Whose Is Bigger — Chad Hunt’s? Ben Andrews’?

Whose Is Bigger?

Michael Lucas and posse’s Wednesday in-store appearance at the Union Square Virgin Megastore here produced a shower of sparks when, during the question and answer session, Lucas proclaimed that new discovery Ben Andrews‘ penis is larger than superstar Chad Hunt‘s — and Hunt disagreed.
To capitalize on this cockfight — and give everyone in the world over 18 a chance to see what the fuss is about — Lucas has created WhoseIsBigger.com, a special site that shows a trailer from Encounters: Flash Point in which Andrews and Hunt appear.
Better than that, the free preview is of a glory hole scene in which both contenders share newcomer Sal. Viewers are then asked to vote on whose cock is the larger.
Whose dick is bigger—Chad Hunt’s or Ben Andrews’? It’s the industry’s biggest cockfight. Literally!
WhoseIsBigger.com has just gone live.

25 Jun 06 By Editor D 12 Comments