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As The World Turns (Where A Brave Coming Out Turns Pathetic)
CBS’s ATWT’s continued the story this week of Luke Grimaldi-Snyder. To catch up on what you missed last week go HERE. ATWT’s has now taken Luke from being a strong-gay teen to a pathetic-confused alcoholic. I won’t cover this again until ATWT’s grows their balls back Luke Snyder has a blog chronicling his journey HERE and CBS joined GLAAD to create a public service campaign of “Be an Ally and a Friend.”
Rescue Me (FX‘s Gay TEASER Show)
FX’s series, Rescue Me , about the lives of firemen and their heroism, struggles and daily lives is a major hit. To catch up on last weeks rundown go HERE.
FX here is my opinion of your writing this past week. Oops, I forgot your show was even on…Kind of like your writing…Come on Dennis, stop being a sissy and actually give us a GLBT character worthy of actual respect. I know you read this weekly, so throw us “Mo’s” a bone eh?
Catch some great clips and check out the HOT actors because right now that is all they have going HERE On Rescue Me, the fire is hardly the only HOT item. The Hot Video is HERE!
So You Think You Can Dance (aka Bare Chest and Stunning Good Looks Do Not Conquer)
Wow, this week’s show was packed full of dance, with each couple doing two dances and then a solo each it was 2 full hours of WHOA! Shows like Dancing With The Stars should really hide their heads in shame when looking at real talent such as this show. Watching these dancers change, adjust and conquer new dances, that by any standard are far from easy, just blows my mind. This week not only did they need to learn one, but 3. Did they do it? Hell yeah they did and kicked ass and took names!
After another week of SYTYCD, the voting had begun, decisions were made and upsets ensued. 1 gal and 1 stud would depart for their homes, as America has been cutting them left and right week after week. I have to give it to them, the opening group routine was awesome, with the dancers decked out like feature creatures from The Night Of The Living Dead, the 10 dancers struted to Roison Murphy’s Ramalama. It was rather like The Exorcism of Emily Rose twisted into Thriller and Blair Witch, quite interesting and good. The dancing came to a halt when Cat Deeley made her way onto the stage, and with her dynamic accent announced that SYTYCD had a new record with over 8 million votes.
The time had arrived for the cutting of flesh and dancers, and for a first, the girls were up. After many dramatic pauses Cat announced that Martha and Natalie were the bottom 2 gals. The stud cut was a shocker as Dmitry learned that a glistening-bare chest and a body too hot for primetime didn’t outweigh the fan(dumb) of Benji’s t’weens. Ryan was next to land beside Dmitry in the bottom 2. America had spoken.
Time for solo’s and dancing to save their spots:
Martha – solo
What Are You Waiting For?
Gwen Stefani
She seems beat down tonight.
Ryan – solo
Canned Heat
Very good job.
Natalie – solo
Liam Andreone
Wow, very impressive.
Dmitry – solo
Pump It
The Black Eyed Peas
Kept his shirt on, but good lord this boy can move. Is it enough to save him?
During the musical break Chris Brown performed with a crew, and they really put on a good show of moves and music. You could tell that he is a performer. He didn’t just robotically go through the motions like some musical talent that is highlighted on this show. After Cat Deeley did the typical PAUSES as required by any FOX show, we learned that Dmitry(Ouch!) and Martha would be going home, however the world of music and dance continues forward.
Catch the recap next week when you learn which of the 8 finalist are cut from the dance floor. My Fav is still in this and has a chance :
R-Cruise Returns To Dock (Rosie‘s Gay-Family Cruise Returns From Alaska)
I mentioned Rosie’s Cruises last week so I thought I would give you some info on the upcoming cruises. These cruises are very decently priced and star packed. So check them out and everyone in the GLBT community COME ABOARD!!!
November 11-20, 2006: Galapagos Islands
Bring your family, in all its evolutionary glory, on our most adventurous vacation yet!
Itinerary – 10 Days
The moment you step foot on your first island here you’ll see that freedom and fearlessness are a way of life. Whether strolling the islands’ pristine beaches, searching for the spectacular waved albatross, having a “chat” with a particularly friendly sea lion, or snorkeling with Galapagos penguins, a glorious feeling of uninhibitedness abounds. And, thanks to the legacy of Jacques Cousteau, we are able to keep that feeling alive as we make wide use of our fleet of nimble Zodiacs that can nose into landfalls and cruise along reefs, which afford us intimate views of “the action.” Meanwhile, our expert naturalists are always there to point out particularly unusual wildlife behaviors and characteristics so that you may observe, inquire and react as it unfolds before your eyes. Their specialized knowledge and interests — marine biology, zoology, botany, and geology — will transform your experience into a biology class in real-time. Here in Darwin’s natural laboratory, the animal world is your oyster.
• Day 1 U.S./Guayaquil, Ecuador
• Day 2 Guayaquil/Galapagos/Embark Islander
• Days 3 – 8 Exploring the Galapagos Islands
• Day 9 Galapagos/Disembark/Quito
• Day 10 Quito/Home
Day 1 – U.S./Guayaquil, Ecuador
Depart U.S. and arrive Guayaquil by late evening. We’ve found that Miami is a convenient gateway for most, but other air alternatives are available.If you choose to take the non-stop American Airlines group flight from Miami, we depart in the early evening with a flying time of approximately 4 hours. Upon arrival in Guayaquil, it’s a short drive to the Hotel Hilton Colón.
Day 2 – Guayaquil/Galapagos/Embark Islander
Fly from Guayaquil to Baltra in the Galapagos Islands, where you embark the M.S. Islander.
Days 3 – 8 – Exploring the Galapagos Islands
While our exact routing depends on the National Park Service, we may visit the following islands: Santa Cruz, Española, Floreana, Genovesa, Fernandina, Isabela, Bartolomé and Santiago. Here is a brief description of what each island offers. Santa Cruz: This epicenter of Galapagos administration is home to the National Park headquarters, as well as the Charles Darwin Research Station where we’ll learn about their vital preservation work. Wild giant tortoises forage in the highlands. Española: Blue-footed boobies and sea lions galore. Española marine iguanas and waved albatross (mid-April through mid-December) are exclusive to this island. Snorkel and stroll one of Galapagos’ best beaches. Floreana: Flamingos sometimes feed in the island’s large lagoon and colonies of sea lions and blue-footed boobies reside here. Snorkel with playful sea lions. Genovesa: Genovesa, a collapsed caldera, allows picture-perfect anchorage. It’s home to the Red-footed and Nazca Booby, a significant population of frigate birds; and it’s a great place to snorkel. Fernandina: Explore Punta Espinoza on Fernandina Island — the most pristine and youngest island in Galapagos — where marine iguanas warm themselves and sea lions bask by mangroves. Isabela: Visit the small town of Puerto Villamil and nearby saltwater lagoons, explore the island’s caves or simply stroll along a beautiful beach. Bartolomé: This is an enchanting landscape where lava, mangroves and beautiful golden sand converge. Great walks, views and a good chance to snorkel with penguins — a tropical oxymoron. Santiago: Santiago provides a chance to see the Galapagos fur seal, along with the opportunity to enjoy the best “tide pooling.”
Day 9 – Galapagos/Disembark/Quito
This morning disembark the ship and fly to Quito. The afternoon is free to rest or explore this colonial city and prepare for your journey home. Overnight at the Hotel Hilton Colón. (If you prefer to return via Guayaquil, please inquire.)
Day 10 – Quito/Home
This morning fly home — or anywhere else you might have decided to go.
I applaud Rosie for this wonderful event! Not only has she been nominated for 3 Emmy awards for her HBO Documentary ALL ABOARD! Rosie‘s Family Cruise, but she has provided a safe, fun and educational advantage for GLBT and Heterosexual family’s to come together and share in a wonderful vacation that nurtures acceptance and equality. Check out her webpage for upcoming cruise opportunity’s, I am already planning mine! You know Doc. has to experience one of these events personally!
KYLE XY (Very Hot Bod)
ABC FAMILY launched Kyle XY and it is a HUGE hit. WHOA!!! This past episode was loaded. This is truly a show for family. Kyle XY covers so many topics that open the lines of discussion for parents and children/teens. In this past episode they covered these topics:
1. Teenage Male Erections (how to hide them and why they happen)
2. Lying and Honesty
3. Condoms (safe sex)
4. Wet dreams
5. Teenage Alcohol Use
6. Loss of Virginity
Very intelligent yet absolutely HYSTERICAL. This cast and show are set for glory. It has been a long time since I have been this impressed with a family show. Not to mention Kyle (Matt Dallas) is just plain adorable.
You can also catch Matt Dallas on MySpace.
Big Brother All-Stars (BB6 vs. Chill Town)
(Via) BB All-Stars Recap.
Evicted 8-2, James New HoH
As Nakomis bids farewell to her All-Star housemates, James takes up the HoH mantle. Having survived eviction by an 8-2 vote in her favor, Diane is revved up and ready to crush her adversaries at the first opportunity.
The fallout from Erika’s withholding of the PoV includes snippy comments from more than just the nominees. Diane complains, “A lot of people in here don’t have spines,” while Nakomis is more candid: “I wanted to be the one to take home the money!” Will looks as if someone stole his blankie when he admits, “I thought I was going up. I’m so disappointed.” Howie tries to cheer him up with a kiss on the cheeks and a neck rub. “You’re getting back into good shape, buddy,” he smiles. Will’s expression turns to angst, “You are a weird, weird dude,” he sighs. “Thanks Doc,” Howie grins.
Nakomis indulges in some quiet time in her bedroom when Diane joins her. “I don’t like it whenever people cop out,” Nakomis sighs. “That’s the way the game goes,” Diane replies. “If you stay,” Diane adds, “I want you to take care of Janelle.” Nakomis appears to be over the whole scenario. Meanwhile out by the pool, Boogie, Danielle, Erika and Jase debate votes. Jase admits to his housemates that both have merits that warrant eviction, but sides on keeping Diane as she is less dangerous than Nakomis.


Bath buddies Janey and Marcellas discuss strategy amidst their bubbles. Janey admits she doesn’t care which nominee goes as they are both gunning for her. Marcellas agrees, but reassures Janelle that he has her back. Besides, he sighs, “I do not want to be stuck in this (house) with those guys.” In the Diary Room, Marcellas admits he wants to take Janey to the end. “That would be the most glamorous Final Two in the history of the world. Oh my god, that would be so aesthetically pleasing!” he cheers.
While Diane kicks back with Chilltown, Nakomis hits up S-6 with a deal for her survival. “Right now, I’m in a good place to help y’all out,” Nakomis tells Kaysar, who listens while James glowers. James does not look happy. “The S-6 people think I want to get rid of Chilltown,” Nakomis smiles, thinking she has won over Kaysar. Back outside, Diane is admitting demurely that if the Chill-boys want to keep her, she would really love to stay, and sighs deeply in the empathetic silence that follows her revelation. As each nominee works her last-minute attempt at a stay of execution, America has to wonder what the two powerful alliances will do. Will S-6 stick to this last-minute agreement with Nakomis, or is it now every HouseGuest for him or herself?
Host Julie Chen asks the assembled HouseGuests about this last tumultuous week in the BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS house. There are laughs and uncomfortable silences as they discuss diets and the future work that Howie is planning on getting from Dr. Will.
Kaysar is on a crusade to “paint a different picture” of “who people from (his) background are.” Known for his quiet but deadly game-play, Kaysar is proving to America that he’s more than just the “Muslim Brad Pitt on the show.” We head to the Ridha home, where his sister Dalia admits to the family’s pride in their guy. “Kaysar was the first Muslim to be on a reality show like this,” she smiles, adding that she believes her brother’s faith brings him strength and focus in the game. The only drawbacks Dalia sees to life in the BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS house are the bountiful bikinis and cocktail celebrations, but she knows her brother will stay true. Erika isn’t the only one who is falling for Kaysar’s charms, as Marcellas admits, “I am falling in love with Kaysar!” His home supporters have faith in their guy to make it to the end and “show the world who we really are.”
Julie and Kaysar have a private chat about his week as HoH. Kaysar isn’t worried about being considered a “wimp” for his controversial strategy of nominating floaters Diane and Nakomis this week instead of Chilltown. He assures Julie that the S-6 friendship, and alliance, is alive and well and the game is going according to plan.


Rumors of the “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” partnership between Jase and Diane run rampant in the house. Danielle takes her theory to her housemates, pointing out the unlikely “coincidences” in their game-play. Stirring the pot as only she can, Danielle convinces Janey the rumor is legit. In honor of Jase’s obsession with Brad Pitt, Danielle dubs it the “Mr. & Mrs. Smith Alliance.” Still denying it to anyone who will listen, Jase pays a visit to his “secret ally,” Diane. So, does this mean that Jase and Diane have an alliance, or not? Jase and Diane aren’t telling, and so we are left guessing.
As the time for the vote arrives, Julie pulls out the envelope containing the name of the evictee. Julie reveals the unlucky player: “Nakomis, by a vote of 8-2, you have been evicted.” Diane is visibly relieved as Nakomis bows her head, accepting her fate. After quick hugs good-bye and a chorus of “Cool Beans, Nakomis,” the evictee heads out the door to rendezvous with Julie. Diane sheds a few tears as Will and Marcellas congratulate her survival this week. Jase stays in his seat, staring at the ceiling, keeping his distance from “Mrs. Smith” as the HouseGuests settle back into normal life.
“You seemed blindsided by your nomination. What happened?“ Julie asks as Nakomis takes a seat next to her. Nakomis smiles, explaining she was seen as too strong a competitor. Did she mean to play under the radar? Nakomis sighs that she never meant to, but found it the easiest way to survive with the other “big personalities” in the house. She also thinks it was a “horrible mistake” that Kaysar didn’t put Will or Boogie on the block this week. Julie wishes Nakomis luck before turning her attention back to the HouseGuests.
With nary a tear left in their eyes, the All-Stars head outside for the next HoH Competition, entitled “Pay Attention.” First, the Houseguests have to watch the TV screen as images of the first four HoH Competitions this summer are broadcast. They are told to pay as close attention to everything they see, as they will need it for the competition. Once the video is finished, Julie asks them to move outside for the next stage. Each HouseGuest, except departing HoH Kaysar, takes a place in individual stalls, and Julie explains the rules. A series of questions will be asked and the HouseGuests have to choose either A or B as their answer. If they answer incorrectly, they are eliminated. The last remaining HouseGuest will be crowned the new HoH. As the questions start, the first eliminated are George and Howie. Will is next, and then Jase, Mike, Diane and Erika. Within a matter of minutes, Janelle is out. James and Danielle face off in a tense tie-breaker. James scores and is crowned the new HoH.
Ripples of shock and tension spread throughout the house as S-6 retains the mantle of power. Will James take the reins and crush the Chilltown alliance? Or will he act on his own and turn the BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS game on its head? Don’t miss the next episode of BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS, Sunday, July 23, 8pm ET/PT, only on CBS.

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