New Site Attack: Drill Him


New from the minds that brought us FraternityX and Sketchy Sex comes a new level of debauched, sex starved guys in a balls to the wall, cum guzzling orgy of wild sex that is completely unscripted and raw. Like the other two sites there are gangbangs of beer and cum guzzling guys that are hungry to get down to business and get off. Drill Him is on hell of a crazy ride!

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22 May 16 By Dave 2 Comments

Falcon Studios: Jacob Peterson and Jordan Boss


Returning from his walk, Jacob Peterson finds Jordan Boss just stepping out of the shower. Jordan is pumped from his workout, and his cock is hard and ready for action. Jacob pulls off his clothing, and Jordan’s towel falls to the floor. Sinking to his knees, Jacob slurps on Jordan’s hefty meat stick, generating plenty of spit for lube. Jordan flexes his stomach, showing off his perfect treasure trail.

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22 May 16 By Dave 6 Comments

Tim Tales: Tim Kruger, Caio Veyron and Bogdan Gromov


Monstercock Superstars Tim Kruger and Caio Veyron are taking turns on Bogdan Gromov‘s asshole. Bogdan asked for it (literally, in a Whatsapp message) and TimTales gave him the total package. Both guys fucked his ass hard, Tim held him tight white Caio jackhammered him…and you just have to become a Member to see the full 24 minutes of the action.

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22 May 16 By Dave 6 Comments

Would You Give This Hands-Free Wank Two Thumbs Up?


Damn, this ripped guy was so confident that he was giving two thumbs up even before his load had fired off! The explosive cumshot was totally hands-free and you are going to love how his muscles contract seconds before the money shot. This gem comes from the Premium section of Sticky, where you can find hundreds of videos like these, but we’re sharing this one in particular completely for FREE. Make the jump to watch the full video and let us know what you think in the comments!

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22 May 16 By G. 20 Comments

Active Duty: Ivan James & Arron

Active Duty: Ivan James & Arron
Active Duty 50% OFF!

It seems like it’s been too long since we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying Ivan James. It’s a good thing he’s here now to show the ropes to just about the sexiest new recruit we could’ve imagined: Arron! After some warming up, they both get naked and jerk their cocks for a little while. To our surprise, Arron is first to jump on Ivan’s cock. He manned right up and took the first bullet. By the looks of it, Ivan is impressed with Arron’s first attempt at pleasuring a guy with his mouth. Arron gets Ivan hard as a rock and takes advantage of that happy dick – enough that Ivan was salivating to get a taste of Arron. Now this doesn’t usually happen, but when Ivan takes a break from that hard dick, Arron feels moved to engage in a deep, passionate smooch! That’s right, this is a sexy and somewhat romantic display here.

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22 May 16 By Ken 7 Comments

Kristen Bjorn: Ivan Gregory and Hans Berlin

Kristen Bjorn: Ivan Gregory and Hans Berlin

Hans Berlin needs to get his hands on some fast cash and decides to sell his prized camera to Ivan Gregory. Ivan invites Hans back to his hotel to further inspect the camera. Once in Ivan’s hotel room he discovers some very elicit photos of Hans that gets him very excited. Hans chokes down Ivan’s enormous cock before feeding his immense cock down Ivan’s hungry throat. Both men gag, choke, drool and swallow each other’s cocks with great eagerness. Hans turns around and opens up his hot, pink hole and Ivan shows him just how hungry he truly is. His tongue darts in and out and all around that hot ass, giving both men immense pleasure.

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22 May 16 By Ken 5 Comments

Ask QC at QCommunity: How do I have mutually pleasing sexual connections?


Ask QC at QCommunity is the dedicated place for all our QueerClickers to connect, support and share their wisdom. You can start a new discussion, join a thread or browse through the hundreds of posts archived there to share your concerns, issues and advice. And we’ve made it easy for all to join in – no fuss, no new accounts, just log in with your regular Disqus account that you’re already using here. This week OnAslowjourney asks about:


So I’m not someone that hooks up all the time but recently I’ve become more open to it. So I’ve met a couple guys from an app and haven’t had the most satisfying experiences. Firstly, I am a top and consider myself to be sexually dominant. I didn’t even fuck either of these guys, which is fine because I’m generally more turned on by foreplay anyways. However, in both my experiences the guys were too rough for me. One of them, literally. But it’s an awkward situation because I want them to have a good time but I can’t seem to get my needs met. In both instances I did not orgasm. The first time I thought it was partially due to nerves and not feeling comfortable. But both times the guys were way too rough! I tried to communicate how I felt but it was harder the second time. I don’t know what it is…Maybe I’m just not used to voicing my needs in general… So now I’m wondering how do I find a guy who is more gentle and sensitive, and allows me to take the lead. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks!

If you’d like to join the discussion and share your advice, thoughts and experiences on this issue, then jump on over to ▸ QCommunity ◂ now!

Need advice? Just post your questions and the QCommunity will get you some answers!

22 May 16 By Timski

GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week


Your favorite time of the week has arrived! This new GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week is a bonanza of HUGE cocks! Veiny cocks, uncut cocks, hard cocks, curved cocks, cut cocks, you name it, they are all here and one delicious bubble butt for all those ass lovers out there. Who is going to get the most votes among these demi-gods? Trying to settle in just one is pure torture for us so we’re very intrigued on who our readers are going to crown as their favorite. Make the jump to check the full lineup in all its glory and don’t forget to champion the GWiP’er of your dreams in the comments!

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21 May 16 By G. 10 Comments

William Higgins: Filip Vacek


Filip Vacek is aged 20 and is a student. He enjoys sports, fitness and jogging in his free time. He is a good looking guy who impress from the outset in this shoot. Posing for the camera Filip lifts, and then removes, his tee shirt to show off his fit chest. It is nicely developed, as are his biceps which he flexes for us. Then Filip opens his jeans and as they slide down a little we are teased with the base of his cock.

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21 May 16 By Dave 3 Comments