Bel Ami: Dylan Maguire


Bel Ami will soon be releasing a new movie called ‘The Unstoppable Dylan Maguire‘ as a nod to the irrepressible personality of Dylan. Crazy, sexy and funny Dylan’s personality is so dominant that we can almost over look his physical charms as well. Even though he is a little bit tubby here in this set of pictures they capture perfectly the allure of Dylan and the invitation to a good time that is there in his eyes.

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25 Apr 16 By Dave 5 Comments

ChaosMen: Cliff

ChaosMen: Cliff

Cliff was a referral from Noah Riley.

He said he was mostly a top, and Bryan thought it would be great to have a top daddy to jump in with some of the younger guys.

Well during the interview, he says he is mostly a bottom. Turns out he discovered the joys of bottoming, and now is all about it. Though when he left the ChaosMen studio, he said whatever, top or bottom, would be just fine with him.

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25 Apr 16 By Jo 10 Comments

CollegeDudes: Jordan Belfort Fucks Scott Riley

CollegeDudes: Jordan Belfort Fucks Scott Riley

Scott Riley is already reaching for Jordan Belfort’s bulging cock, begging him to get those clothes off and kiss him harder as they make out on the bed. Jordan rubs Scott’s dick over his shorts while he kisses his neck, letting Scott unleash his hard prick from his boxers and go to work on it! Scott kneels on the floor in front of Jordan and sucks that sweet cock, Jordan guides his mouth farther down, pushing Scott’s head to get that dick deeper down his throat.

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25 Apr 16 By Jo 3 Comments

New Master Lionel at BrutalTops


A brand-new handsome Master has arrived to BrutalTops! Young Master Lionel first order of business is to make the pathetic sub he found at his arrival bend on his knees and cause him real pain with the shock collar he has attached to his neck. The contemptuous top attaches then forces his armpits into his face and he gets so turned on that he drops his own trousers and does the same with his sticky asshole, planting him his butt on the sub’s nose. After the hole has been licked clean, Lionel squats down on the sub to continue the humiliation!

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25 Apr 16 By G. 1 Comment

QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

A man in uniform always does it for us but a man out of his clothes does it even better! We wonder, how could we thank him for his service? Surely you guys have some ideas about that! Our new QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week is a military hottie who wants to get laid asap unfortunately he’s on tour right now, which only increases his hornyness. Would you wait for him while he’s deployed? One thing is sure, you are going to love the cock picking out of his camo trousers, his pierced nipples and his cum-covered chest! How would you welcome this military man home? Make the jump for his full set of photos and let us know if he’s a keeper in the comments!

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24 Apr 16 By G. 3 Comments

Kristen Bjorn: Adrian Toledo and Brian Mcknight


Adrian Toledo release a bottle with a message into a river, but soon he’s enjoying the splendors of Brian McKnight, kissing him and giving up his ass for Brian’s total pleasure. Adrian’s sexy, open hole receives Brian’s spit and tongue, while Brian rubs his hard dick against Adrian’s jeans and shoes. After Brian has thoroughly tongued that hot ass, he fucks it — and Adrian jerks his cock as he takes Brian’s meat.

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24 Apr 16 By Dave 1 Comment

HotGuysFuck: Kellan Hartman, Rob Burry and Jackie


Kellan Hartmann has made his return to with their first Male Male Female scene. This trio was made up of the sexy Rob Burry and Jackie. Although it was different to film and we we’re not 100 percent sure how it’d go, it was definitively plenty of fun and everyone left with a smile 🙂 For those who belong to HotGuysFUCK, please leave a comment in the members area to let us know what you think.

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24 Apr 16 By Dave 4 Comments

MenAtPlay: Provoked – Mike De Marco and Sunny Colucci

MenAtPlay: Provoked - Mike De Marco and Sunny Colucci

Mike De Marko joins the ranks at MenAtPlay and straight away he has set eyes on fresh meat Sunny Colucci. And he is willing to do almost anything to be the first to get his hands on the 25 year old new-comer. At first Sunny shies away from Marko’s blatant advances but when he realises Mike is not about give up anytime soon, Sunny decides it might be best to break the sexual tension and give him exactly what he wants, and that’s a good dose of juicy dick.

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24 Apr 16 By Ken 2 Comments

Broke Straight Boys: Tyler Griffin and Chris Taylor


Tyler Griffin and Chris Taylor start out gently, caressing each other as they kiss and Chris feels his way along Tyler’s body, rubbing Tyler’s cock through his pants before Tyler strips completely and lets Chris get at that sweet dick. Chris takes Tyler’s manhood in his mouth, sucking that fat cock slowly and deeply until Tyler’s hard and horny as fuck. Tyler undresses Chris and pulls him forward to the edge of the bed, holding his legs up as he slowly presses his naked cock against Chris’s entrance and fucks him slowly, making sure Chris feels every movement of that dick inside him.

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24 Apr 16 By Dave 3 Comments

English Lads: Max Meyer


Max is a straight young man with a great body and today, our first shoot of the year out in the sunshine, he seems to be very turned on stripping and showing off his body in the fresh air. His uncut cock comes out his boxers nice and soft, though it is only seconds later and his cock is pointing up at the sky.

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24 Apr 16 By Dave 2 Comments

Gemini Men: Josh and Zach


Josh and Zach had worked together in an oral scene that ended with two hot facial cum shots. Mark knew Zach, the newbie, was comfortable with the more experienced Josh and thought Josh’s big dick was just the one to crack the straight guy’s cherry. So he asked them in and guided them through some hot making out and mutual sucking before Josh starts rimming Zach. His tongue is soon replaced with his finger and a toy getting the virgin hole ready for his big dick. Zach can’t take it for very long, but he takes all of it and we’re sure he’ll be back for more.

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24 Apr 16 By Dave 3 Comments