Stefan Postma Sex Video at

Stefan Postma Sex Video
Stefan Postma (born June 10, 1976 in Utrecht, The Netherlands) is a Dutch footballer and goalkeeper who currently plays for ADO Den Haag.
In 2005, an English ex-girlfriend of Postma’s offered for sale on eBay a tape of their sexual activities, claiming in tabloid articles that these were bizarre and kinky. Postma out-bid a British newspaper for the tape, and all was thought to be ended. However, in October 2006 the tape was released on a number of Dutch websites, one of which took 40,000 hits in one hour and as a result fell over. The clip later featured on Dutch national television news coverage, but was criticised due to its perceived hardcore content.
In his illustrious career he used to keep goal for As(s)ton Villa and Wolverhampton Wanderers in the UK.
updateVideo (with audio) reposted and available after the jump. Thanks for the tip, Mike!

In this clip, you’ll see the Aston Villa goalkeeper being anally penetrated by his girlfriend wearing a strap-on!! Hot!

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  • biatcchhh says:

    u can get it free on other sites guys,,,rugger bugger charges.
    EDITOR: How is it that no one sees the video I posted? it’s already posted in this entry! There’s no need to go anywhere! Haha.

  • Brandon says:

    Hot and hilarious!!

  • benjamin j d. says:

    why pay to see it when it’s available for free?
    EDITOR: Erm, Benji, but the clip’s posted above! ;p

  • MikeyG says:

    I have this clip – with sound! 😛

  • Todd says:

    Maybe b/c I’m bi…Id unno but I find that very, VERY hot!

  • Geno says:

    That is one of the hottest sites yet! I’m liking football (OK, USA, “soccer”) more every day.

  • randy says:

    Hello, editor. I can’t see where your video is posted.

  • bacchus says:

    I don’t know what video everyone else saw but the one I see is some wierd guy doing bird hands promoting videoegg. Where is the rugger getting buggered?

  • Brandon says:

    Uh, Queerclick…you’ve changed the video to something else with a bizzare-looking man making frightening sounds.
    EDITOR: It was great while it lasted. That was VideoEgg pulling the video off.

  • KnuttyBuddy says:

    That ex-girlfriend is an absolute bitch ! Was this a secret recording she made and then put on the market for sale ?. The only thing possibly ok with this is that he lives and works in the Netherlands, so they’re probably not that freaked out about it.

  • steve says:

    I can SO imagine that this is what the Beckhams do as well 🙂

  • Mike says:

    I found this copy of the video, hope it helps.
    EDITOR: Thanks Mike! =)

  • SoSad says:

    To KnuttyButty:
    Although we Dutch people are liberated, the guy has been ridiculed on so many sites and newspapers that I really feel sad for him. The Netherlands are not as tolerant as they used to be…..the flood of immigrants and hip-hop culture are pretty much to blame for it.
    Too bad you really can’t seen anything….

  • MF says:

    Hope the bitch is happy. I know several straight military guys that like their girlfriends to use a dildo, and say what guy wouldn’t like it. STEFAN IS SO HOT!!!!

  • Silas Ruthyn says:

    I think it’s intrusive and shameful to post or watch such videos. What happens in that man’s bedroom is his own business.
    EDITOR: Of course it is. Until it gets leaked on the internet by somebody else first.

  • nycwdc says:

    It just goes to show you that you need to think before you make some of these decisions. And by the way, knuttybutty, you think Dutch culture has become less tolerant because of the immigrants and hip-hop? Puh-leez!

  • ilan says:

    To SoSad,
    Don’t blame the intolerance in the Netherlands on the flood of immigrants and hip-hop culture alone. Especially in the case of Stephan, (gay) intolerance is driven by low educated white people aka extremist soccer supporters. I feel sorry for the guy.

  • jon says:

    Yeah but you still wanted to see it though didnt you? hypo-wats?

  • lentz brockman says:

    This guy is dutch? Why are they *both* speaking perfect midwestern american english? The video is too fuzzy to tell who it really is anyway. Fake.

  • KnuttyBuddy says:

    to * nycwdc *
    I think you confused the SoSad’s response to my comment as my thoughts. I made an assumption of
    more tolerance in Dutch culture than say the US of A., where anti-gay initiatives can help people get votes and get dumbFucks elected president.

  • Ray says:

    There is nothing strange about this act–I have seen it performed when I was just a young lad over thirty years ago, and have had a lot of hot boyfriends who loved either sex penetrating their hot anuses with strap-ons by girls or meaty cocks by guys–they were all BI-CURIOUS and I can tell you, having a girl or a guy BUZZING YOUR JOY BUTTON(i.e., FUCKING YOUR PROSTATE)IS A THRILL BEYOND COMPARE–too bad Stefan’s girl is such a lumpy-shaped cow and not a sleek sweetie!

  • Ray says:

    lentz, have you even heard a Dutch accent before? It’s extremely light.

  • ted says:

    yea….i don’t think lentz has ever heard a dutch accent before!

  • dutch oven says:

    lentz, naughty talk is universal. with the american porn industry influencing the way people speak in bed worldwide… they could be anywhere. even outside the bedroom english slang has infiltrated the world over. for better or for worse.

  • San says:

    As someone who has traveled in Amsterdam and is African Am., let me point out 2 things: The Decay of tolerance has nothing to do with hip-hop or immigration. It does have to do with people of non-open cultures not accepting what is a reality in our society. Many people love to have sex in many different ways. PERIOD!!! Don’t look for a lame source of blame.
    And…the reason they have such GREAT english speaking midwestern accents is that the DUtch, like many other europeans learn their english not only in school, but off of american TV shows and music broadcast and played constantly in the Netherlands. They pride themselves in not only being grammatically correct, but using slangs and idioms correctly. ALso…they LOVE their american porn and sound HOT when using it during sex! I should know…I experienced it SEVERAL times while I was over there!! HOT!
    Just my 2 cents

  • Guest says:

    You're right about the sex norms. Totally wrong about their accents. The Dutch language uses very similar phonemes to American English. As a result, when they speak English, they sound like us. This was the case long before televisions were invented, and will continue to be so for many generations to come.

  • Brad Mogh says:

    Yeahhh hot!!!

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