Robbie Williams’ Full Frontal Nude

Look at my pee pee!
Not too long ago, we saw Robbie Williams flinging his pee pee at us, in an atttempt to make us sign up to his members-only site.
We’ve managed to score some pretty awesome uncensored grabs taken off his “Rock DJ” music video with a much better view! Here, he’s thrusting his hips and flinging his uncut pee pee again.

13 Dec 05 By Editor D 37 Comments


  • revox says:

    But the members only photo was a fake, supposedly.
    I wonder if these are as well. You’d think a faked dick would be huge — otherwise, what’s the point, right?

  • Gav says:

    Quite obviously a fake.
    Someone’s tried to be clever – and not done a very good job of it.
    Shame – would have made a great early Xmas present.

  • Tom Stockdale says:

    These pictures are fakes! I saw a special about the making of this video and he is wearing black underwear beneath the censored patch.

  • Aryc says:

    I don’t think it’s real

  • Dean says:

    Theylook pretty fake to me, but they help me imagine better anyway!

  • George says:

    Ahhh, that is so fake, or is that the joke of it?

  • don says:

    Well whether its fake or not, I think its all part of a fantasy I want with RW – LOL!, and yeah, so what if its meant to be a joke, it certainly brought a smile to my face! hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  • roger says:

    I guess there will always be detracters as to whether its real or not – I think thats irrelevant cos for sure Robbie Williams is the type of star who would be up for a laugh and actually doing it. I bet his management team get horrified at the idea of what he’ll do next? haha!

  • revox says:

    also, Robbie’s bush is huge — we’ve all seen it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Another tipoff. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Steve says:

    I suppose he could have had it trimmed especially for the video? LOL!!!

  • Benji says:

    Totally fake. His dick doesn’t look real in half of them anyway… like seriously, it looks like it was done in Paint.

  • ally says:

    HAHA! You guys are so funny there at QC! Yup that sure gave me a great laff seeing this, nice too see not too many actually took the whole thing tooooooo seriously, well I guess some have, but not too many, most people get the joke – LOL!!!

  • darko says:

    Hee! funny! but i bet his cock is nicer in real life?

  • derrick says:

    Nuffin wrong wif a bit of creativity n paintshop to put a smile on all our faces!

  • QueerClick says:

    Hi guys, wow there’s quite a debate there. We’re not sure the grabs are totally fake. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    The video that’s been aired is the final version with Robbie’s private parts blurred out. He was donning a pair of black briefs (with a tiger on it!) but he removed them later and much to his dismay, still didn’t manage to get the pretty girls’ attention being totally nude!
    That was when he proceeded with peeling his own skin, remember?

  • rebusrex says:

    There is a British magazine called 3d World which had an extensive article about the making of the video (it came with a cd with movies showing the scene from several angles); he had briefs on for the entire shoot.

  • david says:

    Hey this isnt a fake, I saw the original footage in a post production house where they had to mosiac his cock before broadcast – just so you know this is really his cock, yes its not that big but he really wanted to make the video and this was the only way to shoot it – totally nude then mosiac on top. Im sure most people cant believe its the real thing though, but just letting you all know its really not a fake. Btw Robbie PR department then actually had to “fake” a set of briefs onto that footage in order to protect his image – I believe these were later released for publication to “prove” his naked footage was fake!

  • JJ says:

    Well I heard from a friend who’s connected to his record company that the whole idea of RW doing this stunt was to promote his “bad-boy” image and create a lot of good/bad press interest – lets face it, truth or fake we all know that Robbie is quite likely to do such a thing and not really care about the consequences. Whereas the record companies marketing department/PR department actually “spat the dummy” when they realised what was going to be filmed! (no doubt much to Robbies amusement). Record companies have always been the masters of spin (pun intended) and most likely part of the “myth” surrounding this “fake or not” debate was totally intentional – thats the whole purpose of self promotion anyway, and to create something as self perpetuating as this, then well it really shows that yes it WAS a great idea to shoot the video in that way. Naked or not, who will ever REALLY know? (only Robbie and the film/prodution crew!)

  • avi says:

    cool! and i can’t wait for uncensored dick shots of mariah carey next!

  • degusto says:

    Now that would be very scary… very mariah-scary! Eeks!

  • raskl says:

    Now thats a wee wee.

  • gaydan says:

    im sorry but these pix are fake, its a big shame, but i know for a fact robbie is cut!

  • chester says:

    Hmmm… thats funny, I know for sure he’s got a foreskin (pls dont ask how!)

  • The David says:

    Well if you know anything about lighting or just have eyes…you can tell it’s a fake and “david” you’re such a fake, I don’t think any of us believed you…you don’t deserve the honor of being called David. But it was funny to see that…or maybe creepy, that looks more like a baby’s penis than an actual adult…eks!!!!!! It looks like it glows in the dark…specially since it is glowing, that’s why you can see it’s fake. Bye, bitches!!!!

  • J says:

    I’m no fan of Robbie, but when he’s naked, I don’t care. Gimme that dick and I’ll suck on it anytime. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • gavin says:

    OK girls calm down, its only a few pictures (fake or otherwise) afterall! LOL! You guys just crack me up, haha!

  • trist says:

    Personally im a bit of a Robbie fan myself and thought it great to see these pics, im sure theyre fake – but i enjoyed the fantasy while it lasted at least…hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Divad says:

    I can do a better job than this crappy and easily-recognised-its-a-fake pics.
    Hire me Hire ME!

  • QueerClick says:

    Divad (David’s younger bro?), please get in touch with us, with a better photoshopped wee wee on Robbie in tow. Thanks!

  • grass says:

    no matter it’s fake. i wanna his fuck!

  • ~Julie~ says:

    It’s real…He said himself that he wanted to become a nudist…and I Know for a fact that he did the clip nude.It said so on one of his dvd’s.
    Plus he’s one of those cheeky lil buggers…Why wouldn’t he have done it? HE’S ROBBIE WILLIAMS!

  • danno says:

    no really matter to me i want his chopper regardless!!

  • Michael2004 says:

    It annoys me that people actually think this is real, especially since he wore a flesh coloured thong while shooting the video..he actually has quite a nice dick ๐Ÿ™‚

  • EDUardo says:

    quiero ese video

  • jo says:

    It is real…i know it iv seen him naked and its that small XD!

  • xaxx says:

    how could anyone think this is real is beyond me. look at the color and size difference in every pic, ESPECIALLY THE FIRST ONE!!

  • Laphog says:

    A man worth dreaming of!

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