Brendon at Military Classified

Brendon is a little hottie straight boy from the rougher parts of San Diego. He has a current girlfriend and had impregnated her so he needed to make some money to pay for the abortion. Oh dear! Well it gets better…He let a guy suck his dick in high school when he was completely wasted at a party and said “the blowjob wasn’t bad for a dude.”
To relax Brendon so that he wouldn’t be so nervous at the recording, Rob offered him some “herb” and he generously accepted and took himself to a different level. It was perfect because Brendon was ready for unloading!
Brendon is pretty tall and thin but when he takes his clothes off you’ll see his cock is HUGE at 8.5 inches with two bull balls which hang low and thick! In fact, his cock was so big on his lean body that it looked almost detached. LOL.
Rob oiled up his python dick and gave him a well-oiled hand job. His cock responded very eagerly and throbbed as his long hard shaft was being stroked up and down. Before long he was getting way too horny and ready for action, glazing at the tv watching hot chicks getting fucked while Rob’s magic hands were driving him nuts.
When Rob started sucking his cock that’s when the heavy breathing began. He started gyrating his hips together with the deepthroating action. Watch him increase his hip salsa movements and breathing as he gets ready to bust those bull nuts whilst his knob swells and swells and got so engorged we were worried it was gonna burst open. Of course for a 19 year old it didn’t take very long before a handful of cum was spurting. all. over.
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