A Coming Out Story

It was like a Wednesday or something and me and all these girls on my hairdressing course had gone to McDonalds because it was one of their birthdays. Anyway, one of them, Kerry, had this boyfriend Craig, who was really good-looking – he was wearing ripped jeans and had black hair and a suntan and he went to the gym so he had massive muscles. And normally I am like dead loud and the centre of everything, but I couldn’t stop staring at him because he was gorgeous. Anyway, he went to the loos and I had to go at the same time, so we were standing at the urinals and I was trying to lean over to see his dick and he said “what are you like gay or something?” and I said “yes”, so we ended up having sex in the toilet for 2 hours and his girlfriend Kerry ended up coming into the men’s toilets because she was worried about what had happened to us, and she caught us and freaked out and ran outside and told everyone. Then she took an overdose and nearly died. Then me and Craig were like boyfriends for a whole week, but then I got bored of him and dumped him because he was too clingy and I needed like SPACE and FREEDOM to BE MYSELF.

Lifted from Jamie4U.


25 Mar 05 By Editor D 3 Comments