Officer Jake & Ethan at All American Heroes

Get prepared for one of the kinkiest scenes on All American Heroes.
As in all his previous scenes, Officer Jake is totally dominant and uses his co-star to orally service him. But in this scene, check-out Jake’s bemused smile as he looks beyond the set. He’s watching the reaction of Ethan’s newlywed wife who’s watching her husband get his first dick in his mouth (Ethan also brought her to his solo shoot when she was his fiancee)!!!
She gets an eyeful as Jake relentlessly fucks Ethan’s mouth and has the cute fireman lick his nuts. When Officer Jake starts gushing cum near Ethan’s face, the fireman tries to avoid taking the facial, but get hits by a wad anyway. The mortified expression on the fireman’s face is a classic! You can imagine the only thing on Ethan’s mind is “Dear God, just let it be over!”
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Officer Jake and Ethan get a loadful outta their straight systems!


31 Jan 05 By Editor D 2 Comments