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unbearably beutiful young gay man
In this day of Ginch Gonch and designer tightie undies you can lose sight of just how good a pair of boxers can look on a guy. Thomas is studying journalism and media realations and hopes to come to the US to further his education. Any one out there willing to help this freaking hot guy out?

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19 Apr 08 By Dave 17 Comments


  • aazhdeen says:

    OK, My BF and I have been fans of BelAmi for years (Lukas, Hello!?) but WTF is up with their lighting? Every single photo set is ORANGE! Are the studios all lit with tungsten?! The guys are usually super hot, but it drives me crazy…anyone else?

  • jmd says:

    Let me be the first to offer free room and board. Well, almost free . . .

  • stevedenver says:

    Wonderful to see a BA boy with his natural fur. Move over Zac Efron, Thomas is far prettier.

  • Rooney says:

    That face is to Cute! but he looks a little to young for me I feel like i’m spying on my little brother

  • bose says:

    Yeah, he looks like a child… maybe in a few more years…

  • Oh My…he is beautiful!!! Would love to have him as a house boy. 🙂

  • candyperfumeboy says:

    Thomas is such a cute blond boy! I love the last picture. His butt looks so sweet.

  • Reece says:

    Perfection….absolute perfection. I would be HAPPY to help him out…and in…. and out… and in……….well you get the picture!

  • seth67 says:

    BA has the market cornered on fellas that look sweet enough to bring home to meet the parents, but hot enough (sizzling, actually) to want to have sex with forever and ever. BA makes sex seem like a healthy part of life and not something to hide behind doors, and something nice guys do…continue with the de-sleazing of porn and leave to other types of models and clients.

  • Jarod says:

    I think a clue to the orange colour can be found in the very strange tan lines visible on this boy’s butt. Over-application of fake tan anyone?

  • bla says:

    I never like those BelAmi guys. They look dead and stuffed. I’m sure Jeffrey Dahmer would have liked them a lot.

  • crocket says:

    what a beautiful torso and a prince charming smile
    and that’s about it

  • osman says:

    ADONIS come to life. Absolutely adorable.

  • ilovehim says:

    absolutely gorgeous

  • Kernos says:

    Definitely the most beautiful guy I have seen in years. Simply stated— PERFECT! My Antinöus.
    Is he in any movies?

  • louie malfitano says:

    wow he ‘s sooooo gorgeous adorable cute and blonde hair ! he is gorgeous sparkling hazel green eyes.

  • lolo says:

    more pics

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