Lucas Entertainment: Damon Heart And Jesse Vos Fuck – Bareback

Lucas Entertainment: Damon Heart And Jesse Vos Fuck - Bareback

Damon Heart has the foresight to go straight for Jesse Vos’ nipples after unbuttoning his dress shirt. You want to talk about sex noises? Jesse certainly lets us all know he gets off from having his (very) sensitive nipples teased and licked. And that’s just his nipples — wait for when Damon pulls his pants down, bends him over, and bangs his ass raw!

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Staxus: Jaro Stone and Roman Black


The jury’s out on whether everyone’s favourite horned-up beauty, Jaro Stone, looks better with or without facial hair – but one thing fuckin’ certain, guys, and that’s that any scene with him in is almost bound to be a sure-fire winner! A point that’s once again underlined when he teams up with young Roman Black in a kids’ play-park of all places. Not that anything untoward takes place there, of course, save for a game of kiss-chase; but once the two renegades from the illustrious STAXUS Academy have returned to the privacy of an apartment you can be sure that such chaste antics don’t continue for long.

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Broke Straight Boys: Abram Hoffer and Gage Owens


Abram Hoffer and Gage Owens get to wake up this morning with sex, and apparently both guys don’t mind morning scenes at all, so they get right into it, kissing gently as Abram reaches down for Gage’s cock. Abram pulls that dick out and wraps his lips around it, sucking Gage’s sweet cock and making that dick throb as he sticks it down his throat.

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Daddy Bust His Nut!


Are you in the mood for some Daddy meat? Because this guy has plenty for everyone! On this new video from the Premium section of Sticky we get to see how this handsome guy and his big cock spend some quality time together. That cock is practically a cum fountain! Does it make you thirsty? Make the jump to check the complete video entirely for free and let us know what you think about his wanking style in the comments!

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Sean Cody: Steve (3)

Sean Cody: Steve (3)

Steve is a goofball from California that loves to just run around and have a good time. “I have always been a bit of a free spirit and get off on just being myself.”

Sean Cody had to ask, “What else gets you off?”

Steve laughed a little bit, “I have never really identified to just one thing. It could be a guy or it could be a girl. Who knows?”

He has a huge bubble butt also that he doesn’t mind showing off.

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Corbin Fisher: Tobias Feeds Ellis

Corbin Fisher: Tobias Feeds Ellis

There’s no denying that Tobias is a beautiful specimen of a man – and apparently Ellis thought so too! When he catches the buff stud flexing in front of the mirror, he pounces on him, strips him naked, and makes it real clear what he’s looking for.

Ellis is completely driven by pure lust and really shows off his dominant side by face-fucking Tobias and flipping him over to plow… but he also loves anal! So soon he wants to get fucked too.

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Masters’ Vicious New Sex Toy At Brutal Tops

Masters’ Vicious New Sex Toy At Brutal Tops

Edward is a snarling psychotic schoolboy and this time he’s back for a team-up with Master Lucas, together they will make the life of their sub a living hell. First they strip him naked and give the immediate order to lick clean the Masters’ shoes and their dirty feet. While the Masters exchange glances implying the total dominance they have over the powerless sub their final plan start to unfold. It’s the arse what they want to savage, they pick a belt and unleash their fury over the sub. Later a massive dildo, that has been attached to an inflatable ball, enters the scene. The sub is rapidly mounted on the device and ends up bouncing around on the ball with the sex toy stuck deep inside him but this part of the humiliation is just the beginning. Forced rimjobs and more verbal abuse await for him in the near future!

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QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

With just one cheeky wink of an eye and a dazzling smile our new QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week made us realize that we were under his spell. Then the nude photos arrived and we knew that the QCNBFOTW title it was his. After all the sex we’re planning to have with this cute and horny dude we think we might take a nap and use that cozy hairy chest of him as a pillow and we suspect we are not going to want to wake up or be disturbed from that perfect place. He’s the embodiment of BF material, whether he’s sporting his glasses of using his contacts his cuteness is just too much to handle the only thing that eclipses that is the sight of his entire naked body and his hot uncut cock. Make the jump to check all his photos and let us know in the comments what you think of our latest crush!

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Next Door World: Brendan Phillips and Arad


In anticipation of his anniversary, Brendan Phillips wants to do something special for his boyfriend, so he’s enlisted the personal grooming services of a professional. Arad has done male grooming for years, and never has a dissatisfied customer. One look at his ripped physique gives Brendan a good clue why. But despite his hulking muscles, Brendan is pleasantly surprised at the delicacy with which Arad goes about his task, and if he wasn’t so turned on, Brendan might very well drift off into peaceful sleep.

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Falcon Studios: Chris Bines and Bruno Bernal


After a quick cool-off in the pool, Chris Bines and Bruno Bernal are too ‘Heated’ to make it to the bedroom, so they ditch their clothes in the hall and make out on the spot. Wandering hands find lengthy cocks and nipples to tease. Bruno dedicates his lips and tongue to Chris’ cock and nuts, eliciting groans, but he saves one hand to attend his own ferociously throbbing rod. Chris pulls Bruno to his feet and becomes the one to get on his knees.

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