Blogs We Like: Boomtacular

Boomtacular! Patrick, Noah and Scott are the PNS Explosion
Okay, technically Boomtacular is the companion blog to the wonderfully dirty (and by dirty I mean, foul-smelling, irreverent, celebrity-ridden) and hi-larious gay audio podcast: PNS Explosion. (Subscribe via iTunes here). But I’ve grown to love the blog for its potty-minded hilariarity outside of the podcast! Sure it’s not fleshy and it’s not for everyone, but I adore the loons behind it all: i.e. that über-hot Patrick, charming and talented Noah and oh yeah, then there’s that ordinary, nerdy Scott. (I refuse to believe that Scott is the hot one, despite what all of the fans say!!!). Check ’em out for a laugh.


29 Aug 06 By redmonkey 1 Comment