Corbin Fisher: Marc, Ryder And Brayden’s Bareback Fuck Fest

Corbin Fisher: Marc, Ryder And Brayden's Bareback Fuck Fest

At Corbin Fisher – all young, attractive, and sexually talented – Ryder, Brayden, and Marc unleash their mouths and cocks on each other!

Comfortable in their own skin and no strangers to the pleasure that comes from thick, throbbing, and hard meat, they go at it wholeheartedly. Ryder plays with his hole as Brayden and Marc take turns servicing him – then he goes after Marc’s!

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Bel Ami: Arne Cohen and Milan Sharpe


Today’s update is with a couple of boys who Bel Ami works with on a slightly less than exclusive basis. It is not their normal way of doing things, but as Arne Cohen and Milan Sharpe normally give outstanding performances we decided that it was not too big of a problem.

There are no prizes for guessing that this scene was shot in South Africa (there are not such nice beaches in Prague nor in Budapest) and we join our boys as they have an impromptu photosession whilst walking along the beach. After a few more intimate snaps back in the room things start to get a little to heated to bother any longer with the camera.

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04 Oct 15 By Dave 4 Comments

Active Duty: Quentin and Ivan

Active Duty: Quentin and Ivan

Ivan and Quentin met each other at a small Active Duty champagne party with other few recruits. Apparently, they talked, sparks flew, and they approached Claude with a request: they wanted to hookup on camera! Although Ivan’s a newer recruit, he seems to feel comfortable with Quentin, who starts things off right away by taking out Ivan’s hard cock and putting it into his warm, salivating mouth. After Quentin enjoys Ivan’s fat dick, Ivan goes in and returns the favour. And Ivan doesn’t wanna wait too long before fucking that sweet bubble butt. Ivan lays on his back on the bed and Quentin pushes his throbbing dick into Ivan’s tight, pink hole.

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GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week

This one was a particular tough week when it comes to selecting hot dudes from GuysWithiPhones, there were so many top notch entries that it really was an herculean task to narrow the list to just ten. Fortunately, the Hall Of Fame houses the rest for posterity and this new edition of GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week will surely be a tough act to follow. Now let’s get down to business shall we? Because altoght this is still technically a top ten, you’ll find more than 10 GWiP’ers. How’s that possible? Easy, some of this gorgeous and perfect specimens decided to increase their chances of getting your vote by bringing along a friend and in at least one case even two! Who are you going to champion this week? Tell us in the comments!

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MenAtPlay: Hands Tied – Hector De Silva and Robbie Rojo

MenAtPlay: Hands Tied - Hector De Silva and Robbie Rojo

Robbie Rojo seems to be gaining quite a reputation at work, after offering sexual favours to his boss Dallas Steele – and the rumour going round is that he’s an amazing fuck, and always horny for more! So when Hector asks him to swap one of his work shifts, Robbie plays hard ball and manipulates his handsome colleague to get exactly what he wants from him – except this time he wants him restraint so he can have his fill of Hector’s thick, uncut cock.

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SpunkWorthy: Avery

SpunkWorthy: Avery

Avery‘s a 23 y/o military stud who’s been thinking about getting into porn for at least 2 years. That’s about how long ago it was when he first got in touch with SpunkWorthy, and then suddenly disappeared. As it goes with many of our fighting men, deployments happen and it took this long before finally he’s getting naked for the world.

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Maverick Men Directs: ‘Eleven Inches Deep’ – Ken & Trevor


This video is for the monster cock lovers out there! Sexy, tall, deliciously bisexual Ken took his curiosity to the next level and stuck his beautiful eleven inch uncut monster cock into a delicious slice of white cake. The look on poor/lucky Trevor’s face was priceless when he saw the size of Ken’s cock for the first time. Trevor is no stranger to horse cocks and he loves them hard and deep. Watch Maverick Men training this hung straight boy how to fuck man ass for the very first time.

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Deviant Otter: At The Y.M.C.A. with Xavier Jacobs


Devin has always fantasied about servicing a guy in an abandoned building, and just a couple weeks ago that fantasy came true with the help of his buddy Xavier. Since they had only seen the old YMCA from the outside during the day they had no idea what condition the inside was in, or if there were any good places to film. It didn’t take long before they discovered a room behind what appeared to be the old locker rooms. The space was solid concrete so even the faintest moan would echo off the walls and envelop the entire room, every pant and slurp amplified traveling back through their bodies, it was incredibly erotic. If watching real documented sex is your thing, you’re going to enjoy this.

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FraternityX: Tom


Tom ain’t nothing more than a hole for the guy to stick their dicks in. They were sick to death of his fucking bullshit and his fake-ass surfer vibes. They’re
pretty sure that the only thing that he’s actually good at is taking
a load up his ass. Fucking slut gets passed around more than the frat house

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Guys In Sweatpants: Chandler Hawk & Lukas Grande


A few weeks ago, Chandler came to Guys In Sweatpants wanting to get his dick sucked. Little did we know, he was a complete virgin at the time! And this time, he came back and pumped his load into Lukas! Lukas definitely took control of the situation, and even ends up cumming hands free as Chandler fucks the cum out of him! Watch until the end to see what Chandler has to say about his first time!

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