Matthew Rush at

Matthew Rush at

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Matthew Rush (born Gregory Grove on September 22, 1972) is Falcon‘s exclusive model. He is also a bodybuilder and personal trainer under his real name. He has competed at the Gay Games in Amsterdam and Sydney, Australia.
He appears as the top man in his videos, but in Taking Flight Part 2, Rush is the “bottom” guy for the first time on camera.

Matthew Rush at
He has had relationships with fellow porn stars Zak Spears, Rob Romoni, Jake Ginelli, Parker Williams and Joe Foster. Matt is currently dating Ethan Kage.
Rush is well known for his large penis, which is circumcised and measures nine inches (23 cm). His erect penis was molded and is now a sex toy.
Rush has appeared in the following video titles:
* Bootstrap (Falcon Pac 159)
* Taking Flight Part 2 (Falcon Pac 155)
* Taking Flight Part 1 (Falcon Video Pac 154)
* The Recruits (Falcon Studios, Falcon Video Pac 152)
* Drenched, Part 2: Soaked To The Bone (Falcon Video Pac 150)
* Drenched, Part 1: Soaking It In (Falcon Video Pac 149) Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
* Good as Gold (Falcon Video Pac 147)
* Deep South – The Big, and the Easy, Parts 1 & 2 Directors: Chi Chi LaRue and John Rutherford
* Defined (Falcon Video Pac 143)
* Splash Shots III, To The Hilt (Falcon Video Pac 141)
* The Other Side of Aspen V (Falcon Video Pac 139)
* Bounce (Falcon Video Pac 136)
* Alone with: Volume 1
* Ready for More (Jocks Video Pac 109)
* Hooked (Jocks Video Pac 108)
* Hazed (Jocks Video Pac 107) Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
* Aftershock, Part 2 (Mustang Videopac 68)
* Heroes
* Cross Country (Falcon Pac 161 & 162)
* Heaven to Hell (Falcon Pac 160) Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
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