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Sirimongkol Singwancha nude photos from Heat magazine
Champion boxer Sirimongkol Singwancha was convicted and sentenced by a district court on Tuesday for taking part in publicising obscenity and was fined Bt4,000.
The four-time boxing champion appeared in a seductive underground gay magazine that showed every inch of him, including him in an erected state. Sirimongkol’s nude images were supposedly a secret to his boxing fans and general public until last week when a special police task force raided news-stands in a famous outdoor shopping area in northern Bangkok. Thousands of porn magazines and movies were seized. The boxer was among one of the celebrity models featured in the magazines.
Sirimongkol’s full frontal images were accidentally found in a two year-old issue of Heat, a magazine reputed to feature celebrities and out-of-job movie stars as well as look-alikes.
In the plastic-wrapped Heat magazine which costs about Bt500 (approx US$12), the boxer’s images included a number of photographs which showed his erect penis. Sirimongkol said he was paid about Bt200,000 (approx US$4,800) for the photo set.
Two years ago, Sirimongkol, apart from being crowned world champion by several well-known boxing institutions, also gained attention for appearing in a swimsuit spread in Lips – a leading local women’s magazine with a large gay male readership.
The bi-monthly magazine put him on its front cover together with a sexy female model in its March 2003 issue. It marked the first time that a local boxer was featured in an upscale fashion and lifestyle magazine.
The magazine won praise for its creativity and Sirimongkol became known as the most muscular and handsome Thai boxer.
Not expecting that his full frontal nudity shot would be included in the magazine Sirimongkol claimed that the staff simply asked him to pose “for fun and for them to view in privacy.”
“I regret (it) and I’d like to apologise to everyone. I’m very stressed now and sometimes losing sleep. I hope that I would be forgiven for what I had done,” said Sirimongkol.
In light of his cooperation with the investigation, the court reduced his fine from Bt6,000 fine to Bt4,000, and suspended his six-month jail term for two years on the condition of good behaviour during the suspension period.
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