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Welcome to the new-weekly TV/Entertainment section of QC called QueerTube. Weekly we shall high-light, hunt down, stalk, analyze and report on GLBT TV and happenings.
As The World Turns ( Into an Ex-Gay Camp)
As The World Turns
CBS’s ATWT’s is a long-running Daytime soap. Often attacking some of the important issues that plague society, ATWT’s once again has been setting standards of awareness. Van Hansis plays gay teenager, Luke Grimaldi-Snyder, who is just coming out on the award-winning daytime soap. The character of Luke has been through the ringer for the last year in Oakdale. Recently, Luke began the journey of coming out to his parents, family and friends in Oakdale. This story line is very important to society today for it is covering all societal and familial issues along the way. Acceptance, shame, denial and fear are all dealing their hands into Luke’s coming out process.
This past week Luke’s mother, who blames herself for his “defect”, agreed to have Luke sent off to a “special camp” for “confused” teens. What she didn’t realize is this so-called camp is really an EX-Gay camp that engages in brainwashing, shame and fear tactics to turn teens straight. Luke resisted the idea and immediately realized what was happening. His mother, very pregnant, while looking the site up online freaked out when she discovered what it really is. It was at this time she realized how her ignorance and fear had led them to this point.
Racing home, she throws the camp recruiter out of the house and begins a heated shouting match with Luke. She tries to explain she didn’t understand the camps true purpose and while trying to embrace Luke she falls down the stairs. We are left wondering what will happen next. Van Hansis is an amazing actor and portraying this role perfectly. This show impresses me with it’s content. Luke Snyder has a blog journaling his journey and CBS joined GLAAD to create a public service campaign of “Be an Ally and a Friend.”
Rescue Me (The Probie is Bi? Gay? Confused?)
Rescue Me
FX’s series, Rescue Me, about the lives of firemen and their heroism, struggles and daily lives is a major hit. Trying to be ever so politically correct, Rescue Me has a lesbian teenager and now a (Gay-Bi-Needy?) fireman in training. The lesbian teen is the daughter of the star of the show, Tommy Gavin, played by Denis Leary. Tommy’s daughter proclaims to be lesbian and yet you have to wonder if she really is? She takes on these fads of one week being Goth and other week a Reborn Christian and when asked why by her father she states it is the “in” thing at school. So is she?
Rescue Me
Rescue Me is a high-energy show that keeps you on your toes. The actors are intense and their drama is very real. The drama is pulling in serious talent with the likes of Susan Sarandon, not to mention the fire department is crawling with HOT MEN and hot scenes.
Hot men!
At the end of last week’s show we watch as Probie, Mike Silletti (Michael Lombardi), comes home after a long day at the fire station to be met by his very cute roommate with a beer and some baseball on the couch. Innocently watching the game Probie lays his head on his “roommates” shoulder and they cuddle.
The producer of Rescue Me, Peter Tolan, will not give a clue as to Probie’s sexuality or state of confusion. Guess we’ll just have to keep watching. I know I will.
So You Think You Can Dance (aka So Many Hot Men Dancing)
So You Think You Can Dance
Fox has their usual summer hit going on with Weds night kicking off the 1st show of the voting process. Ok, this show if nothing else is amazing to watch with the hot men, who you know like to play who is hiding the noodle, great dancing and drama. Designed much like American Idol, each week contestants dance and the American public votes. The interesting part of this show is that often you can find very questionable remark and snark toward the area of GLBT contestants. Go check out some of these HOT guys here. my personal fav’s are Travis, Jaymz and Dmitry. Oh yeah, the girls aren’t so bad either.
Big Brother All Stars
CBS’s Big Brother All Stars begins Weds night and with 20 contestants to be voted into the house by America, you can be assured we’ll get plenty of Gay TV on the BB! Tune in and see if Marcellas makes us proud.
The View: (Rosie O’s New Show)
The View
With it being Summer now it is only a few months (Sept 1st) until our favorite outspoken lesbian Rosie O. takes her new seat in Meredith Vierra’s spot on the View. The tension between Rosie and Star Jones-Reynolds Wrap is so thick it could smother the other co-hosts. My guess is Star will be doing an exit (thank goodness) and buying shoes. Now, that leaves Elisabeth Hasselbeck with her conservative (aka homophobic) opinions to clash with our mighty Titan Rosie would could eat this girl for breakfast. This past Friday Elisabeth attempted a strong stance against Sandra Bernhard, who put the little breeder into her place, I love a good catfight don’t you? It’s only going to get hotter on The View so turn up the heat, have a seat and “lets get ready to rumble.” Rosie O has her blog and recaps of The View can be seen here.


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