QC Open Forum: Reactions To Gay Men Holding Hands In Russia And Ukraine

QC Open Forum: Reactions To Gay Men Holding Hands In Russia And Ukraine

Not everything is porn and eye candy, sometimes here at QC we can debate serious topics. It seems like every news we get from Russia or that corner of the planet gets sadder and sadder when it comes to the LGBT community but nothing makes it feel more real than when you see it with your own eyes. A couple of (brave) Russian YouTubers, following the recent news of the court ruling in the US about marriage equality, decided to put things into contrast by showing that the fight for gay rights is not over yet, not until we truly get equal rights globally. Although sadly you expect violence is a given in countries where governments are as homophobic as Puttin’s it is somewhat even worrisome when onlookers don’t attack but act like if they are in the presence of aliens when they see two gay men just holding hands.

The hostility of conservative mindset is palpable and it gets scarier by the second specially in the case of a social experiment in Ukraine that tried to replicate the first Russian video in their country. The result was even worse, the cameras captured how violence escalates to the point where a gay couple, after receiving an endless tirade of homophobic slurs and phrases like “It looks like they’re mistaking this place for America,” gets kicked and showered with pepper spray by a group of men that outnumbered the couple by a ratio of practically 3 to 1. We ask you QC reader have you experienced something like this yourself? How would you react? How do you think is the best way to help the LGBT communities that are living those countries? Join the conversation in the comments!

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Eric Deman Update

Eric Deman Update

When it comes to all about spying EricDeman is a master! These hot straight guys are about to get exposed while the celebrate a victory after a match in the privacy of their locker room. Much like the steam from the showers the victorious feeling fills the room and soon they forget how naked they are as these fit athletes chant and hug each other butt naked!

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Maskurbate: Pascal Meets Darius

Maskurbate: Pascal Meets Darius
Maskurbate 50% OFF

It’s a beautiful day at Maskurbate! Pascal has been watching this guy’s career from a distant, only hoping that one day he could meet him in person. Honestly, Pascal thought it would be impossible because he lives on another continent. Pascal was on his way to meet his good friend Manuel Deboxer in Quebec city when pornstar Darius Ferdynand wrote him on Twitter saying he was in Montreal for 3 days and wanted to do a scene for Maskurbate. Pascal immediately turned around and went back home. Pascal thought it was a joke but he had to take a chance. Pascal’s fantasy came true when he saw Darius in front of his house. Pascal was excited like a kid in a candy store.

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IconMale: JD Phoenix and Ian Levine


When old college buddies David (Dirk Caber) and Mark (Nick Capra) take their young sons (Ian Levine and JD Phoenix) to the mountains for a winter retreat, snowball fights and late night card games create unexpected sexual tension between the pairs. As the gorgeous sons struggle with their taboo desires, they turn to each other’s dads for support – and the sexual gratification their young bodies crave. Starring Nick Capra, Dirk Caber, JD Phoenix and Ian Levine.

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Military Classified: Spencer


Rob started sucking Spencer with some interesting foreplay. he licked his balls… both of them… and licked his way up to his crotch and Rob’s tongue just continued up his waist, stomach, and eventually caught his nipple and then gently biting his nipple. Next Rob sucked his nipples that he knew was turning him on BUT in order to keep his straightness in tack, he had to act like it wasn’t doing much for him… but trust.. it was.

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Next Door World: Ivan James


Ivan James is a good ol’ country boy from West Virginia who has got the right attitude and a nice package to boot. Good natured and not too complicated, Ivan‘s extroverted personality comes through, as we catch up with him outside, taking in the first rays of summer as he lounges by the pool, slowly stripping out of his board shorts as he exposes his meaty cock, stroking it as he stands to take off all his clothes.

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MenAtPlay: Indiscreet – Dani Robles and Xavi Duran

MenAtPlay: Indiscreet - Dani Robles and Xavi Duran

MenAtPlay favourite Dani Robles is having trouble with junior colleague Xavi Duran, who doesn’t seem to care about workplace etiquette, and keeps coming onto Dani while he’s frying to prepare for a presentation. But Xavi is that kind of guy, if he wants some one, he won’t take no for an answer and today he wants a piece of Dani’s sweet ass.

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CollegeDudes: Dax Daniels Fucks Alec Black

CollegeDudes: Dax Daniels Fucks Alec Black

CollegeDudes Dax Daniels and Alec Black don’t even seem to notice the camera as they make out on the bed, biting each other’s lip and running their hands across the other’s body as they pull off their clothes bit by bit. Dax runs soft kisses down Alec’s toned chest and stomach until he reaches the tip of that hard cock, already standing at attention for Dax!

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Corbin Fisher: Aiden Feeds Cort His Load

Corbin Fisher: Aiden Feeds Cort His Load

Aiden is a Corbin Fisher legend, Cort is a rising star. Putting these two together was a no-brainer, especially Aiden had never watched any of his guy/guy videos before. “This was a really fun scene for me. It got really fast paced a couple of times. I was impressed with the way he took my cock. Cort is really good at sucking cock. I liked the chemistry we had in the video.”

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Lucas Entertainment: Letterio Amadeo, Dmitry Osten and Tristan Archer – Bareback Threesome

Lucas Entertainment: Letterio Amadeo, Dmitry Osten and Tristan Archer - Bareback Threesome

Here’s hoping that Letterio Amadeo is hungry for twink meet, because he has double the fresh face to bang in his threesome encounter. Dmitry Osten is the first on the menu, you probably remember him: He’s the cutie with the adorable face and the big uncut cock (it’s fun to watch it flop against his stomach while he’s taking cock on his back). And then the youthful Tristan Archer is invited over by Dmitry.

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