Piss Wrestling at Boy-Pissing.com

pissing wrestling cumming
1) a lot of plastic….check
2) a lot of fluids….check
3) hot studs….check
4) wrestling in a pool of piss….check
5) bukake action….check
if you even remotely like any of the above things then this is THE PICTURE FOR YOU!

wrestling in a pool of piss
These four guys go at this with a passion that is almost breathtaking, there is a gallon of piss…no lie, and the wrestling in tight underwear as all of that piss covers their bodies just is hot as all fuck. The piss is actually splashing around like waves in a wading pool as these guys wrestle. Shane takes the lion’s share of piss and cum all over his lean body. Do not miss this one guys…so fucking hot it hurts!

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05 Apr 08 By Dave 5 Comments