Corbin Fisher’s Hottest Butt: The Winner!

Corbin Fisher's Hottest Butt: Dawson!
The results are in! With more than 5,200 votes cast, the competition was fierce among 2nd through 8th place, however our first place ass won pants-down. After the jump, see the results… drumroll, please…

Our favorite Corbin Fisher booty belongs to Dawson! Was there any question who would win this contest? The count:

Dawson (B): 1509 votes
Nick (E): 1177 votes
TJ (A): 1127 votes
Lucas(G): 565 votes
Jeff (C): 501 votes
Spencer (H): 197 votes
Gabe (F): 94 votes
Trevor (D): 44 votes

Here’s a look back at some of our favorite Dawson butt moments.
Corbin Fisher's Hottest Butt: Dawson!
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