Wade at CircleJerkBoys.com

Wade at CircleJerkBoys.com
Forget about “Right Said Fred” and welcome “Need, Breed & Seed” in our man Wade, who is more than just too sexy for his shirt; he is almost too sexy for words. Once that wife beater was history, it would have a been a crime against nature to do anything to obscure the view of shoulders this broad, pecs this rounded, abs this etched and biceps this pumped.
Perhaps it’s that shaggy mop of hair hanging down to the back of his neck, or the total ease and seemingly complete unawareness of just how smokin’ hot this 19 year old amateur body builder is that makes Wade such a prime slice of man.
On second thoughts, perhaps it is all of those things, and here’s the kicker: Wade is not one of those guys who built up his body to compensate for a wee wee-wee; that fat, hungry, veiny and cut 8” slab of breeder meat would probably cause him to topple over if it weren’t for those bulked up thighs holding it up – and even between Sequoias like his hamstrings, that mighty meat is a sight that makes you want to grab for a bottle of lube and your crotch at the same time!

Wade at CircleJerkBoys.com
Built like a brick house without being muscle bound, Wade undoes his belt buckle, oblivious to the fact that he’s opened the gates to the Promised Land. As those boxer briefs hit the floor, he has one of those heavy hanging dicks that make you want to drop right to your knees and with a touch or two, it is throbbing in his hand, almost standing on it’s own on top of a set of smooth balls that jut out like a ripe peach between those meaty legs. Letting it slap back on those rock hard abs and giving it an extra flex, as if he was finally having some quality time with the muscle he likes to work best, he spread those thighs wide, closed his eyes and seeing what he does next, we’ll bet Wade forgot the camera crew was there.
Once could have been an accident, twice a coincidence, but by the third and fourth time of his finger rubbing on that tight hole, Wade proved to be a man who learned how to get pleasure from every inch of that incredible body. That is all it took for his cock to swell even more and almost by instinct, he stood up as if he felt the need to keep the leaking head from dragging on the ground.
Finally settling back and pounding furiously away, he unleashes a torrent of jizz that reaches up to his chest and lands in a perfect line right down the center of his abs making a six pack of white brew that is best served at room temperature!

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