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As The World Turns ( Guilt As A Weapon)
CBS’s ATWT’s continued the story this week of Luke Grimaldi-Snyder. To catch up on what you missed last week go HERE. ATWT’s has let this storyline become stagnant. For the last 2 weeks, the show has moved from cutting edge and progressive to rather mundane and predictable. They took the character of Luke and had him go from this strong and brave young man to becoming the “typical” whiny teenager boo-hooing “poor me.” ATWT’s needs to stick to their original formula for scripting Luke’s coming out. I mean we all know what happened when “New Coke” hit the market with a FLOP. Luke Snyder has a blog chronicling his journey HERE and CBS joined GLAAD to create a public service campaign of “Be an Ally and a Friend.”
Rescue Me (The Probie BJ)
FX’s series, Rescue Me , about the lives of firemen and their heroism, struggles and daily lives is a major hit. Trying to be ever so politically correct, Rescue Me has dealt with and currently joining the ranks of shows having GLBT issues as main plots. To catch up on last weeks rundown go HERE.
FX is truly dropping the ball with this “Probie” storyline. Last week, we observe Probie and his “roommate” quarreling and screaming the word, “FAGGOT!!” at one another. The pretense of the argument is all stress related due to Probie’s having a turbulent day at the firehouse. The two continue screaming and as the level of hostility rises you can see a HUGE brawl about to happen — nope a homerun on the TV changes that and suddenly the men are best buds again shouting and well, if their past is indicative of their future, they’ll be drinking a beer and Probie will be getting serviced. RESCUE ME is beginning to annoy me with their Laissez faire attitude and stance on GLBT issues. The show constantly introduces characters and then maligns their characters with attitudes of shame, guilt, ex-gay, gay for a day and lesbian for a monthly-high school fad/vogue. FX, either introduce us to an officially- REAL GLBT character or drop the idea entirely. We HOMO’s do not care much for GLBT characters when you spend endless amounts of time making us fit false stereotypes and appearing totally idiotic and freakish. Don’t let me down, I have been a champion in your corner, but I won’t hesitate to tell you when you are WAY OFF BASE. Maybe talk to GLBT people to get some “real” ideas? There are actually REAL- gay Firefighters, Policemen/women, State Troopers ect. I know, I’m dating one.
Rescue Me is pulling in serious talent with the likes of Susan Sarandon, not to mention the fire department is crawling with HOT MEN and hot scenes. Catch some great clips and check out the HOT actors HERE On Rescue Me, the fire is hardly the only HOT item. The Hot Video is HERE!
So You Think You Can Dance (aka Travis, Dmitry , Jaymz and Musa Are HOT!)
(Via) FOX.
Fox continues it‘s summer dancing heat on Weds nights and voting special on Thursdays.
Ashlee and Ben
Caught up

The dream couple picks their ultimate dance: hip-hop taught by Todd Sams. Ashlee is definitely selling it and Ben seems to be keeping up all the way. They finish it up with some cool hand-matching moves and Ashlee ripping off Ben’s sweatshirt. As expected, the judges dig Ashlee but think Ben was a little stiff and contemporary.
Heidi and Ryan
Rumba Del Solar
Angelo Rodriguez

Bottom 3 couple Heidi and Ryan get Cuban rumba taught by playboy Alex Da Silva. Ryan and Heidi are worried that they aren’t going to be able to really impress the judges enough. At the very least, these two have the best costumes so far. They look like they just came from the sugar cane fields. The dancing is really amazing if just for the sheer unique style of the routine. The judges love it and the fans do too, screaming along with every comment.
Ivan and Allison

Ivan and Allison get Argentine tango, which means, ughh, not the best for a pair that had trouble with simple Latin. In the choreography session, they seem to have a good handle on things, but that often spells disaster in the actual performance. Amazing from the start seeing as they look nothing like the Ivan and Allison we saw last week. I think they are going to do well with the judges, let’s just say Nigel is blushing. The judges love them all around. They should be safe tonight.
Dmitry and Aleksandra
If I were a painting
Kenny Rogers

The new couple is up, Dmitry and Aleksandra. This couple is at a definite disadvantage simply because they haven’t had much face time together. Doing the waltz together should change that. They look good, but in that fake school play kind of way and Kenny Rogers voice sure doesn’t help. It really didn’t look like dancing so much as a slowed-down silent argument, but I’m sure the judges saw something totally different. They loved Dmitry and give Aleksandra some rough critiques.
Donyelle and Benji
Put the Needle On It
Danii Minogue

Donyelle and Benji are doing pop jazz, a seemingly simple combination, but with Brian Friedman’s choreography so nothing is simple. They start off right with Benji ripping off a layer of Donyelle’s clothes. The audience loved it but I think the judges are going to be picky. Of course I’m wrong, the judges are loving it and go so far as to say the pair has “real chemistry”.
Musa and Natalie
Zoot Suit Riot
Cherry Poppin’ Daddies

Natalie and Musa get the quick step, which might give the power couple a run for their money. The choreographer is Heather Smith, a demure British woman; she breaks out an ancient torture device for Musa known as a ballroom training bar. Evidently this helps ballroom “posture.” One second, need to cross ballroom off my list of possible dance classes to meet chicks. The judges don’t think it was the best dance, but they’re impressed at the couple’s level of dedication to such a difficult dance.
Jessica and Jaymz
Let’s Go
Frou Frou

Jessica and Jaymz will be doing a contemporary dance taught by Brian Friedman who says this dance has to communicate an emotional connection. The pair comes out wearing what are normally referred to as ‘pajamas,” though I’m sure contemporary dance has manufactured some type of emo buzz word to describe them. Their dancing is pretty good, very flowing and dream-like, if you like that kind of thing. The judges surprisingly love it.
Martha and Travis
Just Fine
Chris Brown

Martha and Travis draw hip-hop, which is good for Martha but makes Travis a little nervous. Martha is rocking some killer James Brown-era hot pants with Travis in some Timberland boots. The costume generation gap shows up in their dancing, not all that stellar. The judges are all pretty critical, no real big compliments. I can see this putting them in the bottom 3.
A little night cap on our show, some speculation about a possible bottom three. Nigel says Aleksandra and Dmitry; Mary says Musa and Natalie, Cicely and Olisa back up Nigel saying Aleksandra and Dmitry need to watch out.
Welcome back dance fans, fans of Dance, feet, shoes, socks alike. This is judge elimination round number 3, also known as the golden round with only 8 couples left. First off, let’s meet the bottom three couples. Jaymz and Jessica, Dmitry and Aleksandra, and Ashlee and Ben are in the bottom three. Now it’s time to see those oh so endearing “save me” solos.
Time for a little musical interlude while the judges have a couple cigs and hash out the eliminations. Tonight we have another British import, Natasha Bedingfield performing her hit single Single from her forthcoming album “Unwritten.”
Voted Off: Ben and Aleksandra.
To get recaps go HERE.
Jimmy Kimmel LIVE (George Foreman Caressed by EX-GAY Cohen)
ABC’s Jimmy Kimel Live recently had Richard Cohen (“Ex-Gay” author of Coming Out Straight on to explain his new book, explain his “therapeutic technique” and his live and on-air guinea pig was none other than George Foreman! Needless to say, Cohen made himself look like an even bigger whack job that he already was and the looks from George Foreman said it all! THE MAN IS AN EMBARRASSMENT!!!
To watch the video (via Malcontent) GO HERE.
The View: (Rosie O’s New Show)
The View to Star: Don’t Come Back
After the ‘View’ co-host Star Jones Reynolds announced on the air Tuesday that she would leave the show in July, her network had a response: Leave now!!
According to a source close to Jones Reynolds, “ABC has asked her not to return to the ‘View’ tomorrow morning.” ABC could not be reached by press time, but a source close to the show confirmed that Star had been asked not to return.
Jones Reynolds, who helped launch the chatfest and spent nine years at the ‘View’ table alongside Barbara Walters, Joy Behar and the newly departed Meredith Vieira, who left to replace Katie Couric on NBC’s ‘Today,’ says the split was anything but amicable.
“What you don’t know is that my contract was not renewed for the tenth season,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I feel like I was fired.” She adds that she got the news just days before reports surfaced that Rosie O’Donnell – one of her most vocal critics – would be joining the ‘View’ in the fall.
In her announcement Tuesday, Jones Reynolds, 44, said on the air: “Something’s been on my heart for a little bit, and after much prayer and counsel I feel like this is the right time to tell you that the show is moving in another direction for its tenth season and I will not be returning as cohost next year.”
“That’s shocking to me,” interrupted Behar, prompting Jones Reynolds to link hands with her co-hosts.
Walters, the show’s creator, wrapped up the discussion by saying: “It is a new chapter for Star. It will be a new chapter for the ‘View’ in the fall.”
The following morning STAR was NOT on the set and Walters let her true emotions flow: Barbara Walters says she felt “betrayed” by Star Jones-Reynolds’ on-air resignation, even though Walters opted not to renew Reynolds’ contract three months ago. Reynolds says she felt “fired.”
So my friends you see it breaks down to this:
Star has for a long time lied to people, she is good at it. Her shady dealings with Payless for plugs behind The Views backs, her lying bold face on TV about using pilates and will power when EVERYONE knows she had surgery, her negative connotations about homosexuality and her recent drama involving her wedding simply caused her popularity among the public to drop to points of damaging the show. The network had decided to can her ass in March and instead of following the “plan” as Star had agreed to, she did an on-air resignation to cause drama that backfired in her face badly when Walters and ABC told her to leave and not come back. Good Riddance! To read Rosie O’s blog about Star lying on air in March GO HERE.
Next to be out the door Elisabeth (Homophobe??) Hasselbeck! It’s only going to get hotter on The View so turn up the heat, have a seat and “lets get ready to rumble.” Rosie O has her blog HERE and recaps of The View can be seen HERE.
KYLE XY (Very Hot Bod)
ABC FAMILY launched Kyle XY last Monday and I was very impressed. Great family show, funny and dealing with many issues that plague our younger generation these days from teenage drinking to bullying and peer pressure. I think Matt Dallas is a fresh face and perfect for the role as Kyle. The mystery becomes deeper with each episode. Catch the 2nd episode tonight on ABC Family.
Kathy Griffin- My Life On The d-List (She Loves The Gays)
Bravo again brings us Gay Loving Kathy Griffin! Currently on her 5th episode of the season Kathy once again brings humor and good times into the house. You have to love this lady, she speaks her mind and has one of the biggest fan bases of all time. Regardless of sexuality, people love her show and love her in person on tour. If you haven’t checked Kathy out, get on the bandwagon. She is a riot! Last week, Kathy concluded her tour in Iraq with a bomb going off a little too close for comfort at the end of her show. Mad props for the bomb, but DON’T HURT OUR KATHY!!!


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