Chicago Gay Games

Chicago organisers of the Gay Games VII Sports and Cultural Festival are reminding worldwide LGBT athletes and artists that early registration for the 2006 quadrennial sports and culture event closes on December 31 – TODAY!
Registration is available online at or by calling (773) 907-2006. On January 1 the base registration fee for Gay Games VII increases from US$125 to US$175. The additional sports and cultural event fees remain the same, ranging from US$35 to US$124. The sailing event has now reached capacity, and the golf competition is filling up quickly. Gay Games VII will take place 15-22 July 2006 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
All are eligible to participate. There are no qualifiers. Athletes and artists that are beginners to recreational, masters to elite levels, are welcome at the Gay Games.
Visit for more info. (via

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Bumper Updates at Sean Cody

This week, Sean Cody brings us not one, but TWO updates! Happy New Year!
Update #1:
Trey at
Trey is a fan of the site who contacted Sean Cody recently with one wish — to give either Ross or Patrick a nice, long blow job. Trey is very oral and loves big cocks. As luck would have it he’s local, so they had him out for a meeting. He’s all smiles and very polite, with a toned body and an exotic look. They loved his enthusiasm and invited him back to do a video the next day.
Trey at
It’s easy to tell that Trey loves to be naked and he’s very sexual. Plus, he’s quite the shooter!
Update #2:
Trey gives Ross a blowjob on Sean Cody
How Sean Cody manages to meet a hot straight guy on the street and get him to film his first same-sex encounter a month later continues to bewilder us. But hey, no one is complaining!
Ross is a shy, quiet guy whom you would never suspect of being as open-minded as he has become. The pale, smooth-skinned guy has a lean and tight body. And of course, he also owns a cock that is FAT and JUICY (See below – told ya!). After his first video it took some work, but Ross finally agreed to get his first blow job by another guy.
Trey gives Ross a blowjob on Sean Codyg
On the day of the shoot, Ross was so nervous he was shaking. Trey, the lucky volunteer, was very excited about what was to transpire and very quickly made Ross feel comfortable. It wasn’t long before Ross’ cock was at full mast and Trey was in heaven…
Check out the new videos of Trey and Ross on Sean Cody or by clicking on any of the free pictures we’ve prepared for you below.

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Robbie Williams Gallery

Check out the Robbie Williams Gallery!
We’ve added 144 sexy pictures of Robbie Williams to the Celebrity Gallery as a treat to mark the last day of 2004. Robbie grabbing his crotch. Robbie with breasts. Robbie pit shots. Robbie butt shots. Robbie in heels…you name it. The pictures are both sexy and amusing – just like Robbie himself.
At last count, we now have more than 1,500 active registered users in the Gallery section and we see more and more sign ups each day which is very encouraging for us. =) The gallery is absolutely free so please feel free to check it out.
Bon appetite!

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Deveroos by Yoko Devereaux

We’re absolutely in love with Deveroos – the Underoos for grown-ups. Yoko Devereaux will be launching this new line of t-shirt and brief sets which is inspired by the late 70s underwear Underoos. Several great collaborators were brought in for the project including Surface to Air, Michael Bevilacqua, Colur and Boiler Mag. (thanks Josh!)
Yoko Devereaux, a very successful conceptual menswear start-up line based in Brooklyn, New York, is one of the emerging bright spots on the New York’s menswear scene. Co-founded by long-time friends, Andrew Salzer and Thomas Meus, the line is inspired by both classic menswear history and the emerging, ever-changing voice of the youthful independent street culture in New York City.

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Elton John and David Furnish Married?

Elton John is reported to have married long-time partner David Furnish at a Christmas Christening party held by David and Victoria Beckham.
The pair were among a star-studded guest list at the December 23 bash at the Beckham’s English country home to celebrate the baptism of the couple’s two sons, Brooklyn and Romeo.
They left the party with a “just married” sign in the back of their car.

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Jeremy The Strongest Man

Meet the strongest man on earth – Jeremy Bailey.
Jeremy Bailey - the strongest man on earth
In this experimental video, Jeremy tries to “perform” by holding his camera in his hand in a perpendicular angle to his body for as long as his arm can support it. But we suspect this is actually an erotic video in disguise. Look at how his facial expressions degenerate into lip-biting contortions and agony as he builds up to a climatic finish complete with heavy-breathing, moans, groans, and whimpering sighs of pain and pleasure.
And for the record, he lasted 4 minutes and 14 seconds.

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A Little Red Box

Public Service Announcement: We’ve added a little red box to the right column which will lead you to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) website where you can make an online contribution towards helping our counterparts in disaster-torn Southeast Asia.
In a world of poverty, war, displacement and disaster, the IFRC serves those in need without regard as to race, religion, class or political belief. No contribution is too small and we hope you can support these relief efforts. Thanks!

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Super72 @ Dudes Nude

When was the last time you visited Dudes Nude? This amateur site has a plethora of guys who do not mind sharing their goods with us. A hot-favourite of ours, you can find countless short jerk-off video clips on site – absolutely free! If you have not dropped by, make sure you set aside a good weekend to plough through everything.
But what caught our eyes today and prompted this post are Super72‘s aesthetically pleasing photos and collages. This guy’s got a keen sense of style and layout. He’s also a big fan of electronic music (with an A-Z list to prove). There’s obviously some digital work put into his video as well. We like!
Super72 at DudesNude
Some of you have written to say you have problems viewing the profile. In order to view or search the profiles, you’ll first need to log in. Hope this helps. =)

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Was Jesus Gay?

As Christians celebrated the birth of Jesus few of them will have been told anything about the sexuality of Jesus, yet a growing group of Biblical scholars believe that Christ may have had at least one sexual relationship with another male. More at Rainbow Network.

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The Humiliator

“The name says it all! This stylish and comfortable gag may be worn for extended periods of time. The ‘Scott Paul’ designed mouth piece provides a firm and biteable surface. It allows easy breathing with no bitter taste.”
The Humiliator
Scott Paul designs a unique line of adult products. Check out the “High Stepper“, the stand-up “Corner Cage“, and the very painful looking “Bumblebee“.

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