Amateurs at
Technically speaking, most of them could be a boy at least twice over in terms of age. But NewBoyNudes, a spinoff from NewbieNudes, looks set to be the next haven for exhibitionists (and their admirers) to flaunt their ware.
You get all sorts of profiles. Here we highlight two for you. First is “Dwtbernd” who loves dressing up in lingerie and cumming into pantyhoses! “Razor1978” (hello, are you 27?) will amuse you with facial contortions that will put Jim Carrey to shame. Also, he’ll impress you with the impossible feat to go from flaccid penis to cumshot within 30 seconds (we first came across his videos at NewbieNudes last year)! By the way, we think your sister’s bra is one size too small for you, dude.
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