Sean Cody: Wallace

Newbie Wallace looked down at his dick, “That’s Wally, he gets a lot of attention.” The Guys from Sean Cody were curious to know more about Wally. “Well, he likes to play more than I do … the fucker stands up when he’s not supposed to.” Thankfully they encourage the “fuckers” to stand!

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ChaosMen: Kouri

ChaosMen: Kouri

Kouri doesn’t seem to want to label himself, but for the photos he watched some trans themed porn, and for the solo he stuck to straight porn with girls squirting all over the place. Ironically, he didn’t seem too interested in any of the bisexual videos Bryan had. So perhaps he is hard to slap a label on.

At only 5’7″ tall he has a nearly 8-inch cock. He says with women he is aggressive, but when it comes to dudes, he likes them mature, and dominant. He also says he loves having his ass fucked.

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CollegeDudes: Grayson Danielz Fucks Conner Mason

CollegeDudes: Grayson Danielz Fucks Conner Mason

What starts out as an innocent study session between students leads to something a lot more fun When Grayson Danielz helps Conner Mason relax after some tense exam prep. A few shoulder rubs leads to some making out, and then these two horny guys are giving up the kisses for some cock as they suck on each other’s sweet dicks! They take turns giving head and then both get a mouthful of meat when they 69, Grayson sucking on Conner’s balls and fingering that tight little ass before getting him on all fours and rimming his hole.

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Queer Clicks: March 20, 2017 | What’s Gay About the Irish?, Upcoming Bravo Show ‘Stripped’ Strips Participants of Everything, Including Their Underwear & Other News

What’s Gay About the Irish?

“Before you get all over my case, it’s OK, I’m Irish. And pretty damn gay. Here is a short but pungent list of gay Irish stuff.” Advocate

Upcoming Bravo Show ‘Stripped’ Strips Participants of Everything, Including Their Underwear

“Bravo has been aggressively promoting its upcoming summer show Stripped in which folks are stripped of everything. It seems to be a Naked and Afraid in the real world.” Towleroad

Ollyw00d and His Daddy Issues Party Are Coming Stateside

“When men of a certain age and their admirers make their way out to The Stud in San Francisco for Daddy Issues on Saturday, they sadly won’t find party co-founder and man-about-instagram, Oly Innes there. Having just moved to the States weeks ago, the Grindr employee is still getting his West Coast bearings in Los Angeles. But even without him, the party, which Innes teases as a preview to Daddy Issues LA, should be worth it.” Out

Ridin’ solo: One Direction’s Liam Payne Strips Off To Launch His Debut Album

James (buzz) White for Rollacoaster

“Liam Payne has stripped off for a scorching photoshoot for Rollacoaster magazine in his first ever cover story as a solo artist since One Direction went on hiatus in 2016.

The 1D hunk sent his fans into meltdown with the semi-naked shoot, but also revealed that Donald Trump once kicked him and his bandmates out of one of his hotels. No, seriously.” Gay Times

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QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

Our new QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week is cute as a button but with a cock like a porn star!

He’s on the “nerdy” side of things. Once you get to see him with his glasses on you won’t be able to shake that word off your mind. The best part about him is that he’s constantly horny. This piece of eye candy is super tall, 6’3″, with a lean body frame, the cutest butt you have ever seen and a weapon between his legs that will make you consider move him from the BF category to potential husband in a blink of an eye. He’s still a student at the Uni so in between exams we’re going to take advantage of his free time as much as we could. We just can’t get enough of that smile and those devilishly cute eyes!

Make the jump to see the complete set of photos of our latest QCNBFOTW. Should we keep him around for more that a week? Let us know in the comments!

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Japan Boyz: Culture Shock

Hole-y shit, the Grand Canyon has nothing compared to the slurppy rosebud of Alex Abysse. Adding to this ass-ome time is Tomohisa; the Japanese twink whose beautiful lips love to serve. Working Alex front and back, Buck decides it’s time to glove up and fist; that piggy’s in for it now. Moving to a longer glove, Buck brings out the best in Alex as Tomohisa blows in the boy’s face. By the time Buck’s done with Alex, everyone’s wetter for the wear and tear.

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StraightMenXXX: Jay & Rave Radiate Heat

Jay flies in, not from China where he is originally from, but closer. Describing one of the hottest fucks he’s had, this twink knows how to take a dick. Hitting up the hot tub, Jay slides in next to Rave Hardick and they chat; Rave’s here to do a scene for and the industry has Jay curious. Showing Jay his tool of the trade, Rave’s meaty cock has the boy licking his lips. And the taste leaves Jay wanting more.

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Gayhoopla: Gabriel Jordan & Forrest Marks

Gabriel Jordan and Forrest Marks are really two of Gayhoopla’s favorite guys to work with. Both of them are so easy to work with and love being in front of the camera. We believe this video is almost a year old which completes the spring training saga of videos. One of the parts Gayhoopla remembers being pretty funny was when Gabriel Jordan was nervous about getting rimmed.

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Bel Ami: Mario Texeira

Bel Ami moved their casting schedule around this week to make room for newcomer Mario Texeira as they would really appreciate your feedback on whether to extend his stay with them or not. Mario in many respects is a typical 21 year old. On top of having sex 3 times a day when he can, he is also jerking off to porn another 3 times. Physically he is athletic in build with magical eyes. He’s also quite well blessed with a big cock. Take a look at Mario and let them know what you think.

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