Kristen Bjorn: Robin Sanchez and Xavi Duran

Kristen Bjorn: Robin Sanchez and Xavi Duran

The uber handsome Xavi Duran hooks up with the muscle demigod Robin Sanchez for a hardcore fuckfest. Both men’s heavy cocks are straining the fabrics of their underwear and are demanding to be freed. Xavi takes Robin’s hefty uncut cock into his mouth and has Robin’s muscles tensing and flexing as Xavi’s hot mouth sends shockwaves of pleasure throughout his entire body. Robin’s cock stands at full mast and no steel rod could be harder than his cock is at this moment. Xavi needs to be careful and backs off, Robin’s ball sac has drawn up high and tight and is ready to unload. So, Robin decides it is time to edge Xavi as well. Taking full advantage of Robin’s expert cock sucking skills, Xavi gives his throat a good fucking.

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Queer Clicks: February 19, 2017 | Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Dancers Reunite 25 Years Later To Strike A Pose, & Other News

image:Oliver Zeuke

The Flesh, Fur, And Volume Of Oliver Zeuke (Photos)

“Oliver Zeuke was born in December 1973 in Bavaria, close to Munich and has been living in Düsseldorf since 2007. In 2013 the now passionate photographer bought his first DSLR camera. After taking a few photos, an intense interest was awakened.” Advocate

Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Dancers Reunite 25 Years Later To Strike A Pose

“When Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour launched in 1990, the world hadn’t seen a pop spectacle as confrontationally queer and delightfully subversive as her’s. At the time, she was the biggest star on the planet, fresh off the release of Like a Prayer, which saw the single, “Express Yourself,” encouraging listeners to shamelessly celebrate their individuality—a novel, even provocative, message in a pre-Born This Way climate. Armed with an affecting voice, Madonna was able to spread her ideas across the globe like religion, planting the seeds for a new generation of sexual liberation and LGBTQ empowerment. ” Out

Tyson Beckford’s Loaded Gun, Rodiney Santiago’s Endless Vacation, & Johnny Weir’s Smelly Pits

“This week, Colton Haynes finally revealed who he’s been dating, Ryan Murphy unveiled the hideous Trump-ed up theme of American Horror Story season seven, and the Out writer who profiled Milo Yiannopoulos in September “came out” as conservative—surprise! Here’s what happened on Instagram…” Queerty

“Dad” Steve Grand Shows Off His Muscle Gains w/ Shirtless Pic

“Daddy!!! Steve Grand is showing off his muscle gains on Instagram and it’s clear that hard work is paying off!!” Instinct

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GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week

GWiP's Top Ten Of The Week

This new GWiP’s Top Ten Of The Week is all about fat schlongs!

We’re going to need to find a cozy place to accommodate such impressive members. The iPhone-loving hunks of this lineup are not fooling around. Just one look and you’ll know their HUGE cocks are some serious business. From heavily armed tops to big-dicked bottoms this celebration of nakedness will put you to a test. If you have a gag reflex you are screwed with these appendages, only the experienced and brave could satisfy the monsters featured here. We don’t know if you’ll find the GWiP’er of your dreams but we can guarantee you are going to have so much fun with the selection process. This time we want them all!

Make the jump to appreciate every inch of their naked bodies and to claim your favorite. How would you rank them? Arrange them in your own order and share it in the comments!

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Naked Sword: Brent Corrigan, Dorian Ferro and Dominic Pacifico

After performing every task and now consumed with fear for his trusted assistant, Brent is ordered to invite two fans over for a three- way to indulge his crazed fan’s desires. Brent calls up Falcon Exclusive Dorian Ferro and Dominic Pacifico and with his live cam in hand, Brent supervises as Dorian takes both Brent and Dominic in his mouth while Brent records the action. Dominic uses his fat uncut dick like a battering ram on the helpless Dorian while Brent alternates between active participant and director making him wonder if he might be ready to return to adult films.

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Raging Stallion: Letterio Amadeo and Mick Stallone

Mick Stallone is a scruffy versatile stud from Montreal who loves making out and rimming. Letterio Amadeo is a beefy Australian top who puts all his passion into fucking. They both crave the intimacy of eye contact. As they make out and rub against each other in bed, Letterio quickly assumes a dominant position over Mick and begins giving him head. Wet saliva coats Mick’s cock shaft as Letterio works the sensitive head with this thick lips.

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William Higgins: Igor Vanok

Igor Vanok is aged 19. This great looking straight guy is a clerk who enjoys sports, soccer and fitness. He is very impressive as he poses for the camera, opening his shirt and showing of his slim body. The shirt is removed and igor continues posing, teasing with his pubic hair showing above his underwear. Turning, back to camera, he lowers the underwear to reveal his sexy ass.

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Next Door World: Brandon Moore and Jordan Boss

Seeing his roommate fall asleep during Brandon Moore‘s yoga class, you might think that Jordan Boss isn’t getting the most of his relaxation session, but Jordan is mindful enough to know that Brandon’s tutelage extends far beyond mere solo bodywork. Brandon specializes in easing the tension in some of those hard to reach areas, and his flexibility is on full display whenever he applies his techniques.

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Island Studs: Rohan

Island Studs: Rohan

Rock hard Rohan, a big beefy bearded body builder and lumberjack from Washington State with a full bush of dick hair, poses and flexes his thick smooth boy body both in sexy underwear and nude. Rohan keeps his throbbing belly slapper rock hard throughout most of this video, while he power washes the pool deck, jerking his stiff dick, pees in the sun and spreads his bubble butt wide open as he goes yoga naked, opens his pink boy hole while he jerks off outside in this exclusive new video from Island Studs.

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18 Feb 17 By Ken 6 Comments Griffin Barrows and Tayte Hanson

Griffin Barrows and Tayte Hanson explore each other’s delicious dicks and luscious asses.

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Inked Pecs And Cum-Covered Tummy!

Inked Pecs And Cum-Covered Tummy!

Look at those cheeky eyes, he has some plans for you and they all involve his cock!

This hottie doesn’t just cum… he simply spurts! His beautifully muscled body is a work of art, with the inked pecs all he needed was to sign his masterpiece. And that he did on his tummy and with his super hot load!

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