Teo at ChaosMen.com

Teo at ChaosMen.com
We don’t care what your tastes are, Teo is one extremely beautiful guy. He’s spent his teen years surounded by hot guys with ripplin muscles, and one of his buddies shook him and said “Dude, you can’t eat a cake everynight for dinner!”
So he started hitting the gym hard and is still unsure about his new found physique, which we think is fantastic. Teo has an amazing smile, and a fun “go for it!” attitude. He seems totally secure in the video, but he was worried the entire time he wasn’t gonna be liked by you all.

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30 Apr 08 By Ken 34 Comments

Heath at CorbinFisher.com

Heath at CorbinFisher.com
Heath is a hot, young man that was referred by a friend. He’s from a pretty conservative part of the country but, despite that, was pretty eager to come out here and shoot a vid.
His interview was particularly intriguing given his sexual experiences with guys and girls and the unique way he masturbates (that’s one of the fascinating things about masturbating – you condition yourself by how you first start masturbating and it’s often something that stick with you for life as the only way you can get yourself off).

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30 Apr 08 By Ken 14 Comments

StraightLads.com Update

What is it with rugby guys and getting naked?
These straight college rugby guys are unbelievably perverted in the ingeniously nasty ways they get their teammates naked on initiation weekends. Just look at this evidence swiped by Straight Lads where the young guys are forced to wear nothing but a torn garbage bag which temptingly reveals their cocks and balls if you look closely. See many more pictures of these real hairy hot guys as they drunkenly run back to their dorms naked at Straight Lads!

30 Apr 08 By Laam 2 Comments

Pref Magazine #26

Pref Magazine #26
New York photographer Rick Day has one more publication to add to his portfolio. The latest edition of the French magazine PREF features one of his hot models on the cover, plus a spread of more barely naked boys inside. Rick has his own style and it is so easy to identify his pictures. We love it!

30 Apr 08 By rick 6 Comments