Lucas Entertainment: Jimmie Slater and Nick Cross – Bareback

Lucas Entertainment: Jimmie Slater and Nick Cross - Bareback

Something worth noticing is the six-pack Jimmie Slater has earned for himself. Seeing it flex in this scene proves his hard work at the gym has paid off. Nick Cross would agree: he’s a personal friend of Jimmie’s (you know, one of those personal friends you play with raw when there’s nothing else to do) and he certainly is enjoying Jimmie’s incredible body, most of all the hard cock.

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ChaosMen: Ares

ChaosMen: Ares

Ares is local, and his girlfriend does adult video too. The two were made for each other. She is bossy and domineering in bed, and he is very passive and loves BDSM stuff. Apparently she has a big strap-on that she takes to him.

He seems split right down the center on liking guys and girls. He likes a dude to take control, and of course fuck him, while eating out his girl, or even fucking her.

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Gayhoopla: Max Summerfield and Tyler Hanson


Max Summerfield had been slightly crushing on the thicker Tyler Hanson. He found him outside trying to catch a tan and had to interrupt as he saw his chance while the house was empty. His plan was to throw Tyler in the pool and get him all wet forcing him to have to strip. Max’s plan worked and took the opportunity to slide his hands down Tyler’s pants and grab his boner.

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Bel Ami: Yuri Alpatow and Roald Ekberg


Today Bel Ami has a pair of Nordic looking gods for you as models of the week. Yuri Alpatow and Roald Ekberg.

You should be familiar with both guys already and Roald was one of the boys initially in Greece for our recent production trip…. at least until he crashed his motorcycle there and had to return home, just a little battered and bruised.
No worries here for today’s images as they present him in his peak condition.

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Ask QC: He still uses dating apps even though we are in an LTR


Dear Ask QC,

I’ve been dating my current bf for over 8 months now, we met on the dating apps which was fun and convenient at the time. The thing is he still uses them, it irks me when I see notifications pop up on his phone when we are together. He says its because he still has good friends on there that he chats with. But I thought at 8 months and seeing as we are dating steady it would be a good time for us both to delete them – but he’s refused.

He says I am being overly sensitive on the issue and that I have to trust him but it does rather make me feel insecure. When I’ve asked my friends about this they are divided into two camps on this. There are those that say I should give him the freedom and room to do what he likes and not become a clingy or needy bf for fear of driving him away. And the others say he is probably a player and still hooking up and that’s why he still uses the apps.

Am I being too whiny and insecure or do I have a real concern with him still using the apps?



Hi Aidan and thanks for writing in with your questions and concerns. The dating apps are definitely a great way to meet new friends and with the possibility of meeting a future partner too. Generally profiles will directly say if they are looking for friends or lovers so perhaps you could ask you bf to either show his profile or some of the chats he has to set your mind at ease? He may well say this is an invasion of his privacy but it’s for him to decide what he may or may not show you. Depending on his response this may well be an opening for you both to be able to discuss this further – his chats and friends on there could well just be platonic and in showing you he would be able to ally any fears or insecurity you may be feeling on this issue. So dear QC readers, what advice would you give Aidan? Any tips on how he should approach this subject with his boyfriend? If you have any ideas on how to help Aidan and his partner then please share your thoughts, advice and experiences in the QComments section!

Need advice? Just send in your questions and the QCollective will get you some answers!

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The Casting Room: Jamie and Dean

The Casting Room: Jamie and Dean

At, straight guys Jamie and Dean have never had sex with a man before, but both are interested in expanding their sexual horizons. They are put together in a blank room and told to come up with a list of things that they would expect to see in gay porn. It’s now their job to nervously enact all these scenarios while being filmed. This is a challenging situation for the naïve heteros who need some direction as they fumble their way through their first horny male on male sex.

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QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week

QC's Nude Boyfriend of the Week

This was totally love at first sight! Our new QC’s Nude Boyfriend of the Week is a horny cyclist who has a seriously gorgeous lean, tight body and a perfect cock to match. Look at him, how can you not fall in love with those puppy eyes that scream “don’t waste any time and let’s go to bed!”. This handsome blond devil is an outdoorsy kind of guy who loves sports but inside four walls he’s a one-track mind sex bunny who loves to show off his thick cock! What do you think about our latest conquest, should we keep him? Tell us in the comments!

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