JakeCruise.com Shows Us How To Massage Michael Crowe

Michael Crowe

Jake Cruise gives us hope!
Why? Because week after week he amazes us with the studly men (many of them identifying as straight) that he plays with. Take straight stud, Michael Crowe. This guy’s body is ROCKIN’! And Jake’s knowledge of massage (at first glance) seems to be the trick to getting this guy naked on the massage table. And after hours of research on his website, The QueerClick Research Team have finally figured out what Jake’s secret weapon is. No, it’s not his dick or his expert massaging hands… it is… that fucking sexy QueerClick Tee!!! Check out this hot video at JakeCruise.com…
Or… if you think you can handle the power of having guys strip and beg for massages with full release, get your own QC Tee Shirt here…

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09 Jul 07 By redmonkey 13 Comments