Kent North Commits Suicide

Kent North Commits Suicide

Hot House
Exclusive Kent North [Official Website] has committed suicide. Hot House president Steven Scarborough confirmed that the U.K.-born star intentionally overdosed on drugs Wednesday morning.
Telling they are “wrecked, just absolutely wrecked” over the July 4th suicide of their exclusive performer Kent North, Hot House president Steven Scarborough confirms that Mr. North “intentionally overdosed on drugs Wednesday morning.”
There are precious few details, as yet, offering some kind of illumination into Mr. North’s state of mind before he took his own life. News of the suicide has shocked and stunned the gay adult industry and fans alike. The Hot House statement reads, in part:
“We are all shocked and deeply saddened. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Kent’s friends and family, especially his lover Lloyd… In addition to being a consummate, award-winning performer, Kent and his lover Lloyd joined Hot House for several high-profile events every year including IML and the Folsom Street Fair. Kent often made appearances in his role as a Hot House Exclusive throughout Europe. He was always eager to pose for photos and extend his kindness to everyone who approached him. Kent loved his fans as much as they loved him and during events he was always the last model to finish signing.
“A graduate with honors from the Royal Naval Academy, Kent displayed gentlemanly grace and charm at all times. His well-mannered Engilsh demeanor was enhanced by a wicked sense of humor and a devilish grin. Kent’s warmth and genuine kindness will be missed and fondly remembered by all who knew him.”
Those wishing to send cards or words of condolence to Lloyd, Mr. North’s partner, may address them to Hot House, which will forward them on:
Hot House Entertainment
1433 17th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

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