavior also caused controversy. He directed abusive language towards the eventual winner and Indian native Shilpa Shetty. But all that seemed distant after the tragic loss of his wife Jade. Since then Jack has maintained a low profile and the general public seems more sympathetic towards him. Until now.

A recent video that has been circling could bring Tweed back to the controversial headlines. The duration of the images is short but clear enough to be taken seriously. A man, naked in bed, with an striking resemblance to Jack is seen stroking his cock. We’re 99% sure it’s him but we’re leaving final judgment to our readers. What do you think of the cock that appears on display?

Make the jump to check out Celebrity Big Brother UK contestant British TV personality Jack Tweed in an alleged jerk-off video. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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PeterFever: Peter Le – Kitchen Chef


Peter had met Nathan at a bar one night and went back with him to his place, and fucked all night. Peter woke up hungry from all of the rough late night pounding, so he headed to the kitchen to make himself a hearty breakfast. In the middle of cooking, he drank some water and ended up getting it all over himself. He stripped out of his wet clothes and couldn’t help but jerk off to the memories of Nathan’s smooth hole.

Watch Peter Le turn up the heat in the kitchen in new solo video, “Kitchen Chef”.

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Military Classified: Dwight


When Military Classified talked to Dwight about the next shoot, it was he who actually brought up the idea of getting down on his knees and giving the Master a little oral service for a change. That’s exactly what happened! Rob set up one of the chairs in front of the television and before long the cameras were rolling and he was sitting in the chair with a young 20 year old buck on his knees waiting to suck his cock!

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Raging Stallion: Logan Moore and XL


Hung stud XL sits back and jacks his thick cock while eager and sexy Logan Moore watches in amazement from a distance. XL licks his lips as he gropes his dick and shoots Logan a look inviting him to come have a taste. Logan approaches XL with an open mouth perfect for XL’s uncut cock to slide into. After swallowing all of XL’s meat, Logan bends over to let XL give his hot ass a deep and vigorous rimming.

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29 Nov 16 By Dave 2 Comments Billy Santoro, Jack Hunter and Darin Silvers


Billy Santoro is bummed by his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Jack Hunter brings home Darin Silvers for some ‘studying”. Billy catches Jack with Darin’s dick down his throat and decides to teach Jack how to worship the dick. Darin’s in for the time of his life as the two hotties service his cock and balls before taking turns riding on that dick.

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Daddy Bear Unloads One Inside His Truck!

Daddy Bear Unloads One Inside His Truck!

Driving completely naked and fully horny!

This daddy bear parked his truck to stroke his cock. A sunny day was the perfect excuse to drive around and look for some action. Apparently he couldn’t find anyone to service his fatty so he took matters into his own hands!

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Make the jump to watch the FULL video and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Corbin Fisher: Kellan and Clinton’s POV Fuck

Corbin Fisher: Kellan and Clinton's POV Fuck
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The great thing about both Kellan and Clinton is they’re not only two guys that are each incredibly hot to watch, but they’re also incredibly fun to watch! When these two guys are in action, it’s obvious they’re turned on and feeling good but you can also see they’re having a blast and really enjoying themselves. We think that might be more true with the action here than it ever has been before for these guys!

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Sean Cody: Nicky

Sean Cody: Nicky

Nicky is an absolute hottie. As we were trying to get to know him better, all we could focus on was his hard-on poking up behind his shorts. He was already hard this early on, so we knew we had to keep it short.

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Aaron Moody, British Footballer, New Video Of His Gigantic Cock Surfaces!

Aaron Moody, British Footballer, New Video Of His Gigantic Cock Surfaces!

There is obviously a donkey in his family tree!

Last time we checked on British footballer Aaron Moody he had been unmasked as the mysterious horse-hung man that wowed his followers on Tumblr. The goalie braved the storm in silence and remained quiet for some time. We suspect that when you have a third leg must be impossible to remain in that state for too long!

Now at 20, Moody has aired that insane monster once again. A shortened clip made the rounds but we’re glad to report that we have unearthed the COMPLETE video. Once you get to know his infamous and very distinctive member (which in case you are wondering is 8 inches flaccid and a solid 10 when erect) it’s impossible to mistake it for someone else’s dong. The surprising thing about this new video is the ending. Mooding not only jerk-off his gigantic dick he also fingers his butt!

Make the jump to check out a new video of British footballer Aaron Moody and his gigantic cock. When you recover from the shock don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments!

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