Split Identity: Is FratMen’s Jared also “Unsure” on VH1’s I Love New York 2?

Jared is Unsure
Eagle-eyed QC reader Alex dropped us a line after noticing that FratMen.com’s Jared looks an awful lot like the contestant on VH1’s crazy reality/dating contest show “I Love New York 2”. At first we didn’t see it, but we take this sort of news very seriously around here. So, we examined footage from the show (and hello! what a funny mess that show is!!!), and ran face identifying profiles through the QC SplitIdentificator™ and… yes, after much analysis, we conclude that there is a match. While the hair is completely different, the dimples, the nose, even the hair on the eyebrows seem to match. Ding! Ding! Ding! What do you think?!
And hello, Jared, we’d be “Unsure” too, if we were on that show. But you’d be our first choice to date, so don’t listen to New York, she’s got no taste! See the footage for yourself: VH1 I Love New York 2
(Thanks, Alex!)

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10 Oct 07 By redmonkey 30 Comments