Nude Abercrombie Models

Have you ever been in one of those Abercrombie store’s with the posters of hot, half naked male models all over the wall? Have you been suckered into buying one of their seasonal magazines with the promise of even more revealing photos of those guys only to realize the most you have purchased is some guy’s butt on page 18. Well, have no fear…here we present three pictures of the Carlson Twins completely and perfectly nude. The Carlson Twins are about as close to perfect as it gets and they are genuine Abercrombie & Fitch models…only nude in all their “I have a big meaty cock” glory.


The other model you may or may recognize is Joseph Sayers. Again an Abercrombie model, but this one has some very hot amatuer style nudes on the web as well. You can see a lot of photos of both the Carlson Twins and Joseph Sayers in the free QueerClick Gallery (Hint:Go to the gallery and search for “Abercrombie”)


12 Oct 04 By Editor D 5 Comments