Ben Andrews Is “The Intern”

The Intern by Lucas Entertainment
QueerClick just finished watching Michael Lucas’ hilarious new sex comedy, “The Intern” and we can’t stop laughing.
The plot is cleverly campy. “Ugly” Benny (Lucas exclusive Ben Andrews) gets an internship at Trojan Studios, performing mundane tasks such as fetching coffee for Botox-injecting boss Alexander Mann (Michael Lucas). When Benny’s humongous cock is discovered by Mann’s assistant Christian (Lucas exclusive Christian Cruz), Benny finds himself thrust in front of the camera.

The Intern by Lucas Entertainment
Along the way, we are treated to a number of hot porn shoots. Jonathan Vargas and Jason Ridge are back for another scorching Lucas pairing, this time with a giant double dildo stuck up their asses. Jimmy and Zach Randall play straight Trojan stockroom employees who fuck like mad after a shipment of “Liquid Spanish Fly” breaks open. Hunky delivery man Massimo (Matt Cole) delivers an over-sized dildo prototype, and ends up negotiating an exclusive porn contract while being fucked on a conference table by Mann. And hot Derrick Hanson‘s poor ass takes a beating from Benny.
The real star of this film, of course, is Ben Andrews. We’ve long held a special place in our heart for Andrews and always loved his slightly dorky sex appeal, to say nothing of his drool-worthy cock. “The Intern” takes Andrews’ charm to a new level.
Not to be overshadowed, Lucas newbie Christian Cruz delivers the most hilarity, playing a sassy and sexy assistant who goes to any length to find the world’s largest cock. Cruz is like the the ADHD kindergartener who can’t sit still. If his porn career ever tanks, he’ll make it big in stand-up comedy. As far as his sexual abilities go, we give him two thumbs up. Any new porn star who can take a plowing by Ben Andrews’ massive cock deserves a lifetime achievement award.
“The Intern” should not be missed. In an industry filled with crappy, laughable porn, this sex comedy is pure droll.
The special two-disc director’s edition features a bonus water-sports scene with Lucas and QC favorite Zach Randall, bloopers, outtakes and extra videos galore. Order your copy at Lucas Entertainment.

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